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Another Journey [Travel]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Another Journey [Travel] Empty Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:08 pm

Bianca Fleur
Bianca had packed her little bag to travel to Era, the magic capital that housed the Magic Council. Currently, though, the Council members weren’t gathered there. Each of them were in different locations, doing council business most likely. Bianca wasn’t going to Era for nothing. She was part of the plan that Grimoire Heart came up with. She liked the plan, to be honest. She wasn’t participating for no reason. It was because she wanted to be part of this, part of something great. She was going to be working with people from a guild that she had no idea even existed. The funny thing was, she actually knew someone from the guild already, but didn’t know that he was even from that guild while they did quests together. His name was Varian and did two quests with her about a week ago. They never met again, though, but they might this time. Maybe she will talk to him when she met him. She remembered what he looked like due to his remarkably spiky black hair. He always had a straight face like he was serious about something all the time, almost glaring. Or maybe that was what she thought.

Era was a bit far from Oak Town, compared to what she had imagined before she looked at her map. So it would take approximately over five hours. It was best for her to take a carriage, although it would be mad expensive to take the one that goes directly to Era. Plus, she would feel so sleepy and fall asleep, which was a bad thing. She needed to be alert throughout this whole journey, especially when she reached the destination. It was enemy territory anyway. She wore an outfit that stood out less, this time, and also kept her flower in her bag. It was best to lay low at the moment before she found her partners and guildmates.

Despite for the nice weather, Bianca had a stomachache due to anxiety about the whole thing. It felt like she wanted to take a shit, at the same time as though she was constipated. It was the nerves, she knew it, because she usually felt this way when something big was coming. Like especially when she was younger, she felt like she wanted to take a shit whenever she was about to make an appearance with her parents in front of other noble families. It wasn’t much importance to her but when she was younger, she was even more shy than she is now. You could say that she had grown to be more sociable. At least she replied when a stranger spoke to her for the first time. At least she wasn’t so scared to let people know her identity. Her guild may be kept a secret to most because of its dark and illegal nature and that kind of made her not accepted in society. Recently she had become a vampire and had sort of a change in appearance. Nobody, except for Slayers, remembered her and so they didn’t move out of her way when she was walking past like she was the plague. This kind of made it easier for her to socialize. People thought Bianca Fleur also known as the Flower of Death, was gone, but she wasn’t in reality.

So what she did was actually book a carriage that would take her straight to Era since she didn’t want to waste time moving from a carriage to a train to another carriage and so on and so forth. That was a lot of time and energy wasted. She might as well save it for the future. The first thing she would have to do upon reaching Era was to get aboard the ship that the Grimoire Heart guild owned. It was called the Ark or something. She didn’t exactly remember what it was called, but she knew what it looked like and could easily find it because it was huge. By the time she was on the carriage, it was already departure time, which meant that...she was alone in the carriage. She couldn’t explain how glad she was about this. All the peace and quiet she was clearly not expecting to get on the carriage. It was nice, the silence and tranquility. Only the sound of the wheels against the road and the neighing of horses once in awhile. Also the sound of the whip connecting to the horses when the driver wanted more speed or the horses were losing concentration on the route, or something, Bianca didn’t really know much about carriages. All she knew was that she was starting to feel sleepy, and that was no good. So she reached over and pulled apart the cloth that covered the tiny window in the carriage. She wanted to see the outside. She wanted to see some natural sceneries that she didn’t usually see all the time.

The carriage was going faster than the last carriage she rode. Maybe because there was only one passenger and the driver didn’t want to waste time to start another journey. It was definitely annoying for only one seat to be filled for this journey. A waste of time and energy for being paid just the amount for one person on the carriage. Bianca would probably even cancel it, since it wasn’t a prepaid service. Bianca would have to pay only after the journey. Plus it wasn’t like there were other services. So it didn’t take long for her to reach Era.

924 / 900
- reached Era -

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