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Reservations (Open)

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#1Imperfect Cell 

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Imperfect Cell

Clouds speckled the sky like foam licking the shore casting patches of shadow on all that lay beneath their domain. Winter was reaching its end, and with it the town of Hargeon was coming back to life. It did not get nearly as cold as its more northern neighbors, though you'd never convince the citizens of that. Any weather below 18 degrees Celsius was almost too cold for activity to them, and this winter was unusually cold indeed. Word had spread of farms in Marigold becoming baron, devoid of all life and filled instead with only the evidence that life was there at all.

There was but a single survivor, a woman in her late fifties. She was disheveled, eyes wide and covered in circles that were almost as dark as night. She kept screaming about some man, though who it was exactly no one could tell. "He came from the sky" and "He's still hungry" were all she could manage, and even then she had deteriorated further to a point of mere panic.

To those within Marigold it had been enough for them to group together and had all but shut the town down, but for others it was no more than a ghost tale. Who would believe the words of a woman who was so obviously mad? Certainly something beyond normal explanation may have happened. To believe that some man from the sky came down and ate people was another story entirely. The only thing that was for certain was the modus operandi of whoever the culprit had been; A single, small hole somewhere within the clothing. It often was found in the back or around the stomach, though sometimes it roamed into the chest area. Never more than one, but in every pair of now empty clothes.

To expect all cities to come to a halt was a bit of a stretch. The Rune Knights, men and women of peace, would be dispatched soon enough. Excluding some freak event that caused their delay, there would be only a short time before investigators made their way to the farms. In the meantime it would be enough to merely be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to stay in public areas.

Still others had not heard of it at all. Such mysteries were loved by many, but word traveled slow. Details became scrambled and information had only word of mouth to go on. The few knights who had already been stationed within Marigold attempted to keep the information under wraps until they could figure out what had been going on, but they could only travel so fast. They had not even reached Era yet, let alone propagated the facts.

If there was any commotion at all it would not be found within the 8-Island. The restaurant itself was situated by the water. The sound that circulated the oceanfront eatery was two parts noise and joviality, one part ocean and seabird squalls. The people there were all dressed in their best attire as if there was something to celebrate. The restaurant was broken into a variety of parties, a plethora of them being four to six people per table and a few groups of ten or more. Service staff hustled to and fro, bringing with them exotic wines and fresh seafood.

At the front of the restaurant lay a kiosk that hosted both the maitre d and a lacrima that was in charge of hosting incoming reservations. Such a device was a lucrative thing, but a restaurant such as the 8-Island spared no expense for its patrons. Once the summer was in full swing it would relax into more of a cordial place. Until then, however, it made its income by hosting only the best.

"Thank you, Sir. Please take a seat either indoors or out. We shall call you when a table is available." The line to request a table stretched to the door, and those who had already reserved their place in it stretched even outside. This was the busiest day they'd had thus far that year, and all of the guests were of the higher class. This would be a record breaking day!

The lacrima began to glow a feint blue, indicating an incoming request. The manager, who was also in charge of seating his guests, waved a hand over it to accept the call. "Hello, you have reached 8-Island. How may I help you?" A wail came over the phone, though it was feint. It sounded similar to a gust of wind passing through a building with far too many crevices. Deep and long, sputtering out within a few seconds. "Sir?"

"Oh I am so sorry, I was just finishing a drink! I am calling to make a reservation!" The manager glanced up at the long line before him, a smirk on his face. Whoever this was had been well off enough to afford an audio communications lacrima, but they would not be worming their way up in line. He had a reputation to uphold. With minimal delay, he would inquire how many seats the caller required.

"Oh it's just me!" The voice was upbeat, happier than even the patrons. Oh the joys of the wealthy the manager thought to himself with a chuckle. "Of course sir. I'm afraid all our chairs are currently taken, and the line is quite literally flooding out of the restaurant. I suspect an hour long wait time at the minimum."


With that, the transmission would end. The maitre d would look at his lacrima with a quizzical look. The man indeed sounded interested, likely an older gentlemen based off the sheer rasp in his voice. He hadn't left so much as a name though. If he expected a place in line, that was no way to request one.

The screams of the seabirds grew louder, their noise now practically surrounding the restaurant. They must have practically been flocking the area with how loud they were. It was likely that the cook staff had thrown the first batch of trash out. Their waste often contained seafood carcasses and parts that could not be used. It attracted the birds in bulk, but this was just ridiculous. It sounded like people at this point.

"Sir, how much longer is the wait, I am starving?" As the manager glanced at the schedule, the bell at the front signaled the door opening. Glancing up, the mans jaw dropped. Never in all his years had he seen a being like this. It was tall with a head parting in vectors, splattered different shades of green and a bright orange. Its mouth hardly resembled a mouth at all, but he could have sworn it was smiling.

"Ohhh," the creature began, sounding devilishly familiar. There was a shudder in its voice, retaining an excitement that seemed ready to burst forth. "I have heard so much about this place! And I am starving!" The patrons laughed and nodded in agreement as the being walked to the front desk.

"Yes, I called about a table for one." The managers face reflected a knowing expression as if he had connected the dots. "Ah yes, well as I said there is quite the wait."

Hands to his hips, the green being shook his head. "Now that won't do at all. I have a schedule to keep. I guess I'll just have to eat on the go!" Before questions could be asked, internally or verbally, action had been taken. The green beast's tail stabbed backwards, impaling the stomach of the man who had been questioning the wait time. Gasps and screams radiated in unison as the man seemed to melt away from his clothes. If anyone had known of Marigold, they were not thinking of it now. In fact, they were thinking nothing at all. Their minds had blanked in shock and fear.

"What an appetizer! But we both know that this places real allure lies with its main course." Laughter erupted from this sole being as the people in the front of the restaurant began to scream and scramble. The chaos spread like an infection, quickly alerting more and more members of the restaurant that something was amiss. It was much too late for them, though.

One by one they disappeared, resembling the very entrees that made up their table. To him, they were no more than a meal. Sustenance that he both required and enjoyed. Echos of fear incarnate and questions as to why echoed through the restaurant as he made his rounds both on the first floor and the one above, though soon even those quieted. After only fifteen minutes the restaurant was devoid of all life but one.

Making his way out the same way he had come, a hand moved to his stomach. "Oh I am peckish. I guess I'll just have to browse! I hope I don't lose my figure..." Walking forward, Cell saw this town in the same way a kid would see a candy shop in which he was left alone.

It was time to dine.


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The streets of Hargeon seemed moreso empty today. Well, not entirely empty.. but it seemed like, aside from the few homeless people or so, there was a scarce amount of population in the area. Geb wore a scarf and brown jacket, with a pair of jeans. His vacation wear, you could say. On his way to the 8-Island restaurant, Geb noticed the building. Perfect, he could begin to dine! He was pretty hungry, given all the travel that he had been doing recently. But, today Geb wouldn't be feasting on a hot chicken sandwich. Anything but, in all honesty.

Geb walked towards the restaurant as he saw something that looked a bit off. A green figure, similar to a cockroach. Was this some sort of new race that was in Fiore? Geb didn't know, but he was sure that the spots on his body were an absolute disgrace to art itself! This beast.. this beast was ugly!

10 meters from the creature Geb stood as it walked out of the 8-Island restaurant that he had been hoping to go to. Geb looked at the beast with his scouter. A balanced set of all statistics. But, oddly, Geb could not pinpoint if this creature had mana or not. It was odd, sickening, and frightening all at the same time.

Geb got into a protected stance, feeling a bit intimidated by the beast. He put a hand in front of him, arching one leg forward. He would be prepared to defend himself while he talked if the beast would decide to do anything to him.

"You know, I don't think they would accept such an ugly being as yourself in such a high end diner. Just who are you, my ugly friend?" he said. There was something that worried him about this guy. Wouldn't people be screaming at the sight of him? At least, normal people.. why was it so quiet?

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#3Imperfect Cell 

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Imperfect Cell
The world had no sooner reintroduced itself to Cell than a newcomer had made his way. This man seemed oddly familiar, in a way that absolutely perturbed the strange creature. He had certainly never met this feminine man before. Something about him, however, seemed familiar. Maybe even familial, in some strange sense? Perhaps they had met each other in a pas-

Yeah that wasn't a chance. Still, this sense of awareness wouldn't be just shrugged away by Cell. He was in a rather chipper mood after his little high end snack he'd just indulged upon. This person, who struck him as an old soul, could be allowed to live. A single powerless person would not keep him from his end goal. Still, his position was odd. He seemed defensive, as if he didn't trust Cell. Was he truly preparing to fight? He'd have no need. Cell was just going to be on his way!

"You know, I don't think they would accept such an ugly being as yourself in such a high end diner. Just who are you, my ugly friend?"

The creature would pause entirely. He looked as if he were neither breathing or blinking. His tail, which had previously be slithering to and fro, halted in its movement. His eyes were locked on the male, allowing a solid chunk of time to pass by before a sigh came out of the orange beak. "Okay, we're doing this now. Hello, little girl, are you lost?"


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There was a long pause that was actually super awkward. The tension was high, yet this creature was giving Geb the short end of the stick. Geb had to resist the urge to yell "cmon, do something already!".

Of course, there was always the possibility that this creature didn't know english, or could even speak. That would make sense, in that case, it was an animal. Just as Geb was about to take another action, the creature let out a sigh. The creature spoke words that struck Geb as offensive. Being called a little girl felt insulting to Geb. Clenching his fist down, Geb wore an angry expression on his face. How dare this talking abomination disgrace Geb's perfect art that was his machia body?! He would not stand for it, at all!

"Did you just assume my gender?" Geb spoke, as he then point to the beast with his other hand. "If I look feminine, than the best thing to compare you to would be what happened if a frog had sex with a scorpion, and then their child had sex with a cockroach!"

Geb was clearly a little bit heated. A small bit triggered, if you will. Geb wasn't going to take this anymore. He didn't care what just happened in that restaurant. He just wanted this thing gone. "Listen, I was gonna let you go, cause I wanted in that restaurant, but... you've spoiled my appetite." Geb moved forward slowly, still in his fighting stance, slowly walking about a meter towards the beast. Now, only 9 meters stood between the two. Geb, through all this talking, kept the same stance and awareness, even through his anger. This creature was frightening in appearance, and seemed to have a race that was unknown to Geb. Not to mention, fighting power that overshadowed Geb in all but one area.

Geb then took a dash forward, attempting to close the distance between him and this creature. Dashing at his speed of 6 m/s, it would take Geb a second and a half to close the distance. Keeping his one hand forward, which could prove to be useful for blocking an attack or two should the beast decide to launch one.

Geb's other tool, his fist to the left that was not blocking, went in for a punch to the beast. His arm was brought forward, as when he got towards the beast, which would be but a half a meter away, he swung it upward swiftly for an uppercut into the beast's stomach (or stomach-like) area. Granted Geb's rather strong strength, this was sure to do deal damage to the beast in some form.

Geb would make sure while dashing to be wary, his arm that was blocking on standby to perhaps catch any punches the beast could throw. As such, he was ready to move it any time. This beast had an odd appearance, so there was no doubt that it had a few odd tricks up it's non existent sleeve as well. Geb knew what he had to do here - he was going to kick the shit out of this insulting beast, and then go dine.

Speaking of which, Geb took note of the enviroment before his dash as well. The restaurant's door was just inches to where Cell was standing. The rest of the place was a small carpet Geb made note to slip on that led into the dinery, and a stone plaza that surrounded it. In the middle of this plaza, 20 meters from the entrance door, was the edge of a large fountain that was shooting water upwards. Around the entrance were two barrels to the side 2 meters away from the door, to the right and left respectively. These of course were to contribute to the sea theme of the restaurant, and were pretty much empty for the most part, barring a few mice here and there.

For the most part, Geb possibly could have picked a fight he couldn't win, and he was probably going to lose. This would truly prove to be a battle of brains over brawn. But, that's what the creature got. After all, he DID assume Geb's gender.

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#5Imperfect Cell 

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Imperfect Cell
Cell had gotten under this mans skin, it was all too apparent. Regardless of his own interesting way of behaving, this newcomer seemed rather unique as well. Most who had met him had quickly been brought to a horrid state. They erupted with fear, either due to his actions or merely his appearance. While the black haired individual obviously hadn't seen what Cell had done yet, he had clearly been put off by the appearance. His response was so different than the others, though. He had struck a fighting stance, and as the tensions continued to rise it seemed as if it weren't just for show.

The individual had edged ever so slightly closer, initiating a sort of mocking laughter from Cell. Raising his head up and letting out a wicked laugh, it was during this time that the individual in front of him had taken the initiative

Oh fuck.

Dropping his head back down and crossing his arms defensively, one instinctively over his chest and one to the side of his face to swat away blows, he had only a moment to adjust once he saw the incoming attack. Dropping his arm towards his stomach, he got it in the way just in time to take the blow. Feeling his arms structure begin to give way to the blow, he felt his stance be disrupted completely. Cell's mouth, however, had been open at this time.
As the blow would land, Cell would exhale a white cloud directly into his opponents face that would likely get in his eyes as well as the rest of his face.

The counter attack did nothing to nullify this opponents damage though. Going backwards, Cell would crash through the door and go over the reception desk. If the man would take this time to enter the building, or even look around, he'd see empty clothes scattered everywhere.

Standing from behind the counter, his arm bent out of shape due to the damage that was done, a cackle escaped his beakmouth. "Oh that was intense. You just took me from the front and pounded me! Didn't even ask permission." As he spoke, he raised his uninjured right arm to his now severely bruised left arm as if to emphasize the damage before looking back at the man before him.

"I think that it's time we do a little switcharoo though! As much as I loved you taking control, I simply neeeed to be inside of you." His words were, to say the least, ominous. How would the opponent react to them?

Mana: 675/700:
Name: Enoki
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Fungus Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Nature
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: The user opens their mouth and exhales a small cluster of white spores, five centimeters in diameter, that will attach itself to a surface and instantly sprout into a large bushel of Enoki mushrooms. If they sprout from human flesh, they will puncture the skin as they draw up blood as nutrients and deal D rank damage. The bushel is half a meter long and half a meter thick, and will wither away at the end of the post.


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The inside of the restaurant had a high ceiling. The reception desk Cell was over was just about 2 meters from the door, and the desk itself was only about a meter high, and half a meter thick. It was in a different room from the main hall, separated by a small 2-person sized doorway. There was a pair of clothes sitting in front of the desk.

Geb was halted a bit by the shrooms that grew all over in his face, staggering as he ran. Using his hand that was guarding, he simply crushed the shrooms in a grip, blood dripping down from his face as he did. Moving his hand out of the way, Geb took in note the environment as he continued to run. Jumping through the big ass hole in the door, Geb continued on to find the creature standing up behind a desk.

"Oh that was intense. You just took me from the front and pounded me! Didn't even ask permission."

Why in the world was this monster so talkative? The two of them should just fight. While Cell was busy jabbering on, Geb took this opportunity to jump up onto the reception desk while the creature was busy lifting his injured arm of all things. Geb wasted no time in lifting his his leg upwards from the elevated desk to go for an upwards kick directly into the vile insect's head, jaw specifically, as he was almost finished speaking. The fight was really just starting, in all honestly. Geb was sure, judging by it's immense statistics, it had more tricks up it's sleeve. That being said, perhaps it should watch it's vile mouth when fighting. It's hard to talk with a bruised jaw, after all.

Should Geb's hit for some reason not land, or should he be countered, Geb's hand in which he had punched with had become his new guard hand ever since he jumped in the door.

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#7Imperfect Cell 

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Imperfect Cell
The stranger had begun to come forward after Cell's first words, taking the step he needed to power into a jump as Cell continued. His vision was likely blurred too, the spores having either gotten into his eyes or ensuring that they would be at risk to get blood in them. "I think that it's time we do a little switcharoo though! As much as I loved you taking control, I simply neeeed to be inside of you." The actions seemed to coincide with Cell's words, Cell's words ending just before the stranger began to shift his weight to one foot, allowing a kick to start with his other. There was another action going on that Geb couldn't have seen coming, though. This action began right as Cell uttered his final word, a moment before the machia began his kick.

Cell tapped a single foot onto the ground, after having barely raised it at all, causing a vortex of wind to appear. The vortex itself might only be enough to cause minor cuts to the black haired man, but that wasn't its purpose. The wind would have shoved the unfastened desk out from under the black haired assailant. As the kick had made its way to about Cell's chest in height, the support in which the man had would be suddenly ripped from under him. For a fancy restaurant they sure skimped on the easy things.

The desk would be shoved away from the bottom first, slightly at an angle due to the expansion of the wind. This would cause a loss of footing to the side, completely throwing off the kick and any center of balance that two legs would have made up for. Cell would have canceled  the mana put into the spell once the desk was being thrown, making sure not to also risk throwing away his meal ticket.

As Geb would fall to the ground, if he somehow kept an eye on the green monstrosity, he  would be able to see the beasts tail coming in from the side. Once the man actually hit the ground, the tail would hit the mans leg. Piercing into it by a couple inches, it would immediately begin to suck. The man would likely feel an immediate drain on himself, but unlike others he would not begin to wither away yet. This one seemed to be a living buffet!

"Oh you are tight!"

Name: Twister
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Kaze no Mahou
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 3m3
Cooldown: 2 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cell stops a foot on the ground summoning forth the wind. The wind expands out from his body consuming everything in a 1m3 area around Cell in a twister of wind blades to cut and shred dealing D damage. By continuing to pour mana into the spell he can keep it active every post dealing D damage each post. Cell deactivates this when he runs out of mana or of his own will.

Name: Absorbtion
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 0
Requirements: Cell
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 2 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cell pierces an enemy with his tail, thus creating a connection between the two. From there he can begin to absorb the users mana, 50 per post. Those effected not only feel their mana being forcibly taken, they also feel themselves becoming noticeably fatigued. This also causes C rank damage.


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Geb was in a tight spot here, but he wasn't giving up just yet. His footing completely ruined with a sudden wind spell, Geb could tell the desk he was on was blown upward simply by the sensation he was given. Geb however, wasn't going to be losing so easily. Luckily for Geb though, aside from cut on his legs and arms, the desk kinda covered up most of him. Thanks, desk.

Geb had lost his balance however, going his separate ways from the desk, him going moreso forward and the desk the other way.

Geb had a few options here. His vision was indeed a bit blurred, so he took the moment he had in the air to wipe off his face of the blood with his left arm. It wouldn't allow him vision forever, but for a minute, give or take, he could most likely see without any problems before the blood came rushing back in.

Looking down, Geb had a few more options. He took in the sight, and it seemed like, being roughly 2 and a half meters in the air from that blast, he wouldn't have many options. He was lucky the roof of this building was high. Spreading out his legs a little bit, Geb clenched his hands together, lacing them to form what was a sort of a double fist. As he fell, Geb thrust his double-fist downwards towards his legs, almost like swinging a mallet down. In this context however, his fists were just that.

The blow was aimed once again towards the beast's head, this time in the middle of the two pointed areas that reached upwards. Geb wasn't an expert, but this seemed like it could be a good place to strike. Geb, as soon as he got within range of the hit, swung his arms downward as fast as he could.

Geb's blow, if hit properly, would've easily split the skull of this creature in two. Of course, that was if it landed. And, knowing Geb's luck today, it wouldn't. He really should've invested more in upgrading himself if he knew he was going to be fighting so soon..

In the wild instance that Geb's hit not connect, but Cell did not pierce him with the tail, Geb takes a quick jump backwards a meter or so, providing the beast did not have some way to dunk him in that time, or otherwise slow him down. This would also happen if the hit was to be blocked.

Should Cell's crazy plan of tail piercing Geb succeed, Geb would feel noticeably fatigued, Wincing from the pain in the leg, as well as letting out a small yell in pain, He shouldn't of skipped leg day. Geb then noticed another thing. His mana? It was being drained?

"Y'know, ugly dude, I could care less about my mana.." he spoke in a raspy voice, from the pain of being drained. Geb, however, refused to look like a complete loser while getting drained. So, trying to show the beast he didn't give a shit, he put his hands in his pockets with all the strength he could muster.

"I must admit, you are quite adept at fighting.. who and what are you?"

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#9Imperfect Cell 

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Imperfect Cell
The actions of the man seemed thought out, what he lacked was execution. The blood was wiped from his eyes, but that very action began almost as gravity took hold of the machia. Whether it started as a block against another face attack or what, it was smart. It cushioned his face upon impact with the ground, keeping him from being knocked unconscious by the fall. While he could not stop the tail that would be impaling his leg, he certainly made sure he still had a fighting chance.

"Oh this is cozy, almost like home. Is it strange that I feel like this was destiny?" His voice held its normal mocking tone, the giddiness practically oozing from his words. Still, the man wasn't beginning to dissolve. What sort of delicious power house had he gotten himself into? As the draining continued on, a single pulse hit Cell.

"Ohhh this," he began, putting his arms out as his tail pulled out from Geb. "This must be your lucky day little lady, you're witnessing a truly beautiful thing!" With that, Cell's body began to glow a bright yellow. The magic that emitted from him carried with it a wind pressure that would actually slide Geb backwards, likely all the way to the wall. A blinding light enveloped the beast, and whatever was happening, it couldn't be good.

For Cell, however, it was perfect.

Name: Absorbtion
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 0
Requirements: Cell
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 2 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Cell pierces an enemy with his tail, thus creating a connection between the two. From there he can begin to absorb the users mana, 50 per post. Those effected not only feel their mana being forcibly taken, they also feel themselves becoming noticeably fatigued. This also causes C rank damage.

#10Perfect Cell 

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Perfect Cell
The glowing yellow light erupted outwards, blinding any and all who dared look towards it. The beams escaped through the door, the windows, and any crevices that it could find. Rather than dissipating immediately, the bright glow slowly dulled down. As it died, the vision of those who witnessed it would slowly be restored. In the places of the vaguely humanoid being that had once been in the restaurant stood a creature that would almost pass for normal. Still green, yes, but now with lips.

Standing at the same height, but with a much sturdier build, the being stared down at the machia with a grin. Rolling his shoulders and wrists, he looked around the building as if through new eyes. Geb was about seven meters away now, in no position to make a sudden movement. Especially not while on the ground with a gaping hole in his leg.

The beings arms bent, putting opened hands in front of his face so that he could look at the back of them before turning them to stare into his own palms. "You know, I'm actually kind of jealous of you. You get to see me in all my glory, and I have to look for a goddamn mirror." As he said that, his face looked over his hands and at the black haired man who was sprawled on the floor. Opening his mouth to speak, a surprised look came onto Cell's face as his hands slapped inward, covering his mouth.

"Oh my God I have lips! Honestly this is a prize in itself, I sound so much clearer. You know, maybe that's why you were such a smart ass. You couldn't understand me. Bygones, I guess." Dropping his hands down to his side and forming them into fists, the being laughed. His voice was deeper now, clearer. He was different in appearance, but still the same psychopathic monster that had strolled into this restaurant looking for a meal.

"You know, as a thank you I'll go ahead and explain myself Geb. I've been waiting on someone to ask anyways." As he had spoke, his voice lost it's demeaning and playful tone and took on a more sinister one. As a grin spread across his face once the man likely looked on in horror or shock, a laugh bubbled from Cell's lips. God, he loved his lips. "Oh I'm sorry, did you think that I didn't know who you were little girl?"

The mocking tone was back, a laughter erupting from his throat once more. He hadn't been this happy in a long, long time. "My name is Cell. I was created from the data of a vast amount of mages all across Fiore. I am, in every sense of the word, a Perfect being," his words oozed with pride, a snide smile on his face that likely would have always been there if he had never had a beakmouth. "I am going to continue to drink people until I reach my absolute perfect form. Yeah, I drink people. Pretty cool right?"

Raising his hand, a massive amount of mana compressed itself into his hand as he slammed it into the wall, next to the window, blasting out most of the wall next to him. Looking back towards Geb, Cell spoke once more. "As a final thank you, I'll let you live to see the perfection you have helped to create! So long, Geb." And with that, Cell would leave through the gaping hole in the wall.

Truly, Cell was a changed man.


Name: Kuushou (Vacuum Palm)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user moulds mana into the palm of one of there hands and perform a high-speed palm thrust. A "vacuum shell" of compressed mana is released from the palm, 4m in diameter. The vacuum shell can be fired point blank or over a distance to deal B rank damage.


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This creature, upon other things, seemed to have been transformed. Along with this came some revelations, as well as the creature knowing Geb's name. Taking in all the information, and staying silent with only a mere smile on his face, knowing that Geb too was similar to this creature.

They were both simply incomplete. Just as Cell transformed with enough materials from the looks of it, Geb could do the same. He too could become the most powerful fighting machine in the world, provided he gave a good enough shot at it.

Geb, laying there in a destroyed restaurant, right on next to the poor desk who suffered through this, said some final words after Cell blasted through the wall. After saying these words, Geb most likely would recover in some way - in no way were any of his wounds fatal or even dangerous. Afterwards, Geb's mind would be focused nothing but on simply the though of becoming perfect, just like Cell.

But just like a piece of art, perfection was subjective. And Geb would show just how different his perfection would be from Cell. He was sure they would meet again, and thankfully Geb had good intel on Cell. Chances are he could be one of the only ones to know who are what Cell was. So, speaking the last words before closing his eyes and relaxing with blood in his eyes, Geb said 5 simple words:

"Cell is a silly fucking name."


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