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Fluff Part 1 [Alice]

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As he wrote on the documentation regarding his own information as a seated knight and the various talents and skills which he had witnessed tonight done by Alice, he was questioned about his magic something that was completely justifiable to be curious about especially seeing as he was using it to test her and it didn't seem like the type of magic suited for a rune knight. Pausing for a moment, Kon thought about how he could phrase his wording having raised his pen just off the paper. Putting it down, for the time being, his attention turned from the document to his wine in front of him lastly towards Alice in a clear motion allowing him to pick up his glass, and reply to her question with appearing rude or seeking to avoid answering the truth.

Feeling no shame regarding his abilities he openly admitted to her as he took a sip of his drink, "My dear, I am a Necromancer, one capable of raising the dead, I can bend the will of those I have slain, make no mistake, however, my loyalty is to the rune knights and the people of Fiore, I wouldn't harm an innocent without due cause." Fortunately, it appeared for the most part that she would hopefully be not completely objecting towards his talents as he had been allowed into her room. She instead began to discuss her own capabilities explaining how she had only started training at 18 which he assumed was fairly recently based on her youthful appearance though that was often misleading as a gauge of a person's age. Her attention was later drawn to his brother whom at least to his knowledge was a requip mage as well, though he wanted to appeal to Alice regarding him there wasn't much he could say about his brother but he'd try his hardest. "Let's see what can be said about Aleksandr that's my brother's name well he's a seated knight, however, his talents admittedly pale in comparison to my own, but don't take that as a criticism to your own capabilities as we all have our own strengths and weakness, in all honesty, I am not the fastest nor the strongest person around you could definitely throw me around, in fact I wouldn't mind it." He finished with a cheeky wink.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice held on to her glass of wine but she didn't drink, she was quite curious to his answer especially because as he might have considered as well it didn't seem something that would make citizen happy to look at. Not that fighting should made them happy but the undead creatures looked scary and felt gross as she was fighting them. She hoped for these reasons and some others that she wouldn't have to fight them anymore because she wasn't really confident about it, on the other hand she should train and think about it like no other way of fighting. Especially if she.. she didn't look at Konstantin but her eyes were fixed on a table as her mind went to the point of no return. If she joined the Rune Knights and she was actually kind of sure that she was going to, only not when and where, okay probably Era. Than there would be a moment that she would come face to face with two friends. She felt devastated about that, was she able to do that? Was she too limited to herself? Did she join because of the good reasons or join for bad reasons?

Before she could freak out too much Konstantin found a way to explain. She had heard of Necromancers, never knew they actually existed though and she turned her brown eyes back at him to look and try to understand. She actually liked how he felt like he had to point out his loyalty to the Rune Knights and the Citizen of Fiore. "I didn't doubt that for a second." Because she had asked him questions before, how he talked about the Rune Knights, she had even asked him why he became a Knight, it wasn't like she would throw that immediately away. Besides that, she explained that she understood so little about magic that she didn't immediately wanted to judge people on the magic they used.

Because she mentioned the idea of his brother, he explained about Aleksandr as he was called and she was interested in meeting him only for the sake of having the same magic. However her blush returned thanks to the cheeky wink and she couln't hide her smile and simply dismissed the idea to inform more about his little brother, I think everyone has their own strong points and weak points." She wanted to make a cheeky comeback something as saying she was his or he was hers but she didn't dare for some reason. She had to stop herself if she wanted to get to know him better first although the twinkling in her eyes and the smile were still remaining, showing that she did enjoy herself.


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Admittedly at this moment, Kon's judgement was heavily impaired thus had a taken on a more casual tone and behaviour. He had even gone so far as to take it upon himself whilst sitting listening to Alice believing in what he had said to remove his arms from his jacket allow it to rest between him and the chair and unzip the vest that he wore underneath it. Typically he would remain rather frigid with his clothing keeping it all zipped up to protect himself and appear in a professional manner. After doing so as Alice followed up on his comment regarding how people weren't perfect in every way, he undid his forehead piece allowing some of his hair to fall into his face and placed it on the table to the left of the documentation. Willing it to the left portion of his face with his right hand, Kon looked at Alice whom would likely be confused about what he was doing. Wanting to put Alice's mind at ease concerning his sudden removal of clothing, he spoke to her prior to taking another sip of wine. "Yes well, you probably noticed me removing my headgear and robe, I must admit I'm feeling particularly warm and the headgear has a tendency to either slip which is annoying or becomes tight around my head." Placing the glass back down near the papers and his headgear, he continued his conversation whilst waving his hand downward his body. "As for the rest, what can I say it's been a long day and it gets stuffy, probably should replace it, to be honest. Oh well."

Wanting to change the subject as it would probably cause more awkwardness between one another he thought back to the battle between Alice and his summons. looking to see what she thought about it, he questioned her about it. "So what did you think of the test, how do you think you went?, Personally considering the circumstances I think you did pretty well, I'd recommend you seek out more powerful items to add to your arsenal, however, I have a feeling the Rune Knights will be able to assist with that."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice put her glass down and crossed her arms in front of her chest as she thought about some questions that she wanted to ask too, her eyes however still lingered on Konstantin, she was maybe a bit embarrassed when he took off his jacket and looked over her shoulder to see if Ophelia was still sleeping, which obviously was the case, when she looked back, he had removed the head piece and she looked with curiousity, it was obviously still the same face but his face looked different like this. Actually she didn't think too much about it, she sat in a t-shirt and jeans only that was probably more comfortable than a jacket and headpiece. He explained and it was her time to give him a cheeky remark but she doubted she could do that so casually as he had done, she was better with reactions, "You can just admit that I'm hot, I could open the window if you need it." Her face stayed neutral because she wanted to say it very casual, even added a shrug but her face was red herself. It perfectly matched her hair.

Even if he would not agree on opening the window, she got up and walked towards the one window that seemed to be able to be opened and stared at it and shortly outside, she wasn't against this meeting, she just didn't agree with herself for a few seconds. She turned around when Konstantin started to talk, after she opened the window a bit, "Oh right the test. Well I agree with you on finding better items, but I haven't had the luck nor the money before." She smiled at the idea of the Rune Knights and thought about what to say, "Fighting is not something I'm used to. Do you have to do that often?" Considering the dead summons, that was a lot easier than Sparky, "I always look for something to change in my fighting, I try to come up with a plan and use that. I just have to remember that fighting against your summons works a lot different than fighting Sparky or someone else that's alive." She shivered for a second when she thought about it and got this sort of flashback that she threw her spear at Sparky. She had to get used to that also, but it was probably not something of priority, fighting.


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Luckily for him, Alice took his comments in strides, in fact even going so far to say the reason was her appearance directly. No tension between them now Kon felt little need to hide his attraction to her, looking at her radiant red hair and rosy cheeks he responded to her suggestion of opening the window and as well as following up with a remark on her beauty. "You're welcome to open the window it's your room after all and to be perfectly honest with you Alice I do really like you not just for your lovely personality but also your beauty." Having said this Kon was most likely starting to overstep the mark, however from his perspective it was late, he was essentially off duty as a person because of this and the wine had swayed his judgement. Of course, he had been lured to an extent as Alice had been flirting with him the entire time and he could tell she too most likely enjoyed his company.

As he said his flirtous remark to Alice though it was hard to tell what she thought about it as he had lost view of her face and through that, a loss of an immediate response as a lot of truth about her feelings to his words came through it instead of words. After opening the window he assumed she would return to her chair instead she remained standing in front of it and responded to his enquiry about the test. As money was the issue as with a lot of people Kon nodded understandingly regardless of her seeing him or not. He never too much need for money hardly surprising considering he was extremely successful with completing tasks and had shown fantastic luck in acquiring anything else.

Unsurprisingly considering what they were discussing he was questioned regarding his combative nature, he was not fond of fighting directly instead choosing to have others do his fight regardless of that he still refrained from fighting on the whole. "I'm not really very good at fighting in general admittedly, without the aid of my summons or companion I will quickly lose to most others. As to whether I do it frequently not really generally only for Rune Knight purposes." With his longwinded explanation finished, she remarked about her only capabilities commenting on how she sought to change her own. It was hard from Kon's perspective to see why it would need changing especially considering the likelihood of fighting someone like himself would be low. "Look I wouldn't worry about it too much by no means am I trying to stop you from exploring more fighting methods just doing focus on changing entirely in the low chance you come against someone like me. "

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Adelaide Sokolov
Konstantin was better at explaining than she would be. She liked that, her red cheeks wouldn't subdue anyway. It made her happy and she didn't look at him as she smiled, she got up and walked to the window to open it, looking outside. It was a difficult feeling that was going on inside her head. She was having a conflict with her feelings, always on her own, being together with Ophelia was so different as with someone else. A human being. She didn't mind it, it was just something she had to get used to and she looked at her reflection, big brown eyes staring at her, her mouth still in a smile and she turned around to look at him. She should say something, back at the compliment he gave her, she wanted to tell him that she liked him as well and she really liked this being together which was really weird if you considered they only met about what.. one, two hours ago?

She had asked, she had listened and she had said the thoughts on her mind. Although it wasn't a complete answer to the question. She walked back to the table and sat down on her chair and took a sip of the wine. His answer did satisify her, it wasn't all about fighting, that was a good thing. Even though her magic was focused on fighting in general, she didn't have to like it. "I haven't been used to it. Fighting that is. And I just want to broaden my view on it, is that how you say it? Not everyone is the same so one method doesn't work on another person. I might have a magic that entirely focuses on fighting but it's not that I like doing that so much. I must say a spar from time to time is fun and I wouldn't mind getting more used to it." She leaned with her cheek on her left hand, "I must say that considering this spar, it was difficult to put all things behind, only focus on the fight. But I got there and that sort of made me happy." she couldn't help but giggle a little, not sure if it was the wine or the idea that she got a little better herself.

When the topic of the fight was over,
she actually wanted to ask what he thought about her fighting style but there was something else on her mind so she asked that first "So we talked a lot about the Rune Knights duty but I'm interested in you." Damn she was so bold and she shouldn't think too much about it, "What do you do if you have a day off?"


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Astonishing to Kon, Alice took his approval in her stride at least in a way that did end their night in a bad light nor their conversation. Taking another sip from his wine before returning it to the table. He listened further about how Alice was basically forced on fighting in a manner she was unaccustomed to. Instead of choosing to make any further comments having seen her perspective on the fight to the fullest he could open he allowed her to transition from both the fight but also everything business related instead now focusing on his personal life. Bringing up his free hand and rubbing his chin in thought about how to phrase his day to day activities without involving the harsh reality of what he experienced on a daily basis when he rose, he chose to be vague in the beginning and then expand later on. "I'm a pretty average person, maybe a bit more nightmares expected by other than that I do what most other people do when not working, I might go to the path, complete a request for some extra money when I feel like being a bit cheeky and getting something tasty to eat, sometimes I might go see a performance, perhaps I could take you some time as either a date or as a friend if you're interested of course."

Having proposed the next date, he started to feel a bit strange not in a bad way "was it perhaps nervousness?" he thought to himself. "Why would I be nervous?" He wasn't expecting to feel in such a manner, and in an attempt to relieve his symptoms he quickly finished the remaining third of his drink, before casually taking the bottle from the table and offered to refill Alice's whose most likely be empty as well by this point, doing so if she approved and pouring himself the equivalent otherwise he would pour himself half a glass so he didn't make anymore of a fool of himself.

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was interesting to see his reaction and she was amused by that. She took a sip of her wine almost finishing her glass before she noticed that and was simply waiting for the answer. She was really curious about it. She wasn't sure what to think, in a positive way, surprised that he even took quests on his days off. Alright she did jobs as well first because of Phantom Lord and now simply to work because she didn't like sitting still for too many days and hours. Now she did had to answer, making clear what she thought as he suggested a date or either friends and she rather had the date than just being friends, "That date sounds like fun." She hoped she was casual but not too much, she didn't want to give him the idea that everything had been some sort of act or play, the flirting she had done was genuine. She took a sip of the wine herself, as she thought about what to say next. She nodded as he refilled her glass and wondered if she should ask for more information or what performances but she didn't know. She didn't want to say that she looked forward to that because it would look like she would dismiss this moment and she didn't want to. This felt so casual that it made her feel safe. There was only one thing that she should remind herself about, that glass of wine was her fourth. "I have never been to a performance. Or well I did once but that was a job, behind the stage. I could see the performance but it's nothing compared to really going I guess." She said to actually say something and avoid the silence around them.


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The offer for joining him as a date to see a play was met with equal intensity as when he proposed that. "Good How does the day after tomorrow sound?, I think the festival will be running throughout the week and there's one that I've been getting great reviews about it, apparently it's about two royal families that have been rivals for decades and a foreigner tricks one of them leading to the ruin of both, you might like it." Admittedly at this pointing having drunken far more than he normally would have by himself, his words had begun to slur slightly as he finished his comment. To his surprise, she had never been to a performance although a fair amount of things from his perspective surprised him still. This was largely due to his background from nobility though he had now relinquished that instead choosing to serve the community.

Remembering the documentation that needed to be completed despite them moving from the topic he returned to the topic by folding up the papers. "As I am in no fit capacity now to complete the papers, I'll complete them before we see each other again and submit them myself if you want otherwise I'll give it to you later." Whether or not she would take them mattered like from his perspective though it would be faster for him to do so with his direction connection to the organisation. "If your concern is joining to quickly there is a period of time before you get approved regardless." Moving the documents in the pocket of his vest, he proceeded to zip it up once more slip his jacket back on as he rose from his chair. "Well it was a pleasure to meet you, Alice, I hope neither of us is too affected by the wine, anyway it's time I called it a night before we do anything too crazy that we'll both reject, I'll take my glass but feel free to finish off the bottle if you want." As he spoke he gathered his head protector from the table before approaching Alice once more and giving her a kiss on the cheek and leaving the room with a cheerful farewell. "Sweet Dreams."


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Adelaide Sokolov
"That sounds great." Since she just arrived in Era this night, it wasn't as if she had something else planned and besides that, this sound like more fun than any other job she could possibly find. "I'm really curious about it." It didn't sound like the play she had seen in Marigold, so why not try it out. She didn't notice the effect the wine had on him, nor at herself she was giggling more, which she would have hated if she would have noticed it herself. Besides the red glow on her cheeks didn't leave either.

She looked at the documents, "I'm not sure, I am sure I want to join that's not the problem. Just not considering the time." although the process would still take some time, she could simply let him handle it, that would be more easier, "Is it okay if we discuss that the day after tomorrow? Gives me some time to think about it again." that would give her enough time to think about it, she stood up herself and nodded, she would bring the bottle and her glass back in the morning but he was right. It was better to end the night now instead of letting the wine influence them too much, "I'm glad I asked you for a place to stay in Era." She replied as a matter of saying it was nice to meet him too, "I look forward to see you again." And she let him out of her room muttering a "You too" because of the kiss and the sweet dreams. She watched him leave before she closed her door and turned to look at the sleeping Ophelia, this was something new entirely.


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