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Marigold to Era.

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Marigold to Era.  Empty on Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:44 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Okay after the last adventure, which was quite fun it was time to go away from Marigold. She still didn't trust the citizen for some reason, call it stalking but it definitely didn't feel right that people knew where she was all the time. She had packed her stuff or well technically speaking had never unpacked it. Which was a good thing, she paid for her stay in the inn. Packed Ophelia tightly into the little blue backpack. She had no idea where to go, as her calves were still hurting she was sure she wouldn't go that far.

The idea of the knightes in her mind, she decided that maybe it was a nice option to go to Era and see how everything around there would be. She finally made that decision after already walking for a day. It was boring but the singing, humming and the thinking distracted her a lot so before you knew it the day was already over and she was one city further ahead. That made her decide that she really needed to find out where she was going otherwise it would be too difficult to actually know where she would go. And with that final thought, Era was her only option if she didn't want to be stuck in a high city like Crocus where the ruling of pickpocketing might come back into her mind.

Fine Era. She went to go along with the road, sometimes took breaks, ate food, do some swift movements to try and get to know her sword, lance and spear but it was just all a bit tiring. However she had at least figured out that Ophelia was able to use magic as well. Which was really fascinating but since the little companion couldn't talk it was difficult to know what she could and couldn't do.

After walking for again a long time, though this time it was three days instead of eleven. She was almost there, she was on top of a hill and looked down at for as far as what she could see was Era. Maybe Selena was here, maybe she could figure out some more answers, she really had no idea but she was interested in trying. That's what she had told herself and that's what she was going to do. Try and figure out who she had been and what she wanted to become. Very philosophic but very needed as well.

416 - 400 = Arrival in Era.

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