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NPC List for LeeAnn

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#1Lee Nakamura 

NPC List for LeeAnn Empty Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:33 pm

Lee Nakamura





Name: Hans Nakamura (Forgot his name, he has adopted a false last name)

Gender: Male

Age: 300 years

Relationship: Engaged to LeeAnn

Race: Kitsune



Personality: There is not one word to explain this creature. As there are many interesting qualities about him. The first and most obvious is his light hearted nature. Hans is very carefree and doesn't really worry about things to much only when it comes to either LeeAnn or his music. It annoy people that he doesn't take anything serious. Hans is completely random and unpredictable always defying the laws of the world and rewritting it as his own. A very spontanious character. A kitsune's nature is to be very mischevious. Hans adores pulling harmless pranks and tricks on people especially on LeeAnn. He's pure chaos!

When it comes to the one things he cares about, LeeAnn, this comes with some stranges qualities. Naturally, LeeAnn and Hans are inseparable. They cannot what so ever be separated. Though, if he ever goes into combat he becomes a sociopath. He looses all senses of who's who and what's what. Everything becomes a numb to him. No one can break this trance, but only LeeAnn herself. Though, they never have to worry about this since he and LeeAnn combine in order to use her magic.


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