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Caravan Guard

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Caravan Guard Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:16 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Another morning going around and Alice could be found sitting up straight on her bed while again reading a book. She hadn’t slept at all, too many thoughts swirling in her mind and if you paid close attention, you could see she wasn’t actually reading. There were too many things that she wanted to do yet not want to do. There were so many things she needed to think about to understand or to realize what she wanted and yet the decisions stayed indecisive by her. Absentminded she let Ophelia play in front of her and tickle her with her toes and let Ophelia tickle her shins, calves and foot because the little Cleffa needed to play this morning. To Alice her surprise she wasn’t even that tired but she decided to plan for a job. She had sat on her ass for far too long, spend too much money with Ana and well money didn’t grow on trees. She shut her book and gave Ophelia one of her toys to make sure she wouldn’t be missed and put her on the ground, so she couldn’t roll off the bed.

Alice went into the bathroom to wash her face, apply some make-up and fix her hair which was quite tangled up because she hadn’t braided it last night. Even though she stayed awake, it was quite a mess. Slowly she started brushing from the lower end to get all the knots out and made her way up to the top of her head so she could brush it all again. She decided to make one ponytail again and placed it high on the back of her head, this would make it easier to go on and work. In case she could find something. Thank god she had a small tour with Konstantin so she wouldn’t get lost easily but then again she might get lost in thoughts. Once done she came back into her bedroom, she was actually rather happy with this Inn. Much better than the Crossroad inn, in Marigold. She stripped of her sleeping wear and find clean clothing to dress in. Since the weather outside looked fine, she went for a capri pair of jeans and she went to look for a t-shirt and in the end found a dark olive green shirt that she put on. Having orange coloured hair made her sure as hell wear a lot of dark and creamy coloured shirts and dresses. Red, pink and orange and actually purple were not even close to being possible. It didn’t matter for now what she was wearing, she grabbed Ophelia and held her in her arms as well as put her blue backpack over her shoulder. Since the inn came with a restaurant it was easy to eat food here before she had to go out and find the request board. Which wasn’t that difficult but she also took in the sights of the city. She had found a quest that would request her to come in the night and guard caravans. She got the constructions that morning and headed back to looking around town, hoping she would bump into someone nice but since that didn’t happen, she simply headed back to her hotel to try and read something this time as well as take a nap if she had to stay up the whole night. It would have been nice if she had found this job before last night. She would have been perfect.

After her nap and food at again the inn because why the heck would she go somewhere else and daydream about other situations while she could sit here and pay attention to Ophelia. Which wasn’t half as fun as what she was daydreaming about. She had expected something else when she needed to guard caravans but hey it was a job, that meant money. It was a pretty shady place and most of the park was accessible through a lot of alleys and streets and that’s why she had to keep walking all the time. Which was fine, because even as it had been a beautiful sunny weather day, right now it felt closer to freezing. She was wearing the same capri jeans and t-shirt but also wear her leather jacket. She wasn’t concerned about her ankles, they could handle the cold but her upper body. Damn. Ophelia was asleep but Alice kept her close by having her in the little blue backpack on her bag. It didn’t disturb Ophelia in the slightest that Alice was moving from one side of the park to the next, to the next and the next. The rocking of her body and back apparently made the Cleffa fall asleep and stay asleep easier. She hummed softly to herself and mutter lyrics under her breath to keep her mind from lingering on the same thoughts for all the hours. It would be boring and thus would maybe put her too sleep. Since her nap wasn’t that long and she hadn’t slept the night before it was quite a tough task but she pinched herself a lot of times to make sure that she would remain awake.

When she was taking a break to get some coffee from the caravan in which she was installed, she heard noises coming from the one next. She stared through the window at the window next but obviously couldn’t see anything. She rolled her eyes, sighed softly and let her coffee be as she made her way to the caravan next door. She took the small stairs if you could even call that to bust open the door when she caught a glimpse of what was happening inside. It looked like a couple and by the looks of it, both were quite happy and satisfied about the other that she quickly leaned to the right away from the window and slowly and as quite as possible made her way away from the door and the caravan in general. She hoped she had not ruined their night even though a good warning would have been maybe a smart idea. However she could imagine that if she was that girl, she wouldn’t have wanted that either. Would ruin the romance. Now Alice would probably not get into that position very soon but well, she was blushing anyway and with that: wide awake. The sun was coming up soon and she was sitting at the front of the caravan waiting for the man to show up and pay her. The rumours of someone stealing his caravan were not real but that didn’t matter to her as she came only for the money of this job.

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