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Shopping Spree [Arisa | Private]

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Shopping Spree [Arisa | Private] Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:08 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After weird days and happy conversations, Alice was again alone or well not really since Ophelia was here. And there was enough crowd on the streets but she felt a bit alone. Maybe because she was more lost in thought about company than ever before. She was dressed in a white with yellow dress, the top was white and the skirt, in a circle line ended in white and yellow vertical lines around her hips. Her hair was put up in a high ponytail and she was carrying a small light blue backpack on her back which contained her faithfull companion Ophelia, the little Cleffa.

It was quite busy on the streets of Era, no festival this time, no trouble that she could see. She was still a bit frustrated about a few of her choices but also happy and relieved by some others. Her progress to change was working but also not really as she was still doubting some decisions that she had made, which shouldn't be the idea if she was serious about her way of change. She looked at the windows of the shops, wondering if she should just simply go on a shopping spree. It al depended off if she was able to stay here for a while, she really wanted to especially giving the circumstances about some people but yeah weren't that too quickly made decisions, perhaps.

She decided that she would first get a coffee and maybe something to eat to start her decision for shopping. She had always done her shopping alone but at this point it felt extremely boring. For a second she thought she saw someone she recognized but that was just a mistake from her side and she walked to a street vendor that sold coffee and waited in line. She was thinking very much about what she would order to not pay attention to the rest of the crowd around her. She didn't like crowds, she should have stayed in the inn.


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Arisa walked forward through the streets of Era. Today she wore a long dress of lilac that curved with her curvaceous body. the straps were spaghetti ones while the design of the dress had waves at the bottom and a V-shape cut design where her chest is. Her caramel brown hair was fully down with mid to lower of it had small waves. The dress was made out of silk-like fabric yet she covered her rather over average chest with a dress coat. She felt embarrassed to wear things that revealed her chest. When she did, she wore a coat, jacket or something of the sort to cover her body.

Her calf-tall boots with small heels would click clack against the stone grounded floors while she walked towards the very shopping area. She felt strange as her heart felt something more for a certain someone. Does that mean one should buy special clothes for the occassion? Who knows as she was new to this. She didn't have her parents to teach her silly things. All she had were books. With that on mind, she carried her mother's book in her small bag that had on strap over her shoulder like some purse. Her golden brown hues were then soon to see a woman who looked familiar. The woman who had orange pretty hair that seemed to belong to a girl she met once. Her facial expression stayed calm as she walked up to her from behind to tap her shoulder. Softly she cleared her throat to speak, ''Excuse me.~'' she would say in her rather soft soothing tone. A small welcoming smile would curve upon her rather flawless pearled colored face. She of course, was able to change the tone of her voice, but for her, it would be the same as when they ate ramen together. Arisa had hoped that she would remember the voice even if she looked drastically different.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice accepted the coffee from the stance that she just ordered and was looking for a way to give some of the whipped cream to Ophelia because she didn't like it that much but Ophelia did. Weird thing for someone that loved sweets. She felt a tap on her shoulder and first thought it was Ophelia but she soon realized that she wouldn't be able to reach that and thus turned around. She recognized the voice that was talking to her and she looked surprise to see someone that didn't look like the girl she had in mind, "Ana is that you? I barely recongize you." she grabbed a spoon quickly and looked for one of the tables, "Would you mind sharing a table? It's been a while since I have been in Baska." She felt alright with seeing Ana and her smile was really reassured and thus went to sit at one of the tables and took Ophelia out of her backpack and put her on the table.

so she could give some of the whipped cream as well as take a sip of the coffee. She would wait for Ana to join her and she would wonder if she would ask about her plans for today. Especially because Alice her own plans were a bit lonely to start alone and she wasn't sure but she had seen Ana shortly in the Ramen shop in Baska before she had to go and fight someone.. Rowan.. She couldn't remember. "Funny we bump into each other in Era. Such a small world," she said without a hint of sarcasm, because she meant it, "Any plans for today?"


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Her golden eyes watched as Alice went towards a chair. She was noticed surely as she was invited to sit with her along with some words. Her calming expression that stayed on her face like some statue looked towards the orange haired girl. Slowly she shifted her body to then walk towards the seating. Her long beautiful caramel brown hair would wave behind her while she then sat down on the chair. The chair felt rough compared to her soft fingers. The golden lion hues would stare at the table as it was clean and glazed to where she could see her own reflection.

Arisa heard the questions from Alice, making her look up and into the orange fruity eyes of hers. ''It is quite funny.'' she spoke softly, starting to speak. Her eyes shot up to look deeper into her eyes, eyes closing half way as she heard her then ask if she had any plans. ''I do.'' she spoke simply, departing her full sized lips. ''Shopping for...'' she started to then say. ''Things.'' she would finish with one word and looked away. She wanted to shop for new clothes for perhaps a date, a date that might never happen. For occasions that may never exist. She'd think of this as her head looked up to gaze at the sky. 'I wonder what will happen...' she thought. Would it work out? Would she see the person again? Would it never work out? Her head tilted back straight and looked back into her orange eyes. ''What about yourself?'' finally she asked back, thinking of all the things.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice invited the woman along to a table, where she sat and took a sip of her coffee while giving some of the whipe cream to Ophelia. She had asked if it was Ana, the girl she ate ramen with in Baska, she didn't say yes or no so Alice continued to think it was Ana. Alice looked Ana in her golden eyes, weren't they red before.. she couldn't even remember that well, she was just sure it was Ana. She smiled as she asked if Ana had plans and she said shopping, which was exactly Alice her plan. However Ana hesitated and she frowned a little yet she was still smiling. "Things?" Alice said with a teasing tongue, "Like important things? Clothing to show off the prettiness?" She was just teasing, she didn't want to hurt Ana her feelings but she got that feeling and well suddenly she realized that it might be the whole reason why she wanted to do shopping and her own cheeks coloured red and she looked away from Ana as well. She turned to look back to Ana once she asked the question back, "Well yeah shopping for a happenings in the future. Good idea. I had that plan myself." She quickly took a sip of her coffee again.


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Arisa would look at Alice as she wondered about her. Why was she going to shop? Would it be a good idea to tell her such a silly thing? Something made her curious though as she saw some redness upon her new 'friend's' cheeks. Could she perhaps be shopping for a guy as well? Or some future occasion with said guy? The golden hues would shimmer as the sunlight would graze into the color, making them look like suns. ''Perhaps a guy...If I find one who'd ever find interest in me.'' she would say rather poutful while still in her calm expression.

Maybe she was afraid of such a thing because of her mother. The stories she read in the book were rather terrifying in a way. 'Ugh...' she'd silent speak as her head tilted forward a little while her right hand would rub the forehead area. While this happened, her eyes closed shut, wincing. She'd vision small pictures from some past that was unknown to her. A dark forest, a man with long black hair in some butler-like outfit. He was coming towards her. Who was 'her'? Who was she in this? Her head shook as she saw the bright light back into her eyes as she opened them to then look up at Alice. In reality it'd be only a second, but to her it felt like minutes. ''So as we were saying.'' she started somewhat weakly yet it was hard to notice behind her calm soft tone that she was talking in now. ''Wanna go shopping with me then?'' she would say and tilted her head a little to the left so her long hair that was up in a pony tail, dangled to the side with her head.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice leaned on her left hand with her cheek and looked at Arisa. She gave a small smile when Ana first said that it was perhaps for a guy. The last bit of information was a bit of a surprise, "Find one interested? You got to be kidding me, you are gorgeous." She looked Ana up and down for a few seconds, okay she had changed but not bad. Her eyes were really interesting. She gave another small smile to Ana, "I do know what you mean. Although I think he might be interested, not really good with the subject called love and thus no idea if it is true." She just thought it, after thinking about it for some more time and all.

While Alice was taking a sip of her coffee and look at Ophelia, she didn't see Ana wince or get the sort of flash back. She looked back to her well possible friend, they only met twice now to hear the question about shopping, "Sounds like more fun than going alone." She finished her coffee rather rapidly to not let Ana wait on her and put Ophelia back in the little blue backpack that she was carrying, "Do you have any places in mind? I haven't been in Era long so I don't know any shops to be honest." She didn't know much about Ana, just the impressive part that she joined the event in Baska. She came quite far as far as Alice could remember. That's when she was still stealing money by pick pocketing and thus she hadn't paid attention to the fight at all. She was different now, or so she hoped.


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Her eyes looked into her 'friends' orange orbs with her own golden ones as if they mixed the two colors, it'd create a sun. Her heart was trying to beat calmly as she was thinking of the night with the guy. The name? She wouldn't even dare tell anyone his name. Not only could there be a possibility that he wouldn't like his name being blurted out, but casualties could be made. She wasn't highly sure on the subject. The simple caramel-chocolate brown bangs of hers would tickle along side of her jawline from the wind hitting against her hair. The longer part of her hair would sway left and right slowly by strands. The sun itself would shine and glimmer from the rays.

Her senses would pay attention all towards Alice as she listened to and looked at her. She would speak at first about how she thought she was gorgeous. 'Gorgeous? Me? Heh...Right.' she thought lowly and cornered her eyes to the right. Her facial expression would stay calm as ever while she would then respond after looking right back at her eye to eye. ''You kindly jester.'' she would say softly and soothingly, having her right elbow against the table and cheek against the palm of her right hand. Soon enough they would agree to get up and shop somewhere together, but the real question would be, where? She wondered herself on where they'd go. Slowly she'd get off of the chair itself and stood up to walk beside Alice. ''Shall we go then? I'm sure there's a ladies store around here with dresses and 'dating' type of attire.'' she would respond to her last response in such words. After Alice would get up, she'd walk towards the store with a brick made outside design with a glass arched sign above the door that was made out of red oak. There were medium square windows of four on the door. The widows on the wall were large rectangles that were split in two. They'd soon go in, opening the door for Alice and saw that there were about three floors of attire. ''Where to start then...? I've been been on a date or anything....'' she'd say calmly yet somewhat paranoid. Arisa never really cared much before about how she looked to people. She didn't want to show a lot of skin in an outfit, but not shadow her whole body neither.

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Arisa and Alice shopped till their heart was content. They both had fun and even had a stronger bond that turned into friendship in the end. Arisa in her opinion felt that they were really good friends, maybe more than Nas. It felt like it was ages since she last saw Nas...to where even her dark black memories would soon consume those memories too. Arisa had many memories in that dark abyss of hers, if only she knew what all it held. She bought some outfits, ate food with Alice and then in the end, they said their goodbyes. With that Arisa would go back to her 'home' that she borrowed from one of her mother's friends and went to sleep.


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