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The book [Private/Alice]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

The book [Private/Alice] Empty on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:13 pm

Selena Maelstrom
A bright spring day in Era never looked so radiant. Although there was a slight chill in the air the sun shone down radiant beams of gold that illuminated the cobbled streets of Era. It was early morning, the grass still saturated with dew, the birds coming out to singing their mornings song. Selena was still up from the week before, never choosing to sleep but preferring to pass out whenever her body needed it. Right now however Selena was trying to stay awake with some coffee from a local shop close to the rune knight barracks. Selena never wanted to stray too far away from the place in case her body became over tired and needed rest, and it was the safest place around.

Selena seemed to be far more paranoid now. Weather it be from the lack of sleep, the rise in crime or the book she had been reading for the 59th time now, no bystander could say. She did however give off the impression of an insane woman. Her hair was all busy, looking like it wasn't touched by her in weeks. Her eyes that usually shone cobalt were now a dull grey and drooping. Her skin was a lot paler too, something one would see if someone was locked up with not direct contact with sunlight.

Selena closed the small book over again now finishing the 60th read. She sighed deeply and reached for her coffee. She began to feel the tiredness creep up on herself again. Ever since finding the book she could not set it down, it was her only link, besides Alice. It kept her connected in a way she never had been and answered so much. She read every line with such detail she was sure she understood it all. Even the scratched out words, the ripped pages, the handwriting in the margins, everything. Selena had wanted to show someone but was almost too afraid. Setting the mug down, Selena burrowed her face in her hands and closed her eyes, and without realising began to drift off to sleep.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

The book [Private/Alice] Empty on Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:00 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Even though Alice her meeting with Konstantin, she wasn't entirely sure what she should do. Joining the Knights did sound great but what if Selena didn't want it? What if she wasn't up for it, she never knew if she would be able to hold on to her new sight of life. The fact that she was afraid that she would not completely go for the not always easy way out.. would mean she definitely wasn't ready yet for such a big change in life.

The weather of today was beautiful, she enjoyed it, wearing a light blue skinny jeans, a mint green crop top and high black heels would give her the perfect sunny spring look. She watched Ophelia, as the cleffa was walking in front of her, it was hard to look away from her since it was quite crowdy but the little companion wanted to walk by herself. Which was fine from time to time. However right now Alice was craving coffee and thus she picked up Ophelia and turned to the local coffee store that she had just seen. She had never been there but it would be worth the try. She ordered a latte machiato and turned her back to the cashier once she paid to find a spot. They would call out her name or either bring it to her so she could get a table. She picked a small round table and placed Ophelia on the opposite chair, the girl on the table next to her was asleep or so it seemed after one quick glance. Alice went to sit down to look better around and she noticed that the woman on the other table looked far too familiar, she stood up immediately shook the shoulder of her cousin Selena! Such a coincidence.

#3Selena Maelstrom 

The book [Private/Alice] Empty on Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:09 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena remained asleep, totally oblivious to the outside world. It was a deep sleep. Selena wasnt really dreaming, just lying in the darkness of her mind as her brain recharged. then all too suddenly an image of Alice appeared in her head. Not only her image but her smell. Selena was puzzled and began to grunt softly into her hands. Why was Alice popping up in her head. Selena did feel guilty that she had not contacted her in ages, especially since what had caused her to be absent concerned them both. But the image was only of Alice. Selena had not met many of her other comrades in a while yet Alice was the only one appearing in her head. Selena noticed that Alice looked happier, and she could not see her old phantom lord guild mark. Selena kept grunting uncomfortably in her sleep, still not realizing she was asleep. The familiar press of the book under her elbows kept her asleep. She had often felt safe as long as she was holding the book she had found. Selena made sure to go find Alice once she woke up, but right now she was enjoying the bliss of sleep.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

The book [Private/Alice] Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:55 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Waking up Selena was a harder job than Alice initually thought how it would be. But than again it could be different from other people and depending on how much you sleep in a couple of days, Alice wondered if Selena hadn't slept for quite a while and at first she didn't want to bother her cousin but she threw caution in the wind, she wanted to talk to Selena and let her not sleep in a coffee place! She shook a few more times at Selena her shoulder, even whispered her name agitated because nothing seemed to work. In the end she went to sit opposite the table and kicked her cousin at her shins to see what would happen with that. If she wouldn't wake up for that Alice would give up, go back to the table next to her, lean on her left hand to stare at Selena at her right and sip coffee and wait.

There were many things Alice had to tell Selena. About Ophelia, Phantom Lord, maybe her magic and.. she turned red the moment she thought about it.. nothing important. She looked away for a second trying to get her bored looking face back into that and stare at Selena again, what was that book she was lying on?

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