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Beach Gym [Ace Brookes]

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#1Ace Brookes 

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Ace Brookes

It had been a very long day for the gas mage. He thought his day would only consist of lying down and reading a book on this warm spring opener day in Hargeon. However it didn't go as planned when he ran into two naked mages who typically picked on the kid. That's the thing with adults, when the kid stands up for himself they think they can 'put him back in his place' by beating him up. Being unlike the rest, Ace tried to reason with one of the adults and ended up pissing him off. Which in turn led to a spar. It didn't end too well for any of them. The gas mage walked out with a few noticeable bruises, however his rough background toughened him up. To him, this was still a good day.

After a few hours of reading his book on the history of Fiore he decided it was time to grab a bite. Last time he checked the young mage only had a few jewels left, so he got up and went to look for restaurants near the beach of Hargeon. It wasn't long before he stumbled upon your average fish and chips shop. It didn't look too fancy which meant it wouldn't cost him that much either so he pushed the greasy door handle and walked in. He placed his order and took a seat on one of the many wooden tables near the glass window. The customers' reactions showed concern for the twelve year old boy with bruises. He ignored all the remarks they made under their breath and waited for his order.

By the time the food made it to his table the gas mage was already starving. He just simply nodded at the waiter and started stuffing his mouth with the freshly fried fish. There were two old men sitting just two tables away from Ace. He couldn't help but listen in on their conversation.

"I'm not kidding!" one of them said while the other man burst into laughter.
"I mean I'd do it if I wasn't traveling. Heck, it's easy money!" he exclaimed.
"So Holiday is now paying people to spot him... That one made my day..." the other said after chuckling some more.

Ace slowed down as he took the last few bites of his meal. He reached for the small white napkin that was once under the cutlery and wiped his mouth before gulping down the bit of water that was left in his glass. He slammed the empty glass and reached for his wallet. "I could use some of those" he murmured. He got out of his seat and made his way over to the older men. "Good afternoon gentlemen. Where is this Holiday you're talking about..." Ace said. The two men paused for a second as they eyed each other. A burst of laughter echoed in the small restaurant, "Kid, you can go ask your mommy to do this job. He needs someone to spot him, not ask him for ice cream" he said mockingly while the other man still chuckled. The two men seemed to take it as a very funny joke. The gas mage still kept his straight face as he waited for them to quite down but it didn't look like they were ready to stop anytime soon. Ace calmly reached for his afro and moved the chunky curls away from his left ear lobe. There was a white Rune Knights tattoo imprinted boldly on the soft brown skin. The laughter suddenly stopped as one of the men cleared his throat. "Uhh he's at the beach gym, blonde fella, can't miss em... He'll tell ya everything you need to know" he uttered. Ace briefly nodded and turned around to go look for Holiday. If what he heard was correct then all the man needed was to be spotted.

Upon his arrival to the Hargeon beach gym Ace immediately picked out the huge blonde man who seemed to work out with a burning intensity. "Holiday?" the young mage asked from a distance. The blonde man turned around in attention and looked for the person who called him. Ace walked over and asked "How much are you offering?". "Offering for what?" the man replied with a puzzled look on his face. Ace sighed and replied saying "I'm a mage, here to do you request for spotting". The man smiled and said "Ahh! Nice to meet you. As you've probably heard I've got no time to waste. Would you like me to explain how spotting works?". Ace lightly raised his eyebrows and said "No I know how it works. What weight are you starting at". The man grinned happily and said "30. Now lets get to work".

The gas mage wasn't experienced at spotting, but his vast knowledge made him well aware of how it works and what's required to boost the lifter's strength. Ace was also capable of helping Jay because of his basic training. He was able to lift more than kids his age. He completely forgot about the question he asked the man and was willing to do the job anyway. No matter what it paid the old men were right, it was a piece of cake. Ace was pleased that the man didn't go on to question if he'd be able to do it or not, which gave Ace the motivation to muscle through it. It was nice to see people who weren't always teasing the kid for being young.

It was definitely no biggie, but if Jay wanted to pay someone to do it then Ace didn't mind at all. At the end of every set Ace would motivate the young man with words of encouragement and slightly pull the bar up. This helped Jay to get through his bench press workout seamlessly.

The sun started dipping into the ocean as the man finished his workout. He thanked the kid and asked if he needed any help before giving him his reward.



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