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The Ark's One Shot [Event]

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#26Noel Raion 

The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:34 am

Noel Raion
Flips in Memphis.

OOC// The lightning bolt summoned by the people within the attack area slammed into the ground causing it to up-heave right were the entity (Maarschalk) was.

We were twenty meters apart from each other, it could have been in my general direction and that's about it.

The orb found itself being pocketed as it was a hindrance.

Orb resets to 0/9 because of Roman pocketing it. The mission states that you cannot let go.

IC// A slight glimmer of hope to the allies resulted in a glimmer of distress for Maarschalk. The woman who held the element of surprise now let it go to move towards Finn. Which, more importantly, meant that she moved closer towards Maarschalks general direction - as her intentions were still unclear to him, he moved away as soon as he retrieved his spear from the now unconscious body of the Phantom Lord member. The tall male moved towards the other evil that was present, the evil that prior stood behind the Phantom Lord member who now laid unconscious, at the mercy of Spion.

His movement wasn't in a direct straight line towards the evil that represented itself with blonde hair, it led him to circle towards the male. Like how athletes circle around a running track, because they'd arrive faster at the destination by reducing the distance required to run.

Being a war veteran, Maarschalk understood that this carried its own risks. Though these were risks he is willing to take to defeat the evil. These risks could put him in between a large firefight, and to avoid this his movement led him behind the safety of some trees.

Multiple blasts went off as Maarschalk chased the blonde male. These blasts didn't reach Maarschalk, as he was out of its effective range. The blast of light failed to mark Maarschalks physical body- because the light that these blasts invited also invited shadows.

As per rule of physics, the shock of light had its obstacles, the flashing light going into the direction of an obstacle such as a tree meant that everything behind the tree shields itself from the light.

The implication of Maarschalk still being invisible and generating no sound meant that he moved from the shrubberies, behind the trees. The path that allowed him to chase the blonde male perfectly covered itself in shadows and caused otherwise no other hindrance for him to reach closer and closer.

During the entirety of him chasing the man he couldn't find a gap to get closer than twenty-five meters. All that changed when blondie slowed down, bent over to grab a rock, and place the orb in his other hand in his pocket. For blondie to slow down, come to a stop and then bend over to grab a rock and then continue to move meant that Maarschalk had enough speed to catch up to him. It took under a second and half for the warrior of justice known by Maarschalk to arrive within deadly range of the blonde. With the tip of his invisible spear pointed at blondie, the male sprinted as fast as he could - with the intention of doing the same thing that he had previously done to the other Phantom Lord member. At this very moment, nobody was in visible range other than blondie. Maarschalk has been completely silent, and continued to make no noise to alert blondie prior to the point of impact.

Of course, Maarschalk was aware of possible situations where detection was a possibility. Or any other kind of magic that could have prevented him from getting too close. Thus, whilst he moved towards blondie he kept these possibilities under consideration- and as a result he would move out of any offensive spells that could have been used to stop Maarschalk from attacking blondie.

The way he motioned, while invisible and silent - made it clear for anyone with enhanced eyesight that Maarschalks intentions were anything but good; his attempt to strike the blonde male whose height is almost equivalent to his own could set a precedent for this ensuing battle over Era. During the entirety of these actions, no outside source could have the possibility to intervene; because of the fast-paced actions and given that there was nobody around other than Maarschalk and the blonde during the sequence of Maarschalks actions which happened in rapid succession. Like wind he moved, though rebellious - since Maarschalk moved against the direction of wind, which seemed to come from the blond male’s front side, leaving them both disadvantaged while they moved. Though this disadvantage leveled itself out, resulting in both moving ever so slightly slower than they're normally able to move at. The kind of impact Maarschalk brought, if left uninterrupted by other actions, was with great violence. Every cell in his body worked in harmony, to deliver an attack as relentless as possible. No hesitation could be read from his movements, although last time he targeted the side of the body, this time he targeted to whatever area he could strike that is the most vital. Changing the target location wasn't very easy to do at the last second, but it would certainly be possible - considering that Maarschalk was using a spear in this battle. Every vital spot of the blondes’ body and above was targeted. Of course, at the time of these actions, Maarschalk front faced towards the blonde - this wasn't some weird circus where he moved backwards or anything.

During his movement that led him up to this moment, Maarschalk received no damage. And in the case he did, his movement drastically could have changed depending on the type of damage he received, and the moment he received it of course.

Things used wrote:https://www.fairytailrp.com/t40698-maarschalk-raion-sheet
  • Gods cloak (upkeep)
  • Loud (upkeep)
  • 350/500

  • Spear equipped
  • #27Caius 

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:32 pm

    Hi Finn. You’re sexy. Guess it's my turn for the muh RP combat game. Judging from your last post, Jake jumps to a dash at 11m causing Caius to react and prepare the other spells while starting to run at 10m and throwing at 7m.

    1. Since the ball hit Jake’s fist, that acknowledges the throwing motion was completed in full before getting hit. I also said I would detonate it once it got in range of either of you. When Jake went to hit it, you stated in the last post that Jake took the damage on his paw.

    “Sure, the spell would hurt Jake's paw. However, that was only one arm that was now damaged.”

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Throwing-phases

    2. Just to prove I’m not some crazy nerd. From the throwing motion above, Caius’ head would be facing forward. This would allow him zero issues opening his mouth allowing the roar attack to complete instantaneously after the attack was thrown. His left hand is free at his side allowing him to fire off the S rank spell. His leg is kicked back(like the image but slightly up in the air) from the momentum of the throw allowing the D rank to activate moving him back 5m. But we do have a point number 3!

    3. I buy the S rank not having the motion so having to use the gif motion makes sense. Caius’ S rank attack will null from the throw.  However by that definition you gave me, I'm going to have to call out Jake's spell. Full Body Size  Increase has no defined motion listed on the spell at all. The buff and size increase just happens with no activation(aka no hand clap, foot tap, etc.) making it invalid. No rule in companion regulations states it’s an exception. I can buy the limb increase because it states the limb and he threw a punching motion. That said, Jake would be 1 meter tall. Assuming his arms are half his body size(.5m) that would make it 3m arm length with the x6.

    The yellow dog’s attack would continue but it would not be enough to stop Caius. The black orb he threw did damage to the dog’s paw that would slice it up causing severe lacerations. It wouldn’t stop there as he had another attack that instantly followed up. Since the dog was running at full force, he would not be able to dodge the attack in time. The roar would strike the dog's paw that would cause blunt damage when hit. Assuming there was no magic to protect his paw, the shock from the strike at full force would cause fractures all throughout his hand and arm. Not only that, but the roar would continue on for 20 meters pushing it back. Needless to say, the dogs arm would fall limp unable to complete the intended attack.

    After the attack was completed, Caius was moved back from his D rank spell. His right foot went to the ground after the activation as both feet dug in and was pushed back 5m after the wind gust. This made the distance 12m immediately after the attack was thrown. From his previous attack, the dog would no doubt be in pain leaving a delayed response in it's actions. This left it vulnerable and Finn singled out allowing Caius to capitalize. The previous attack happened in mere seconds so even if the Blue Pegasus mage ran towards him, his spell gave him the space he needed.  Caius rose both arms outwards with his hands facing up to gather magic energy. In mere fractions of a second, he put out both his arms out in front of him and launched a black wind vortex from his hands towards to the dog and Finn. They would both expand to 25x3 meters up to 25m total and do A rank damage to them. This would cause severe lacerations as deep as the muscles causing excessive bleeding and slowing their movements down significantly.

    After judging the aftermath to the attack and making sure no other attacks would follow up, he would run into the forest behind him. Since he originally had come from that way, he would be able to navigate the terrain at full speed as apposed to his pursuers. He hoped to draw the attention of the Finn and his dog as well as the new woman who had initiated an attack earlier. That was if they survived his attack. It was a 3 v 1 at this point so his goal was to lead them away. He placed his hopes in the man with the yellow slicked back hair. He knew Bianca  and hopefully would be able to finish charging the ark since his hands were full.

    S rank spell from last post
    700/1525mp since the spell was nulled last post.


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    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 NOhDSL6

    Please Hold Finn has requested battlemod presence


    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:23 am

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 9cbe3d4df499033031797a45bfb0b7a482941698_hq

    Caius v Finn hits being flung at both. Let's take a look.

    Finn used Caius's description of his spell in how it would do damage. I did agree with the statement. It would not do damage unless willed whatever but, Finn acknowledges it does damage in his post. That is you against you in that department Finn. In two different situations you acknowledged it. Granted 100 End just kind of goes lolk.

    Situation 1# wrote:As the attack would land, Caius would have been lifted off his feet. Sure, the spell would hurt Jake's paw. However, that was only one arm that was now damaged.

    Situation 2# wrote: Jake's paw may have suffered damage, but this blow to Caius' chest would have broken many of his ribs, simply due to the size of the paw.

    So Jake's arm does take the damage. BUT let's be realistic for a moment. The fist would still plow through in this specific situation. Hurts a bit but sometimes gotta take a hit to give one.

    As far as the extra actions Finn is right on his OOC hit call for number two. (We assume it detonates) The attack would continue as stated above. Your series of spells would be nulled. Therefore Hit confirmed Caius got fisted by a dog. You can do the math of a Legendary Pet with titan active has actually x2-3 of Caius's END stat.  

    Posting will now resume with....well me. So Roman you now have 24 hrs to post from this point on don't procrastinate.


    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:54 pm


    Up for the Challenge- FFXV

    OOC: Orb has been reset cause I pocketed as stated by Maars. Time-line has rolled back to the point of picking up the rock. This is where my post picks up at due to the time-line change.

    Roman was sprinting through the forest using the passing trees for cover as he slowed down for only a split second. A mere moment to pick up a singular rock with his free hand. The orb found itself being pocketed as it was a hindrance. Stopping for a moment changed everything. A darker time line took over in a instant. One that Roman needed to act quickly in order to avoid having his story end swiftly.

    He was already on high alert due to the series of events taking place. Even still running against the wind it wasn't that much of a factor versus his sense of smell. 12.5 meters was the magical number. A dragon's sense of smell was minor but it was enough. At the point of it stepping into that range. He was able to pick up a scent of something for the fraction of a second. Then it came a moment before. The sound of wind being separated by something extremely sharp. It was coming from the right, with the wind direction being relative to Roman's front facing body. It would be working against it so noise came from the weapon and not the person. The blade cutting through the wind whistled something fierce. This incidentally caused Roman to turn his upper body to right, enough that his abdomen would be facing that direction. His left foot slammed the ground in front at the same time. Using that left foot, he was able to pivot and halt his already slowed speed. This was thanks to the wind causing resistance and slowing down to pick up the rock.

    Muscles flexed at a attempt to create even more resistance to the attack. Out of reaction of the edge of the spear pressing in two hands firmly grasped the spear head. He wouldn't know it was a spear, just grabbing the thing stabbing him at that given moment. Blood gushed from his hands but it didn't not stop him. Using every ounce of strength in his body he tried to minimize as much damage as possible in that moment. The tip was pressing deeper and blood was starting to pour through his clean shirt.

    If anything it was exhilarating. No one had landed a hit on him and at this very moment his life could end. Running on raw instinct this excitement caused him to open his mouth. In a instant a small orb formed in his mouth and launched out while expanding. The orb expanded to the size of a baseball as it traveled. At this range it would be nigh impossible to dodge, given the circumstances. Roman was aiming at a downward angle, making the target center mass. The orb's desired target was right in front of him. The handle or the body attached to the hands holding the handle. Regardless they both got swept up in the explosion. It covered 5m3 cubic meters. The thing was Roman wasn't worried about getting hit by his own spells. Dragon Slayer's harbored an immunity to their own element. He just couldn't eat the spell he used.

    A explosion in the background went off as all of this took place. Deep in the city but boomed loud enough even he trees shook in fear from it. Energy flooded his system, only reinforcing the strength already in use.

    OOC: 15+  Str/End Putting me at 28/26 respectively, following actions are based on the initial spell cast.

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 3eOE7zw
    'I'm really feelin' it.'

    With this invigorated feeling he could push back even more so now. The thing holding onto the spear should have been blown backward a few feet. Possibly knocking it out of whatever cloaking abilities being used. This would give him a split second to remove the weapon. With both hands he quickly pulled the spear out and pressed his left hand on the wound. Applying pressure to stop the bleeding, even though he was excited he couldn't be stupid. Lose enough blood and he could potentially pass out. He still had fight in him. Should the series of actions go off accordingly he could move in for the kill. A few feet meant nothing to him. Following up on that attack he used his right hand and completed a snap, causing a explosion to erupt from it. Causing it to expand outward to it's maximum size of  10m3. Once again consuming the area with electrical energy. This was to make sure of whatever attacked him was put down. Even then Roman was a man of ferocity. He took out the bat on his back with the right hand. He waited for whatever he possibly hit to become visible. At that given moment he could unleash his hatred upon it with several strikes.

    Name: Thunderous Roar
    Rank: B
    Mana Cost: 100
    Requirements: Lightning Dragon Slayer
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Lightning 
    Range: 15 Meters
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Roman opens his mouth and fires a orb that is roughly the size of a basketball. It travels to its designated area and detonates upon impact. Or it can be detonated by Roman closing his mouth. Upon detonation the explosion radius reaches 5m3 respectively before dissipating. It does 1 B rank electrical burn/blunt force damage to anything caught in it.

    Name: Electrical Detonation
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements:Lightning Dragon Slayer
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Lightning
    Range:20 meters (Dome 10 m 3 feet)
    Cooldown:4 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Roman snaps his finger on any hand causing a electrical explosion to emanate around him originating from the hand used. The explosion is 10m3 in size and spreads out to max size before dissipating. The max range of the spell is 20 meters. Anyone caught in it will suffer 1 A rank electrical burn/blunt force trauma.


    #31Finn Mertens 

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:06 am

    Finn Mertens
    Jake had taken minor damage, but that hadn't stopped his fist (paw?) from connecting full force with the mans chest. A full forced blow from someone much weaker than Jake to the sternum would be enough to knock the air out of someone. Someone with that raw power and size sending a punch to the center of the chest would be enough knock someone unconscious. Add the fact that their back would be colliding with a tree, it was all too assured.

    Caius had fallen to the ground, but whether or not he retained his awareness was a mute point for Finn. He knew that this person had been willing to kill Jake and himself. If that attack had damage Jake in that form, what would have happened if they hadn't seen it coming? His blade carved into Caius' stomach, arcing up towards his chest to further rearrange a few ribs before stopping. Any further and his blade would have begun to do serious damage to the mans lungs and perhaps his heart. The fight was over, and with that done there was absolutely no chance of the man getting up and going after them in this fight.

    Pulling his blade up and slashing it down as blood soaked the ground, his back turned to the spikey haired gentleman. Jake was sitting by a tree, tired and addressing the damage to his arm now that he was at his normal size. Finn's eyes scanned those who remained standing, or at least those whom he could see. He knew not whether they were on his side, and so his guard could not yet be dropped. If need be, he'd continue until he was the last standing. Jake was about seven meters back, perfectly viewing the area behind Finn. If someone came from any angle, Finn would know about it.

    "Whose side are you all on?" Short and sweet, directly to the point. He wanted answers.

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 C47FSON

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:44 am

    The darkest nights upon this time was turning rather mysterious. She wasn't sure on what was happening rather far away from where she was standing. The air was rather cold yet it had a warm feeling to her skin. She was still following where she thought the smell was coming from. She was curious on what bumped into her when she was on her way to Era. What could it be? Who could've it been? She was unsure on the whole subject. For now she felt worrisome on what was happening at the Ark. Was the fight already done? She hoped that the one blonde boy didn't get in harms way. Was she to be useful in some kind of way at all? Softly she sighed as she would finally get to where she was at first. As of last time she was behind the blonde boy, but not so far away there was the guy who acted scared or in a hurry in wanting to leave. Truly she didn't want to be seen as an enemy as she wasn't. Hearing his question she would stand still, arms against her sides, speaking calmly. ''Name's Arisa, I'm on your side. I didn't want to get in your way so I went off, but something brushed against me that felt as if it was coming this way. So I came back.''. After that she would then wonder what happened to Bianca. All she literally could see was mostly darkness, the boy in front of her and the guy with black spiky hair. It was too dark otherwise to see much, but there was someone else there that her eyes didn't really see as her attention span was a one-way train right now.

    #33Leyaria Venerak 

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:43 pm

    Leyaria Venerak


    White Dragon Slayer

    The moon shined overhead, still providing very little coverage beyond what had been the case earlier. By this point, their eyes having become acclimated to the extent at which they could see as time went on. The scene had largely calmed itself; most of the damage having already been done. A woman had found herself injured - potentially gravely - though no body existed of her, nor any evidence of it or that she even existed it seemed. There lay another man, his attempted assault against the man and his unique creature being the main culprits to the level of violence displayed towards him. Leyaria largely stood there within the near center of the area, the small golem-like creature Geth beside her, cautiously watching, observing how things played. She herself was not innocent, much of the destruction within the immediate area - while superfictial - was by her own doing.

    Remarkably, the actual damage to which she had inflicted to anyone was to a minimal. Scanning around, the man and his creature did not appear to have suffered from her blast; most of the damage that they had suffered being attributed to the man who lay defeated not far from them. She had hoped that between that, her attack largely being ineffective towards the man still standing and the fact that she had made no aggressive moves towards him would be sufficient enough to indicate herself as an ally, though that did not seem to be the case. His words were quick and harsh. Demanding. Demanding to know just who Leyaria was and more importantly, who's side was she on.

    She rose up her hands, hoping to appease the man as much as possible. Geth, imitating Leyaria, rose its arms up similarly. "I don't really know who's side I'm on. But I guess... Well, I guess I'm on your side." Perhaps a bit disheveled, Leyaria stil struggled to wholly process everything that happened up to this point. The preceding events remained a mystery, this seeming to be hardly the time or place to quite get a full recap. Knowing whether or not that this man was friendly or not was the most to which she could have expected for the time being. Further, the woman who had just arrived - the one who's scent she had recognized from earlier - it was as though all parties were returning again as things began to wind down. While she too said that she was friendly, it wasn't clear if she were an ally to Leyaria too, or just the other man. Right now, all she could do was hope that both were allies.
    Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

    #34Noel Raion 

    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:36 pm

    Noel Raion
    Flips in Memphis.


    Like wind he moved, though rebellious - since Maarschalk moved against the direction of wind, which seemed to come from the blond male’s front side, leaving them both disadvantaged while they moved.

    This was an indicator that the front side of my body faced the back side of your body during the entirety of the chase. At no point did I state I was coming at you from your side.

    Since you are not able to hear my movement all together (spear included), the only sensation you'd be able to receive is the wind from my spear hitting your skin. Though the margin of you feeling this and reacting to it is thin. You'd have to feel the wind of my spear, and then react to it by turning around. A spear is a very aerodynamic weapon, it's a thin object - and in this context, being used to stab; I'm claiming my hits on these grounds, however if required I can expand my hit calling with some other arguments. Seeing the gravity of my current argument, I don't see a need to and thus I won't.


    Speed is not Maarschalks defining qualities; instead it was anything but -- this meant that he had to use his intelligence and his natural strength to prevail in situations such as these. The way he utilized his spells in this battle secured him a victory. The tip of his spear successfully impaled through the chest of the blonde male. A great amount of energy converted into a singular thrust had its destructive values. Certainty with a single point of focus; and hence, the spear penetrated through the ribs like they were made of butter. By motioning the spear in an upwards strike, the spear entered around the mid-level of the rib cage and exited around the upper chest. By doing this, the spear completely pierced through the previously beating heart of the blonde adult. Part of being a former doctor meant having a certain type of knowledge, his awareness of the human anatomy made his decision to strike the heart a conscious one. Although almost subconscious; since the instinct of combat blended deeply within his overall knowledge.

    The sudden conversion of energy brought Maarschalk to a stop, further amplifying the power that the thrust carried. This energy that remained after stabbing the heart, had the opportunity to cultivate itself in a way that causes the blonde male to jolt forwards. His movement supported this, because his foot was already planted on the ground in a way that held himself in place during the spear penetrating the blonde males’ chest.

    Caution still lingered in the air, even after the evil that had presented itself in this manner had been defeated. Caution from Maarschalk, who remained invisible until he was certain that the blonde male who he had struck, was neutralized.

    By confirming that the male had passed out, he lowered his guard.

    The upcoming situation could have two possibilities, either the blonde male accepted his destiny and passed out on the dirt -- or he continued to present itself as a threat. Perceiving someone as a threat meant that they had a fighting chance; if/when Maarschalk ensured that this man had been neutralized, his actions would continue if not interrupted by an outside source.

    A bright glowing orb laid a few meters away, clear for the picking -- most likely rocked out of the blondes’ hand upon the impact. After holding it for second, the mana-sapping properties became apparent. With his sheer strength he crushed the orb, causing it to wither away in some magic dust. Amidst him breaking the orb, his invisibility was consciously disabled. Along with another magical spell that kept him silent. A moral contemplation was on his mind while still in his take-over form; was he supposed to leave this blonde man here? Death would come for the blonde had he not received life-saving treatment.

    A crushed heart. What's there to save?

    Before he could make the decision, the outcome made itself apparent. Which made the choice for Maarschalk easy, abandon the male for now and communicate it to the rune knights who - should - be coming in any moment from this point. Those fucks didn't do a shit from what Maarschalk had gathered.

    His return to the previous scene wasn't delayed further. His footsteps carried him to the same position where all the violence had initiated. This time with his attention focused towards the unknown woman, her moral compass seemed to be over the place. Her magic was a mystery to Maarschalk, even though he couldn't intensively study it in the flicker of a moment that it appeared he still made a mental note of its destructive properties.

    Chaos roared from the inside of the man; this chaotic personality wore a stoic suit.

    And he spoke.

    'The thread has been dealt with.'

    Hopefully- he could finish that line with pride and release his take-over, and not wake up with some kind of arm up his ass.

    During the entirety of the actions that took place with the blonde male nobody had the possibility to interfere. The only point of possible interference was when Maarschalk returned to the group, and caution was still present during that moment.

    'I hope those Era dogs are happy that I saved this town for them.'

    The intention of him saying this was to sniff out the personalities of the souls present. His attention divided among the individuals, measuring their reaction to fine detail when those words were spoken. Each word spoken was said with their own intentions. First he disrespected the Rune Knights; then claimed to have saved this town on all by himself.


    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:57 pm

    "Oh Shit" Caius thought as he watched his orb detonate. Despite his efforts,the big yellow puppies hand just kept coming full force. A roar was being prepared as he opened his mouth to retaliate but it too late. Caius was smacked by the paw and thrown backwards with his feet lifted from the ground. The wind was knocked out of his body as he felt a few of his ribs shatter from the force. His attempts to draw breath were interrupted when he smacked into a tree from the forest behind him. Slumping down the tree, his body rolled over on the ground facing up to the night sky. He was conscious but struggled to move and inch after the attack. He could only watch as the blonde man ran his sword up his stomach to the bottom of his chest. His body was still in shock from the previous attack so he didn't feel the pain. However, he could see the blood splatter over his body and fill up his mouth to know it wasn't good.

    The fight was over. Nothing could be done about the current situation. The only feeling he had right now was disappointment. He had let down the guild that saved his life and entrusted him with one of their most important operations. The only good that came out of this was he had Intel on the Blue Pegasus mage and his dog. The two seemed to have crazy strength that could be a problem in future operations. He would be sure to train harder in the future to ensure this never happened again. Caius' head fell to the side as his vision started to grow darker as he faded into unconscious. He would have to wait for the Ark to bring him back since he would not be able to do it under his own power. A squirrel in the distance was staring at Caius almost mocking his defeat. Fuck you squirrel . His eyes closed as he passed out from the blood loss.


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    The Ark's One Shot [Event] - Page 2 Tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9y5q75vnntsgkwc4ok04ggc4k_640

    'I'm Sorry.'

    In your belief-Asura's Wrath

    He thought to himself for a moment as fate found itself into his chest. It was aimed at the heart but a bit next to it. Why? He was turning around and at the speed the entity was moving he would have missed his mark. Not causing instant death but inflicting a grievous wound that could turn fatal very quickly. No doubt the blow was more than enough to cause massive trauma and internal bleeding. Had this been a normal instance he would have been dead but for some obscene reason it was not a release. A crimson response carried itself out of the mouth of Roman. His mouth filled with the gritty taste of iron as he coughed up blood. It was a sense of peace really, he could only smile at the attack. Knowing someone existed who could inflict this kind of pain was refreshing really. It had been so long since someone had reminded him that he was not at the top of the food chain. He couldn't really laugh as his mouth was pooling up with blood. He could have very well made a final attempt to fight back, but why exactly? He was out numbered, tired and a spear through his chest. He was dealt a bad hand, it was best to fold. This unforeseen threat called his bluff, but it was noted someone existed out there with this kind of power.

    It was okay in Roman's mind. He accepted that it was all of his past sins coming around for him. He just didn't think it would come this fast. Should he die here, it would be okay honestly. He just let himself fall with a smile on his face. He wouldn't give the invisible threat the pleasure of knowing how much it hurt. Just a bloodied smile with his red teeth. The orb popped out of Roman's pocket at the point of attack but it was irrelevant to him for the moment. His body hit the grass, and all he could do was lay there for a moment. He tried to move but his body was unresponsive. He felt tired as blood seeped from his chest and mouth. He just watched the skies above and waited for the reaper to come. It was getting into the wee hours of the morning. The darkness and stars were slowly making their exit.

    Roman just thought back through the fucked up things he did in the past. Life passed by his very eyes at this moment. He felt extremely tired and figured, be best to rest for a while. He let the sleepiness over take him. Following this, he drifted off into the abyss.

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    Theseus’ footsteps could be heard as he walked from the direction of the city into the area. Fallen branches crunched making subtle sounds for folks listening in. He casually walked into the area behind the opposing forces side. Within both hands rested a green object, he rolled both of them into the area. They exploded, causing the green mist from earlier to cover the area. Anyone in the area that did not share the same magical pressure as Icarus and Theseus were incapacitated.  Whether or not their attention was drawn to him was not a factor. He had one objective, collect the operatives in the area. He spotted two females, a taller male, a boy and a dog. A dark haired man was hunched over by a tree. Theseus casually walked over to the individual bleeding out.

    Walking over to the man he kneeled down and picked his body up. Repeating the same action he did with Erebus earlier, he threw Caius over his right shoulder. He looked into the forest, slowly being illuminated by the rising sun. He saw another body lying in the lush grass. A blonde haired mage known as Roman. Theseus walked over to him with Caius and looked down upon him. The man had a smile on his face as he bled out as if he accepted death. Today was not that day.

    Theseus grabbed Roman with one arm and held him close to his left side. Theseus then proceeded in the direction of headquarters.



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    Walking towards the group from the direction of the lone companion that had attempted to escape the situation, Icarus had the unconscious ivory haired woman over his shoulder. Her bleeding had been halted, but whether that was an act of kindness or to make sure it didn't spread over his clothing was unknown.

    Theseus had already entered the main area, the green mist rendering everyone completely unconscious by the time that Icarus had arrived to the main group. Only Icarus and Theseus himself remained conscious.

    Icarus would approach one of the felled men, a giant in his own right. Raising a hand, a dull glow would shove the mist away from his body. This would allow Maarschalk to awaken, though he'd be too groggy to make any actions or concentrate his mana. He could only listen and watch.

    "You did well. We'll be in touch soon." With that, Icarus began walking in the direction that Theseus was leading towards. This operation may have been a failure, but they had gotten what they came for in the first place.


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