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Ice cream [Tori/Private]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:36 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The redhead shown up in her childhood home with a miedium sized mansion that was large enough for a family of nine. She did come from a wealthy noble family. Though, she never liked to flash it around to rub it in everyone's face. She worked hard to buy her house in Crocus. Hans, a tall kitsune man with pure white hair and a derp look on his face, stood over most of the crowd being six foot, seven inches. He wore a top hat and steampunk outfit in colors of grays and blacks. His tails were hidden from society appearing to be a normal average person. The redheaded neko as her white tiger ears twitched she seemed to be dragged somewhere yet against her will. Though, she couldn't fight with her fiance. He was always a happy-go lucky guy that took nothing seriously. "I think there was one around here somewhere. Oh well" he said. He carried the armored knight over his shoulder. How he could carrying 150 pound armored Rune Knight was shocking.

The kitsune found the ice cream parlor and zoomed in. He bounced up and excitedly like a little kid still with LeeAnn over his shoulder. "Glad your happy, sweetheart, but can you PLEASE let me down? This is getting a little embarrassing" she asked a bit annoyed. He set her down. They waited in line for ice cream. With her odd diet, she didn't know whether she could eat any of this otherwise might end up with a night with stomach pain. The cough dough ice cream looked good. Hans thought so too. They walked up to the counter together. "What would you guys like" smiled the cashier.

LeeAnn held up her hand showing the number two for the amount they wanted. "Two medium cough dough ice creams with a sugar cone, please" she said. A few keys were pressed to come to the total. LeeAnn paid as they would take a number and wait at their table. Hans and LeeAnn would sit down. LeeAnn turned around for a second to see if their order was coming. Hans had a house made of cards in the matter of the mere seconds her back was turned. "How did you build a house of cards that fast" she asked. The kitsune shrugged, but then again this was Hans. He managed to pull a real life manitcore into the city captial whenever she LeeAnn had said specifically a statue of a manitcore. LeeAnn yawned and sighed with a lot on her mind.

#2Tori Lancaster 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:06 am

Tori Lancaster
Deciding to take a stroll around town to take in the sights, Tori found an ice cream parlor on the corner of the road. It was a modest looking establishment, but at the same time quite decadent. As she walked up, she was a large bipedal cat with a smaller cat sitting on his shoulder. As they neared the ice cream shop, the larger of the two started bouncing with excitement and was then scolded by the smaller. She climbed down the hulking man and was quite a bit shorter than him, maybe a baby sister or something?

She hurried to the desert shop and entered after the duo and stood behind them in line while they got their frozen treats. The shorter of the two ended up being a female with cat ears and a tail. The taller one was just a male human with no real features to tell from behind him. She overheard the female order two cookie dough ice cream cones, which Tori thought sounded just delightful. After ordering, the two took a seat to be delivered out to them which meant it was Tori's turn.

Looking at all the delicious choices, the ice mage was beside herself. She couldn't bring herself to choose flavors. Looking up, she saw all the options the store offered, including different cones and dishes, along with sundaes. She practically started drooling at the board when she was a sign at the far end that said "SUPER DELUXE BATHTUB" in giant, red letters. Tori's eyes opened as wide as saucers. "Can I help you ma'am?" the clerk asked, having come to help her next customer. Without taking her eyes off the large promotion, Tori slowly raised her right hand and pointed at it. "What. Is. That." the ice mage asked in monotone. Her breathing had gotten as heavy as if she had run a marathon. "Oh, that's our Super Deluxe Bathtub challenge. We take a miniature bathtub and put a scoop of every flavor of ice cream inside. Then we add whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles, and crushed peanuts. You then sit and that table over there in the middle of the room and attempt to finish the entire thing within an hour." she explained, almost as if she had the bit rehearsed. Tori couldn't believe it. "Every flavor???" she asked with a mix of excitement and disbelief. "Yup. All 50 of them."

After a moment of silence while Tori collected herself, she informed the clerk that she accepted the challenge. The clerk directed Tori to her seat of honor, so to speak, and walked back behind the counter. She then shouted through a window to the back. "Someone is gonna take on the tub!" she bellowed before helping the next customer. Two men came out of the back, each holding either end of a miniature, but still rather large, steel bathtub. They used their free hands to pull out an extending shelf which the tub was set down on. The two employees then took scoops about twice the size of a normal cone's scoop, and started at either end dipping out a large helping of every flavor of ice cream from the freezer embedded in the counter and dropped it right into the tub. When they were done, they started adding the toppings. One man took the sprinkles while the other took the peanuts and started generously drizzling them all over the frozen concoction. Then a man took a large container of hot fudge and cascaded it down the center longways, while the other man took a can of whipped cream and lined the perimeter with it. When they were done, the two lifted the tub once again, now requiring a bit of extra effort, and brought it to the center table where their challenger was waiting.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:11 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was in a daze just letting her mind wander about. The things such as her mission to find her mother, missing her brother, and telling her brother about her issues. Hans was litterally draggnig her against her will to do so. Every ounce of her was fighting for that to not have that happen. Tough,fighting a celestial being was harder than trying to read people's minds. Hans's stack of cards fallen down caught her attention as his ears drooped. Waiting fro their ice cream, something caught her attention when they announced to someone was going to take on the tub. It took her a while to actually understand. Hans smiled widely. "Someone is taking on the ice cream bath tub challenge thingy! I was about to do that, but I dont feel like it. Plus I ahve done it about six time already. Its easy peasy" she said. He was on his knees look at the girl who was waiting for this tube. The brought out a steel metal bathtub of diferent flavors if ice cream. LeeAnn peered as her only eye widen.

"That is a lot of ice cream. I will be surprised if she finishes it all. It's certainly something I cannot pull off" she said. LeeAnn joined her fiance in spying on the girl. It was obvious they were staring, but this time LeeAnn didn't care. "You get free ice cream from it correct?" asked LeeAnn. The white hair man shook his head. The neko simply stared for a while to see what was would.

#4Tori Lancaster 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:52 am

Tori Lancaster
Sitting in front of this frozen delight, Tori could barely contain herself. Out of all these delicious flavors, she had no idea where to begin. Throwing caution to the wind, the blonde dug right in, armed with a spoon in both hands, she shoveled bite after bite, each a different flavor than the last. From blueberry cheesecake, to strawberry, to cookie dough; Tori was in heaven. She was certain that if she were to die today, she would have lived a full life. The bliss was incomparable, especially after her last ice cream was robbed from her back at the guild.

A massive brainfreeze set on quite early, but the young ice mage was so beside herself with joy that it didn't even phase her. She knew later she would be feeling sick as a dog in the morning, but she didn't care. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was savoring every minute.

After what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, she could hear the the waitress, along with a group of patrons start counting down the seconds. With 10 seconds to spare, Tori lifted the enormous bowl and scooped the ice cream that had melted in the past hour into a river of amazingness that flowed straight into Tori's waiting mouth. As the roar of the crowd reached the number one, Tori sat the tub back down and sighed in relief. She had never felt this wonderful in her entire life and she was going to enjoy every second she could. Several people cheered at her feat, congratulating her on a job well done. The same waitress would walk back over to Tori after running to the back room for a moment, and presented her with a white t-shirt that said "I took on the tub!" on the front, while having the store's logo on the back. Tori thanked her for the gift as the two men from before retrieved their tub to clean it. The blonde would remain at the table for a little white to allow her meal to settle before leaving. She looked around the crowd and smiled at everyone, thanking those that cheered her on.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:55 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Han's ears folded back as LeeAnn and Hans watched this unfold. The girl just scarfed everything down in the amount of a short time. How much that girl consumed just beyond her comprehension. Though, she was used to spontaneous moments because that's how a certain someone was. The Rune Knight for a moment saw Hans next to her then the next minute he disappeared. A small pang of panic race in her stomach wondering what problems were gonna stir up this time. "Shit! Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? she thought. Her ears picked up footstep making her look up. Hans was marching up to the blonde woman rbbing her food baby. LeeAnn's ears folded sideways out of annoyance knowing this was not going to be good.

"Oh no...what is he doing this time" she thought in a groaning tone. Getting up from their table, she saw they still hadn't receive any of their ice cream yet. What was he doing? For crying out loud man! The Rune Knight followed him see that this was something she was going to be watching over. Hooked onto her belt was a spray bottle filled with water. Of course this was not used on her since being a neko she hated water. It took a lot of mental preparation to even take a bath or shower. This was used to control Hans in case something like this went down. Hans walked up to the fiary and crossed his arms. "All that ice cream and didn't share it with no one" he complained. LeeAnn stood behind him and had her ears folded back. Taking the spray bottle and taking a squirt or two at the kitsune. He just twriled around and yoinked the squirt bottle out of LeeAnn's hands. "Stop it! Leave this girl alone. Do. Not. Start. Anything. Or.
she hissed taking back the squirt bottle.

#6Tori Lancaster 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:14 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori leaned back in her seat, content with everything else in the world right now. As she rubbed her distended belly, the large man who was ahead of her in line approached her and crossed his arm. He began to scold her for not sharing, Tori didn't care one bit as she was in a state of bliss. "Well, I don't think that they would have allowed me to call for help. That would defeat the purpose of the challenge. I'm sure you could go up and ask to take the challenge too, but can you wait a few minutes? I don't want to get up yet." she responded only slightly sarcastically.

His companion then rushed to his side holding what looked to be some kind of spray bottle. It was filled with some type of liquid and she then began to scold him, telling him not to start anything, assumingly some sort of confrontation. She squirted him a couple of times before he whipped around and snatched it from her. Now that her front was visible, Tori could see that the smaller of the two was different. She was a neko. This was incredible! Tori had only ever heard of nekos in stories, but she never thought that they were real, much less ever meet one. ''No harm done, miss. I'd be upset too if i saw someone eating that much ice cream all by themselves too." she assured, dismissing the large man's rudeness, or at least what the neko girl perceived as such. Nice to meet you two, I'm Tori. I'm new in town." she introduced, hoping to learn the names of her new furry friend and her partner in crime, as it were.

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:05 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
It seemed this girl was not bothered by Hans's behavior which was a relief itself. This girl took on the Tub challenge or something along those lines. A bathtub full of ice cream and you get it free ice cream for a month? Really she didn't pay much attention. What was the big question was how she could eat all of that ice cream? The redhead neko tilted her head in curiousity. The point of a challenge was to not seek help but to push yourself forward. Something she knew extremely well and was always pushing her limits everyday. Hans just wanted ice cream. She agreed with Tori. Giving her fiance a dirty look, she narrowed her eye giving a sharp look.

Hans shrugged as he patted his fiance's head. The redhead turned back slightly annoyed that he was mocking her height. Although, she was tall for a girl. The woman introduced herself as Tori and seemed like a friendly person. In all honesty, there was something about her that wanted to make LeeAnn just talk to her which was not normal. LeeAnn was a reserved and quiet person who sat in the corner of the room watching you much like a cat. LeeAnn has always been cat-like even before she became a Neko. "Pleased to meet you Tori, My name is LeeAnn Nakamura and this is my fiance,
Hans. Rune Knight and....not a rune knight at your service"
she said. LeeAnn didn't know how to address Hans in that fashion. It offended him slightly as he gave LeeAnn a dirty look as well. "I am tinkerer. I tinker things! You should know that. Its how I help pay for the bills" he smiled. A small sigh came from her which was true. He did pay for their house in Crocus as she paid for the mansion in Era. She drew her attention back to Tori.
"So what brings you to Era,
she asked.

#8Tori Lancaster 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:28 pm

Tori Lancaster
The pair introduced themselves as engaged couple LeeAnn and Hans. It appeared the cat like girl was a Rune Knight, which was interesting in itself. She had never met a Rune Knight before, and Tori decided that was a topic to discuss further eventually. She was sure there was plenty she could learn from a Rune Knight. Hans would then go on to say that he tinkered with things to pay the bills. Not entirely sure what he meant by that, but she was sure she could find out as time went on. LeeAnn then would ask the blonde her business in Era. Tori responded by standing to stretch her legs and offered the couple to join them at their table so they could continue their conversation. "I just arrived in Era on business. I'm a member of Fairy Tail and grabbed a few request flyers off our little board, all for Era. I figure it's enough to keep me busy for at least a few days." she explained, pulling the collar of her shirt down a few inches to show off her guild crest.

About that time is when the waitress brought over two ice creams to the table. Tori raised a hand and joked "Oh, no thanks. I couldn't eat another bite." She chuckled a bit before letting out a small, silent, burp. The server handed the ice creams to LeeAnn and Hans, apologizing for the wait before returning to the counter. "So, how is it?" Tori asked, curiously. She honestly didn't know because after a few minutes all the ice cream had melted together and she couldn't distinguish flavors anymore.

#9Tori Lancaster 

Ice cream [Tori/Private] Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:53 am

Tori Lancaster
As Tori sat at the table with the engaged couple enjoying their ice cream, they made a little small talk, but not too much as they were as happy to finally have their ice cream as Tori was to have hers. After a few minutes, it was clear that the two were here on a date and Tori didn't want to impose. She stood up suddenly and would apologize if it startled either of them, and would politely excuse herself. "LeeAnn, Hans? I'm sorry, but I don't want to intrude on your date so I think I'll go. I have to meet a client soon anyway about a request. But I'll be in Era for a little while, so I might see you guys around. If not, next time you're in Magnolia, stop by the Fairy Tail guild and look me up. I'll take you guys out to lunch." she offered as she began to take her leave. If the two thought so, she would insist that she was not upset or anything like that. She would explain she lost track of time and was scheduled to meet her client in 10 minutes outside the Rune Knight Headquarters and that she would see them around soon.


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