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Maarschalks interpretation of Trouble [Mission/closed]

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#1Noel Raion 

Maarschalks interpretation of Trouble [Mission/closed] Empty on Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:53 am

Noel Raion
Maarschalk headed through the streets of Era. There wasn't a single soul to be seen left and right. How eerie, he thought as he entered the bar across the street. That wasn't as empty,even in times such as these he wasn't afraid to enter bars and drink their beers. Who would be scared from doing that? Nobody, that's who. So why raise the point anyway, maybe because missions are really boring and I'm typing this whilst me eyes are closed and I'm listening to miss Alisa by this band called eagles of death metal. They weren't really known, that band -- except for when this tragic thing happened to them which made them known through the world for some reason. Their name is very edgy, Maarschalk thought. 'Eagles of DEATH metal', what a bold name. The bar chair he was sitting on felt very woody, it cracked when he sat on uit. The barman wasn't interested in Maarschalks presence, so he had to raise his hand make this retarded waving motion so he could catch the attention of the man who was supposed to tap him a pint.

He reached in his pocket to pay the good man for a pint but noticed a severe lack of money - hence his motivation to complete a mission in order to fill his pockets with gold and jewerly as it once was. The glory that Maarschalk knew was almost non- existent. He felt no shame or pain from social situations, and as a result he took the beer and ran. The barman obviously wasn't paid well enough to chase Maarschalk and get back the money he was supposed to pay. Maarschalk ran into an alley a bit further away and begun drinking the beer, he almost bumped into a merchant by name of Gaud. Gaud Teller, a black- market merchant that lurked the streets of Era. Maarschalk has heard of his name before, but it had little significance as to who this man is.

When Gaud saw what seemed to be an interesting young man who just stole a beer from a bar he was interested. There was no holding him back, Gaud approached Maarschalk and begun to talk about a great business venture for Maarschalk - he noticed that his pockets were a bit light and offered him to do what he asked him to do. Which was take his money and buy something presumably illegal off the streets of Era. A tooth of some kind, he wondered why he would follow up with the mission and not just take the money and take a run for it. But then he remembered that this merchant was a bit known in the underworld, doing something like that to a man that has a name worth respecting isn't a good idea - it's anything but. Maarschalk took his money, put it in his pockets and waited in the alley until it was night. Well that isn't entirely true, he slept for a few hours, woke up and then waited for the merchant to show up. IT took a while, but at last he showed up.

It was a very eccentric man, he had this weird pair of pants with padded tiger stamps all over. He had two escorts, aka hookers on each arm, accompanying him. Maarschalk wasn't entirely against the idea of buying a tooth from this man, but since the money was there and it was good he wasn't against it either. He could tell they were escorts because the way they had their make up done. It was kind of obvious.

Then the game begun, show me the cash first or give me the item first game. Who gives what first, Maarschalk kind of was weary of the situation, what if the two escorts were ninjas that could kill him at any given moment. He pulled the money out of his pocket and asked the man to show the item. He pulled it out of a brown bag, it seemed to be the right item. Maarschalk assumed that Gauds contact wouldn't scam him. Thus he decided to trust him and hand him the money first. One of the escorts counted it and gave the man a nod. Then the brown bag was handed to Maarschalk who wrapped it up with tape and waved the eccentric man goodbye. The next morning Maarschalk had crashed in a hotel nearby and delivered Gaud the Teller his item. He took the tooth out of the bag and took the cork off, tasting the liquor that was stored in it. Mission accomplished, Gaud was happy with his new moonshine drink and rewarded Maarschalk the full amount for this mission.

After taking the money Maarschalk headed into town. It was silent again, and he hadn't heard word from. He was wise enough not to reenter the bar where he previously had stolen a pint of beer from.

By completing this mission Maarschalk felt like a working man again, as he'd been previously considered a bum - no longer though, the twenty- five thousand measly jewels that he earned by doing this job surely would change his social status from bum to rich man. Perhaps things would change now, and doors would open that previously hadn't opened before. The wealth of a caucasian man in these parts carried its weight.

But no, literally nothing had changed - some bills had been paid off, the dues that he had were gone (partially) and everything.

Maarschalk arrived at his motel not much later, storing the gold he had gained from Gaud Teller in a safe and then safely locking up that safe. It was an empty one, except for the jewels he just stored in it. Maybe it was a hint that it seemed that he was broke as fuck. His next goal was going to be to train a spell that he had been developing and spending a lot of time on.


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