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This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:10 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
The light peered through the curtains making her eyes squint. She pulled the covers over her face to block the sunlight. The sheers were thin nad were not much of a blockade against light. It had only been a day since her getting out off a coma. Hans had been worried his tails off for her and taking care of her. When they got home, she was not allowed out of his sights as this past night she sneaked out to take a job request. She needed some extra money to help pay for the bills for both houses. She groaned and got herself out of bed. Her crimson hair was a mess in a ponytail. She place the eyepatch on her right eye and gotten ready for the day.

Hans, her fiance, would keep a strict eye on her, but that itself would not last long. Doctor's orders were something she never followed. Rules were a joke to her sometimes. Especially, ones keeping her from working. She put on her armor and grabbed a burger out of the fridge. Hans was still sleeping at this moment in time. She quietly tiptoed to the door and escaped. Closing the door behind her, she made her way to the rod iron gate to the mansion. Opening it with a key, she locked it behind her with that same exact key. She would start walking. LeeAnn acted as if she was fully healed. It was an act she could pull off quite well. She did it with her father and most of her comrades walking certain injuries off. Though, this one was a bit...different.

The head injury was more serious since she had taken a hard it to the head and was in a three day coma. The Rune Knight walked down the street. It was early morning with not too many people. Her head felt a bit dizzy. Shaking it off as if it was nothing, she pressed forward as if this was nothing to worry about. Her instincts told her to go back home to bed, but she abandon them wanting to work. The internal fear she might loose her job as a Rune Knight scared her, but that was highly likely for someone. Suddenly, there was a small jolt in the back of her head making her feel weak. Her knees wobbled causing her to collapse and go unconscious.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:25 am

Adelaide Sokolov
The sun was already shining brightly this morning and that wasn't a problem if you had slept the whole night. Alice had gotten in her Inn at six o'clock in the morning and now it was around well 7 maybe 8 that the sun was shining in her face and she shook her head to try to push it away but obviously she couldn't. With a grumpy attitude, she rolled herself out of bed again. Even though she had slept for only an hour, she felt quite alright as long as she would tank coffee. Ophelia was still asleep so Alice could quickly fresh up and change into some outside clothing, a blue pair of jeans and a forest green t-shirt. She picked up her black trenchcoat and readied her bag for Ophelia. The Cleffa woke up in the meantime and understood they were leaving.

She took a coffee cup to go and went to look for a place to sit with her book and Ophelia where it was nice and quiet. Now that wasn't so difficult in the morning. She found a spot where a tree stood in a green perk and she sat there. She was lost in her reading when she heard someone ask if anyone knew what to do. She frowned and looked up, not entirely sure if she knew what to do because what was happening. She shut her book and put it back in her bag. She lifted up Ophelia and hurried to where the people look a bit in panic. She managed through the crowd, which wasn't that much technically speaking just 6 people but they were all in her way, "Hi, sorry, My pet can heal." she muttered as she was also trying to satisfy her curiousity.

But before she would ask Ophelia to heal the wounded, she looked with big eyes at the young woman that she had met in Baska. She put Ophelia on the ground and kneeled next to LeeAnn, where was Hans? She looked around but it was kind of weird if he would just stand there. She got over her shock and looked at Ophelia, "Come on little one. Try to help her." Since she didn't know how the Cleffa understood her, she hoped that she simply understood what to do. She wasn't sure if the spell would work for she had no idea what was happening, all she knew was that she had to get LeeAnn out of here. "Okay folks. Show is over!" She turned around and stood up, waving everyone away. She herself was strong enough to lift up LeeAnn for a short while. She brought her to the green patch where she had read to make sure they were out of the curious stream of people.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:12 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was out cold.

Meanwhile, Hans had just woken up with his hair a mess and eyes barely awake. His kitsune tails and ears were not showing out of old habit to never really reveal them. It was a kitsune thing most would not understand. He threw on his basic steampunk outfit. Instantly, he knew something was wrong after her put on his outfit. She was not in bed and he didn't feel her magical presence. Quickly, he did not hesitate to press forward. LeeAnn was a known to not follow orders. Dashing out the door and jumping over the five foot rod iron fence.

"She never listens to anything, I swear" he whispered. A crowd was shown in the distance. Slowly it disburse with a help of someone, the kitsune narrowed his eyes to notie it was Alice. She was the only other redhead he knew of around Fiore other than LeeAnn. He dashed foward with all the speed his legs coud power him. In a jiffy, he came to a sudden stop and still panicking though he hid it well. LeeAnn lied on the ground unconcious. "I told her to stay inside to rest. Why does she never listen? Alice, right? Quick, help me carry LeeAnn back to our place" he said. Hans did the main work of picking her up on getting a good grip, he just needed to extra hand to help lift her off the ground. They made it back to the mansion where he set her down on the couch with a blanket over her. "Thank you for all you have done. Its greatly appricated. LeeAnn recently just gotten out of a coma, minor one compared to what we thought. Though, its still a big hit in the head literally. She was SUPPOSED to stay here and rest. LeeAnn doesn't know when to take a day off. Sorry about all of this" he said. HAns was super out of character today, but his anxiety and fear for LeeAnn was really putting him out of his chaotic, fun loving self.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:54 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
While Alice was struggling to get LeeAnn to the more quiet spot, someone else showed up and thank god it was Hans. She was actually glad to see him. She opened her mouth to say that she had no idea what happened but Hans sort of seemed to understand and that was good, that was actually rather good because than he would know how to fix it! She nodded when he asked if she was Alice, which was weird until she considered that not everyone had to be good with names and faces like she was.

Alice did whatever was necessary to help Hans carry LeeAnn. Whatever it was to help him get her off the ground or open the door to the gate and the main house. Normally she would have walked away the moment they would be safe and sound inside, but now she was curious and even worried. She had met LeeAnn and Hans only once before but she had intantly liked the tough looking young woman and her well fiance was it.

She looked how Hans took care of LeeAnn and for a few seconds she thought of someone but quickly shook her head again and smiled at Hans, she wondered if someone would take care of her in her future like that. She wouldn't mind, even though she wouldn't want anyone to think her weak. She had the idea that neither LeeAnn would like that. She turned to look back at Hans when he apologized and waved it away, "Don't worry, I can't say it was a pleasure but that's not because of LeeAnn, it's more that I'm worried about her. A coma you say? That's not nothing. Can I ask you what happened?" she put Ophelia on the ground after she started to wiggle again in her backpack and she watched how the little pet started to walk to the couch and tried to look at LeeAnn. She wasn't sure how much Ophelia could heal but it would be nice in case LeeAnn had hurt herself during her possible fall. What was going on in her mind, why walk away after a coma?

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:27 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
He was glad to have the extra help with lifting LeAnn off the ground. Personally, he could do it himself, but really he didn't want to be alone with LeeAnn. He would like to have another soul there that could help him. She waved off his apology as if it was nothing. Alice was more worried about her state and how this all came to be. Her question made him look down in guilt. If he hadn't built that Robitic T-rex none of this would of happened. His blue eyes looked down at the ground seeking for some sort of answer to help erase his pain. Personally, hurting LeeAnn was one thing never liked doing. Even though, this was all by accident. He still felt responsible for everything that has happened to her. "I built a robotic T-rex in the kitchen. It's what I do in my free time. LeeAnn came down and wondered what I was doing. She saw the T-rex and was in awe about it. The metal jaw was not put in place correctlymand unhinged then hit LeAnn in the head" he said out of guilt. His eyes watered a little bit as he would walk up to where LeeAnn is. Ophelia was looked at his beloved curiously.

Hans just looked at LeeAnn as well. Her face was finally peaceful and not so stern and cold all the time. His eyes softened as he smiled, but the guilt still hung onto him. His fingertips gently lied across her cheek slowly skimming him to let her know that he was here for her. "She was out for three days in a coma. I known LeeAnn for six years and know when something is wrong. I don't know why Lee would just get up and pretend nothing was wrong. LeeAnn has always been to to not follow orders even if it is for her health. She is a person who pushes foward her own limits. Gives good advice, but never follows it for herself. Don't know why that is, but is just how she is I guess" he said.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:06 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It didn't take Hans long to get LeeAnn to a better place and she just stood there in the room, not sure if she should leave or stay a bit longer. Ophelia had an interest in LeeAnn and she wondered if the little pet could do something for LeeAnn but she actually doubt it, it was just the body that needed to get time to reset and get used to everything again. If the situation wasn't tense and serious, she would have laughed about the T-rex but now she stood just there, looking at LeeAnn and having her arms across her chest, that must have been quite an impact. Hans appeared in front of her eyes and she looked at him, "It wasn't your fault Hans. You didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident." She didn't know him very well to be able to simply tell him this, that would make him feel better but maybe every little bit helped.

She turned to look at LeeAnn shortly again before looking at Hans again while he talked and explained, a small smile appeared on her lips, "She sounds stubborn, mostly that's not a bad thing but I can imagine you have to worry twice in this case." But damn LeeAnn sounded like a real cool person. Alice would do exactly the same if it was her that would have this happened.

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:47 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Companions was something that LeeAnn always wanted regardless of what the situation was. She held a soft spot for animals especially. Its what always made the ice breaker in conversations.The kitsune saw that Alice found the T-rex funny giving him to form a small smile. It was good that his randomness could make one person laugh other than LeeAnn. She said was not his fault and this was all an accident. Of course, he knew that, but it somehow felt like it was his fault. He couldn't shake off the feeling. He promised himself and her father that he would protect LeeAnn and keep her safe. "I know, but I promised myself and to her father I would protect her from harm. It was my T-rex and I should of double checked the jaw. I can't change her past. I am doing all in my power to take care of her" he said with a small worried look on his face.

The little companion took very must interest into LeeAnn. The kitsune saw how LeeAnn drew this creature to his fiance. It was really catching his attention of how or why a small creature would be staring at his fiance. He shrugged. Alice spoke up again about how stubborn she was. Hans nodded seriously knowing that was one of her flaws. "You have no idea how stubborn the woman is. She will not give in to anything.
She will put up a fight until death or the other party gives in because it prolongs for so much.
It's also her pride speaking, she refused to seek help of any kind and doesn't follow orders when it comes her. Docoter says to take it easy and rest,
she does the complete opposite. She doesn't know when to relax...its a strange tick of hers yet again I have mine to"
he replied. The kitsune look at Ophelia. "What's your pet doing? She's just staring at LeeAnn...something wrong" he asked curiously.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

This is WHY we have Rules, LeeAnn [Alice/Private] Empty on Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:40 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice frowned while she looked at Ophelia again before she turned back to Hans, she tried to keep her face as neutral as possible. The fact that he felt bad about what happened, gave her the idea that it wouldn't be appreciated if she would compliment him on making a T-rex, robot or not. So she kept that to herself and looked at Hans while he explained, his guilt and she would simply nod first as she took in the story and carefully searched for words. "Well that's very sweet of you and don't punish yourself too hard Hans. It would probably not make LeeAnn feel happy herself. She knows it was an accident, I guess." For a second she was curious about LeeAnn her past, which was funny because the first time they met, she totally wasn't. She had just seen the beauty that was LeeAnn. She turned to look at Ophelia again and frowned again, what was she doing? That's when it hit her, she couldn't reach LeeAnn, so she was trying to heal her... or well for as much as she could for today?

She mentioned the stubbornness of LeeAnn and turned to look back at Hans before she could ask him about her realization of Ophelia, "Well I wish I had some pride. Of course I do but I like the idea of having something to be proud of. Hopefully LeeAnn will learn a bit after this adventure. The more she rests, the faster she gets better," She couldn't help but chuckle a bit about the idea, "I bet LeeAnn throws that caution into the wind too." She imagined LeeAnn being convinced that she could do anything and thus didn't need to rest at all so it would only take more time if she rested. Not counting on the fainting or anything else that might have happened. That's when she looked back at Ophelia, mostly because Hans pointed it out and she walked towards the couch and her pet. "She is a healer companion, pet. I think she wants to try and heal. I dont think it takes everything away but maybe Leeann will wake up." She shrugged because she wasn't a doctor and she wouldn't know but she lifted up Ophelia and held her close to LeeAnn her face and watched her use the Sweet Kiss spell that she got. It was like she blew a kiss to LeeAnn, a small pink heart appeared that float towards LeeAnn her right temple and disappeared.

Alice took a few steps back and looked at Hans for a second before turning back to LeeAnn, Ophelia seemed to be more relaxed and started humming, which normally showed that she was pretty content about the situation.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Hans could not help but feel helpless with whatever she seemed to do. It was like hitting a brick wall with LeeAnn. She was as stubborn as they come, but he was just as bad possible even worse than anyone could imagine. This was a bad combination for the both of them. He knew eventually she would break and ask her brother for help or something associated with her older sibling. He was the only known person other than her father to make her change her mind or give him. "Good luck with that.
Even with all the things she's been through and done stupidly, she sometimes never learns because she refuses to change her ways. She changes when she thinks she should. LeeAnn learning from a lesson about knowing HOW to take a break or a day off. That will never happen.
She's as about as hard working as they come"
he commented. He couldn't help but think about Hikaru. Though, he wanted to be the one to help LeeAnn and no one else.

The idea of the healing companion Alice had was a wonderful idea. It was better than nothing in his opinion. Any idea was better than no idea. Alice would see her picking up her pet and hold her close to LeeAnn. It was some sort of kiss motion in the air forming a pink magical heart that disappeared when it hit LeeAnn. Hoping this would work, he watched intensely. It took a while, but her eyes squinted coming to a sense of awareness. Her heading was pounding like she hit her head on concrete. Oh wait...she did! Her left hand lifted to her forehead from the pain. The red head's only eye glanced over to see Alice. Or was it Lacie? No Alice? Lacie? She was confused. "Lacie? What..are you...ah...doing here" she asked.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't want to laugh about what Hans told her about LeeAnn, especially because she could imagine that it wasn't really that funny, especially not for Hans. Not being able to find her and when you did, she was on the streets unconscious. Wouldn't be very pleasant. So instead of laughing, she kept her face in a neutral way and only frowned, "There is absolutely no way for her to figure out what's best for her. That's a shame and quite problematic at some sorts. Especially now."

After that came the idea of letting Ophelia do her healing spell to see if it would help LeeAnn for now. Obviously the two weren't a doctor duo so it was not with certaincy that they thought about it but at least one of them was happy about the situation and that was Ophelia. Alice was still glanzing at LeeAnn to see any difference. Ophelia was simply humming and being fine with being held in Alice her arms, there was a slight difference in LeeAnn and she seemed to squint to open her eyes and Alice couldn't help but smile, for now it worked.

Atleast she didn't immediately sit up straight, that was a good thing but there was now a 'pang' of pain going through Alice her mind as she heard the name Lacie, she gasped, shivered, put her own left hand to her left temple (while holding Ophelia still with the right) and she remembered the feeling of pain she got when she had met Konstantin, it was over in a few seconds but to her it felt like minutes as she saw the vision again of her and the other version of her, but now she could understand that the doll like version, the one with the freckles was her sister Lacie and the rough sketch next to it was she herself. She blinked rapidly and looked to LeeAnn with an unknown sad look on her face, "I'm Alice."

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn's senses were really out of whack and as fogged up as her memory was it was bound. The redhead felt like she had a huge hangover and was high at the same time. She was completely relaxed which was a rare sight for anyone to see her in. Mentally, her mind was always prepared for anything. This time she was not thinking before she talked. The reaction was slow as she slowly sat up with a heavy headache. Hans lied her back down knowing that the girl the Leeann mentioned, Lacie, looked a lot like Alice. The young girl squinted her eyes at the pain as she opened her left eye as the other was cover by her eye patch. Her opened eye was staring at Alice.

She said her name was Alice. It took a while for LeeAnn to respond due to just waking up and her senses were a bit dimmed down due to shock or something like that. "Oh...yeah...sorry you looked like someone I seen before. Looked a lot like you too only freckles or something...ooo god my head feels...heavy" she said. Hans looked up at Alice. "Something wrong" he asked, quite worried.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice still had this sort of headache, her mind was trying to picture things together, fighting her amnesia and showing her flashbacks in which most of the memory was still unknown but there was Lacie. Her eyes still on LeeAnn but unseen, she only did hear. Lacie.. she was around somewhere, too much was going on for her to answer. She couldn't even look at Hans and explain, all she felt like was to cry and to scream and she didn't know why. She was afraid of Lacie and yet she wanted to see her, to find her. She didn't understand. Selena had said nothing about Lacie, no name, no ideas, nothing. She remembered as much, she was the one that figured out she had a sister and it wasn't LeeAnn her fault that she mixed the two of them up, they were twins after all.

It was Ophelia that touched her jaw line to stop the one tear that came, the first of quite some. She didn't notice at first, it wasn't even the pain it was just simply the fact that she wasn't alone. Something she had thought for four years now until Selena had found her, she wanted to ask LeeAnn where she had seen Lacie, if she was here in Era and where would she have to look. But all she did was take a step back and turn to Hans. Leeann would understand but she didn't want to bother her after the accident in which she fell and well her head must hurt, "Lacie is my twin sister. I haven't seen her in forever and I didn't remember her until you mentioned her because.. because I have amnesia." She didn't like to admit she had amnesia, now three people knew if you didn't count Selena whom she didn't tell with the exact word but she thought her cousin could guess pretty well.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The mention of Lacie made Alice a little emotional. LeeAnn turned her head a little towards the other redhead in the room ever so slightly. Enough to see her and her pet, Ophelia, while she was lying down. The reaction was delayed. Hans's ears folded back as LeeAnn was still confused. Slowly, she sat up ever so slightly. She was not going to speak since she might say something stupid and offend the girl. Its happened one to many times for her to count. Lacie was her sister. Alice had amnesia and didn't remember her probably until recently. There was a fact times she has had similar things happen to her only repressed memories of her trauma and it all coming back recently was taking a negative toll.

Amnesia was a whole new ballpark with her. "I'm sorry, Alice. I...didn't know..." was all she could say. Hans remained quiet. It was not its right to talk or say anything that might disrupt the girl before them. Her pet comforted her the best she could. LeeAnn remained quiet not knowing what to say. "Here. Take this" she said, giving her tissues.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
There were many things that Alice didn't know and that LeeAnn couldn't know and yet she apologized. She wondered shortly if LeeAnn remembered what she had said about her sister when they first met. She tried to calm down, which didn't really work with the images flashing in front of her eyes as well as the headache but she would have to simply grit her teeth and go on. She held on tightly to Ophelia but the Cleffa wasn't complaining just yet so it was safe. It felt safe. "Please don't apologize LeeAnn, I'm actually very glad that you mention her. The tears, it's something that is just happening," Alice wasn't really a type to cry. She mostly just closed herself up and in case she did needed to cry she would wait to be alone, "I'm just glad to know she is alive. Do you.. I mean where did you meet her? Maybe I can find her." However she had gladly taken the tissues because she wanted to stop crying. Which did work thanks to the tissues, "I'm sorry, it's quite difficult getting flashbacks even half information with this amnesia. I hope Lacie can maybe provide some answers."

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn grunted in pain wanting knock herself out from all of this endless pain. All she could do was apologize to her. Really, not knowing what else to say or do. Hans was now knew to hold his tongue after burning hte bridge with her cousin and a few other people. He didn't want to cause LeeAnn any more pain than she had already bared. The tears seemed to be full of joy that her twin was alive. She could only tilt her head a little with what movement she could. The young Nakamura had her right hand holding onto the back of the couch to prevent herself from falling back over. Alice asked where she heard of her sister or met her. "Crocus. That's where I saw her with my cousin, Kon. I doubt she might be there.
You might want to ask my cousin that. Konstantin Sokolov in the Rune Knights. He should be in town I believe, but I could be wrong. Try...the headquarters....that's your...best bet"
she said. She held her head. Leeann grabbed a pen and index card and wrote the address to the Rune Knight headquarters. She handed it to Alice. "Here's the...Magic Council Headquarters. Go to the large white building and tell the receptionist LeeAnn Nakamur send you to find Konstatin Sokolov...good luck. I would go with you but it seems someone does not want me to leave the house. Best of luck..Alice...Thanks again" she smiled.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice tried to calm herself down, it was a moment to get every piece of information she could get and she didn't need to cry to get that or any other way, she needed to ask and listen. That's what she did, asking LeeAnn where she had seen Lacie but the answer of the city was quickly forgotten with the word Kon.. Her cousin.. Her mouth formed words but she didn't speak because she couldn't grasp the concept, Kon as in.. but before she could ask LeeAnn continued to give his full name, you had to be kidding her. Konstantin knew about Lacie? How.. how did he not.. twice she had seen him and yet twice he had never had the urge to ask about her familiar faced sister? She bit her lip to not say anything, which she should have when LeeAnn noted down the address of the Headquarters, true she didn't know where they were but she knew where Konstantin stayed.. In the same inn as her. "Oh no, you should stay here and take that rest. I know you don't but at least I hope you stay a bit longer on the couch. I know exactly where I can find Konstantin, I had been so lucky to have met him the minute I arrived in Era. I still want to thank you though LeeAnn, from the bottom of my heart. I have a little more peace in my mind. I should go, but thanks." She let go of the grip on Ophelia and thanked Hans too before she simply let herself out, hoping LeeAnn would take some rest and time off, also for the sake of Hans.


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