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[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion

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#1Faust Noire 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:00 am

Faust Noire
Bustling. The central pillar for the Magic Council and Rune Knights, it was uncommon for Era to be filled with commoners. Commoners were not the only people to take the field; there were a number of fellow nobility there. A wave of sadness overwhelmed the man for a quick second. Familiar faces of the nobles surrounded him and for a moment, they were all he could see. Everything else had blacked out and was obscured from his senses. From the Montagues to the Crawfords, royal families from Crocus’ inner circle were there. They wouldn’t recognize him at all, but he knew them all too well. The emotional memoire was there and stored deeper within were the memories of a happier family. He had long forgotten them, hiding them from plain view. Apparently, he didn't bury the tragedy far enough down. As he was brought back into reality, the white hair covered his eyes. The eyes themselves shed tears, displaying his unease at the situation.

On normal occasions, his usual attire would have been enough. But for today, he wasn't the Coyote nor Faust. He was Isaac, pronounced I-SUCK, the head bodyguard for the princess he associated with. A royal blue Navy cap sat upon his unkempt albino hair, pressing against the natural disaster that he refused to do. His upper body composed of a standard uniform of similar color scheme, neat and tidy, displaying muscles that usually lay hidden underneath black clothing. His shoes were similar to dress shoes, though the secret behind them were that they provided a comfortable fit and grip. For once, his face wasn’t covered by the standardized fox mask. At the side of his belt was a blade; the sheath of the blade gave off the misdirection that it was a saber. In reality, the blade was nonexistent; when pulled out, only a toy sword would be seen. A daring move, walking into enemy headquarters without a weapon. But confident, was Faust.

As much as he wanted to, the lust for Katja was strangled down to the very core, tied by metaphorical ropes, layer stacked upon layers. It was difficult. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, she was the ideal charmer when it came to looks. Her bust and butt were notable, but they weren’t her only qualities. Her face displayed innocence and sins, intimidating yet alluring. Her skin was fair in their own right. To be this close to a woman and not have the chance to jump at her like the dog he was, it was dreadful. Of course, something about him wanted more than just her body for sexual purposes. Maybe next time Faust would ask her on a date.

The crowd was phenomenal; without the royal aura that they possessed, it would have been nearly impossible to navigate through. It was obvious as to why the Grimoire Heart mages were here, but it was not at all obvious to others. A bomb was one of the individuals, having mana being consistently poured into it a device. Of course, it wasn't flashy and would not be able to be deciphered unless exposed. They were to blow up Era with the bomb, a mere distraction for the actual show ahead. Eventually the crowd had settled down, the auction finally beginning. If things went right on another's end, the Coyote wouldn't have to deal with the councilman who was here. The auction house was an event for the public eye. Despite that, the amount of nobility was surprising. Situated in the very center of Era, it was a relatively open space if the mass weren’t included.

The first item presented wasn't anything special, hardly piquing Faust's interest. While he seemed focused on the auction at hand, he was actually quite keen on his approach at things. The canine’s eyes darted ferociously back and forth, incapable of staying still. They scanned everything around him, as if in search for prey. Narrow slits took place, awfully wary of his surroundings. The nose of the Lycan was alert, though it was hard to decipher smell from smell with all the stinkies around. Had anyone made a peculiar move would Faust be inclined to transform with his newfound power. It was dependent on the severity of the situation.

While he asked this, his form never wavered. The left hand farther away would be in the respective pocket, making sure the belonging would never leave. His grip upon the item was firm and remained that way unless a situation required him to use both hands. The other hand would be out of the pocket. Though at his side, it was able to strike at moment’s notice. His feet were in a ready-to-go position, able to immediately bolt at maximum speed if need be. The closest person would have been an innocent bystander, standing at two meters away. They were up above on a terrace of sorts, a spot that required noble standings to enter. It rose off the ground, precisely ten meters. A guard would block the entrance towards the terrace, refusing to let any others bypass. If anyone were to head on up there, they’d have to have some sort of verification like Faust did. His old family insignia shone bright.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:53 am

Adelaide Sokolov
There were a lot of people around in the city of Era. The crowd didn't make Alice much more comfortable but she was slightly anticipating on what she would have to do anyway. Or what her plan was, she had talked to Konstantin and Selena and she had made a decision although she didn't plan to tell it out loud yet, she wanted to talk Selena a bit more. She had passed the local coffee store she had visited before and decided it might be a good idea to take some coffee and bring it to Selena. Mainly because it felt like she had a good excuse to enter the headquarters or well go there. She basically didn't dare but she put her shoulders straight and held up her head, she had two take-away coffee cups in her hands, she had put some sugar and milk into the front pack of her backpack in which Ophelia was happily singing and walked towards the building where she might find her cousin.

Since she had no insignia it was easier to pass the guard than she thought. She was looking around for the familiar blue hair of her cousin but didn't see anyone yet. That's when she bumped into someone or well almost, "Sorry." The coffee was getting a bit too hot in her hands, "You care for a coffee?" She asked casual holding out one cup to him (Faust) simply because she couldn't find Selena. She could just casually talk to someone else to the point that she might find Selena right?


[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:27 am

Where even was he? Kenny hadn’t a clue where he was, he was out of place and for the most part out of touch with whoever or whatever was happening around him. The raven haired male appeared to have wandered into the den of the upper crass. There were high noses, tight asses, and sophisticated types, just Kenny’s crowd! He didn’t mean to brag on himself but he had some pretty high eyebrows, or so he thought he did anyway. Ah the chatter and bickering of the nobles was endlessly pleasant, so much drama and Gossip, Kenny had to stifle his childish chuckling as he tread throw Era. Through his latent laughing he had managed to find a shop on his way, it wasn’t all that nice considering where it was ,but they served food and Kenny couldn’t help but pick himself up a morsel or three. He settle for two sandwiches, gripping them both in his hands as he ate them like a common brute, stuffing his face as he aimlessly walked about the place.

“Hot diggity damn,” he bellowed after taking a bite out of his second sandwich, “This place is magnificent!”

His words were in reaction to the initial headquarters, he had heard it was snazzy but not THIS snazzy. His words no doubt caught the attention of those around him, but with some explanation about why he was there, a lie about meeting someone about a job, he got entry and made his way to pointlessly wander about the HQ. Upon entry he spotted a familiar red head “Hey Alice! Oh my maker, it is you! How long has it been?”

#4Selena Maelstrom 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:14 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena rolled on her side. The bed provided by the Rune knights was surprisingly comfortable. It had been a while since she had stayed in the barracks but now being a seated she had a few more perks, on of which was a private room which also contributed. The room was not the most spacious and the bed too was small. The mattress however was very squishy so Selena sank into it rather pleasantly. The ventilation was not the best and as a result the room was quite stuffy, a little too hot, but Selena always being cold did not mind much. With almost no effort put in, Selena looked at the clock to her left. At once she perked up. Crap Alice! She thought as she raced out of the room.

Not bothering to fix herself, Selena ran to where she was supposed to meet Alice. Her heart beating fast and her taking short hard breaths, Selena just hoped she wasn't too late for her cousin. After being absent for so long Selena was a little anxious of staying away for so long. Her mad dash was cut short when she reached a rather crowded area. With her Rune Knight logo on show she had to stop and try to relax herself. Selena was already looking tired, drooping eyes, sallow skin and bed head. Catching her reflection in a wisdom Selena quickly made herself presentable. Equipped with her lancer gear, hat and book she looked the part of knight. The book was slightly odd but Selena never left anywhere without it, it was more than just a good read. Selena patted herself down. Damn. She had forgotten her other book for Alice.

Selena now began to walk and as she did a familiar ginger glow came into view. Selena noticed she was talking to a random man, while another was approaching from behind. Selena did not like this much. The guard she passed did not bother to stop here since he had caught sight of her rk insignia. Selena walked briskly in keeping her head down and her mark hidden. She wanted to see what this man would do. Since the area was rather large and had quite a few people it would not be too difficult to blend in. Selena sat on a near by bench, keeping her head down, but watching from the corner of her eye. The man seemed to be holding something in his hand, unsure of what it could be the pit in her stomach grew. His pockets were not very deep and the fabric was also rather thin which would make anything in them stand out. The man seemed to be dressed like a knight too, but his equipment differed from the norm. Selena's did also but her mark was on show at least. Still awaited to see what would happen. Although seated she was poised to move at full speed when she needed to. She also made sure to memorize the scent of the other two strangers she did not know. Keeping a heavy ear on their conversation Selena hoped that she was not noticed.

#5Faust Noire 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:13 pm

Faust Noire
The second item wasn’t of any importance to the Coyote’s eyes either. Supposedly they were magical earrings, stated to be passed down from generation upon generation of a rather old and sublime family. There were always rumours of the family, though Faust never paid much attention to others so much as he did himself. It was selfish, but appropriate. Nobles were often depicted as stuck up in all sorts of stories and Faust lived up to those depictions. Furthermore, one could never believe what the auctioneers spouted. They would tell you the cruelest and selfish deceits in order for you to purchase what they offer. It was disgusting in its own right but Faust didn’t ponder it too much. After all, he was no different from them.

The Coyote enjoyed making acquaintances. Today was no different, though he would have been more serious because of the quest he had at hand. Nevertheless, the beauty bumping into him was enough for him to not report that commoners had made it into the VIP area. Her ginger hair complimented her fair skin; Katja was instantly forgotten. His eyes displayed lust, scanning every inch of her rather pleasant body, though no emotion was represented. He continued on with his facade, a poker face resting upon it. All of such occurred in seconds, but it felt like a decade that Faust had the chance to interpret her body. A shame that summer clothing obscured it, though he supposed it was better than winter wear. It was surprising to him that she wasn’t freezing to death in the apparel. Perhaps the coffee offered to him was enough to keep her warm.

In movies, a sip from a drink unknown to what has been slipped inside could be life or death. Faust had seen enough of the moving pictures to construe the chance of him being poisoned. But his own personality would never allow him to stand up a babe, had she been against him or not. His right hand raised and accepted the generous gift, having his fingers touch hers for a moment as his pupils dug into her own. “I only accept gifts from those whose names I know.” he commented flirtatiously. It was an attempt at her name; either to get to know a little more about her or to make sure he saved the right name when she decided to give him her number. Only after she replied with a name would he release her hand and accept the coffee.

Immediately after, a brute came up, screaming. Disgusting. If there was anything the Coyote hated more than brats were males. There were a few exceptions, of course, like Erebus or Icarus. But even then, the number of males Faust would dare look at, much less respect, were limited to a special few. As the brute approached and spouted his lines, Faust caught the name of the female he happened to be talking to. Alice. He didn’t rely on the man, however. After all, men weren’t to be trusted. As a result, he’d entirely ignore Kenny. Unless attacks were to be thrown out, there was no reason for Faust to reply to anyone lower than him. In the case that attacks were thrown out, the Coyote would hurl his knee into the incoming enemy’s stomach and proceed to report the situation to the guard at hand. Hopefully nothing would result to that.

Also within the same time frame, Faust sniffed a new scent enter the scene. It was hard to decipher whether or not it was a male or female. Usually men were rancid in their own right, like Kenny the brute and women were pleasant to be around, like Alice. But the funky-smelling exception was a rarity indeed. Her foul odor stood out above the crowd, making common men seem like Victoria Secret models in comparison. The odor brought Faust’s eyes in the general direction, eventually spotting the outcast. Though it was through a cluster of nobles, there sat the rather lonely individual in what seemed like a knight costume. She placed herself on a bench not too far from Alice and himself, to the further right of them, seeming to eye the two as if she were expecting something to happen. With exactly five meters in between, Faust kept his distance. Alice, having been on the Coyote’s right, had her back turned against the outcast. Was the knight wannabe a stalker? He could care less. Had she made her way over via walking, Faust would render himself the same distance away from her at the exact same pace. If she ran, he would do the same. Five meters would continually be in between them at all times, unless another factor presented itself not to allow that.

Under the case that nothing occurred, Faust would keep his eyes glued upon the auction. His grip was still supreme, his stance never changing. The only difference in the situation was the number of extras involved: Alice, Kenny, and Selena.

835 words


  • Because I stated that Alice was on my right and Selena being behind us, quite a while away, there’s no logical way for Selena to see that there’s something in my left hand pocket, which I stated obviously in my initial post. I’m facing towards Alice (on my right), who in turn, is facing towards me. Selena is five meters away, on a bench, through a thicket of crowd. It’d be hard for anyone on the right to spot my pocket, on my left side, much less from five meters back.

  • There’s no realistic way of bolting from a sit position at maximum speeds. The core muscles wouldn’t allow any human to bolt immediately out of their seat, even if on the edge of it. There’s the factor of getting up and then the acceleration process. Even if those two were combined into a single motion, there would be the 1 to 1.5 second delay.

  • I'm not rooting for you, Kenny.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:23 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It had been around 8 o’clock in the morning that Alice and Selena had made an appointment, they would go to an Auction to simply sit down and talk. Selena was the one that could easily join because she was one of the possible guards that needed to be there. Not that they expected anything since most of the people were nobles. This is the reason why it was so early for Alice to get up to the rooftop of the 10 meter high hotel that supported the auction, although she had at first thought it might have been the Headquarters of the Rune Knights, there weren’t enough Rune Knights to support that idea. The Auction was held at the top of the hotel, which was around the fifth floor, she didn’t walk too far from the door, since she wanted to be one that could be the first at the door if some wind would change her idea of the height of the building. However the construction was a tough one, solid walls and windows. On the rooftop the building was held by a part of a building, the hallway back down to the rest of the hotel. Which only had one stairway to go downstairs or in the other way around upstairs to the fourth floor of the hotel. The terrace was like a rooftop bar without the actual bar and it held thick shorter walls with on that still a tough looking railing that would prevent anyone from being able to climb over it and jump of the building. Which made her feel a little bit more safe. Yes she was afraid of heights but there were different forms on that. She would manage, especially if something else was preoccupation her mind: searching for her cousin.
Since Alice had arrived at about two minutes past eight she was on time but she couldn’t find Selena somewhere and holding on to the grande coffee cup from the local coffee store was annoying, since it was a tad hot as well as the fact that it would be a shame if the coffee was already cold before her cousin would even arrive. She might have some urgent business to take care off in the morning, you would never know. There was someone not too far from the door through which she came that she offered the coffee. She was on the right side of him and she had walked through the crowd in one way because most nobles were simply sitting down and paying attention to the auction. There were a few standing in the back, holding drinks, talking to others and sometimes making a bid or well that was an example as to when the second item came into view. Alice wasn’t interested and didn’t even look, she came here with Selena who knew more and might even know about possible items from their family which they might buy but without Selena, Alice wouldn’t know anything about that. She had bumped actually into this guard or what his role was and what knights did at an auction, probably be a peacekeeper? Or protect the nobles was a good second. She could see his eyes shortly dart on her that was hard to miss if your eyes were up but your breasts, butt and legs down and that needed to be checked out. She was dressed in a light blue pair of jeans that gave off a summer vibe, as a top she was wearing a black and white t-shirt but her arms were still covered in an black leather jacket that she kept open. Up till now she wasn’t bothered by the wind, her hair was up in a high ponytail so she was save from most of the small strains of hair in her face, none really blocked her sight. On her back was her faithful companion, she was now quite since Alice was talking. She was offering her coffee towards the man standing there in the navy coloured uniform. She offered her left hand with the grande take away cup of coffee in it, he accepted but held on to the mug without her being able to let go, he was sort of staring at her, not really unpleasant but since he was a stranger, she wasn’t really too excited about it either until he simply asked for her name. Which was easy to answer, so she flashed a smile and told him: ”Alice, Alice Baskerville. What is yours stranger?” He let go of her hand and accepted the coffee into his right hand, she had no idea what he was doing with his left, for as far as she had seen when she had walked around to find Selena, he had it in his pocket.

She was with her back to the door and made a movement of stepping back with only her left leg turning towards the door and standing now vertically in front of the stranger who she offered coffee, ”Oh hello Kenny.” She said with a smile as she took a step back, inviting him half to join the circle of her talking to the stranger. Since her face was still directed at the bar and since she unconsciously was still looking for Selena, her eyes shortly drifted to the person entering while she was looking at Kenny and answering his question that it must have been about two months. She didn’t understand why Selena didn’t come to her as it was obviously that she would see her for her eyes met shortly with the blue ones of her cousin. However there was this look on her face that made Alice half follow Selena as she walked passed them a few meters away and went to sit on the left side of the guy she gave coffee and about five meters back on a lonely chair, with a few nobles around her. Most of the nobles were sitting on the other side, now where Alice her back was turned to, she was standing on the left side of Faust and on her right side. Since she was now standing more to the left side of Faust to be able to spot Selena, she noticed his hand was still in his pocket and because of his uniform she could see the tense muscles, meaning he was either making his hand into a fist or holding on to something.

She shook her head shortly and went to look at the stranger again, ”Would you mind holding my coffee, I want to zip up my jacket. By the way do you need any milk or sugar?” Since that was in her back, considering that the caps of the coffee weren’t stackable, he would have to use his other hand. It wasn’t that she particularly wanted to know what he was doing but her curiosity got the better hand of her. She expected him to say no and if he would she would ask Kenny the same question or else put the cup on the ground between her feet to zip up her jacket and check on Ophelia shortly by simply looking over her shoulder. If he said no or even if he did accept she would sort of ask him a rhetorical question, ”I always thought guards shouldn’t keep their hands in their pockets because of being fast enough to take action. In case it is needed of course.” It was a challenge, she wanted to know what he was holding for it looked like that. It technically was a suggestion that he should do, although she wasn’t a knight she understood the idea that they needed to show that they weren’t holding anything suspicious so people understood to trust them as well as considering the fact she mentioned before, she had heard someone tell her that but she wasn’t sure who did anymore. She wondered what he would do, if he would either deny it or shrug it off her mind would think off solutions to this problem, she didn’t want to bother his job she actually had wanted to ask him about it, being interested into becoming a knight herself but that’s when she realized what if he wasn’t a knight. What if meeting him wasn’t a coincidence, since she had bumped into him, meaning she didn’t clearly look around, what if he moved a few steps so it would happen. Okay now she was going crazy but the idea that Phantom Lord was still after her, made her a tiny bit afraid. How strong would he be if he was here alone, what if he wasn’t here alone? She would have to turn back to Kenny for her coffee or take it off the ground but she wasn’t relaxed about the whole idea anymore and had to withstand the pressure to look around, she couldn’t. She looked at the other guards, no Konstantin and Selena was far away. She tried to look casual and turned to Faust again ”Did we meet before?” of course he wouldn’t answer positive but he had to be a Phantom Lord mage, she was going insane about the whole pressure that she was feeling. Maybe Selena would spot her panic, maybe she could feel it, since only a few people of the crowd were blocking her and some even walked away because they weren’t interested in the fourth item, there was almost a complete clear space between them containing only three people scattered away, she could maybe even dart to her without bumping in to anyone.


I noticed you removed your part about my fear of Heights but I based it on my mother's so I asked her too to make sure. However apart from that is a solid building not a problem, nor flying in an airplane for example. Another thing is that I made her overcome little bits of her fear thanks to the White Claudia, where she stood on a construction building some high up and still bound to a chair, that's more scary than standing on a rooftop terrace while you are able to move to the stairway to go down. I just stated this to tell and make sure everyone understands.

You said in your end post that I'm still on your right but you couldn't be entirely sure since I'm still moving, I hope that isn't a problem. I tried to explain everything the others did as well with as much details to make the whole situation more clear.


[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:00 pm

It wasn’t much of a long shot to say that Alice’s acquaintance wasn’t too fond of the entering male, not that it mattered truthfully. If Kenny spent his time crying every time some pretty wanker with a bad dye job belittled and overlooked him, he probably would have never made it to Era in the first  be able, the road here wasn’t exactly full of people like him after all, those of grit and determination. If the male wanted to ignore him that was fine, there was nothing that Kenny could do besides maybe plea to him so he could talk to him, spare him a tiny conversation, maybe a ‘hello’ or maybe even a ‘what’s up?’. It wasn’t very nice to ignore people especially those who come in with as grand a entrance Kenny did.

“Hello!” he bellowed, approaching the duo, he made his first step, but abrupt fatigue set in. The black haired young man put his hands on his knees, sandwiches tossed into the nearest waste bin, he was out of shape… Or maybe the extra excess he had been living on had been catching up to him. Truthfully he hadn’t been training as much as he should, and all those months ago this was where he wanted to be. He had always wanted to be a knight and now he was in the very place that he had dreamed of since he was young, but now he was far too tired to give much care about where he was anymore. This place, the home of the knights, didn’t matter as much as he hoped it would. Clearly, the dream was dead and he had a certain someone to thank for that.

Soon another female would come into view though she kept her distance from the others, blue haired and lanky. She almost resembled Alice, though Kenny's vision wasn’t at its best at the moment, so any similarities he did see could have been fabricated by his mind to take away from his slowly turning mind. “Just uh.. Give me a moment.” he did his best to catch his breath. Whatever was wrong may have been more than simple fatigue, maybe it was the intimidation of being here right now. The fact that he had just entered the HQ of his dream job may have been far too much for his simple mind and he was slowly dissipating into a mass of anxiety and fear. Why fear? He didn’t fear the knights, he wanted to be one, but what if he made a fool of himself? Then they would never allow him entry into the knights.  

Kenny lowered himself onto a knee as anxiety set in, the pressure of just kneeling in this building was weighing down on him with every thought that passed about his current situation. Perhaps he should have gotten drunk before coming all this way, there was nothing he could do but ground himself as he collected his thoughts about his environment. He needed a drink, something strong, caffeinated, and hard on the body. There obviously wouldn’t be any liquor around, but he did see the next best thing in his acquaintance's hand. He could smell it from here! He knew what he needed, it was; Hot, steamy, fresh, delicious, nutritious, bountiful and most importantly sweet, and the coffee she was holding would probably going to help settle his stomach.

He stood up body tensed as he looked at the others, he tried to take another step but like a fawn standing on it’s own wobbly feet, he took another spill. He wasn’t going anywhere for the moment, instead he would stayed kneeled on the ground and tried his best to not show just how tense he was. Was he really going to stay in this pathetic state instead of speaking to the two attractive women not even a few yards away from him on either side. Damn his nerves, this was like a bad dream. Three pretty people so close yet his body dragged him away so far. Even if the male was more or less pretentious he was still pretty, perhaps even as pretty as the women.  What did Kenny expect from Era though? It seemed like none of the men here had any facial hair to speak up, though in the way of body hair they were more subtle? If not that was fine, it wasn’t any business what they did with their hair. Though… His hair was white, his eyebrows were the same from what Kenny could see. If he did have hair around his body… DId the carpet match the drapes? “Disgusting…” Kenny shuddered at the very thought.

Instead of standing he kept his place, taking a knee instead and resting crossed arms on his knee. “I might need another moment…” his voice was low, almost breaking a whisper as he sulked in his own pity. Why him? Why now? This wasn’t fair! Maker have mercy he didn’t do anything to deserve this, other than well, not doing the thing when he needed to do the thing with the person he likes, because he was scared the thing would be just as scary as this situation. Be it he would have been ten times more had he tried to do the thing, bah! That was besides the point right now he was on his knee trying to collect his thoughts and that morning  still plagued his mind.

He didn’t speak anymore, now he was thinking about the biggest failure of his adult life. A guildless, rough looking, uncouth, too damn tall for his own good, loser was he and he had slumped deeper into himself even more as he thought about it.

Kenny looked around for a distraction, there was the blue haired woman, a few guards here and there. It had gotten crowded quickly. His head felt faint, swimming rapidly as he stood frozen, he needed help. Well, he needed a pick me up if anything, but help would be far more appreciated.

Please cheer for me Faust :c
Kenny is frozen in place with fear.

#8Selena Maelstrom 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:12 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Alice herself was looking very panicked as she talked to the man dressed as a soldier and Selena noticed how the man who approached them was acting very weird which evoked a response from Selena. She wasn't going to sit by and watch her cousin be ganged up on, not again. Selena got up, ignoring the fact the man would be looking at her. She got up from her bench and walked , coming closer she would ask "Hey it's not very guard like to have hands in your pocket, show them now. No use in stealing things or hiding them. You should know dark guilds are rather big now so any suspicious behavior can be acted upon." Selena was still 5 meters from the group, ready to move if necessary the whole time. Selena kept eyes on his hips since she stood up. If he would move she would know before he would. Selena walked more towards Alice, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of his face. Selena was confident in her abilities. She could take him and have energy left over. Still one wrong move and she could be on her ass. She was still 5 meters from the man but closer to her cousin.

Since Selena walked by you she would still be able to see his clenched hand, if not then his rm would show clear signs of holding or squeezing as it seems what you are doing, since all the muscle.

Although you could take my scent (which I did with you) Since there was such a large crowd it would be hard to just pick one that walks past. Now I realize what i did was similar and am happy to retract what I did in my post if you are. My reasoning was that I memorized Alice's scent so I could tell the two beside hers, however the rules state no pin pointing so that is out the window.

#9Faust Noire 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:20 pm

Faust Noire
Alice. A rather bland title for such a stimulating lady. As soon as she had retorted, it was her turn to request. The very same question was thrown back at Faust, as if a boomerang lugged the inquiry around. There was no way the Coyote was allowed to gift the lovely lady with his name; the organization wouldn't allow it. His title granted to him was off-limits as well; that was only to be spoken by members within the order. "Isaac." he granted, though horribly pronouncing the name to produce the words 'I-SUCK' from his very lips. A lie, but there was no proof of it. His face portrayed no intentions of lying to Alice or lying in all, for that mattered. Granted, that wasn't because of his incapability to tell the truth but rather because after multiple occasions to fib here and there, the Coyote had a knack for it.

The brute now joined their circle and the Coyote didn't like it. If he were to complain that the disgusting commoner were here, they'd take away Alice as well. He enjoyed her; not her company, but rather her body. Lustful as he was, the Coyote had no shame as he had been long accustomed to receiving anything he wanted. The aura that the grunt gave off was suffocating; to think that he, Faust of the Noire clan, had to breathe the same air as the likes of the savage was hard to wrap his head around. But stayed he did. Immediately, Faust was forced into an awkward bind. With a coffee mug in his right hand, he was asked to hold onto Alice's cup. He only had one hand and it was busy. The left was in more of a bind than anything. Had he pulled it out, the bomb would have been displayed to the entirety of the crowd and soon after, Fiore. Given he didn't, it'd be extremely suspicious. Furthermore, why was she zipping up her jacket?

Thankfully, the grunt seemed in the worst of health. From having the face capable of doing backflips and acrobatics without problem, he was now pale, the blood rushing out of his face. The Coyote noticed it after the brute named Kenny, as per Alice's words, dropped to a knee. The man who, just earlier, shouted an echo loud to overpower the auctioneer on the speakers was on the floor, seemingly nearly lifeless at that point. Anxiety had taken over the man; though the question that remained was for what reason? Faust noticed that this man carried nothing on him, nothing but a steel sword. Was he in lack of nutrients? The Coyote guessed so. He also noticed how the man's eyes streaked towards the coffee cup in Alice's hand.

The obvious occurred. Faust presented the man with his own cup of coffee; it was rude to give away a gift but judging from the way Alice presented herself, she would understand that her savage of a friend was on the brink of death. Obviously, the truth was stretched; he wasn't dying though he was on the way to passing out. The miniature fear of mysophobia took place. With his own mug, he did not meet the brute's hand but rather placed it down in front of him. A commanding voice from Faust slowly threw out the invitation. "Drink up." Then he would hold onto Alice's mug of coffee for her, allowing her to zip up her jacket. The Coyote had just killed two birds with one stone, though it was a shame he couldn't kill three. Why did she have to zip up the cleavage?

Eventually, Alice made a comment on how Faust was keeping his hand in his pocket. The female that smelled seemed to jump in and comment on that, despite being five solid meters away. It drew the attention of a number of nobles to turn, a few shaking their heads in disapproval. Some whispered among themselves and all of it simply drew a smile towards Faust's face. The smile was then flashed at Alice, asking her a question in retort of her own. "Do I look like a guard?" Chuckles came out. "I'm not." he clarified for her. He wouldn't be able to tell her that he was a noble or a terrorist. He didn't say much, but enough. The hand remained in his pocket. As for Selena, the smelly woman from a distance away, the Coyote only smirked. "Don't compare me to the likes of you. If I was a slave for the Council like yourself, would I be here at the auction or would I be doing something useful instead of bothering the majority?" he taunted. How naive. The same mindset occurred; if Selena was to move forward, Faust would excuse himself furthermore into the opposite direction from her, giving Alice and the brute, Kenny, the excuse that he had matters to attend to. It didn't matter if they asked or not where he was going; it was none of their business. They didn't seem to pose a threat, but the Rune Knight was a different matter.

850 words


  • To Alice, all points taken. As discussed, aerophobia differs from person to person and hence, you can solidify that.

  • To Selena, a Lycan's nose is not a Dragon Slayer's nose. Click the respective links and read the descriptions.

    • Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. Even if targets try to mask their smell a Lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.

    • They can also smell anyone within a 25 meter radius but they can't pinpoint their location to fight blindly when their vision is blurred, it simply tells them that whoever they are smelling is within a 25 meter radius.

    In other words, I can distinguish smells and you can't. Not to mention that you stated in your initial post that you didn't get ready for the day, aesthetically. Therefore, it's a given that your smell stands out even then, compared to someone who showered and tidied up.

  • To Selena, regarding you moving forward, clarifying that you HARDLY moved. If anything, you got up and took two steps or so forward. Other than that, there's still a five meter distance between you and the group, per you saying so.

  • To everyone, allow me to remind everyone that all events are happening concurrently. In Icarus/Crowley's post, it was dark. In Nastaysa Crowe's post, it was 3AM, which started the entire event. Therefore, it wouldn't be 8AM, stated by Alice in her post and backed up by Selena in hers.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:48 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She had challenged him by telling him that guards didn’t need to have a hand in their pocket, for many more reasons she had just said out loud. She was distracted a bit by Kenny because he didn’t look that well and even though she had offered Isaac her second cup of coffee he gave it to Kenny and ordered him to drink. She was glad that at least someone knew what to do for the tall man that she had met once in Oak. Her curiosity only wasn’t answered because by the way that Isaac gave his coffee away he needed only one hand to hold her coffee and the possible item wasn’t showed. Before Isaac could answer she looked at Selena because she heard her cousin say almost the same. She noticed people were looking at the group she was now a part of and she felt uncomfortable because of the whole accusation that went on in her head. They weren’t save or well that’s what her panic told her. She would have to run away but she clenched her left hand because she had decided to no longer walk away from difficult situations. She only had hoped it wouldn’t be a situation soon. She looked at the pocket of Isaac his left hand and noticed now that she paid closer attention that there had to be an item, something that you could compare to the size of an apple. This made her more nervous even though her whole mind went blank, it could simply be an apple. But why not show it. Why deny he was a guard while he wore almost the same outfit as a Knight. She had no idea about the equipment so that it was off, was not something she noticed. This meant he either was lying, which would be weird or he wasn’t indeed and got into the situation trying to pretend to be a knight. Her mind went too fast for her to make a decision at first but she was anticipating. He was taunting Selena, that was much clear but she kept her brown eyes on Isaac and hoped Selena wouldn’t make a rushed decision but Alice herself was doing so, ”Have we met before?” she asked but he didn’t answer her, she wasn’t convinced that he had not heard her so she made a new conclusion. Based on all the wrong reasons in her head, she wasn’t doing the right thing that she hoped she was doing. She made too many prejudice decisions. Since Selena was coming closer to Alice, more like from her left side, Isaac decided to walk away. He said he had matters to attend to and she felt it too much of her brain but she could only think that the matter had to do with the hidden item in his pocket. His back was turned towards her now as he walked away, maybe even away from the terrace they were on. Her eyes narrowed and she turned to look at Selena for a matter of seconds before she turned back to look at Isaac his back. He wasn’t a guard nor a Knight, he just confirmed that. Neither was she but since she wanted to join she could make use of that. She whispered under her breath and changed into the same gear as Selena was wearing, the lancer gear and hat and in that change to her requip state, her hair changed into a high ponytail to keep the long orange strains away from her face. ”I’m sorry to inform you that since you are behaving like a suspicious person you either show what’s in your pocket or we are forced to stop you from leaving.” She tried the hardest to make her voice so formal as possible, holding on to some authority. She hoped Selena would either support her decision by confirming it or just shutting her mouth. Because of her loud talk, the guard that was at the door that would make someone able to leave the terrace and the auction for that matter, blocked the door. He couldn’t leave without either showing what was in his pocket or a fight.

If the item in his pocket was shown and was something bad, she would get into action, as well as if he would make a dash for the exit and try to fight his way out or even if he wouldn’t do anything. She would no longer wait to listen to his sweet talk, she had fallen for that before. Her only option was to fight. So with this case that she had to fight him. He had walked away and because she had looked at Kenny and Selena, he was now around 2 meters away from her. She would hold on to the straight spear that she had summoned together with her gear and dash to him if he proved to be an enemy or remained the suspicious person that he had been the whole time. She had lost the element of surprise but it wouldn’t feel right to attack him in the back without a single warning or some sort of order. She held the spear with her left hand at the middle and the right hand near the back of the handle, she could now easily swift it or move it to another side. But she would make the first attack, she kept the spear point not too low but also not very high up. While she made her way to Isaac she could hear Ophelia aggressively cheers her on, she simply understand the word she sort of formed to mean her name, Alice.

She moved her spear in small circles and half circles to make it not one point. Her target was his left kidney to fall out to. Just to make sure walking away would hurt and slow him down. If he would make a sidestep, which she anticipated on because why wouldn’t he, she would try to hook her spear between his body and left arm to get the hand out of the pocket, in case he hadn’t showed her what it was that he was hiding and else to bring him off balance. Her eyes remained on Isaac and her attention also. She had no idea anymore where Selena or Kenny were. And since she didn’t know more about the latter, she could only ask for Selena, ”Selena, do whatever you have to do.” Since she was the real knight, not Alice. She would let most of it be handled by her cousin but she wasn’t letting this guy from whichever guild he was, roam around while he behaved too suspicious to her.


Equiped: Lancer Gear, Lancer Hat. Straight Spear.
Spear damage: 31 Strength + 18 Spear = 49. Meaning B-rank damage.

Ophelia uses her:
Name: Work Up
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Cleffa Magic
Type: Buff
Element: None
Range: 5 meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aggressively cheers on her target, working them up and increasing their strength stat.

Adding +5 to Strength.

Alice Mana: 900/975
Ophelia Mana: 175/200

Alice is able to dash 6 m/s.


Based on the fact that Faust stated he was pretending to be a guard of the princess and based on Selena filling in that the uniform from Faust being like a knight but only the equipment was different, I hereby took it upon me to feel like Faust/Isaac lied to me because he looks like a guard/Knight and thus make him a suspicious person.

I have nothing more to say.. which feels weird. I had the idea I had more to say..I feel like this post sucks.. That's it. Goodday.


[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:02 pm


Kenny’s form took a turn for the worst, his pale expression softening as he pressed his knee into the tiled floor, brutally unaware of the growing suspicions among those around him. He kept on the ground, heart throbbing against his chest, pupils dilating, what was the matter with him? He couldn’t tell. It was as if a weight had been pressed onto him, something forcing him onto his knees in submission. What was on my anxiety grew into fear, and that fear brought pressure. He wouldn’t look up, he wouldn’t say anything, there was nothing for him to say to the others until he collected himself. Oh what a mess he was in, though a scent caught his nose… Coffee?

He directed his gaze to the white haired man. The one who seemed so disinterested by his company was now offering him the sweet surrender of the coffee’s life giving powers. Kenny hastily took the cup and bowed his head, “Yes Milord.” he raised the cup, and downed the hot beverage. The searing brown liquid was warm going down, burning past his tongue, and into his throat nerves roasted by the heat of the drink. There was no sugar, no cream, not even a little hint of nutmeg just raw coffee, dark and savory. Kenny kept drinking until the cup was empty. With the last drop of the life giving substance gone Kenny licked his lips, the coffee helped but it didn’t do much in the way of restoring him to his full 100%. Though a familiar scent his his nose.

The raven haired male took in a quick whiff, once, twice; it was… It was… Kenny’s eyes went back to the approaching blue haired female. She smelled… Sweet, lovely even. Though due to his still waking body he didn’t get up and say anything about it, he only watched as she and Alice commanded something of the other male.

Kenny tilted his head and sat on the ground cross-legged confused as to what all of the bickering was about.

#12Selena Maelstrom 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:56 am

Selena Maelstrom
The man seemed to be totally engrossed in Selena not paying the other two any mind at all. He was waiting for a sudden movement. As she walked slowly she activated her Seated's Aura. Selena noticed Alice speak to Faust as she summoned her weapons. Selena took this moment to dash full speed at Faust. As she moved the book tucked into her back floated out and opened as Selena began to fire spells at Faust. Selena kept retracting and pushing her arm out to fire spells, also using the other to flick her wrist and cast more. While in mid motion Selena would aim to push her arm out (that was covered in water) and hit Faust's shoulder full force to try and get his hand out of his pocket. Whatever he was so keen on holding would more than likely be let go if the attack connected. Selena made sure to dash at full speed rather than sprint so she could control herself more. If faust noticed her run then he would be open to Alice. He was stuck.

Selena would reach faust in 0.6 of a second. Provoded she could pump her arm 3 time and flick her wrist she would be able to do 3 of each spell meaning 6 in total.

Name: Water Pulse
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Water Dragon Slayer
Type: offensive
Element: Water
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Selena thrusts her arm outwards. A surge of water comes forth from her hand once completed dealing D rank damage to anything hit by it. It is 1m3 and can travel up to 5 meters.

Name: Tail of the Water Dragon
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Water Dragon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: With a flick of the wrist Selena creates 2 large water arms, covering her own. This arm deals 1/2 D rank damage. The water covers the entirety of her arms.

Used 625 mana

Seated Aura activated +10 str..

#13Faust Noire 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:17 pm

Faust Noire
Faust should have realized that assuming things in X785 was wrong. Alice was finally onto him. He had not moved the slightest, only a single step or two being the most. She called back towards him, like she was an ex-girlfriend preventing him from going. From the seemingly-indulgent lips, she requested that the Coyote expose what he had on him. The formality in her tone would have been adorable, though she never had the chance to speak. His course of actions took place as she whispered something. However, he didn’t use the time he had to turn himself over. In that instance, the situation was analyzed. The Coyote was logistically cornered. Alice now had her armor on; there was no doubt she’d be ready to skewer the man if he didn’t do something. The Rune Knight was still within viewing distance, though the evergoing crowd would blur her out constantly. And lastly, the brute. It was obvious that because Alice knew him, he’d side with her. They seemed to be on decent terms and Faust himself wasn’t in the most persuading situation. If he were to pull out the item in his left hand, a number of things would be lost, namely his pride. If he didn’t, it’d be his heart in return.

He made his decision before she even began talking, namely the moment she changed armors in front of the naked eye. What a shame she didn’t show any goods while it occurred. The moment she began changing, a small light would shine. A whisper was heard and that was the cue. Running would do him no good; the crowd would slow him down considerably. Not to mention how the situation presented itself to be a three-on-one. If he did cage himself in via running towards the crowd, he’d only end up trapping himself against the trio. His right leg took a single step directly behind hers, allowing for the closest intimacy. The white-haired man chuckled and started removing his hand from his pocket, within kissing distance from Alice. As soon as his hand was two solid centimeters out of his pocket, his head leaned closer into Alice and asked her a question in reference to the item he stowed away.

He followed immediately with an attempt to sweep Alice off her feet, literally. Her eyes were undoubtedly on his waist area, particularly his left pocket. Even if they weren’t, his actions wouldn’t change. His face darted forward and stole away a kiss from the armored Alice. But the kiss was more than just a tease; it was an attack. It occurred just as she was about to speak, silencing her. His body pushed against hers, his weight being carried on his balanced right foot. If she wasn’t knocked down because of that, he’d make sure both his feet were on the floor and he’d pull his right leg towards himself. His right hand would push against her armor and force her down.

The very moment she even began to lose balance would be the time Faust went on the official offensive. His right hand would grab ahold of her shoulder and direct her in between the incoming stinker. She could be smelled from a while away, with the body odor she displayed. Had there been no interference, Alice would take the full brunt of the attacks, the only exception being the orb that hurt everyone within the diameter. Even the nearby bystanders. This was the potential of the Rune Knights?

Next was the weapon. The way he drew the sword was responsive to the situation at hand; he had to entirely take the three fronts by surprise. Because Kenny was on the ground, sitting cross-legged, it was rather easy to steal away his blade. His right hand now reached over to Kenny’s right side and his hold upon the holster was strong. He’d pull the blade to discover that it was rather light, not nonexistent but able to be swiftly used. His leg kicked Kenny in the face, hoping to stun him for the time being before he became a threat. The Coyote didn’t usually run around with a weapon; thank Illumin that the single weapon he was proficient at was the longsword. Years upon years of childhood experience had been stored away within the male, as per his royal teachings. Childhood experience it may have been, but it was experience nonetheless. His grip upon the sword’s handle was creamy, effortless in all aspects. It was almost serene to the eye. As soon as two goody-two shoes were face to face with each other. He pushed Alice towards the blue haired bonobo with his sword, dealt a clean cut through Alice’s neck. The clean cut would continue until the holster of the blade would prevent it from reaching any further. Because Selena was within the sword’s reach, an attempt at blinding her via the blade occurred, though whether or not it hit wasn’t important. This action would be his first strike to remove someone from the field completely.

Depending on how Kenny and Selena would react next would determine the next course of actions. If they did nothing, he’d leave the scene and disperse into the crowd. He wasn’t the only ‘knight’ around. There were countless others in uniform and he’d blend in with them. If Kenny chased after him, he would have done the same. The man had just been on the verge of unconsciousness, he wouldn’t be able to catch the tricky bastard. Lastly, if Selena were to attack, Faust would have continued to hold upon Alice’s body and use her as a meat shield.

Cruel as it was, it was the way to make sure he wouldn’t fail Icarus. Losing was no option.


  • To Alice, all points taken. However, in your post you said that I'm walking away. That was not the case because in Selena post, she did say she moved but remained 5 meters away. Therefore, I did not move about. If proof is required for this, refer to my last post's point regarding Selena's positioning. He didn't state how much closer he was to closer so I took the liberty of clarifying it OOC that it was but one or two steps.

  • To Selena, attacks have been made upon Alice other than the orb, which deals D-Rank damage to all of us excluding yourself. About you flicking your wrists multiple time, your spell is a sustained spell but that doesn't allow you to use it more than once per turn. You deal D-Rank in total, period.

  • Because I acted before Alice transformed, I have slightly more time than 0.625 seconds to react and only when Alice transformed did Selena make her moves. I knocked Alice off balance and because of the smell becoming stronger as you approach, I could easily be alert that you're coming while keeping my eyes on Alice and Kenny.

  • Nowhere in my post did I say I was looking at Selena.

  • Other than my claimed hits on Alice via Selena, I'd like to claim that I stabbed a sword through the nape of her neck. Yes, it's possible and armor is ignored because I landed a blow directly to her, not her armor. As for how she has an opening there, the female lancer gear looks more like a beret than a helmet. Even if it was a full blown helmet, the armor and helmet aren't tied together. There will be the gaping hole there. Assuming this gets through, asking for Alice to be removed from the thread.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:47 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Things went a bit different than Alice would have hoped, she had wanted to warn him. Not immediately attack him but well giving that she had just changed in some different gear and holding on to a spear, it was kind of obvious what she planned to do in case he indeed seemed to be some sort of bad guy. Faust had taken 2 steps away from her but because of the light or for any other reason she didn’t know, he noticed her change and turned around. This was the time that the little Cleffa wiggled herself out of her backpack and ran away from Alice but stayed within the range of 5 meters, by staying 4.5 meters away from her on her left side. She didn’t have time to warn Faust as he took a step closer to her. She held the spear low, her left hand at the front yet the middle and her right around the back. She wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing, Faust was 10 centimetres taller than her, yet he was very close that she felt a tingling in the back of her neck about the possibilities of what he might do. He could hold on a dagger, since she could see the movement in his shoulder out the corner of her eye. Actually she was far too afraid to figure out what he was holding on to that she didn’t even intend to look at his hand in the first place, she narrowed her brown eyes as she looked at his eyes. He came closer to her, so close that she could sort of feel the connection the air made between them, ”Are you single?” What.. what did he just ask? She felt he tried to sweep away her feet but she leaned on the spear with her right side, poking the back of it behind her on the ground to remain standing while she took her left feet a step back. She looked at that before she felt lips on her mouth and for a second she didn’t know what to do or think but that soon turned around into anger. She couldn’t even form thoughts in complete sentences.

Faust closed the complete distance between them as he pushed against her body in that kiss. She held the spear up a bit higher to hold on to remain standing but again had to take a step back, this time with her right foot to remain standing. He pushed her and she buckled her knees a little but didn’t fall down, immediately she got back up straight. Faust would hold on to her shoulder and direct her in the way that she would be a shield to take the attacks of Selena. She knew that wouldn’t stop Selena, her cousin knew she could handle stuff. But she wasn’t just going to sit and wait, her back was covered by her lancer gear armour and as she was still standing close to Faust, she moved up her right knee to hit him in between the legs and in that same time she let go of her spear with her right hand, which didn’t make a sound since the back of the spear was still on the ground behind her, however at the same time, the spell collided with her and water was all around her, she went to hit Faust on his nose.

She didn’t entirely know what he planned to do next but his right hand let go of her left shoulder, which was at the same time that she grabbed a hold of her spear again. If Faust would be able to grab the sword immediately, which meant he would have to bow down to get the sword for Kenny, who was sitting on her left on the ground. She would take a forward step with her left leg, a small step, turn her body so her shoulder would be able to collide with Faust his chest and her elbow poking in the liver area.

In the case that Kenny did struggle and try to stop Faust from getting the sword. Alice would be given a few seconds or even a minute with Faust his body bend towards the right, her left, in front of her. Alice would She would take a forward step with her left leg, a small step, turn her body so her shoulder would be able to collide with Faust his chest and her elbow poking in the liver area. She would also lower her spear and let go of it with her left hand, she would hold her right hand close to the dagger part and turn it so to push Faust in his left side while he might be falling.


Based on the fact that Faust his strength is 2 and I have 31, his push can’t really make me fall too much. I kept my balance by taking a step back as well as leaning on the spear in my hands. I see this as trying to push someone who is used to more strength and thus kind off unfazed by the small power behind such a push. I btw know she knows him as Isaac but I was too lazy to remove my Faust name moments, because I didn’t say it out loud. And I asked Faust what he would say since he forgot dialogue so, the “are you single” part was his idea more or less.

Considering it is all based on if you get the sword from Kenny or that I fall to hit me on the nape of my neck, I took all your points in consideration.

Damage taken:
1 D-rank from the orb by Selena.
1 D-rank from Selena her water attack on my back (caught by armour so nulled)
2 D-rank damage from the punches by Faust to my chest. (Considering wearing female armour.. I just take it)
total = 1 B-rank

Still equipped: Lancer gear, lancer helmet and Straight Spear.
Possible damage done:
Knee up between his legs – 31 damage and simple hurt. (B-rank)
A fist to his nose – 31 damage. (B-rank)
Colliding her shoulder into his chest – 31 damage (B-rank)
Spear in his left side – 49 damage (B-rank)
If all consider: 1 S-rank damage. In case I hit Faust with those four attacks that would mean S-rank damage and his 1 Endurance would be over and done with.


[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:56 pm

Kenny noticed the scuffle in front of him, the white hair attacking Alice and doing his best to subdue her, going as far as to kiss her before sweeping her off of her feet, or at least trying before she would keep herself upright. The grounded male watched intentively, Alice holding her own against him. In Kenny’s system the caffeine from the coffee was giving him his edge back as he felt his anxiety melt away. What had him on the ground at first had become immense interest in those around him. It was a concoction good enough to give Kenny a second wind, the female’s musk, the caffeine and the sudden burst of violence was just too much for Kenny to NOT get over his fear of the knights around him.

After the male retreated from Alice, he made his way for Kenny. Did he mistake Kenny’s anxiety for fatigue? He was mistaken, the cross legged young man had a grip on the hilt of his weapon though when Faust made his way for him and threw a kick the once anxious male raised his forearm to absorb the blow and kept his grip on his sword, refusing to give up his weapon.

To free himself Kenny uncrossed his legs and hit Faust with a kick of his own, booting the creep in his mini creeps. Upon disengaging Faust and Alice’s blow to the white haired Beauty’s side, Kenny drew his weapon and got into parrying stance waiting for Faust’s next move, if he were to make another attempt at his sword Faust would find himself slashed across his pretty, yet disheartening face.

Kenny was not near passing out, he was anxious, as evidence for this I offer all of my post as not in one did Kenny nearly ‘pass out’ or do anything akin to it other than taking a knee, drinking the coffee and sitting cross-legged as he watched the skirmish between Faust and Alice. Kenny was nowhere near incapable of defending himself and had would have more than likely seen Faust coming for him since Faust isn't moving any faster than a normal person would.

Kenny struggles against Faust, kicks him in the nads.

Kenny is standing in parrying stance, waiting for Faust's next move.


[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Empty on Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:41 am

[Event Quest] Explosion and Confusion Latest?cb=20140511231452

Court Begins with Posts in question 10#-14# as I will not be reading this whole thread. Just the issues at hand.

1. By Faust actually moving in it changed the twist of events happening so Alice reacted accordingly by using the back end of her spear to prop herself up.

2. Now mind you Alice acknowledges almost being tripped so Alice would be put off balance already. So getting pushed can add to it. so a simple shifting of the weight has nothing to do with str vs str. Now if its a clash of punches then it gets called into question. Or even if its like 100 vs 1 in terms of strength. As far as directing, its more like a push when you are already off balance.

3. As stated in Faust's ooc comment he never stated he was walking away in fact it seems you all are in pretty close proximity.

4. As far as rapid firing spells it depends on the spells description But as far as sustained offensives they hit once per thread since they are single targets. Otherwise you could just make a D rank and have it hit someone in one instance X100 times just cause. @Selena

5. Faust did act before/during the transformation that much is true. Also he attacked during that situation.

6. Alice did acknowledge the damage taken. However, END doesn't work as a hp stat its a pain threshold and you can't just shrug off things even in armor. There is a logical sense of pain/knock-back associated with taking damage. And if you took the full B rank, that destroys your armor. Because the lancer gear has 1 B rank durability so if ya took a B rank your armor is kind of GG. So you wouldn't just be able to just super armor through this like you have in your most recent post. Not saying you are knocked out but it doesn't play out how you have stated. You would get staggered in this situation and wouldn't just automatically retaliate because you would just lose your armor.

Verdict as far as Alice vs Faust: Clearly cause of B rank being taken from Selena/Faust. She would be knockedback/down cause of the damage received all at once. You aren't knocked out but you can't just take damage and keep trucking without a spell/adequate armor in play. As far as Kenny blocking the kick and resisting faust we will see how that plays out. Continue.

#17Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
Coyotes aren’t very picky eaters. The fact could be confirmed by Alice firsthand the moment that the snow-haired individual’s ravenous lips fondled hers. Bodies ravished for one another and the cunning man took the moment to steal a blade for himself. Lamentably, not everything could go according to a predestined diagram, especially when it came to a brawl. Once thought of being rather prudent in his steps, the Coyote found himself taken aback when the tactical error of underestimating the underdog. Kenny proved the Coyote horribly wrong when he stomped on the pretty boy, having just precedently stopped Faust from stealing away his weapon. The foot bashed into Faust’s genitals, causing excruciating pain to the fallen male. The pain made its way up to the abdominal area, forcing him to drop flat in his tracks. His left and right hands came together, shielding his pride and joy from any further devastation. On the floor, he rolled towards Alice's direction. What was in his left hand wasn’t released; in fact, when Kenny damaged the baby-making device, the grip upon the item only strengthened. But now, the item that he was so reluctant to exhibit was now out there. The spherical object was out and about, possibly meeting the gazes of the three contenders and the gazes of countless noblemen and women, who were now scrambling away from the scene. Meanwhile, it seemed that the Coyote wasn’t the only one who received a blow. Alice, the lovely bride-to-be of the Coyote, had been struck by her cousin the moment Faust turned towards Kenny. It seemed that both the Coyote and his future wife were in a detrimental state, but neither party let it stop them. Because Alice had staggered back due to her knight of a cousin and Faust taking a shell of a position, the woman would have no choice but to trip over him, planting her face into the ground. Only a moment before had they been in a close enough proximity to make out.

Quick-witted, he let nothing stall him for more than a fraction of a second. As soon as the drop had occurred, Faust spent no extra seconds clambering back up. The way he proceeded to do so was as one would suggest. From being in a turtle-like position, the only thing standing upright was the center of his back. A beautiful crescent, most would compare it a half-moon. But that half-moon would erect; it all occurred at once, no time being wasted. As his upper body flung the weight back, his toes would be on the floor, absorbing the motion of the swing and propping himself upwards. The moment he was on his dancing feet, they no longer remained together, but separated to grant the Coyote the balance he needed. It seemed that Kenny had taken a defensive stance after dealing the blow upon blows. The weapon that Faust had his eyes set on was now even harder to take; it was in the hands of the giant, drawn and ready to be used to its fullest potential. A parrying stance was taken by the giant. The edge of the hilt of the weapon was held by the monstrous left hand, his right hand placed closer to the holster. The way the sword was positioned was downwards and slanted, the blade seemed to point towards the Faust’s feet. All of such was registered as the Coyote had gotten up.

While he wanted to feel the glory of a blade in his hand once more, he had more important matters to tend to. His brawl with Kenny, whom he had underestimated, surely turned the situation at hand into a definite three versus one scenario. Had he eliminated Alice beforehand, things would have gone a lot smoother. On the bright side, he had more time to persuade her that his bed was big enough for the both of them, without the metal weapons in the way. Furthermore, the item that he tried so hard to keep secure was no longer as secure as it could have been; it was now exposed to the world. There was no point keeping it in his pocket any longer. Coyotes are environmentally-driven in the sense that they had the ability to quickly adapt; Faust considered that his hidden ability. To put on a charade was challenging, but now that he had been exposed, there was no holding back. With the bomb in his left hand and his left hand out of his pocket, it was free to flow instead of remain in a dungeon.

He was ready to dance again the very moment that Alice’s shin braced itself against his side; as she was in the motion of falling, he jumped to his feet and sprang upon her. He faced the giant with his effective swordplay in front of him and right beside him, a knocked down Alice. Parallel to Alice was the water Rune Knight, with only the Grimoire Heart mage in between. The Coyote decided to, again, get rid of his lover. To truly be free, one had to first free himself from the reins that the chains of attachment provided. The very moment that she toppled over him and he got up would be their last peaceful moment together, as he threw his right hand, now a fist, into her temple. Before her face entirely hit the floor, he made his way over and sat atop her, his butt against her back. The idea was not to knock Alice out via the immediate force of impact, but rather the rattling of the brain due to the force of impact. His right hand threw a very concentrated hook like it was delivering the blow of a death god, attempting to strike her right temple, unguarded by the beret that seemed like an adornment rather than a helmet. Perhaps she had to idea to look good, even in battle, in which case was definitely acknowledged by the white-haired noble. Had this all worked out, would she remain still for the entirety of the situation.

Had everything gone his way, he proceeded to pick up her spear with his right hand and face both Kenny and Selena at once. His legs would be placed one above the other, the dominant (right) in front of the left. His body was parallel to the weapon in his right hand, the spear of the befallen. The spear was aimed directly at Kenny; Faust’s grip upon it was near the center, closer to the front by just a small margin. He didn’t have both hands at liberty to hold the spear, therefore he had to balance it by holding it closer. It did mitigate his reach, just by a small amount, but it was definitely better than running about with a hand alone. His knees were bent ever-so-slightly, never locking to prevent the flow of blood. He was in a defensive position and played the psychological game at that point. Given the two last contenders made little to no moves towards him, Faust would offer them a choice. “Don’t make me kill her.” he would suggest and had they made a move then, would he jam the spear into the definitely exposed part of her neck, what he planned to do from the start. Even if they made a move in the midst of his speech, the same idea would occur, unless prevented otherwise. The Coyote paced back, extending the distance between him and the two others. However, his spear never left Alice’s throat and the slightest bit of movement would trigger what he didn’t mind doing. As he backed up, so would his distance between Alice and himself increase. Although it was the case, he stopped backing up just in the proximity of the spearhead able to pierce her throat.

It seemed, for whatever reason, that the blue-haired brat had frozen up. Was it the shock of beating up her friend and partner or was it due to Faust having her life in his very hands? Either way, it hardly mattered. The Coyote’s left hand, still gripping the item, was farther away from the enemies as his right shoulder was pointed towards them. Unless the item was removed with brute force, his grip would never lessen. Granted that pain was dealt but nothing was forced, his grip upon the item wouldn’t linger or weaken, but strengthen furthermore.

The charging was nearly complete; he had come so far. Defeat was, as repeated a number of times, no option.

1414 words


  • Selena was already in motion as Alice equipped her gear, which gives Alice 0.625 seconds to act. By the time the action of Faust’s pull occurred, she would already have taken the attacks. Selena’s attacks would have already reached Alice before she could bring her knee up to Faust’s genitals or follow up with the punch towards the nose, resulting in those actions getting nulled as per Roman’s comment regarding knockback or staggering.

  • Given the above point being false for whatever reason, there’s also the fact that Kenny prevented Faust from getting the sword and as a result, resets the timeline for him to getting knocked down by Kenny. Due to positioning, most of the situational options that Alice presented are nulled because there's no possible way for Alice to punch Faust's nose or nutshot him if he's on the floor, turtled up.

  • Claiming my one shot attempt on Alice. In sequence of events, Faust tried to steal Kenny's sword as the blows collided with Alice. Because of the blows being accepted, it would stagger her backwards into Faust, who was in a turtle position rolling towards her by that moment. With the force of impact from Selena's blows and zero time to react whilst in free-fall motion, Faust attacked and jumped upon her the moment she hit the floor. The moment of faceplanting can stun a person from 1 to 2 seconds or even more, depending on the severity of the fall. In that time frame, Faust threw a punch towards Alice's temple, unguarded because she's wearing the female version of defenses as presented by her OOC comment in her last post. Temple punches are an immediate knockout, because of the ability to shake the brain back and forth. Kenny would not be able to react offensively because he stated that he was on the defensive with the actions described. Therefore, he cannot rush to Alice's side as Faust attempted to knock her out. He only kicked Faust back and drew his sword, ready to parry, but not ready to attack unless Faust went for another attempt at his sword. Because Faust didn't go for the sword, Kenny remains in a defensive position until the current timeline is passed. Selena cannot act, period, due to passing the 24 hour mark.

  • Backing up my one shot claim with how she was positioned. Because Alice was set in her post of bring her knee up, she was facing Faust before tanking the blows. Therefore, as she trips over Faust's body, the knees are what would be touching Faust's side and as a result, she'd be knocked off her feet.

  • Faust's endurance is still intact, taking damage from Selena's D-Rank area of effect from before and D-Rank from Kenny's nutshot.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Selena her attack hit her in her back. She hadn't minded she knew Selena had to do something but the after effects of her tumbling over Isaac was not her idea. She hoped her armour would have hold it but it was too strong.

Her brown eyes darted to his movement but because she was falling she couldn't do anything to stop him, she tried to break her fall with her hands that were still holding on to hear spear not the most comfortable fall but before she would even notice that, everything became black. And she was knocked out.


Well I tried my best but couldn't find a way out of the temple blow so this is the only thing possible. Though she fell on her spear but I still see Faust able to get it.


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Kenny eased out of his stance and stood up straight placing his sword back in its hilt. When lice went down that seemed to be the end game. He didn’t take his eyes off of the coyote, he only contemplated what had just happened.

Alice was asleep, what a pity. Well if his buddy was out of it there was no used in keeping this up. “Man you know how to turn a sweet day sour.” a hand rested on his sword in case of another attack. There were a few options, fight him or leave were the two most prominent in his mind. Whoever this guy was he knew his crap and truthfully speaking Kenny didn’t feel like fighting anyone. “Decisions, decisions,” he muttered followed by a cheerful whistle. Maybe whoever was firing off all of that magic had an idea.

"Can you just hurry up and do whatever you're gonna do, I have some things I wanna see in Era and this debacle is killing daylight." he could have just left, but now he was curious as to what was going on Mr. White's pocket.

Instead of further engaging he went against his thoughts and just walked away hand still on his hilt, he'd sit on a bench and crossed his legs. It wasn't his fight, the blue haired female seemed done, Alice was asleep and Kenny didn't feel like getting anymore involved.

OOC: sitting out the rest, end it already plz.

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Faust Noire
The camera would open to the scene, a world set ablaze and engulfed in flames.

It seemed that the rest of the 'enemies' had given up after Alice was knocked out. Kenny. the giant with the blade, sheathed it. Selena, the knight, decided that further escalation of combat would result in more casualties to come. At least, that's what the Coyote assumed went through the thick skulls of theirs. It was difficult to comprehend and so assumptions would be made once again. At this point in time, it wouldn't have made a difference whether or not his inferences were incorrect.

Faust himself was also done; he didn't have the luxury to do anything he willed to Alice, sadly. He had to get his job over with and seeing as how the two extras didn't seem to want to interfere any longer, his chance was now. The bomb was finally charged in his hand. He set it on the floor and simply walked around, instructing the others to do the same. "Better run." he taunted. If they laid a hand on the bomb now, it would trigger. And the Coyote, triumphant, exited the scene.

193 words


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Kenny stood up and made a scramble for Alice, she'd need some medical attention before things got any worst. He'd scramble for the down red head, Faust's words eerie and unsettling. Just as he arrived, he'd kneel and place his arms underneath her legs and torso and lifted her up bridal style. "I didn't expect to pick you up like this until after we crossed the threshold of our new place, buuut I guess this can do for now." without looking at Faust of the frozen knight he took Alice and headed out of the HQ.

He would look down at the red head and sighed, he probably could have fought, but there were more important things afoot. He wouldn't let him hurt her, so he sheathed his blade, he had no connection to the knights, so he allowed whatever the white hair had planned to happen while he had the time to save Alice.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Since Alice was knocked out there was no way for her to escape, however Kenny seemed to not forget about her. Ophelia ran towards her to and clung to her body while Kenny lifted Alice, she was just worried about her partner but couldn't do anything at the moment but just wait for Kenny to bring her to a hospital or anything else.


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