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Hex the Auction House [Event Quest]

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Hex the Auction House [Event Quest] Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:51 am

Nastasya Crowe
The best part of the day, if you asked Nastasya Crowe was right now. It was 3 am in the morning, from Thursday to Friday. There was no one in sight on the streets, she knew a few people that should be awake but no one was in her way yet. There were no parties anymore, the workers didn’t start yet and it was nicely quiet. Apart from the nice and quiet it was a good night, it was bright enough, the moon was there, not totally full but it reflected enough light for people to see by when they did not have night vision. Which wasn’t needed for the vampire. Besides the fact that it was a clear night, it also meant that rain wasn’t coming and that it would take a while for clouds to gather. Only the temperature wasn’t very high but Nastasya wasn’t bothered by the cold, no one should as you could perfectly dress for the occation. Just like she was, instead of wearing dresses like she normally did, she was wearing all black. Black jeans, black top, black sneakers. She was satisfied for now how things went but her mind told her to be prepared for the rest of today. Her red eyes scanned the street to make sure there was no one stopping her, everything she needed was set up, all she needed to do was arrive and well work her part and leave again. She was a vampire and the night was her part of the day, she could see perfectly in the dark and her feet didn’t make any sound in the quiet and peaceful night. Now long would it take before that would change. Her face was neutral but she was enjoying the whole concept of what was coming. The whole reason why she went to Era.

Nastasya her walk didn't make any sound, she was like a shadow, a nightmare passing by not interested in anything else but the place of her arrival. If only people would know, she was going to create a nightmare for some guy as she was on her way to hex the Auction House. One of the Council members was there and well it would be nice if that person didn’t stick his nose into things that were no longer his business. Even though Nastasya was quite, you could hear, if you listened very carefully, the soft sound of something sharp ticking against the stones of the street. It was her faithful companion Victoire, a snow Vulpix, walking behind her and following her in the streets to the Auction House.

It wasn’t that very far to the Auction House, she had spotted it a day before since she had just walked around to make sure she knew exactly where to go. What to do was clear. She actually wanted to hum a song because of her good mood, which was new in the past few days, but it wasn’t a smart idea. She kept looking around her to see if someone would show up. Her sneakers soundless, Victoire almost soundless, nothing disturbed her and that was satisfying. She knew there were some knights in town, Era would be stupid if there wasn’t a patrol but she wasn’t really sure how that worked in total. She also absolutely didn’t care as long as she would perform her job nicely. The Auction House was only a few steps away and she stopped walking to make sure that no one was guarding the place where the council member was sleeping. For a short second she wondered why someone would stay here to sleep when there was a whole headquarters not far from here. It wasn’t her problem, if this council member would not have been here, everything would have gone differently.

Nastasya moved her left hand so that her right hand could touch the inner pocket of her black leather jacket, that’s where she kept the hex. All she needed to do was stick it to the wall of the Auction Building and activate it. She ordered Victoire to stay here and hidden because her white fur was a beacon of light in the dark. She didn’t want the fox close to the Auction House in case her nails would make more sound and someone would notice. So the last few steps she took herself, eyeing Victoire who was hiding now among the brown twigs of a bush. It wasn’t the perfect place, but it did work for now. In front of the Auction House, Nastasya quickly walked around it to find the proper place to put the hex it’s simply piece of paper on a wall. She didn’t want it to be immediately spotted if someone walked past the building. Once she envisioned the whole building, she had spotted two places, one was too high for her to reach and the other one was near the back of the building, where there were some flower beds and other plants that could hide the hex perfectly from view. So she hunched down, moved some of the stems away and placed the hexing paper on the wall. She didn’t close her eyes but touched the paper with tip of her fingers from her right hand. She focused on the energy that was her magical potential and let it flow into the paper. Slowly at first a barrier appeared that formed around the Auction house but as soon as it had appeared, it disappeared as well. The hex was at least active.

With her job done, she stood up, walked away from the building and waited for Victoire to get back to her. Once everything was done, she checked one more time over her shoulder even though she knew her job was done. With a satisfied smile on her face, she turned around and headed back into the streets, disappearing into the night. Her first job was done and the plan could now unfold as it should. The night would swallow her and the first of a few plans could start. Her first important role was done and she would see what would come next.


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