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We meet again [Leyeria/Private]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:14 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
A lot had change since she the last talking to her father. A lot good and a lot bad. Mostly bad though. Nearly loosing her eyesight in her right eye while in the hospital yet again back in Crocus just before the Martial Arts Tournament. She wore her Rune Knight armor showing she was apart of the Council. Her eye patch stood over her right eye showing. At least she recovered some sight in her eye, but it looked horrible. It was day time around early afternoon. A nice day it was as she decided to go to the park with Hans, her fiance. Hans stood around six foot seven inches with white hair with pure blue-gray eyes. He wore a top hat of a gray color with steampunk outfit of different shades of gray and black. He happily held her hand. "It's nice to be back home again. I missed Era. Though, there is still nothing to do besides this stupid park" said Hans. He stopped and took a drink from a nearby water fountain. The redhead's neko ears twitched and were forward in a cal, collected mood.

The bad thing about everything was she was on her own when it came to taking care of the mansion and cleaning. Hans helped a bit, but cleaning the entire mansion without any hired service was a pain. Apparently, her father now lives in Hargeon or has been taking a long vacation. "Sad Hikaru or dad is not back yet we still have to tell my father were getting married. One thing after another, first loosing my mother then the illness and now my sight. I am at my knees here" she sighed. Her arms were crossed against her chest while she looked down with single good eye. Hans gave a glance of playfullness. The kitsune's eyes brightened as he tackled her to the ground. "Hans! What was that" she cried. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. They got up as he hugged her tightly. "You're too negative! Cheer up Ms. Grumpy Pants! Come on, my princess, were going to enjoy our day" he smiled. He picked her up in princess style making her ears go sideways in irritation. She never liked being reated this way. "Okay but let me down! I can walk myself" she hissed. He didn't and put her over his shoulder making her helpless. "Uuuuggghhh you are difficult..." she grumbled. She hoped no one she knew would see her like this. It was embaressing.

#2Leyaria Venerak 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:10 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Would it be accurate to say that after a night Leyaria was starting to more appreciate Era? It was difficult to gauge entirely.

On one hand, certainly the familiarity of the city was beginning to develop itself within her mind. The crowded roads and markets which overwhelmed her only a day earlier were far less daunting, far less intimidating. However, the feeling in which the city of Era carried over her, the sense of amounting to little more than a gnat; that did not depart.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that that sense would ever be dispelled from Leyaria. She had grown up feeling that, but she had also grown up enough not to pretend that a single night in a different city would suddenly change that.

“You’d think that a city as large as this, it’d be more inviting. Don’t you agree?” Leyaria casually remarked to Geth, the small construct-like creature of whom she had begun to develop a bond with. A small sound echoed from the creature; a reflection of the relationship between the two of them, one that seemed to get stronger as the days went.

The two had walked for a great deal already, enough to elicit what resembled a whine from the creature. “I’ll take that as a yes,” the younger Dragon Slayer remarked as the two changed course, abandoning the cobblestone paths that went further along towards the market, instead making their way to the large park which occupied the greater extent of the immediate area in Era. After continuing to walk for someplace to rest their legs – unfortunately lacking within the park – the two had finally got a chance to rest their legs.

As Geth took the opportunity to admire the area around them, the animals just beginning to resurface again as the weather began to clear up, Leyaria couldn’t help but smirk and chuckle slightly at the creature’s intrigue. “Curious, aren’t you?” She spoke aloud, not paying much heed to if Geth heard her or not, “Suppose I shouldn't be surprised.” 

Not too far from them, there appeared two people, a young couple seemingly having a grandiose time, much like that of what Leyaria had seen throughout her travels, of lovers with the world ahead of themselves. “Isn’t that sweet. Almost makes you forget about the rest of the ugliness in the world. All of the nastiness of it…” She remarked under her breath, thinking back to the hardships of her time in both Hargeon and Crocus, of times she'd sooner like to forget.

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#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:01 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Hans would not let go of the young Neko as she gave up knowing she would loose. He was extremely attached to the woman. She felt the same towards him. They were like any normal couple. Both of them loved each other very much and yearned for each other's affection and support. Hans was more bold about it than Lee, but they both felt the same way He was her light and choas. She was his order and darkness. They were eternal opposites. After all the pain she has been through, he never failed to love her. This was the very man or kitsune that save her life from the everlasting darkness of the black hole. Those people tortured her. Broke her spirits and hope. Scarred her for life as ruined.

He placed her down gently on her feet. Slowly, he held her tightly reliving old memories and those same old feelings as if see her for love at first sight. Only something that would happen in a movie. The only person to ever give meaning in his life. She gave a happy grin that she was not afraid to show, giving in to the derpy, loving kitsune. Over his shoulder, she opened her eye to see someone she recognized. Leyeria. The girl she met at the bar that one night. She was a carbon copy of LeeAnn, only younger and different problems. The redhead saw herself in the young girl giving her advice that she herself was still trying to follow. It was better to give advice that you may not follow than to not to at all. A lot had changed since their last meeting.

Now, she had neko ears and tail the color of her crimson hair. An eyepatch over her right, nearly blind eye as well as a slightly scared nose. There was more internally going on thought that she could hide extremely well. Hans by her side gave her the comfort to help show a bit more of a positive mood than she would usually be. "Is that Leyaria" she whispered. Hans looked down at her slightly confused then looked at where LeeAnn was staring at. "Who's what now? Leyaria? Who's she" asked Hans. The redhead gave a smile. A small one regarding their last encounter was a reviving one. Sometimes in her life, she would come across a sinking ship wanting help. Lee would always grab that person's hand even when she herself was being swallowed by life's obsticale course. "A girl I met at the bar back in Crocus a while back. She...caught my eye there. Out of all the people in that bar, I noticed something about her. I read people all the time and I know when I see someone interesting. She's like me. Suffering. Wanting help. Needing someone there. Remember...when I was down and out like that" she said.

The kitsune nodded. Clear as day, he remember the young fourteen year old girl. Scared. Fragile. All alone. Hans saved her that day. Only one could be saved either her or her mother. Hans chose her. That point forward he stuck with her ever since not knowing where to go. Not wanting to leave LeeAnn alone to suffering for all enternity, alone. Someone needed to be there to help her. This was that situation with Leyaria. The neko saw herself in Leyaria and knew she needed at least one soul to help pry her forward through life's struggles. "I could I forget? My memory only goes back to the day I found you" he replied. Her eye only softened to a sweetness. "She needed to be saved then. I could tell. The real reason I want to better myself...is not only for my family's sake, but...to help people. You are the reason that came to make me realize that" she smiled. Her hand wrapped around his as she moved forward towards Leyaria. LeeAnn was in her usually Rune Knight armor showing she was still apart of the council. "Leyaria? It's been a while" she smiled at the young girl and her companion. Hans stood as his head tilted. His white hair came into his eyes as she moved it away.

#4Leyaria Venerak 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:13 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It was a warm day, warmer than had been the case certainly in recent memory. Whether it had been within Era or within Crocus, today felt as though the first real occassion in which the people could simply appreciate the impending warm weather; a welcome contrast to that of the frigid conditions Fiore had been forced to endure for the past several months. So nice in fact that Leyaria didn't mind leaning her head back as the sunlight graced upon her skin, her focus drifting away as she closed her eyes, confident - or at the very least, hopeful - that Geth did not do anything which otherwise may get it or her into trouble.

Peace and quiet had become such forgotten qualities to Leyaria that she failed to even recognize how quickly time had passed. As she lifted her head, a very quick scan of the park remarkably enough showed Geth still in the close proximity of Leyaria though the couple that she had noticed moments before seemed to have disappeared. At least that was what she had come to believe, until she heard a familiar voice; one that caused Leyaria's eyes to widen as she processed it.

Turning her head, Leyaria was shocked by what she saw, though more of it appeared to be of delight than anything else. There stood a woman, bearing a striking similarity to that of the woman she had met within Crocus only a short time earlier, LeeAnn. However, even though she looked very similar, there were some key differences. Most notably, the fox ears atop her head and the distinct eye patch, both of which proved difficult to ignore. For a brief time, Leyaria wasn't convinced herself that it were LeeAnn, at least until she once again heard the woman repeat her name.

"LeeAnn!?" The young Dragon Slayer couldn't help but jump up with excitement as she wrapped her arms around the woman, not even realizing she may have had her within a vice grip until she finally did let go, "I'm so sorry!" It took a moment for her to collect herself, but it was clear that even that there was a great deal of excitement still upon Leyaria's face.

"I can't believe it's you..." Her initial reaction, her tone was that of excitement and glee. Though quickly as time went, a depressed look began to form upon her face, to the point of outright dismay. "Oh God... LeeAnn... What, what happened?" She struggled to find the words, her hand floating very faintly towards that of the eyepatch, a level of fear overtaking her as Leyaria wondered the possible reasons for such a drastic change in what seemed like a relatively short timespan. That said, she was hardly one to talk herself, given her Devil Slayer scars having disappeared and instead being replaced with the lone scar of the her recent lacrima surgery.

A gentle thud against Leyaria's leg had her looking down towards her golem-like companion Geth, nudging against Leyaria in hopes of being included within this reunion of sorts. While the Dragon Slayer hoped to turn the conversation to something a bit warmer than that of what happened to LeeAnn, she nevertheless couldn't help but worry about what happened. It almost had seemed as though their sets of circumstances had changed in the short time since they last met. "Sorry. This little guy's name is Geth. Just don't ask me just what he is or where I got him." She looked down at the creature for a moment, a weak smile appearing upon her face as she looked back at LeeAnn, "I don't think I'd be able to answer either of them."

Pointing towards the two cat-like ears upon LeeAnn's head, Leyaria found herself too intrigued to not find out where they may hae originated from, "So, what's the story with those? If you don't mind me asking."

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#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:19 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was glad to see Leyaria was doing better than when she had first met her. Her advice of seeking a friend was surely helping even with a companion. Creatures from animals to humans. Its was rather important to advise some help in life. This was a lesson LeeAnn, herself, was trying to learn. It was a hard lesson for someone who grew up to always depend on yourself and no one else. At first when joining the Watchdogs team, she thought herself as more of a team based person than her brother. Though, now, with a different perspective on life as well as herself, that was now backwards. Her brother, Hikaru, was more of a team person than she is. She acts like it, but she can't accept help for herself. Helping others on the other hand is something she doesn't mind doing. Actually, she rather prefer that. Which is always why she wants to hear about other's problems.

Leyaria noticed her immediately at the tone of her voice. The girl's eyes glow with joy. Quickly, she wrapped her arms around her with a great big hug. It did catch LeeAnn off guard making her nearly fall over, but she only smiled glad to see her friend. "Someone is sure happy to see me! You seem to be doing rather well" she smiled. Leyaria quickly let go of her seeing her reaction. The girl held a a great deal of joy on her face seeing LeeAnn. The happiness radiating from her rubbed off the young redhead. A small smile came upon her lips. "Yep it's really me. I still can't believe its you. You look like you have been doing well yourself" she smiled.

Then her heart sunk a little. Forgetting that she was even wearing the eyepatch, she was now reminded that she was. Clearly, Leyaria began to worry. Memories of the incident flashed back to the hospital and the terror she felt was now coming back. A sound of church bells broke her trance shaking her head. The Rune Knight only had her cat ears fold back with a slightly worried look. "Ah....it's nothing just...a flesh wound" she smiled.

The attention was quickly directed to her pet to make her distracted from the bad thoughts. Leyaria had acquired a small golem named Geth. Hans squatted down and smiled. "Well Hi there little guy! He's so adorable" he smiled. He would poke the little golem on top of the head wondering if he was fully made out of rock. Hans would study this little creature as LeeAnn narrowed her eye at her fiance. "Hans, stop creeping out Geth" she said. He huffed as he got up and hugged LeeAnn. "He sure is cute. I want a companion so bad, but I waiting for ind just the right one" she said. She has had her eye on those Totodile species. Hearing they evolve three times really caught her attention.

#6Leyaria Venerak 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:43 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It were the moments like this, for as joyful as they may have appeared to be, that it really dawned upon Leyaria just how much time had passed. Just how much the world around her had changed in the time that she had seemingly been gone, and yet still so many questions persisted. She could still recall the first time that she and the woman before her met; how Leyaria was little more than a unstable wreck - both from an emotional and physical point of view - and how strong and assure of herself LeeAnn appeared.

Now before her, the woman seemed so different and yet seemed so similar. LeeAnn radiated in confidence, having an upbeat persona to her that did not seem to waiver, even in the wake of whatever had happened to her eye. The fox ears seemed new as well, though compared to that of the injury, it was a secondary interest if anything. LeeAnn spoke positively of Leyaria, her words proving to be as conflicting as how the young Dragon Slayer was seeming to feel. Seem to be doing well? Oh, I wish I could tell you that... A weak smile formed upon her face, less that of an acknowledgement of what LeeAnn had said, but rather that of her trying to hide what she was truly feeling; that with so much of her recent memory gone, knowing that she was able to retain a memory of someone like LeeAnn, it meant the world to her.

"Well, things have been... Well, they've been, I suppose." Leyaria couldn't help but bite the inside of her mouth, her answer coming off as a far more cryptic one than she hoped it would have. "I mean, things have been great. At the very least, they're better off than they were the last time we spoke." For as true as that might have been, it wasn't as though they were complete and utter contrasts to one another. Leyaria once stood on the verge of giving up, ready to throw away her life when the two had first met. That was no longer the case, but to a degree, she felt as though she had a piece of herself, her identity, stolen from her.

The last thing she wanted being too much of the attention being focused towards her, Leyaria quickly sought to change the conversation, shifting it instead to the tall man who stood besides LeeAnn, the man's intrigue seeming to rival that of Geth's - or at the very least, their intrigue of each other that is. "I don't think Geth really minds. Never seems to mind, whatever the circumstance." There was truth to that, as since the two began travelling, Leyaria could not recall an instance in which Geth seemed to be irritated by people's intrigue of it. "Anyways... If you don't mind asking, who's your friend?" She asked, hoping that she did not come off as impolite in doing so.

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#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:05 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
Leyaria seemed at least better in many aspects with more life in her eyes than before. She at least held something meaningful in her life such as her little companion Geth like LeeAnn held Hans and Hikaru dear to her heart. She hestiated at first with her answer to her question. There was something about Leyaria that made her able to tell people how she was feeling. It was hard to be honest with yourself as a person. Something that LeeAnn struggled with all the time. She remembered her mother ignoring every time when she tried to open up and her loving father would alway encourage her to talk about her feelings. Though, her parents were opposite spectrums of parenting. Her father was loving and nuturing as her mother was cold and made LeeAnn her little soldier. Why she wanted to show the world that she wanted to find her mother? It was for her father. Not for the sake of having her mother back. It was to heal the one of the most important people in her life.

The Rune Knight smiled admiring Leyaria's abilites to share her feelings that she never could. LeeAnn held a mask to the world hiding her true self. For a long time, she knew that. Locking her heart into a box to remain strong for her family and friends. LeeAnn was just couldn't bring herself to just share her feelings. Hans was the only person who could in the past, but now that only dwindled to Hikaru. Her eye shined at the Leyaria.
"You are on the road to recovery.
I don't expect anyone to recover over night.
Trust me I know all too well. You are finding a reason to live. Do it for Geth, he needs you and you need him"
she smiled. It was not all the time she held a mask of her true self. The smiles she did bring were not false. Her feelings still remained strong it was how she never wanted to cry and tell others how she felt. It was the aspect of crying that she thought would ruin her image.

Hans remained curious about Geth. He would just sit there and stare at the creature like a curious cat. Leyaria said Geth really didn't mind which was a small relief since most people would find him annoying and creepy with how random and hyper he was. In all honesty, he was the person that brought her life and a reason to keep living. There were multiple occasions where he saved her life. Leyaria asked about him as he looked up and smiled. His white hair was swept out of his blue eyes. "Oh I forgot to introduce him, I'm sorry. Leyaria this is my fiance, Hans. Hans this is a good friend of mine Leyaria and you already know Geth" she said. Hans stood up and waved happily. He had this radiating from him. "Hello!
So you're Leyaria, Lee's talked about ya for a while all good things. Finally I get to put the face to the name...or is it a name to the face? How does that saying go"
he said, mumbling. LeeAnn laughed a little at his small comment about the phrase. She looked at Leyaria. "You want to go for lunch? It will be on me, just name whatever you desire. It would be nice to continue this conversation with some food" she smiled.

#8Leyaria Venerak 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:17 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Her fiance? Leyaria stood there for a moment with eyes widened, slightly surprised at the announcement. If there had been any question within her as to how much time had passed since the last time that these two women had run into one another on that fateful night in Crocus, now seemed to cement that curiousity, if not even making her panic. Of what she was able to remember of their previous encounter, never had the topic ofa fiance arisen, at least not that she could remember. It was in this that there coexisted both fear and happiness towards LeeAnn. On one hand, it was something that the redheaded woman had reason enough to be thrilled about and Leyaria was happy for her as well. But on the other, it panicked the young Dragon Slayer that so much time had elapsed that the woman had managed to find someone that she loved enough to eventually marry. Taking into account all things of which she still struggled to wholly comprehend, it was in this blank space of time that ate away at her the most.

She stammered her words, trying to find the most appropriate thing to say. For some reason, a simple congratulations seemed insufficient, an affront to the happiness that the two of them deserved. "Uh," she choked up, still struggling to figure out just what to say, eventually conceding to the first things which popped into her head. "That's great! Truly, that's, that's incredible!"

While happy for the two of them, Leyaria found herself slightly uncomfortable with LeeAnn's finance, particularly the apparent lack of boundaries that he exhibited towards her and Geth. The small creature did not seem to mind, nor did it seemingly ever have an issue with regards to its privacy. Leyaria was not so tolerant; finding herself pushing herself away in hopes of creating a slight it of distance between her and the man with fox attributes. Though brief, the longer time went on, the more uncomfortable she seemed to become with the apparent closeness. It was by luck or perhaps just good fortune that LeeAnn spoke again, proposing that the trio get something to eat.

The idea was a welcome one to Leyaria. For a woman with nothing to her name in a city that was far from catering to the disenfranchised and less fortunate, it did not leave many options for the Dragon Slayer. Of what she was able to get her hands on, it would be hardly worthy of being called a satisfactory meal, but it was all that she could manage. So to be invited for a meal - alongside with the company of a friend like that of LeeAnn - she was honored to even be considered for such a gift. "That would be lovely. Thank you, LeeAnn! And Hans."

The only question that stood was where would they go. Leyaria was still learning the layout of Era, nor had she at any point been really looking for fancy places to eat; Since she had arrived, her focus had been on surviving.
Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:47 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn thought she had mentioned her fiance before when they first met. Of course, the kitsune she was marrying did intimdate some people due to his spontaneous personality and not taking anything literally. He would simply look at LeeAnn. Leyaria stood there in utter shock giving her the indication that something was wrong. Carefully, the young redhead studied her friend's behavior to see if she did anything wrong. Of course, she did this with everyone even her own brother. Slowly, she could see her congratulating LeeAnn as she blinked a few times in shock. "Oh thank you. I thought I mention it before or perhaps I forgot. We've been engaged for quite some time sicne what beginning of last year? Yeah around that time. I just really dont like bragging about it since I dont like being center of attention. Though, Thanks" she smiled sweetly. Hans just continued to ignore LeeAnn as she gave stares. It was quite clear she could tell that the shy, timid girl was not used to someone so overbearing like Hans. Which was understandable.

Slowly, she noticed Leyaria backing away from the kitsune. A small glance at her fiance who was paying attention to Geth. Her eyes shifted back and forth before coming to the confirmation that she was not very settles with how close Hans was to her. Geth settled. The kitsune got up form his spot hearing the word lunch made her ears perk up. LeeAnn gave him a look to behave as he gave them their space. She would smile and was about to say something when Hans interrupted.
"I'm going to find a few things for my project. Bye bye" he smiled. He wandered off like usual leaving her, Leyaria, and Geth alone for lunch. LeeAnn shrugged. "Where do you want to go to? You like spicy food, bland, interesting and differing.
Name your poison and we will go there"
she smiled as they begun to walk. Hans knew the routine by now. After some quietness passing by, she spoke up. "I'll pay for your meal and Geth's if he's hungry. I'm sorry about my fiance, he is a lot to take in for anyone. He means no harm trust me, he just well..spontaneous" he mentioned to her.

#10Leyaria Venerak 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:38 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It was mixed bag, this reunion of sorts with LeeAnn. On one hand, it was great to see her again, particularly given how well the two had interacted when in Crocus, how so long ago it had been prior. But on the other, that was as much the concern which she had, the fact that there seemed to have been so much time that elapsed since then, so much time that Leyaria did not seem to remember at all. And the more that the two of them seemed to bond and reminisce on the past, the more and more it became apparent to the Dragon Slayer that she was out of place.

The world had completely moved on around her while whatever happened to her took place. Even as she thought back to their first encounter in Crocus that fateful night, Leyaria struggled to remember just when it was that it had been, just what part of the year they had met. She vaguely remembered the cold, but that wasn't nearly enough to know for certain if it had been recent or not. There was little more that she could do now, no means of travelling back in time and hope to understand just what happened exactly, nor was this the place.

Although there was little to dispute the fact that this was a serious concern for her, Leyaria put that distress to the side, focusing instead on her friend. And as her fiance left the two of them for some sort of assignment or another, the young Dragon Slayer almost wanted to let out a sigh of relief. Fear of how LeeAnn may have reacted was more than enough to deter her. She couldn't but be a bit thankful that LeeAnn spoke before her, offering an apology on behalf of her fiance.

"Oh no, it's quite alright. Just..." Leyaria gave careful consideration to her words, the last thing wanting to do to offend her friend or fiance,"I guess you could say I'm just, not used to the closeness. If that makes sense." She hoped that it would make some sense to LeeAnn, as it certainly didn't make any sense to her.

The group had begun to walk out of the park and it was at that point that Leyaria realized the folly of what was going on. Stopping in her place, she turned towards LeeAnn, a faint chuckle escaping her lips, "Heh, I'm sorry. I just realized, I really don't know anywhere in this city. Ugh, where would you like to go? Makes far more sense, and really it's the very least I could do, allow you that much." It was true. Leyaria was so out of place, and truthfully even in just conceding that small gesture to LeeAnn, she still felt as though she owed the woman far more.

Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

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#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

We meet again [Leyeria/Private] Empty on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:49 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Hans tend to wander about doing projects on the house or building machines. He was a tinker. LeeAnn never seemed question it due to being used to it for about seven years now. The neko had forgotten how over bearing it would be for other people who met him. Guess that was the plus side on her benefit, she knew how to tune out her fiance when she wanted to. Leyaria seemed quite relieved in the muscles of her face. Her observation was quite clear that she really did like Hans or found him a little overbearing. She took it lighty knowing not everyone was going to like him like she did. Leyaria apologized and said she was not used to it. "It's really fine.
You're a shy person and I forget how overbearing he can be for some people. I live with him for what seven years of my life. You kinda get used to his shenanigans after a while"
she said calmly.

They would make their way out of hte park as LeeAnn mention Leyaria could choose where they ate at. She did not know the town as well as she did since Leeann grew up here anyways. Made sense and wanted her to choose. LeeAnn thought of a restaurant that she could still eat at with also having a good selection of food. A simple diner would probably be best fitting for them. "Alright then, how about a simple diner? Its somewhere with a good selection of food that will fit to our taste buds. That sound alright" she asked, turning to her friend. If Leyaria approved of her suggestion they would press forward to the direction of the east side of town. It was a while away giving a good amount of time to talk and some exercise to enjoy the fine spring day.

Some quietness passed giving LeeAnn to stir up something to talk about besides life in general. Lately, her thoughts had gotten even deeper in her mental thinking. The same nightmare she had been having for about several weeks now and spurts of random episodes at the mention of hospitals or trying to go to one. She did a good job of hiding her emotions with a metaphorical mask. While they were walking, she felt a pain in her head causing her to stop and pause. LeeAnn hung forward slightly as her right hand held her head as if she had a dizzy spell or something. Her eye squinted remaining quiet. It took a few minutes for it to pass as she would come back looking at Leyaria with a gentle smile. "Don't worry, I'm fine. It happens" she said. While saying this, anyone could clearly tell that she was exhausted with bags under eyes. She would walked with her friend. "This diner has the best burgers in all of Era. I don't know what your up for, but they have a little bit of everything. I thought it would be a good choice" she smiled. There was clearly something that LeeAnn was hiding, but she pretended that it was no problem.


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