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Trouble In Era [Foot Travel][Magnolia to Era]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Trouble In Era [Foot Travel][Magnolia to Era] Empty Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:25 pm

Ace Brookes

The rumours the gas mage was hearing were now starting to get more serious. It actually looked like someone was planning on taking advantage of the situation in Era. Who could it have been? Why were they doing this? Were other mages going there as well or was it just the young dark skinned mage? So many questions flashed through the young boys head, either way he still had to go check it iut as a member of the Rune Knights. It was a day's travel away. So by the time he stops somewhere to eat and gets some rest it should be a day and a half of total trabeling time. Not to mention his body will be weary from all the walking. However, it had to be done. It was his job and there was no backing down now. He gave his huge afro a smooth brush to make sure it wasn't completely sticking out of place and set foot for his journey to Era.

"Whoever it is and whatever it is they're doing. I will not make this easy for them..."

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