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To the Heart of the Enemy [Oak -> Era]

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To the Heart of the Enemy [Oak -> Era] Empty Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:02 pm

It was time to move on. Time to leave the town of Oak, a town that had been good to Odin overall, having given him a multitude of Quests and even more income from his new position as the owner of a Pub.A town that had allowed him to meet with his guild members and plot, as well as train with them, and understand them better than he had ever cared to understand about any before. It was true, he had some characters in Oak town, that was for sure. From the doctor Mabuz and his strange creations: the hexes and the white claudia serum which caused the taker to see their worst nightmares in many different ways; to Sirius Phantasm of the illustrious Phantasm family that basically ruled over the town along with the resident dark guild: Phantom Lord. It had been almost comical, the way Grimoire Heart had operated in secret right under the noses of their only major competition in the world of darkness, taking the quest that would no doubt have originally been intended for dark mages of the Phantom Lord to take. Even beyond simple civilians who had provided Odin with quests, he had met some very interesting mages. Nastasya was the prime example of this, having been his partner on more than one occasions, as well as a competent sparring partner when it came to training. A fellow guild member, and the closest thing Odin had ever experienced to friendship, she had recently undergone a transformation from a human into a vampire, giving her many new abilities. Beyond that was the girl Arisa, whom Odin had encountered literally everywhere he had been. First he had met her in Crocus, back when his journey had just begun, in a random bar that had erupted into a fight. That had certainly been and interesting day. Afterwards, it had been Baska, just before the first round of the martial arts tournament, where they had met on the hills on the outskirts of town. Finally, they had met once again in Odin's own pub: the Swineherd. It had been this encounter where the two had finally introduced themselves using their true names, or as true a name as Odin possessed. Arisa was her true name, even though she had tried to hide it. She was part of a formerly very well off family, who had made quite a name for themselves in the fashion world before disappearing, leaving only a manor and a name, a name that Odin found difficulty pronouncing no matter how many times he ran it over in his head.

The journey to Era was a long one, and a complete pain the arse for Odin, who had left Oak town early in the hopes of avoiding traffic. It had thus far succeeded, as he had only met one other person on his travels. This was much more fortuitous than his last early morning venture to the mountains outside of Oak. Getting up and leaving his room at four o'clock in the morning had resulted in Odin being attacked by both bandits and a monster in the forests. It had really hindered his plans for the day, even if it had helped make his training a lot more interesting. Unfortunately for Odin, the journey from Oak to Era would not be as interesting, and the young dark mage would find himself making it to the base of the Rune Knights without any issues whatsoever. The journey would take Odin through a number of interesting places, one of which being Baska Town once more, a place where he chose to stay a little to rest up before making the next leg of the journey, which would take the olive haired mage through the Oberon Forest, Sieghart Mountains, the Worth Woodsea, as well as the cold town of Nanuq, all places that Odin did not want to stay in for very long if he could help it. After a few hours resting in Baska, the next leg would pass in a blue, resulting in Odin making it to his next checkpoint: Orchidia, a town he had never visited before, and one he probably would visit again after his business in Era was complete. This checkpoint wasn't to allow Odin to pass through any hard terrain in the last leg, but rather to let him rest before heading through Crocus, as he hoped to simply enter and leav the holy capital as soon as he possibly could. Once Crocus had been completed, the last stop would finally be Era. It would be dark by the time Odin left Orchidia, and he would make it through Crocus in the early hours of the morning on the day after he had left Oak. He was glad that he had decided to rest up on the other towns, as otherwise he would have been exhausted upon his arrival to Era.

It would only take a few more hours before Odin saw the gates of Era, and would enter the town, probably being one of the last to arrive from his guild. Many were being ordered to gather in Era for a mission, an ultimate request straight from the guild master himself: Crowley, spoken through the voice of Icarus. This new mission, whatever it was, would require the combined efforts of both Grimoire Heart and a select few members of the much larger Phantom Lord guild, but as to what Icarus was planning, Odin had as of yet no idea.


Entered Era

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