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Fun Times at Era(Oak--->Era)

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Fun Times at Era(Oak--->Era) Empty Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:38 am

Caius sat at his hotel room at the top of the best hotel in Oak while waiting for a message from his guild. He heard from a messenger that he would be receiving something important from his transmission item that would be from the higher ups that some shit was going to be going down. Suddenly it would flash up and their would be a image of one of the higher ups saying that there was some shit going down and he had to pack up and leave Oak. There would be more information but first he would have to go to Era and then would have to get the mission details so he could beat up some good guys. He had done a ton of missions and stuff at this town so he decided he would head out and get ready. He packed up his clothes and other gear before he would head into the shower. The hot water hit his whole body as he put his hand against the wall and reflected on his events here. He had trained with some of his grimoire heart mages and learned some more powerful spells. They were A and S rank and would come in handy in a certain big fight. He also met some Phantom Lord mages and would help him in some of missions that he did to make a good amount of money to buy some times to increase his strength. With both of these begin completed he had learned the lay of the land in this town if he ever needed to come back. This would help in any future endeavors and he would help fuck up anyone that got in his guilds way because he was an awesome dark mage like that. He would then gather his pack and toss it over his shoulder in to start heading out of Oak Town.

Caius headed down the steps of his hotel and would then start to walk out of the town to the exit. As he was on his way out there would be a bunch of thugs that would surround him. He gently put his pack down and told the dumb ass thugs to come at him. They came with shitty rusty knives but his black wind magic was too much fro them. He would shoot out the wind in a blade around him and then would slice them up and they would be fucked up and all pass out in the ground. Caius would then pick up his pack and leave their bodies on the ground for someone else to clean up as he would head out to the path. It was a long as time to walk to Era as it was around tons of miles. Caius had rested for a bunch of days just to regain his stamina and he could do it easy. Caius would wlak down the path and into the forest and continue. He passed through Bakska which was a small merchant town that was famous for it's sales. Peopel tried to sell him shit but he didn't need it unless they had a vehicle to make him move faster. Sadly they didn't so he didn't even rest he just moved on. This left him into the Oberon forest. He had navigated it before so he decided to stick to the pathways and it was quickly moved past. The last hard part was the Sieghart mountains and the Nanuq town just because of their harsh weather but he rested before the trip and went through the two pretty quickly. The rest was normal towns so he was in Era quickly.

Caius finally arrived at the Era town and would head to the hotel that the guild reserved form him. He headed to the hotel at the room at the very top and opened up his pack to get his transmitter and would see the rest of his message. Their was an attack that was planned on Era to charge up the Ark and fuck up some of them good mages pretty good. Caius would smirk as he put his transmitter away and would get ready for the attack. He was sure he would team up with some of his Grimoire Heart Allies and he knew they were strong so this should be a sinch. The rune knights he met didn't seem that strong and very little was known about them. It help that they had the Phantom lord guild mates help them as well so they could make the mission successful. For now he would just rest his body and lay low until the time came. He had to regain all his mana he lost in the missions and all of the tranings that he did in Oak Town and the long travel with all the bull shit he had to fight along the way. Caius took off his shirt and laid down in his bed. He would be in contact with the guilds when the time came and figure out the strategy. His whole life was dedicated to Grimoire Heart for saving his life so the mission would be successful by any means nesscary in order for their success. He would eve give up his own life if he had to. This mission would be super duper successful. All these light mages were about to get the hammer thrown down on them.


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