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Random Encounter [Solo Training/Closed]

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Random Encounter [Solo Training/Closed] Empty on Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:08 pm

Arisa looked forward as she started to walk through town and wondered on what to exactly do. Truly she felt like training as it's been a real long while. Was it truly right to train right now though as she had other things on her mind? Her heart was beating as she would thinking of this kind of thing or at least the thing that happened a couple nights ago. It was when she met the man in a chair. His eyes were dark as they had the stories that were never told, but there was some light hidden within them.

Golden eyes would glow as she looked forward towards the buildings that were darkened due to it being night. They started to close as she felt like it was too late to actually get anything to eat. 'Grrr' Her stomach started to growl as she would then wonder if there was some sandwich place that was opened. This reminded her of what happened when she got her first sandwich in Crocus. She continued to walk as she remembered back then.

The smell of fresh bread, cheese and meat – sandwiches. Truly sandwiches were amazing with prepped right as she learned this the hard way while surviving on her own with her friend. Her heart was beating nervously as she remembered those times or surviving. Her hand went down a little to grip the metal handle tightly, opening it forward to then walk in. Her eyes looked at the keeper and smiled nicely and innocent. ‘’What can I get ya, young lady?’’ he asked as he would then clean a glass. ‘’A blt with some turkey yet funnily no tomatoes.’’ She would say with a smile. He would chuckle a little as he nodded. ‘’Alrighty.’’ He would say while opening up a case.

He would put on some latex gloves without the powder on them. Next he would reach for the freshly made bread, cuts it in the middle and in half. After that he would grab for some turkey, bacon and cheese. He putted them together to make a simply BLT (Bacon Lettuce Turkey). She would smile as she took this sandwich and looked at it. ‘’Can I have some pepper with this?’’ she wondered. ‘’Ya sure.’’ He would say as he took the sandwich with love and care. Slowly he opened it and took some pepper- shaking it everywhere. She felt happy that she was getting this sandwich as she then finally took it. ‘’Thanks.~’’ she spoke happily as she then turned away to walk out the door. She’d walk out of the sub sandwich shop as she would take a single bite. As she was going to take it something rammed right into her, dropping that poor sandwich as if butter slipped out of her hands. The dude passed her without saying anything as the sandwich slow motion-ally died. Her eyes shot towards the man who had some afro hair.

That sandwich aroma still was smelling nice as if her memory remembered it exactly. The next thing that happened:  Quickly she tried to twirl and let out a leg for him to trip over – dropping the bat.  ‘’SHIT my knee!’’ he yelled as the bat was away from him. Her eyes became cold as she walked towards the bat, picking it up. ‘’You like conning people you little shit?’’ she question with a disgusted look from her eyes yet a smirk from her soft lips. Gripping the bat she would smack him in the head with it. He was knocked out, but to make sure he wouldn’t run she would slam the bat against his legs to break them hearing a cry from him.

Truly it was interesting as that was her first mission there, or was it? She really didn't remember as she felt too hungry to think truly all the way back then. It felt as if it was a year already, even though it wasn't. Her eyes looked forward still to see no place open. Maybe there was some food stall open further out of Era. Arisa continued to sway her hips towards the outer area. She was wearing her latex-like suit that fitted her body well. The front part had a v-shape slit that revealed some cleavage. The colors today were black and some maroon designs. Her hair on the other hand was all the way down unlike most of the days. With her hips, her hair of purple raven would sway with. Her arms on the other hand would dangle against her sides.

The further she went, the darker it got for her as her heart was beating slower and slower. Softly she'd breath while she would then step into the grass with her hiking boots. The grass felt somewhat cold and weak due to the cold and snow disappearing finally. She enjoyed it as the weather was crisp and good feeling against her lilac colored skin. Her plump lips would depart to breathe out some oxygen that puffed out some white smokey air as if she was smoking. 'This feels rather nice.' she'd think as her mind then remembered the last time she felt cold. The last time she was here for something that was fighting related. Truly that wolf would've been a good pet, but she had to kill it sadly.

A scream perhaps? Oh how lovely it sounded as a woman it seemed was screaming. Swiftly she would run towards an alley where it was coming from to see that it was feasting upon her body. Her eyes would light up as her lips formed into some insanity form as of the Cheshire cat. Quietly she would chuckle as her fists would clench. Her heart was ready whereever it was as she would honestly take her feelings into this wolf. Soon the wolf would eye Arisa Ana as it would stop feasting upon the woman's flesh to jump at her. Due to it being an obvious move of an animal to do this she would turn 90 degrees away from it. She was somewhat happy that she knew animals as if she was one. Her magic was not only nature, it was to speak to the animals as well...to know them as her magic it made her need to learn about them. She knew how reckless a wolf can be, a savage perhaps like she could be. There was no room for mercy as she would see the wolf miss to then turn around again. As the wolf would leap again towards her making Arisa ana lean back, arching backwards to then throw a fist up into its stomach. Due to that she would hear the wolf make a hurting noise. Her eyes would watch the wolf hit against the alley's wall to then hit the ground. ''No mercy for you, mutt.'' she would say coldly as she saw the wolf try to get back up to go after the kids. Her eyes saw them scared as they must've belonged to the woman. Slowly Arisa ana would walk towards the wolf that was inches away to kick her feet into the wolves skull. Sadly the wolf would leap up to bite her leg. 'Shit...' she would think as she would then lift her leg that had the wolf attached and kicked its skull into the brick wall. ''Get the fuck off you useless piece of shit.'' she would say as she would continue till the wolfs neck breaks and dies. As the wolfs teeth let go of her leg she would then walk towards the kids. ''Someone will be here soon...I'll send someone.'' she would say softly trying to not fear the kids. 'Poor brats. They're never going to get adopted.' she thought as she would then leave the alley. Finally she would find Daragast who wanted her to kill the stupid wolf.

The scream still echo's within her mind. She would then finally reach a clear area of some forest, not so far away from Era itself. Still would Arisa try to ignore the bite that was there still as neither would she show it to anyone.


She would have to ignore the growling and go hungry for the night. 'Shit...I should've gotten something before leaving the hotel...' she thought as her eyes then saw some random stranger in the midst of the night alone. 'Well well...someone to experiment on.' the darker voice spoke within her head. 'Truly? No...I can't.' she argued with herself and the darker voice in her thoughts. 'It's time...' it responded. ''Hey there.'' the random spoke as the man turned around, waved innocently due to noticing her existence. 'He noticed me already? Holy Jeebus.' she think as she would cock-up her right eye brow towards the random guy. ''Hello stranger.'' she'd say in a rather calm womanly voice. A small smirk would be hidden in the darkness as she would way her hips, walking towards the man. Like a typical male, he watched her hips and then scanned her body which was easily to be told. She stopped as soon as she would hit about five meters from him. ''Hey so...I saw you training out here. How about you train with me.'' she'd say and request in a way. Truly it was a question more than a request, but the way she put it was more of a request. There she'd stand in the cold and darkening night waiting for this random guys words or in this case, answer.

Her eyes went half closed as he just stood there as if he was shocked. ''E-excuse me?'' he questioned with wide eyes. The man had short blonde hair that was just under his ear - length. The color of his eyes were a rather pearl color which seemed legitly beautiful in her opinion. His body was half revealed from the pecks of his chest which was cut off because of the buttoned part. The pants he was wearing was just normal jogging pants that was tied by black strings. His shoes on the other hand were white with black strings like his pants. Finally Arisa's golden eyes would look back up at his pearl eyes with a smile of assurance. ''It'll be okay.'' she would say in a calm soothing, but womanly tone. He gulped, ''Uhhh if you're truly sure about this ma'am.'' he'd say and then got into some position. A small pinch of light appeared before him which rested upon his palm. 'Light magic? How grand... We can wreck him then.' the darker tone spoke within her thoughts which made her overly think of if she was sure on doing this or not. ''Oh and don't worry on going too easy on me please.'' Arisa spoke with a wave of her hand as she walked away from the man. She would get away another five meters so there was space. Her mind was truly thinking on things as she would then remember her mother, the things she taught her as there were plants and creatures of such.

Her heart pounded as she would then out of nowhere sprawl her arms out to create rather long arms made out of wines. Within every inch, there would be a thorn poking out as if it belonged to roses. Her right foot would move forward as her left leg would go back. Two vines appeared as they wrapped around her as if they became apart of her. ''W-what the...'' she'd hear from afar as she would hear the wind roar towards them. Due to what she did, he'd create a sword from his light magic which she then wondered on how much damage that sword could take. The tentacles would lift her up from the ground about ten meters to then balance on one. As she tipped over, one tentacle vine would go towards the man who then dashed back. 'Shit...' she thought as she missed the grab. ''Alright then.'' she spoke softly and giggled rather girlishly.

The tentacles would let her down. As soon as she was put down, she'd run towards the man while her right hand flicked back, creating a drill of about three and three meters thick and long as it'd go towards the man. He would once again try to dodge, but her hand moved towards his movements. ''Not this time!'' she'd say womanly yet insanely as she'd smile sadistically. The wood-like drill would go through the sword he tried to block with and went into the man's left arm. ''FUCK THAT HURTS!'' he'd yell as he moved his right hand to cover where it was spooling blood. He'd bend over, land on his knees into the cold wet grass. Arisa's eyes would squint as she would pay attention to the man's movements. Slowly she'd walk towards him, but then something was amiss as he wasn't saying anything. ''TAKE THIS!'' he'd say as he would flick his free hand towards her, shooting a bolt of light towards her. 'Crap!' she thought as she would put out both of her arms towards herself, creating a shell. The shell was made out of material of the earth, nature in this case. Gladly she did it on time as it only left a small crack. Due to the success she would take a deep breather and then peaked to look at the man. ''You done yet?'' she wondered and then saw that his arm was still bleeding. ''Ugh...I didn't think you were a nature user.'' he'd say. It was true as his light didn't do as much as it would've done to her if she was some other element. Her nature magic was strong against him, like she was against water as well. Her weakness was darkness and fire, but even if that was true, she thought the elements were beautiful. It was sad that she thought all elements were beautiful, even when weak to them. The man she met before had dark elemental, weak to him, but she still liked his element. What actual magic he had was still a mystery. Even if that was on her mind, she had to take care of this stranger. Perhaps to kill him or take him to a hospital to be taken care of. What was the true answer? What was the easier answer to make happen? If she went the easy way...it was to experiment and kill him. Was she really going to go that way though? No. Softly sighing she would walk towards the man and created five meter tentacles to grab ahold of him. ''Alright... Let's get you somewhere safe then.'' she'd say as she would carry him off and into the city to get him healed up.



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