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Initial Pig [Travel]

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Roman yelled as he stood at the gates of oak. The carriage had left him behind for Era already. He was extremely late to the party. This party being a terrorist attack on era that would bring all sorts of action. He proceeded to scream out a few more obscene words that would fill the air. He ran his hands through his hair trying to calm himself down for a moment. “What can I do? My only ride out of here is gone.” He looked around for a moment before a caravan of folks entered the city. They were leading a bunch of various animals into town for some obscene reason. Roman squinted his eyes for a moment staring at the animals being led in before a light bulb popped above his head. A grin stretched from ear to ear.  He ran up to the next of the caravan and cut it off because they were going a snails pace.

Standing in front he stretched his arms outward. “Stop!” He screamed at the top of his lungs causing the people to stop. He was a bit winded, due to the fact of having to run out in front of the slow moving carriage. “Woah!”  The man yelled while tugging on the reins of the carriage. The vehicle came to a abrupt halt as he didn't want to hit the man stopping in front of him. The man with a large cowboy hat looked down and around his horses to get a look at the crazed man stopping him suddenly. “What in tarnation do you think you are doing!?”

Roman put up a finger to annotate the man needed to wait for him to catch his breath. Afte ra few mintues passed, Roman gathered himself. He walked around to the side of the carriage and looked up to the man. “Look I need some help kind sir, the name is Roman Astoria and you are?” The man looked a bit dumb founded before answering Roman back. “Uh, Frank, the name is Frank East. What exactly can I help you with?”

“Look I need to be in era in a hurry. I see you are leading a gaggle of animals. By any chance, are any of them available for purchase? One that can carry me to Era in a hurry.”

Frank rubbed his chin for a moment and looked back into his carriage. Roman couldn't see what he was looking at but it was clear he was interested. “Purchase you say?” Roman pulled out a satchel filled with coin. “Give me anything, just something that moves quick and has the stamina to cross the plains into era quickly.” Roman explained.

Frank let out a sigh and stood up where he was at. “Anything that is fast, I reckon I have something.” A whistle came from his lips signaling for someone in the back of the caravan to come forward. “Son! Get yer ass up here!”

A boy poked his head out of the back of the carriage and jumped out the back. “Ya?”

“Bring Betty!”

“Betty? Are you sure?”

“You heard me now git!”

'The two were defiantly from the country side, from the sounds of their accent.' Roman thought for a moment.  He didn't question the conversation just waited for some form of response. The sounds of hooves tapping the ground suddenly. Roman peered behind the caravan with a raised eyebrow. The thing that had filled Roman's criteria had appeared. Snorting could be heard as a over-sized, spotted pig came waddling out from behind the caravan. It also had a chicken sitting on it's head.

Frank climbed down as Betty walked up to the front of the Caravan. “Isn't she adorable?”

Initial Pig [Travel] Harry-Porker-tera

“You do realize this is a pig right? I expected one of the stallions back there or something of that nature.”

“No, trust me, the fastest thing we got in this gaggle of animals.” Frank responded. “Also boy go make sure the rest of the animals are fed.

Frank only smiled as he walked up to Roman. “Trust me, she will get you there were you need to be by nightfall. Or you can come back and get your money back.”  

Roman looked into this mans eyes and saw no lie there. “You are serious aren't you?” Roman asked. Frank only chuckled as he walked over to Betty and rubbed her behind the ear. The pig snorted happily in response.  Roman walked up with the bag of money and put it in his hand. It was about 10,000 in total. The man looked into the bag and took out a coin. He bit on it to make sure it was real.

“Look this man needs your help Betty. Show him what you can do alright?”  

Betty suddenly had a defiant look on her face. The chicken jumped off her head and perched himself on the carriage. “The saddle isn't normal but it will do.”

It was a giant haystack strapped to the back of the pig. Roman could tell this was no normal pig. After giving the man the bag he would only move to the side of the defiant looking pig. Roman hopped on top of Betty with a bit of a troubled look. As the saddle wobbled a bit. He turned the pig around to the exit of oak. Frank looked up to the now mounted Roman. “You have ridden a horse right?”

“Uh ya when I was a child.”

“Well it's like that but 100 times faster. So you better hold on tightly when she gets going there is no turning back. You understand right?”

Roman had a bit of a nervous look on her face. “Ya I got it.”

Frank and his son smiled at each other as if they shared a hidden joke at that moment. “Oh, all you have to do is yell yip yip to make her stop okay?”

“Yip yip?”

“Ya got it lad, safe travels.”


Before Roman could finish his statement, Frank slapped Betty on her romp. The response of that slap would be something he never saw coming. With a mighty loud snort the pig shot off moving at insane speeds. Held on with all of his might as the pig sped off into the distance. “Holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”


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