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Renew [Odin:Private]

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Golden hues that shine like the sun, plump full lips that are colored like light pink roses as her skin was flawless and cream colored like pink pearls. Her hair was like strings of death with the color of purple raven feathers. She was wearing a drench coat that covered her body, her face as the hoodie was shadowing it. It was within the midst of night as the sun was gone and the moon was risen up the tops. The was a good night as all nights were favored by her, or at least the darker part. Her magic hated the darkness which was well known by all mages, so it was rare that her magic would be used.

Right now what sounded good to her taste buds was some alcohol. She hasn't seen or heard her sister in so long and neither has she heard of her friend, Nas. She felt alone within, but was that enough to let the darker side of her devour her into the abyss? No. Was she getting closer though? Yes. Her heart felt unknown on what to do. As she was thinking, she would walk towards the bar.

Her hips swayed, long hair in a ponytail would sway as her golden glowing hues looked forward yet wandered. She wanted to know her surroundings, but didn't want it to be noticed. She was wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a brown belt around her waist, showing somewhat of her curves. The pants were dark blue, normal jeans that covered the rest of her body as her feet were covered by normal sneakers. Her skin was her greyish-lilac color which made people look at her. Rather they were interested or rather afraid...or even looking at her like some weirdo, part of her didn't care. Her earrings were golden and just bead shaped. Her necklace was made of gold as well as the thin chain with it, the shape of the pendant was a single widow. What did it mean exactly? She wasn't sure as she found it in her mother's junk in the manor. The Manor itself had some interesting stuff in it.

Her eyes would see the bar that was made out of brick as the door was made out of dark oak. The door itself was glazed, knob was silver colored and the windows were in four-squared. Stepping forward her hand would press against the door and walked in. People were starring and so she walked forward, ignoring those stares as if she was something new that just came out. 'I hate being looked at like that...' she thought as she felt, but continued to have a calm facial expression. She wondered where to sit. Not too long she would see a chair on the far side with a table next to the tender. 'Might as well.' she thought and went to sit there, waiting for the tender and her drink.


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Yeah, still think mine is better...

That was the main thought going through Odin's head as he walked into a new bar in Era, desperate for a drink before anything began. He probably wasn't going to drink too much, lest he face the wrath of his guild master, but at the same time Odin had a high tolerance when it came to alcohol, whether it was an after effect of Lucifer's increased Endurance he didn't know, but he could drink a lot before getting too drunk. After all, he had only been drunk once before, and that was in his own pub, before he'd owned it anyway, and he'd asked the bartender for the strongest alcohol that was there. To this day, Odin had no idea what it was that he had drank, and he wasn't prepared to find out, despite now being in charge of the pub. Some things he just left Mac to handle, it was probably better than way.

Dressed in his usual bartender attire, Odin stepped through the doors of the pub, getting a few looks from his formal choice of dress, but most came and went. He did notice a few people glancing uncomfortably at a table on the side of the bar, one where a solitary woman sat. It was intriguing, and so Odin thought he might as well take advantage of the free seat. This had been one of the few times the dark mage had chosen to wear his bow-tie, made of black silk, which he chose to straighten as he walked towards the bar, getting two drinks, one for himself and one for the girl. He had no idea who she was, and so had no idea what to get her, so he decided to get two different drinks, both of which Odin enjoyed, so he could drink whichever one she didn't. The first was just a pint of beer, a simple drink that many enjoyed in the pub. The second was a strange cocktail he had been introduced to by a girl he had met in Crocus, Baska and then Oak. Odin had no idea what was in it, but he'd tried a Pina Wivodk Ball after that day, and he'd actually enjoyed the taste of it. Bringing both drinks over to the girl, Odin would sit the Pina Wivodk Ball in front of her, with the beer on his side, as he stood, deciding to be polite for once in his life. After all, Lucifer had to keep up appearances.

"Mind if I sit here ma'am? I'm not the bartender but I thought I'd get you a drink before I asked."

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Smiley face

The time was slow like as if grandfather time was asleep. Her eyes looked around yet was unnoticed due to her left eye being covered by her long bang. The people around here were still looking at her for whatever reason it was. Even though that was true, less and less people were doing so as one man appeared by her. She didn't look at him or anything as all she saw from the corner of her eye was his shadow. The man before her finally spoke, making her eyes widened a little. 'Couldn't possibly be...' she thought to herself softly as she heard the familiar voice. Quickly she shifted back to a calming expression to look up, seeing Lucifer in his suit. Didn't he only wear that at work?

She felt like questioning him, but he didn't know who she was. This felt rather an interesting opportunity. Her eyes would shoot towards the glass to see that it was the 'Pina Wivodk Ball'. 'He remembered? The drink?' she thought. She swore he didn't care about anything about her. So why would he remember such a drink? What was this? She tried to stay calm as she would nod. ''Of course. Thank you for the drink.'' she would say in a calm soothing yet womanly tone. Right hand going towards the drink, she'd take the Pina Wivodk Ball one. It would be rude to not take any of them. Was he acting again?

Rather if he was or not, she would let it go. The table was a normal round table with only two chairs. Rather he moved it on the other side or next to her, it wouldn't bother her. She knew Lucifer so it honestly didn't feel weird like she did with the other guy she drank with. What should she say though? She didn't want to bore him with casual talk, but she didn't want to flood him either with questions. ''It's lovely weather and time to drink. Is it not?'' she would question and took a sip of her drink. Usually Arisa would gulp her drink down, but it's rude to quicken a drink that was bought for you. It was nice to enjoy the taste instead of going for the feel of the alcohol. 'Nnn..' she thought as her insides felt warm from the alcohol as well. Hues of gold would glisten from the lights above them, her eyes looking into his. Still he had his olive hair that was somewhat messy and short. His eyes were so red like glowing rubies within the fire, being polished. Arisa was sadly unsure on what all to say to him.


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The woman's eyed widened slightly as she looked at Odin, almost as if she though she recognised him, which couldn't have been the case. Odin would've have known if he had ever met a woman with blue skin before in his life, and he most certainly hadn't. Maybe she had seen him in passing, but she didn't blend into crowds very well, so Odin felt like even then he would've noticed her, so he just ignored her motion and sat down, as she didn't seem to have any issues with that, otherwise she would've simply said them. As he sat, Odin finally heard her speak, as she thanked him for the drink, speaking in a mature voice that Odin thought he recognised, but he couldn't quite place it. Perhaps she was someone from his past, or maybe she just sounded like someone, it was a thought for a later time, as she took the fancier of the two drinks offered to her, leaving Odin with the beer, which he then took a swig of as he sat down.

Odin's seat was positioned so that he was sat across from the woman as it would be rude to buy someone a drink and then sit directly next to them. Not that Odin particularly cared for manners, but it was always better to be cautious, as this woman could easily try to kill him. He may have bought her a drink, but he still had no idea who she was, which meant he had to assume she was the worst, and work from there. He couldn't help but roll his eyes, however, as she spoke, saying what was quite possibly the oldest line ever for someone who wanted to make conversation but didn't know how. Odin wasn't honestly that sure why she wanted to bother, maybe she was just being nice, but the dark mage was perfectly content with just sitting and drinking, even if she wasn't. Despite that, he felt like he had to answer her, as he took another drink of his beer.

"Depends on what kind of weather you prefer. For a normal human being? Sure you could say this weather was lovely and a great time to drink. For polar bears, not so much. Besides, we're indoors, so it's not like the weather's going to affect us all that much."

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The two acted as strangers, but in reality they knew each other enough to be called simple friends. True she didn't know his exact name as she believed that anyone with some /word/ or a name of some other being as their name, it's obviously not their real name. Her golden hues still looked into his darkened red ones while she kept her calm facial expression. For some reason, one way or the other, her heart was beating abnormal. It wasn't like the beats she gets while thinking of the other one. She wished she knew what the beatings of the heart meant. What was special about one and the other. It pained her heart to even think of it.

Arisa would finish the drink that was given by Lucifer as he would finally speak to her. As usual he would speak in a rather nice yet stinging way. A typical woman would believe he was being rather nice with his words, but she knew that he was just trying to make himself look good. It honestly made her smile within, warm in a rather humorous way. ''True.'' she would simply say. What was she to say? Maybe if she somewhat hinted that she knew about him, but not say her name, he'd say more. ''How's your bar in Oak?'' she questioned calmly as she would then look away with her lion-like eyes. She felt shy, but once again, not as shy as she felt with the other 'friend' she spoke to recently. What was she to do about that situation anyways? Would Lucifer know? Perhaps, but he wouldn't care either way. Her full lips would curve into a small frown as she thought of her life. The pity life of a lone woman. What was she to do? She felt like this in Rune Knights, so that wasn't it. Slowly her right elbow would go against the table, cheek on her palm as she looked up at Lucifer in question.

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