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Fluff Part 1 [Alice]

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Cries of celebration could be heard throughout Era town, despite the morbidly gloomy fog that was coming in from the south. The sun had long since the past with the moon providing little in regards to light as a subsistence as a result of both fog and it being a new moon. Because of the low natural lighting, the citizens in the town that housed the Rune Headquarters were forced to carry around lights whether lacrima or a regular torch. The boisterous noises were largely focused at the forefront of the market section in the town, a band had been hired there and was playing recent and legendary ballads.

These noises were far from a major concern of a certain blond haired staff-wielding individual, this rune knight recently promoted to a Seated knight was now stationed in Era town at least for now. The lack of vision had proven to a bigger issue that the Rune Knight had anticipated with the fog only giving him the vision of up to perhaps 5 meters at a maximum. This hindrance wasn’t going to go away anytime soon as such the knight swung his staff onto his back, sat down on a nearby crate, crossed his arms and listened to the music along with the rest of those around him.

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Adelaide Sokolov
After walking and walking, the sun was setting and the feeling of well discontent came over her but that didn't stop Alice from going on. She looked like she had been travelling with a small blue backpack on her bag, a bigger back over her left shoulder, a humming companion in that one bag on her back and well her hair was tossled up into a knot, her eyes were weary, her steps not so big anymore.

When she arrived at the edge of town, she was put out of her thoughts by the cries of happiness and she stared left and right because it felt as if she returned to the damn Marigold city. It wasn't like that, the city didn't look the same, there was no castle on a hill, no windmill and so on. She was actually not even that tired but she had to shake that feeling off, the road was difficult to see with it being new moon and the fog didn't help either. She was not far from stumbling around but there were many people on the road at this time of night. Ophelia was sleeping right before she entered town and some guys seemed to have had enough to drink as they twirled her around while she tried to find an inn or hotel or anything where she could simply sit down and let her bag be what it was.

In the end someone almost made her trip as she tried to avoid the festives and she stepped into the eye sight of well a blonde guy. She looked at the people around her that finally seemed to leave her alone. It would be dangerous to walk through the crowd now, she didn't like crowds and she simply looked at what she could see through the fog, not much. She walked to the guy that seemed to enjoy the silence, but she obviously wasn't sure, "Hi, I'm looking for an Inn. Do you know where I can find one?" she dropped the one bag of her left shoulder for it didn't feel very comfortable as she was waiting for him to answer. Hopefully people in Era were helpful.


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The band's performance was exceedingly entertaining despite the ever increasing fog, numerous members of the community began to dance in time with the music, the blonde haired mage known by many as Kon couldn't help himself but hum and tap his right foot in time with the music. Unfortunately for him, someone seemed to have spotted Kon's behaviour though seemed to be seeking his assistance as well. Whilst listening to the music, he tilted his head to the view of whom he believed was Lacie though he couldn't be sure nor was going to question the girl. Apparently, the woman in question wanted information regarding an inn, what for he didn't know however he merely assumed it was for accommodation. Rising to his feet as she dropped one of her bags onto the ground. "There are a number of inns that are located throughout Era town, I am currently staying in one which is fantastic with brilliant owners, great food whilst remaining affordable." Looking down at the dropped bag, he bent down picked it up and handed it to her.

"How about I take you there myself, it's an awful night for individuals to be going about their business." If her concerns towards him were still evident, he would mention that he was a member of the rune knights along with his status thereby representing his trustworthiness to an extent. If the woman didn't take the bag and accompanied him to his inn, he would whistle to his blitzle companion, Sparky to follow him in kind otherwise, he would remain there to allow for further conversation. Nonetheless whether walking to the inn or remaining here, Kon would question her with some harmless question to get a take on her though in a non-threatening manner. He'd begin with the basics including: "What brought you to Era town?" followed by "Did you travel a long distance to get here as you seem a bit exhausted." ending with "Have you eaten?, I haven't since midday how about we get some dinner at the inn?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
For a second she thought that he looked at her as if they knew each other but she had never seen him before and she was entirely sure of that. He seemed to have the answer though, and that was already a great relieve. She took the bag back from him and looked over her shoulder to see if Ophelia was still sleeping, "Oh that's nice." she answers when he described the inn he was staying at. This one even had food, the one in Marigold didn't. That would already be a lot better.

She raised one eyebrow when he offered her to bring her to the inn. But he had a fair point, thanks to this.. what was it festival of some sorts, she wasn't able to make for anything without bumping into twenty people or so, "Oh that's very nice of you. I would appreciate that if you have time." So far so nice from Alice her side, she was getting the hang of interacting with strangers, good for her. She looked at a companion that appeared since he just whistled and she couldn't help but smile at it, cute. But Ophelia was cuter she thought and she bit her lip softly to not laugh because of her own thoughts. She followed the blonde stranger to the inn that he just mentioned.

It was some difficulty to walk through the crowd but for some reason she was even able to walk next to him, "Oh I eh.. thought my cousin might be in Era." do not tell you were daydreaming about knights, that would be stupid, Alice added to herself, "I came from Marigold and now I'm here." After which he asked if she had eaten, which made her blush because her stomach immediately answered, "Eh.. no." but he asked if she wanted to join him for dinner, which felt a bit weird but she simply shrugged her own thoughts away, food was important, "Sounds like a plan." She said with a smile.

Not much later they arrived at the inn and she could book a room and drop off her one bag with clothing and books and everything else that was necessary for her to stay in Era. She hurried back to the diningroom where her guide was probably waiting, she had lifted Ophelia out of her bag and came back to where the blonde was waiting, "I'm Alice by the way. Alice Baskerville, thanks for guiding me here."


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Accepting his offer the duo made their way towards the inn those around them had proved to be a challenge though they maintained a normal pace, occasionally he would have to weave through an individual who had absentmindedly stopped in the middle of his path or occasionally nudge a man from vomiting over them towards a gutter instead. Throughout the extended walk to the inn, she explained to him that she had a cousin in the town and had come from Marigold town, as a member of the rune knights he knew a fair few people in the town as such he dove deep for further knowledge. "Oh a cousin, hmm?, What's their name? I might know them." Reaching the fork in the road to which the inn was located Kon awaited her response for dinner before leading her towards the inn.

Entering the inn itself was a surprising and well-received change, the air was far clearer inside albeit with some smoke in the far corner of the inn, the people whilst rowdy were still sober and the staff there were friendly. They had been meeting at the front of the inn by a stocky man dressed in semi-formal attire whom first greeted Kon. "Welcome back Kon I'm glad to see you've returned to this establishment." with him replied. "Thank you, Robert, This lady would like a room, if you'd help her I'd appreciate it." Nodding to his request, he awaited Kon to leave before talking to the woman. "I'll be at the barkeep once you're done and you want to have dinner." The inn's owners and the rest of the staff were accustomed to having animals in their building provided they were trained as such Kon was allowed to bring his companion into the inn.

Leaving the two, for now, Kon made his way to the barkeep ordered a whisky on the rocks and relaxed his head a bit with the quieter environment. Hungry himself, Kon tapped his fingers against his glass before his dinner companion returned. Just as he finished his drink, she returned, as a result, he paid the man behind the barkeep before requesting to see the menu and informing them of their sitting location with a hand gesture. Revealing her name to Kon she thanked him. "Alice hmm?" Kon thought to himself. Feeling such a task minor in his eyes he waved it off. "Not at all my dear, I'm used to helping the public now how about that dinner, there's a table just there I've picked out just to the side of the room."

Before making his way there, he told his companion to stay where it was due to its increased size recently and the likely outcome of bringing it to the table. Leaving behind the blitzle, for now, he reached the table and drew one of the chairs for her offering her to take the seat, if taken he'd take the one opposite otherwise he'd take that one himself. After taking his seat, he opened his menu and looked at what took his fancy which was normally was the food however at the moment it was the woman in front of him. Wishing to drum up so more conversation between the two, kon questioned her once more. "So what do you do for work, Alice?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
Even though Era was the city that was sort of formed by the authorities, Alice was impressed to see the disasters that the festival brought, she had no idea what this festival was about, it was funny though. It brought some activity into the city. She was rather impressed how her guide handled everything, stepping aside, yet being helpful while continue to walk. She kept her eyes open for that. He asked why she came to Era and she had said because of her cousin, he now asked her the name of her cousin. Which she wondered about, should she just tell? But maybe Selena was known in this city because she was a knight. That would make sense but normally Alice wouldn't go off by telling people things about her, "Oh ehm Selena Maelstrom." She finally said because well how else would she find Selena. She couldn't walk into the Rune Knight Headquarters and scream her cousin her name.

She made note of that he was called Kon by the staff and waited a moment before it was her time to answer the questions and get a room into the inn. Which was good, it was cozy, prettier than the one in Oak that was a thing that was certain. She didn't mind staying here if it would stay like this. Friendly yet not so scary as Marigold for what she had experienced. Maybe Marigold wasn't still that bad as she now had in mind. She stared at her reflexion in the mirror as she passed it and she almost gasped, damn no wonder he knew she was a traveller. She quickly hurried back to the bathroom to wash her face, so the dust of the road was gone. She brushed her hair and let it loose and dusted off her black and white striped t-shirt and her jeans before heading back to the bar section of the inn where she would meet back up with Kon. She introduced herself and thanked him, which he basically waved away, saying he was used to helping the public. Was that his job or something he did for well himself?

Alice looked at his companion, she had read about it but names were not her thing. She still held on to Ophelia in her arms and followed Kon to the table and noticed he was offering her a chair so she accepted the offer and sat down. Gentleman? It reminded her for a short while to Rowan although she had picked her own chair, he had just simply saved her purse. She put Ophelia on the empty chair next to her but the little Cleffa was still asleep. She should have maybe left her in the room but she didn't make it Cleffa proof yet. She was fussing about that for a second before she took a menu herself but looked up at Kon, whom didn't introduce himself which was funny, because he asked her another question, "I'm looking for one. I did a few jobs randomly in Marigold but not sure if I want to continue it that way." She frowned while she looked at the menu and looked up to Kon and gave him a sweet smile, "Do you work here, in Era I mean?" Since he helped the public, it would be too good to be true if her thoughts were right.


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Kon listened as Alice explained how she had been doing odd jobs around Marigold and he suspected through more of Fiore considering the state of her initially before revealing that she needed a new one. The conversation eventually moved onto his own work with her questioning him now whether he was working in Era town, with nothing to hide, Kon replied. "Yes I'm working here in Era town, stationed here in fact for the Rune Knights, perhaps I should introduce myself properly, My name is Konstantin Sokolov and a seated knight." With the truth revealed he let it all settle in and looked at the menu once more before remembering who Alice had mention was her cousin. "Selena, wasn't it?, Selena Maelstorm, hmm the Selena which I know?" He pondered. Wanting to know the thought of the matter he revealed his knowledge of Alice's cousin in a way that would allow for corrects if need be. "I know of a Selena, she too is a seated knight of the rune knights at least that was the case since I last saw her, may I ask why you're visiting her perhaps for work?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
Her thoughts had been right, it wouldn't be too difficult to bump into a Knight but the first guy she met, the first person she talked to. Sicne she bumped a lot into other people that weren't interesting or were not able to talk as they looked like they were about to puke. She was still smiling it was a funny idea. But she should stop laughing at herself because that would be ridiculous. However since she had asked a question back, he answered and introduced himself. Now she hadn't really read any information about knights, she happened to just roll with it since Selena and the people of Marigold but well, questions were able to give her answers, "I'm not really familiar with Seated knights? What does that mean? Rank?" She leaned with her cheek on her left hand. He must be impressive as he was a knight, besides he was friendly. Good thing.

She herself thought about looking at the menu when Konstantin looked back at her and mentioned the question about Selena. Which gave her an effort to stop blushing. As if she was going to tell this knights he had been a Phantom Lord guildmember! "Oh you know. Family haha." She laughed it off really stupid and the blush now couldn't leave her face, "To be fair, maybe for work. I must admit that I lost my memories since I was eighteen and Selena found me and well I was also looking for other answers. The only person that can help or that I think can help is Selena. I know she is a Knight, that's why I went here." I also know she is a Dragon Slayer but she told me not to tell, Alice thought but maybe he knew that and he knew it was that Selena. But again, she shut her mouth. With a red face she stared at the menu.


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Scratching his chin with what to pick for his meal, Kon ran down the list of food, some appealed to his palate others didn't, the barkeep done with a customer was walking their way at which point he quickly took a look at the drink menu. The scan on that was far quicker having sampled the wine available there through his time in Era town finding one of them, in particular, perfect with almost all meals, a nice two-year-old Sauvignon Blanc imported from Magnolia town. Just as the man reached their table, she questioned him regarding his status as a rune knight, feeling the man's presence over him as he sat Kon would have to leave it brief. "There are various ranks within the rune knights starting off with a page, apprentice, seated and etc, as you are promoted there are fewer within that rank both due to the difficulty of being that rank and the power required."

Which the man needing to get back to his bar and both the duo seeming to be stuck on selecting their meal, Kon merely requested the drinks for the two of them. "Hello, Yes I'd like a bottle of the Blue Duck Sauvignon Blanc with two glasses and a bottle of water thank you, we need a few more moments to decide on what to eat." Recognising the need for more time he wrote down the drinks and left them alone for know. Having left the two the conversation continued with her revealing that yes she was just seeing her for familial reasons rather than for work though knowing she too was a knight.

With the Rune knights always needing a willing hand for basically anything they did, Kon thought for a moment considering to offer the same chance for her as he had his cousin, Arisa. For now, he would merely propose something. "Alice, you seem like a nice person, you're also said you need work, well I have proposal for you join the rune knights, as a member myself I can be a sponsor for your recruitment, though I will need to see your skills as the last person I sponsored wasn't perhaps the best choice for the rune knights, It's probably best though if you are interested in the proposal until we have had dinner and waited a bit."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't notice the barman coming towards them. She was still scanning through the menu for food and drinks. She was a bit slow, but that didn't have to be her fault, it was the travelling. But she had asked Konstantin a question and he took a few seconds to answer, so she turned her hazel brown eyes from the menu back to him when he explained, "Oh I understand now. Seated Knight. Impressive." She would probably never get further than page. Which wasn't that funny, she turned her attention back to the menu and she was actually glad she wasn't the jumpy person for otherwise she might have jumped out of her chair once the barman showed up.

He had ordered wine for the two of them and she couldn't help but look at Kon with a surprise but twinkling sense in her eyes. It was nice how he simply decided that, thank god she didn't mind wine in the slightest. She looked at Ophelia for a second but the little thing was still asleep, so it was less of a concern. She again put her nose into the menu, "I have no idea what to eat." she muttered as she looked through the pages. Maybe some curry? Sounded fine, she would decide completely once the waiter/barman would come again.

She looked back up at Konstantin and pushed a strain of red hair out of her face, her brown eyes meeting his blue and she was rather surpised, was she a nice person or what? He didn't even know her so she was a bit surprised how easily people say that. But before she could worry more about that her cheeks became red again. Her being a knight? She wasn't so sure about that, "Well it sounds very interesting. I have never thought about it before." She lied but she tried to cover up that very well, "I am alright with the challenge, after dinner indeed. But at least I want to think about it some more." What would Selena say? Would she be glad? Would she herself be glad, Alice actually didn't know. She had thought about it and it did sound fun but what were the rules, "Don't you feel, you know, limited by rules when you are a Knight?" She asked a little afraid that she said it wrong but she didn't leave Phantom Lord without a reason of freedom and of being less bad than she had pretended to be.


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The departure of the barkeep seemed to have brought with it a new snap of conversation or at least allowed their current one to continue. Stretching his back to relieve his muscle, he put down his menu having decided on his meal. Arms equally sore he drew them up into the air before lowering them and passing his left hand through his hair before frizzing it back from his face, he needed a hair cut that was for sure. His status despite only being the third from the bottom seemed to impress her with him feeling proud of the effort he went to get there. Kon hoped that Alice didn't mind that he had ordered on their behalf as he couldn't help but see her mutter something though was unable to hear precisely what she said due to the loud couple who were arguing next to them. Wishing to listen to her and not their issues, he quickly apologised to Alice. "One moment Alice I need to deal with something." Leaving his seat he moved over to the table where the couple were sitting and spoke to them in a quiet but confident tone resulting in them reducing their volume significantly allowing him to return to their table. "Right, sorry about that please continue."

Something that had swiftly become apparent was the reddened glow that was irradiating from the girl's cheeks, Kon made no comment but still noted it. Interested in the proposal though seemingly hesitant in joining the rune knights she agreed to the challenge. Her concern appeared to be stemmed from the restrictions that the organisation held for its members. Whilst that was true for a large part Kon's view on their policies were surprisingly positive. "The Rune Knights despite being a government body is surprisingly lenient in regards to their members to my knowledge there is only one inhibiting factor that prevents someone from joining being either a Vampire, Lycan or Demon and hopefully you are none of those for both our sakes. I, myself have my own abilities that are typically forbidden and still remain a positive influence to the group."

The tone of the dinner as with many conversations Kon had with other individuals had turned from the happy to the more serious though it was hopefully about to be brightened by the arrival of the wine and water. Wine uncorked and left to breathe for a few moments as the barkeep placed both wine and water glasses on the table before requesting their orders. Passing the man the menu as he turned his attention from Alice to the man finally having never looked at the barkeep since he had sat down prior. "Yes, I'd like Angus steak and salad for a side." Returning his focus on the woman. "What would you like Alice and don't say me?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice might have had her look on the pages of the menu but she did see Kon stretch and move his hand through his hair, it was cute. Although she looked up surprised out of her daydreaming when he apologized to her and stood up. She followed him, not completely understand what he had to do but looked at him interacting with the couple and a smile was on her lips, she stared back into the menu, made a final decision and closed it down. She just did that when Kon returned and she couldn't help but smile at him because of his actions, it was nice, and considerate. He wasn't yelling at them, just helping them out and the rest of the restaurant for their peace.

She had asked Konstantin about the freedom and well restrictions that the Rune Knights may give but he answered positively, explained to her what was forbidden and well that even forbidden he still had a positive influence, "For as far as I know and remember," there was an emphasis on the last word, "So I think I'm human. But I hope you don't mind my curiousity, it must be an open organisation if you have forbidden abilities, I'm really curious as to what that means, yet you are a knight. That sounds interesting." She meant both the abilities as well as the open idea of the Rune Knights. She could live with that.

she didn't know what to say when the barman returned with the wine and the water, which she looked at. She wasn't good with names of wine but Savignon Blanc did sound familiar, it was possibly fine. Konstantin ordered first and she followed his example with a Katsudon and a salad for the side as well. However it was very difficult to answer at first because well she was blushing and she tried not to laugh very loudly because of the relaxed way Kon spoke to her, after she ordered she turned her brown eyes back to him, "It's a shame now I had to come up with a dish." she said with a playfull tone in her voice. She kind of liked this guy, she didn't know him that well but this first impression was a good one.


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Through her response, she revealed that yes she was in fact simply human not a vampire, devil, Lycan and certainly not Neko or elf from the lack of their iconic ears. He couldn't help but smile at the level of intimacy that the two seemed to be sharing, whilst typically not one for revealing his capabilities Alice questioned regarding them still on deciding he responded. "My abilities will become evident to you during the exercise as you'll be fighting me, of course, I hope you don't mind punching me with all you've got along with being able to take a punch or two." But returning to the openness of the organisation itself, he continued. "With the need of members the organisation can not be too restrictive on what the members can do, the other groups may have even more restricting regulations, one group, I know now particular about all too fondly about...." Trailing off as he pondered about the group he made mention of, The Holy Knights. Since reaching his rank he had been pestered by the group as he had no clear loyalties just yet in their eyes however if and when they learnt the through he would be in dire straights.

Dismissing the line of the conversation, for now, Alice's behaviour had become equally as daring with him raising an eyebrow in response. "Oh did you have other things in mind?" He questioned her with a thin veil sense of innocence easily dismissed with the cheeky grin that had spread along his face. "Don't worry too much we can have some fun I'm not on duty or anything, time for a drink I think?" Rising from his chair once more and pouring the two of them moderate size glasses of the wine. Returning to his chair he rose his glass to make a toast. "To new friends and an excellent meal." before taking a sip.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice nodded as he seemed to be satisfied by her answer of not being a race. She was by his, she would indeed figure out that ability he had once they were sparring or fighting or whatever you call it, "I'm not good at holding back." she said with an amusing smile on her face. This was nice, the whole conversation was funny and actually yeah nice. There weren't words she could describe it, it was a long time ago that she felt at ease in a conversation.

She leaned again with her cheek onto her left hand as she stared at Konstantin while he continued on about how open the organisation was. He had a fair point but yet they were part of the government, shouldn't that be strict? She was so close to telling him about Phantom Lord but it had been a mistake, she hadn't know, she had been so new to the whole drama of magic that she had just jumped into the first thing that accepted her. She had left it with pretty good reasons if she said so herself, "A particular group within the Rune Knights? That reminds me of something I thought of, you say or well we said it's quite an open organisation, what about people that changed. People that had been in a dark guild for example?" It was a very open question but she was sure that he would maybe understand the underlying question that it was referring to herself, she hoped he didn't but he seemed like an intelligent man.

She wasn't one to sit down and blush and not say anything. She liked to play that dare game that now was going on. Sure she would blush, sure she was shy about it, not saying she wasn't used to it but than again sometimes the guys flirting with her, weren't that interesting. She ignored her red cheeks, "Who knows. I might first want to get to know you." She said keeping it airy and fun but yeah she was a bit flattered. She eyed him as he poured the wine and she enjoyed this, she took her own glass and followed the example of the toast by raising her glass and taking a sip. This was nice wine, she hadn't expect anything else from Konstantin anymore.


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Kon nodded in happy with her response, he too wouldn't have to hold back though he did ponder whether she would be able to avoid the horde that he had amassed. Even her companion didn't seem all that useful in a fight in comparison to his own though he made no comment instead of taking a big of interest in it. "What's your companion if you don't mind me asking?" he queried as he continued to drink. The conversation, however, returned to the willingness of allowing former members of recognised dark guilds to join which led him to believe that she was such a person however based on her personality so far it appeared as though she had changed in some way though he couldn't tell having never met her prior to this encounter. Wanting to put her mind at ease even with his own slightly alerted, he commented. "Members of dark guilds who have shown remorse for their acts can repay their crimes provided they are not too severe by becoming members, if you are concerned about yourself with that issue I'm just telling you now that if you do screw up I'll step in to stop whatever is happening as is the duty of my sponsoring you."

Kicking himself over the serious tone his reply he continued. "Not to worry how I doubt that'll happen anyway." Before smiling at her as she seemed to appeared to want to continue the teasing and leading him on. "Of course I'm a pretty nice guy behind this serious nature you know just wait until i drink a bit more and then we're in for a fun time." He said jokingly as he would likely only tipsy rather than completely intoxicated.

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Adelaide Sokolov
This was the first moment again after a few minutes that Alice quickly looked at Ophelia on the chair on her right side. Hoever the little Cleffa was still asleep. She was almost relieved about that, she forgot to pay attention to her, it was a shame. "That's Ophelia, she is a Cleffa." She gazed a little longer at her little friend before she looked back at Konstantin, "I sort of found her in Oak and we've been together on a few adventures. I haven't learned that much about her yet but she likes to sing and is able to heal my small wounds." She was satisfied about telling that but the conversation needed to be turned back to the question of the Rune Knights and the question if Alice would be able to fit in. She listened carefully, telling herself to not be ashamed or blush, he didn't know, he couldn't know and maybe he wouldn't even understand. Selena did understand, that was the most important.

She wanted to speak louder than was necessary, but she resisted that urge before opening her mouth, she was right, he had understood immediately. Which was half a shame, half alright. She liked guys that were smart so that was a good thing. She stared at her glass of wine which she held in her right hand, "I understand and you have all the right to if it is necessary." However she could no longer keep up with being embarrassed, she hadn't done anything wrong, she looked at him now with a fierce look in her eyes, "Even if I decide to join the Rune Knights, I'm sure that it wouldn't be necessary. As you have guessed I was part of a Dark Guild but only because I didn't understand the whole concept of magic, guilds and everything. The moment Selena told me about Phantom Lord and the bad side they were upon, I left." Her jobs weren't evil as well, not in the way she thought about good and bad, right and wrong. She had done quite some neutral jobs, killed no one but monsters thanks to doctor Mabuz. She felt a tension in her body and she wouldn't be able to relax unless Konstantin would assure her in some way or not, that she was fine. If she really wanted to become a knight, and she thought about it and actually thought she wanted it, she didn't want the whole idea to be ruined.

But he doubted it would happen and she felt her shoulders lower a bit, the tension leaving her and a shy and uncertain smile appear again on her lips. If only she had known and understand the ways of magic. The ways of the world but she was like a baby when she lost her complete memory and how she was trying to get back what once belonged to her while finding her way because there was no one to take care of an eighteen year old.

She teased him again, he answered and her full happy smile returned, "It sounds like fun." She took another sip of her own wine and wondered what she would ask him, to get to know him better, she didn't want to wait for a tipsy guy or whatsoever, "Why did you decide to be a knight, if you don't mind me asking? I mean is it just for the attention of the ladies?" Her eyes again hold the twinkle, she was dcurious but she didn't want to brush away the easy conversation and yet she also didn't want to push away the nice tension that slowly started between them. Maybe she was making that all up, she would see for herself.


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Looking at the animal with interest as Alice revealed its species and name, Ophelia and finding her in oak, the know headquarters of where the phantom lord guild was located and thus his beliefs were confirmed. "No matter," he thought to himself as she seemed to be no threat for the time being. Additionally, she appeared to resign herself to the knowledge that he would go after her in the event of that she abused his trustworthy behaviour to her. Without saying a word now Kon watched as a mix of emotions ran across his dinner companions face which was understandable considering if he were in the situation she was in. Besides that, she followed up revealing her lack of knowledge regarding both magic and the guilds in Fiore with her cousin, Selena having to inform her of the alignment of her guild at the time.

Feeling sorry for the poor girl as he saw her shoulder drop he put down his glass, reduced his smile before reaching out with the same hand and touching her cheek. "If you do join the rune knights, I'll be happy to help you whether it's informing you about the world itself or to complete a request together." Before sliding it back to his side of the table. The mood now bolstered the conversation returned to something a bit more intimate which was starting to excite him and he strongly believed her as well. Her trail of thoughts was far more light now wondering about his reasons for joining the Rune Knights. With a laugh from her suggestion, he shook his head. "Nothing like that though it is a perk of the job, I joined initially for protection from my eldest brother along with my younger brother, though now my eldest wouldn't dear go near me but now I am a member of the Rune Knights to serve the community and the country."

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Their conversation, the air around them was going from one side to the other in seconds before turning back to something on the other side. Funny, serious, light, fierce, soothing, funny. It was almost too much to keep up with if you were definitely not part of the conversation, it must have looked very weird for everyone that might be watching them. She however felt the dynamic and she absolutely didn't mind. It felt like some sort of intimate conversation yet not really, telling about herself, but also listening to him.

It felt like she wasn't punished this time for her mistakes. As if the idea of what she had in mind, no longer running away from difficult situations, was working out. She had admited to Konstantin that she had amnesia that it had effect on her joining Phantom Lord and her misfortune and her sadness was answered by just a single touch of his hand on her cheek, which gave off so much warmth for a girl that didn't have much before. Sure there was Selena and she was a big help but a second person was nice. She would almost lean into his hand touching her but she didn't because that would be some sort of rash decision that she didn't want to make. Her eyes big from surprise narrowed down to show she was glad that he said that, "Thank you," was all she could say, it was in a whisper but it was said loud enough for him to hear.

She didn't want to hang back in the past, feel sad about herself. She couldn't change anything about that anymore, what was done, was done and thus she turned the conversation away from her pain and sadness, it was over. He acknowledge and he supported in some way that she could step away from it. Damn, she wanted to be a knight for more than one reason right now. She liked how he laughed about her suggestion, which had obviously been to tease him. She listened to him explain the situation, which as way too vague but it was an answer none the less. She didn't want to pry but the answer got her curious, "Your youngest brother, is he also a knight? The whole reason to be a knight sounds lovely. I don't know if I could do that, you know. I didn't meet such nice people in that well let's call it a dark period. It's difficult to be eighteen and not remember a single thing but your first name. Baskerville is even made up." Wow.. such a great thing to say again, only Selena knew. What had she said, what was her name again? Eventide? Something like that.

That's when the food came. She smiled when she made sure her food could be placed in front of her and she took again a sip of wine. It looked good and she suddenly realized how hungry she was.


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His feeling for this girl whom he had only met less than an hour ago had quickly developed surprising the knight who tried to maintain his composure something that he normally had no difficulty with. This girl, however, seemed to be stirring something inside him, compounded by the response she gave to his gesture and the willingness of her to let him get so close to her. His own cheeks had reddened ever so slightly though would be noticeable across the table. These feelings caused him to briefly reflect on recent events finding it hard to find something that stood how that made him desire to be interacting with such a nice person nonetheless he would enjoy the moment for as long as possible hoping that their fight would be as entertaining and later even a bit cheekier than he dared to imagine.

For now, the conversation moved onto his family, a reasonable topic with her wondering about his brother, expanding towards the unlucky fact of the two meeting each other and the difficulty of her position. "My brother Aleksandr is also a member of the rune knights, in fact I should probably mention now that he, Selena and I along with two other members are in a team within the rune knights known as the Watchdogs we are relatively unknown group I haven't actually seen a lot of the members including your cousin for a while." He understood her opinion of the nature of the country at the moment but gave his own. "Honest whilst Fiore is under threat at all times, for the most part, the citizens are at peace, look around, the people are enjoying their freedom even that couple which I spoke to earlier are now content, but I am glad I have met you there something about you."

Reflecting for a moment he looked at her with a touch of longing. "Hmm memories are something that makes up a person's identity though you've lost yours I'm sure there will be many others that you will come to hold dear to you whether they are painful or that of a loved one, I don't have any experience with losing them though but I'll gladly make some with you that you won't forget." with that said the barkeep arrived with their meals in his hand placing them in front of the duo. His meal looked fantastic just as her and her meal. Wanting to waste no time both being hungry and sensing she was as well he drew his hands to his cutlery and spoke to her. "Well enjoy your food."

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She thought she imagined seeing Konstantin his cheeks a bit more red than before. It was probably the light, she didn't have that effect on people. But it was some sort of contagious effect that she got a fair blush as well that this time stayed on her cheeks for quite a while.

She asked, he answered that's how conversations go. She didn't want to pry, she didn't want him to be uncomfortable or make a different sort of tension in the air around them. But he answered, his younger brother was a knight as well. As he and his brother together with Selena were a team, "A team? Like you do most jobs together?" He continued to explain as the matter of the question came to wether Alice thought she would fit into the idea of the Rune Knights. She couldn't help but look at the couple, look at all the people she was able to see from her spot where she sat, she even glanced at Ophelia for a second before looking back at Kon, "It would be nice to consider that citizen can stay that way." She answered, the whole content feeling of peace and she could indeed see that if she would become a Knight how she could help with that. It wasn't the big things, the fights, the wars, it was making people content and at peace. It was a good thing when she thought about it in that way. Her blush would only get more intense red when he mentioned there was something about her, "Something about me? Like what?" She said obviously pretending to not understand what he meant for she couldn't stop grinning about the whole idea, that smile reached her hazel brown eyes that couldn't stop looking at his eyes.

She felt the need to thank him again for his short speech about understanding the idea of what it must felt like to lose your memory as well as that he would gladly make new memories with her. They only met an hour but she wanted to know so much more about him, "I look forward to that." She said instead of always saying thank you. That's when the food came and both of them intended to first eat. Ophelia woke up from the smell and Alice giggled a bit by her sleepy reaction, "Same to you." She said before she turned to take some food make sure it was cold enough for Ophelia to eat before she would take a bite herself of her salad.


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The truth of the matter, Kon hadn't enjoyed himself in awhile particularly with the comfort of a lady save for when he was with his one of his cousins though that was something different, he just felt something between the two though he didn't know what it was but wanted to explore the possibilities. For now, he consumed his steak with a pace whilst civilised also hastened. Whilst listening to Alice about the teams, as with many other things he suspected she didn't know he nodded and took a sip of his wine to clear his throat. "Yes precisely, we'll join up to complete tasks that we'd have difficulty with." Gazing into her eyes as she spoke of peace for the community he nodded believing the same.

Evidently, she was starting to read into what he was saying specifically regarding her. Despite them on having just met this very evening, Kon wasn't going to lie. "I've met many other women in my short journey as a rune knight their beauty whilst striking isn't what I desire solely, instead I respect a woman more for her sincerity and her kind personality and in all honesty you have proven to have those traits."

His heart skipped a beat when she revealed to be keen on spending more time with him whether as a friend or otherwise he was even more ecstatic after it. Returning to his meal he cut the piece of steak with the delicate touch of a surgeon before enjoying the meat which had been cooked to perfection.

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Alice was focusing on her food as well on Ophelia who seemed to be more lively than before, which made sense for she had been asleep. But the little pet still needed some food, she didn't eat that much and it was easy something Alice could miss. But she must admit that the food of this place was really good and she was glad she was staying at this inn. She also drank some of her wine and was soon done with her first glass as she was working on finish her food too. She stopped eating when she asked Konstantin the question what was it about her. Her cheeks couldn't be more red and just when she thought they settled. She was a bit lost for words and thus refrained from eating and just sort of stared before finally her brain started to work again, "You flatter me too much." She said although she hoped that she indeed was a kind of person he described, she wanted to be that person and well he was talking about her so she was that person.

She focused back on her food and the possible second glass of wine. She wasn't so sure what to say, maybe, but that wasn't necessary yet, maybe she could ask if he could show her the city. Ah heck why not, "Ehm.. so since we are having dinner right now. It's not smart to immediately fight after that. could you, perhaps show Era to me? I have never been here before." It was a bit weird how she felt so shy now while a few minutes ago she was good at flirting back, she actually liked that more than her shy look at the conversation now. Ophelia was close to falling off the chair and Alice was actually glad for the distraction for a few seconds.


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Despite his kind words, Alice seems to dismiss them at least with words though her face seemed to be revealing the truth of the matter which he couldn't help but take a reading of her emotions to an extent. It revealed to him that she was taking what he said to heart as he was glad that his words had not been for naught or even resulted in a backlash. Whilst he had been successful in that regard, Kon refrained from pushing things any further for now at least after all he had just meet her and they were going to be fighting later. Having eaten the last portion of his meal along with his salad, he poured himself another glass of the wine as well as one for Alice with hers equally becoming empty.

Apparently the prospect of fighting for now at least with Kon no longer interested her at least for now instead of wishing to see the rest of Era town with him, which was reasonable considering he would be able to get her close to anyway in the town. Nodding willing to forgo the combat especially since he wanted to let his stomach relax in the meantime he responded. "Okay, that's fine, there are a number of areas that you might like to take a look at here in Era town, hopefully the fog will have cleared up, I see you're almost done with your meal, I'll have the barkeep come and collect our dishes and have this bottle recorked in case we want to have it later." Ending with a wink. Drawing the attention of the barkeep once more he willed him to take both His and Alices plates assuming she was finished before commenting and smiling. "Would you be able to recork this bottle and keep it for us when we return?" Before paying him for their meals along with a tip for his services. "Ah well that's done, how about we finish our wine and hit the town."

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Alice was again fussing over Ophelia or well she gave her some extra attention but the companion was again a bit tired, it was very late for her but she had just taken her nap and Alice was sure she would be okay in a few minutes if she could just either play or simply hang out in the little travelwear that she used to carry Ophelia if she wasn't carrying her in her hands.

She had asked a question to Konstantin to make sure that she wouldn't have a heavy feeling in her stomach the moment they would fight and well to use this moment to be shown around the city of Era. He accepted her proposal of the idea, which gave her a happy feeling. She nodded with the idea about the fog and wondered about the places that might be of her interest. She hoped the crowd from this festival or whatever it was was also a bit thinned out at those possible places. She showed him an amusing smile when he winked at her about the wine, "You never know." she said because well she wouldn't be bothered if it happened.

She was looking for her money when Kon informed the barkeep and even paid, "Are you always such a gentleman?" She gave up on searching for it because it was no use but she felt flattered about the idea, believing he didn't do it for everyone, or well hoping that the idea she had was true. She nodded to the idea of finishing their wine but didn't immediately down it, it would take some time, but less than if she was eating.

When the both of them were done with drinking the wine, she got up. Not entirely dizzy but she could feel a small effect of the wine on her, even though she had just eaten. She normally never felt that and waved it away as just the idea of standing up to quick. She made Ophelia sit in the little blue bag and hoisted that over her right shoulder slowly to make sure she wouldn't hurt the little Cleffa, "Alright. I'm ready for that tour." She felt like the smile was now forever on her face when she looked at Konstantin, it wasn't a fake or plastered one, just so natural.


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Kon's out of the ordinary behaviour and attempts to become involved with this attractive woman had so far worked with her even admitting a willingness to partake in such adventures at least that he was had started to think. For now, it was just a guessing game with his understanding of these types of interactions being minor at best. Finishing the last of his glass, he listened as she complimented him on his gentlemanly nature which pleasured him especially considering how many people he had met either saw it as an absolute necessity or the later where it was ignored entirely. Speaking from the heart he commented. "I was raised in all honesty from a noble family as such it is something I've retained with me since I left them, however, thank you for noticing few would let alone comment on it, don't feel ashamed or rude point it out.

With her finishing her drink as well, he rose in time with his companion for the night and watched as she prepared her companion for the walk reminding him of his own. Laughing to himself slightly sadly, he looked back to his companion who was taking a nap, he had almost forgotten about him through all the focus he had given to Alice during the dinner. Wanting to take him for the ensuing fight against Alice and just to have him by his side, but waited as Alice announced that she was ready. "Good, So am I, Just let me wake my companion and we'll head off." Walking over to his companion that had awoken with the eagerness of newborn pup, Kon smiled, called it forth and quickly spoke out to Alice as his companion ran out the Inn. "Well let's go." Before racing off after the Blitzle.

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