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Troublesome Transitions [LeeAnn/Mission/Solo]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Troublesome Transitions [LeeAnn/Mission/Solo] Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:13 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
She went against doctor's orders yet again which was nothing new. LeeAnn actually wanted to be alone. Despite having a lot of pain in the back of her head, she needed to work. A day without doing anything for the Rune Knights was a day not working. She took yet again another job. Another day, another dollar or jewel in this case. She had to buy a rare piece of treasure or something from a shady person. The client didn't trust the seller at all and rather take the safe route. LeeAnn wouldn't blame him. She would too if it were at night in a dark alley way. LeeAnn knew Era pretty well but this was around the area where she was kidnapped. For some reason, she didn't seem al the calm. Her senses were on hyper drive causing her to become even more alert of her surroundings. LeeAnn had a lacrima flashlight on just to keep things safe and sound in case anything were to happen. She would be safe. Nearing to the alley, she walked in. There was more things that caught her eye to worry about than anything else. Her eye darted left to right ready to see if anything would jump out at her. Personally, LeeAnn would not like to be kidnapped or jumped again like last time she walked at night several years ago! That alone caused her life to totally change in one eighty degrees. She saw a hooded man that looked absolutely suspicious to her eye. It caught her attention yes. Typical. A cloak covered him hiding his face completely. She shined the light in front of her aiming towards the ground to try to not blind him, but let him know she was present. Slowly, she walked up to him with clopping footsetps of her boots as she armor clanked. He kinda flinched seeing she was a Rune Knight, but she held her right hand showing she was not here to arrest him. It did seem a bit shady seeing her client's concern. He seemed to get to at ease seeing she was calm and collected. Her head felt heavy from the pain of her coma or the banging of the freak metal from Hans's T-rex jaw.

"I am sent by Guad with money to by that artifact or whatever it is he wants. You know what I am talking about. That's all I want" she said. He smiled as she held out a wad of cash to him. Her dark vision could make her the man's face lit up making him a bit more approachable. The funny things about this was his reaction did make her crack a small smile for at least a few seconds. LeeAnn gestured for him to give her the necklace or what ever the artifact. This was the moment where she surely appreciated the whole fact of being a Neko. Having abilities that surpassed even the most skilled mages. Cat claws. Nimble. Can see in the dark and many other things. Besides, if she ever fell out of a tree. Cats always land on their feet anyways. He reached into his cloth cloak searching for the artifact or treasure. The movement was slow and taking his sweet old time. LeeAnn saw a cream colored tooth that looked to be from a large creature. To her knowledge it was probably a Wyvern, Chimera, or perhaps a large cat or wolf. It did made her curious of that. "This is the artifact, Gaud sent you after. Now gimme that cash, lady" he said. Quite rudely, she took offense to that, but decided to take it with a grain of salt. She handed him the wade of cash and took the tooth. A small smirk came from him satisfied with the money that was given. "Pleasure doing business with you lady and tell Gaud that as well" he smiled. She only narrowed her eye and with a cold face she only nodded sending shivers down his spine.

She turned away still keeping alert. Her mind wandered thinking about the latest things that has happened to her. The thoughts of acheveing something great in honor of her family and making her father proud was her dream, but that was only such a long shot away. She felt something empty inside her heard feeling sad that she could not fulfill her father's dreams or hers to be exact. Hans did not know she was out at this time of night and would to keep her resting. He had areally ogteen serious which was completely out of his character to even do so. It was new territory for her. She continued to walk down the path to where she was going to meeting Gaud in a open tavern that stay open twenty four hours. Her flash light was a way for her to resort some comfort and allow her to relax when there was source of light other than the lamp posts. She reached to the tavern. It was warm and cozy for hte chilly, spring air. Personally, she enjoy this particular tavern. This one especially welcomed her with open arms much like the Rune Knights have done for her in some aspects. Not all though. She saw the client sitting at a table reading some book on history and treasures. LeeAnn wanted to get in and get out just for the sake to not get caught by Hans that she was out late. She wlaked up to him as his eyes looked up at her. "There it is. Did it go well" he asked. She only gave a silent nod looking a little shy. "Ah here you go. Good job, knew a Rune Knight was best for the job. Thanks again, stay safe this night, ma'am" he smiled. LeeAnn nodded and waved with a serious face. Turning her back, she could ony imagine the anger on her fiance's face for going out at night in her condition. She sprinted home quickly still with hte same throbbing pain in the back of her skull.



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