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Acid 8000

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#1Noel Raion 

Acid 8000 Empty on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:56 am

Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

The ropes that tied the not-so-tall figure to the chair worked like the ancient Chinese finger trap - the more he struggled the tighter the ropes became.

Magic ropes.

Expanding his muscles caused the same effect. Blur covered his eyes as they manically looked through the room. The chair had four legs, and no real back. When his vision went downwards towards the concrete floor it was plainly obvious that something had happened to his bod. What once was a tall giant, had become an average guy.

The back of his heel connected with one of the legs of the chair there were facing the front side. The leg came off right away and flew into the distance. These actions were done on purpose, so he could hop out of this place with the wooden chair attached to his body. And that is what he did, he used his left leg to hop out of the warehouse and into the streets - where people pointed and laughed at him. It didn't take long for the male to escape the eye of the public and head into an alleyway; that is when he caught a glimpse of himself in a puddle of water.

Black/blue colored hair, eyes that tinted more evil than they previously had; and a much younger face than he used to have.

This was the body of a 25-year-old edge master.

How absurd.

Maarschalk rushed through the alley, with the chair still tied to his lower body - he was hopping all the way, wondering if there was anybody who could cut this magic rope and free him.

'I wonder if my dick shrunk in size too. . .'


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The flashing rays of the blazing sun was warming up the place, including herself as she walked through the streets of Era. Her raven purple hair would sway left and right as it was up in a pony-tail with the left side of her bangs left out, curled a little. Her hues were golden and glow-like each shadow she passes. Arisa's facial expression was calm yet filled with courage as eyes had no sign of any worry. She wore a black tank-top with a leather jacket over it, zipped up. Her pants were normal blue bottom jeans as she wore her thigh-high socks under her medium black hiking boots.

She decided to not wear any jewelry today as it felt unnecessary. Truly she wondered on what she was going to do today yet she thought of something. The time when her body changed as well as her appearance. Gladly her body was still showing normal, at least her skin since she was in her cream colored tone. No one would know who she was by just looking at her as she looked totally different. 'Do I dare even come out? As to who I am?' she wondered calmly yet softly. Her head was looking straight while walking. It felt like some normal day, but then she heard some laughing up ahead. Her right eyebrow cocked in wonder as to what was happening. As he was she saw a guy tied in some chair, 'hopping off. 'What the....?' she wondered and then removed her hands from her pockets to jog towards the direction the random went off to.

As soon as she was there, he was gone. Where did he go? Her head turned and then looked towards a random alley and saw him there. She walked towards it in a speed-walking pace to then see the guy hopping along. She couldn't help but giggle at the situation. ''You seem to be in a funny situation.~'' she teased and then jogged in front of him to then make him stop, hopefully. Her hand would go forward to hold onto the chair, gripping the right side. Her left hand would reach in her jacket to pick out a simple knife, only sharp enough to cut rope, strings and such with force. Her golden eyes avoided to stare into the mans face as she honestly was more looking towards his feet and hands. Rather this was a mistake or not, she would first cut the bottom for his feet. After that she would then leaned forward close enough for her arms to wrap around his body, cuts the rope and then quickly steps back, standing up. Arisa would put her knife in her pocket after closing it and looked up at him, assuming he'd stand up. ''So how did you get yourself into this anyways?'' she wondered curiously yet in a calm tone. If there was of course any movement at all during her cutting, she'd stop and dash back.

#3Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

The side of his cheek was resting against the cold ground. Half covered in the puddle he was staring at previously. The movements that were produced were like a fish - a big, 6'7" 210-pound fish. At least the puddle was enough to give the figure an impromptu bath. Short breaths were drawn because of the running earlier; causing ripples in the water.

A voice came from a distance, his eyes couldn't quite reach up far enough to see the face that came with the voice.

'I do? ...

I promise you that nothing about this image you're seeing is not intentional'

The words were exchanged with a mild tone of sarcasm. With half his mouth submerged in water the way he spoke - the way he spoke words wasn't very charismatic. With each word, he said there was a small pause since he needed to blow the water away from his mouth to speak. So, in reality it sounded more like: 'I pfft! do?

I, pfft!, promise you, pffft!, that nothing, pffft!, about this, pffft!, image you're, pffft!, seeing is not, pffft!, intentional'

Hearing her approach he was wise to remain still. Being stabbed by a stranger with a sharp voice in an alley such as this, with a wooden chair attached to his lower body wasn't the end he had in mind; and because this was one of his more vulnerable moments he didn't trust the voice completely - his fist was arched should the woman have sinister thoughts.

When the ropes were cut and Maarschalk was released; he slowly ascended from the puddle. Half his clothing were covered in dirty, puddle water - his skin was rough and had marks. This was an indication that he had been in a fight of some sorts prior to waking up. Although the minty breath made note of no alcohol being involved. Although the property of his minty breath was unique -- only those who have drunk the magical potion knew of the scent.

'Let me teach you an important lesson. If someone approaches you, offering you a *free chair* you politely, but firmly decline.'

The tips of his fingers begun reaching upwards of his jacket, starting to unzip it. When he unzipped the black leather jacket, a bunch of water followed out as well; missing his burgundy lace-up boots just about. The rugged jeans on his legs were pin rolled snugly at the bottom, just not exposing his ankles. The one weird factor about his clothing were the red socks, which luckily, were not visible.

'I think I have been cursed, do you know a shaman that lives in this town that could lift this curse?'

His raspy voice spoke with sinister intention; not aimed towards her but towards the person who did this to him. Could he call it a curse though? Being reborn in a young-body with his previous mental state didn't seem like such a bad curse -- but nonetheless he had to find out more about what had happened. Maybe this stuff had side effects.

He set a step forwards, out of the puddle and onto the cobble paved alley. The sun had just come up. His gaze met hers; golden eyes - not like he has seen before. She seemed like a feisty woman. His eyes were fixated on the rest of her body, and then concentrated more on her face. In an attempt not to seem overly gloomy, he spoke once more.

'I am...'

No! His name shouldn't be given out too fast. He bit his lip, stopping him from saying his name.

'um.. Growlgrowlpussycat, but you can call me Rebel'

He set a step forwards again, towards her. The distance between the two was a few meters. His fingers were brought up to his nose, to rub the underside because he was proud of the name he made up on the spot.


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Arisa looked at the guy who had soft looking hair with the color of jet black, tint of blue. His skin was rather fair and light as his eyes were rather darkened, quite the edgy one. Maybe personality wise he wasn't edgy and it was just his appearance. Truly one couldn't judge someone's personality by their appearance. It was quite adorable in a way to see a man squirm helplessly. Why was it like this to her? Was this some weird new thing? Did it have to be due to her appearance change or? Arisa questioned it, but for now her concern by a small level was this random.

The last time she was being nice to some random, she ended up like this other than that guy who wanted to spar her. He seemed quite baffled in someway for some reason as he then spoke of some weird name. A small giggle escaped her soft full lips as her eyes closed, right hand covered her mouth to do so. Within a split second she would let her hand/arm dangle against her side and looked up at him. ''What's with everyone and nicknames these days?'' she questioned calmly and soft. Her head tilted and then thought of what he spoke of earlier, about some curse. ''Wait...what curse?'' she questioned some more and studied him, looking up and down at him, but she stopped as she would see that he looked at her too. She felt like blushing, but tried to ignore the fact of his gaze.

Something else seemed familiar, but it wasn't quite hitting her. His breathe smelled familiar though as she would then bring up her hand to her own mouth to smell her own breathe. 'It's minty like mine. Ever since that change.' she thought to herself and then put her hand back down. Her eyebrow cocked as she looked at him questioning something. Who was he before this? Does it even matter? Her body shifted to turn so her back was against the wall, head turned to look up at the guy while her arms dangled against her side. 'I could make this fun...or I could just tell him straight up that he was forced to drink some potion..or willingly he drank he yet forgot.' Nah... she thought as her head tilted a little. Her facial expression was still calm yet it was known that she was thinking.

''Whoever you were, I doubt it'd matter much to me. I don't know any shamans neither.'' she started and then looked up at the sky. Her golden hues would glow,  her cream colored skin would shimmer with a small shine upon her left cheek all-while she would cock her head to look at him once more. ''Name i-'' she would start and then think for a second. 'If he's making up some name...maybe I should use the other name I go by.' she would think. ''Name's Ana.'' she would say in a rather soothing calm tone and a small smile that seemed rather sweet. She was somewhat feeling rather afraid of making a mistake as she didn't want to do or make the wrong move. ''So it seemed you drank some potion that changed your appearance. Your breath smells like mine.~'' she teased and turned her body a little so that her side was against the wall instead, looking towards him. Her raven purple hair in a pony-tail was over her right shoulder, shining from the sun as well, or at least the small space the shadows gave. ''Now then...'' she started and stood up straight. ''What got you in that mess? The whole chair thing? Piss off a girl?'' she joked calmly with her calm facial expression, no smile yet softness within her eyes.

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

Nicknames? His name was indeed, a nick-name; he didn't have a real nickname. Self-appointing a nickname is a lame thing to do, but in conventions such as these it was necessary. The woman by an unknown name had a fidgety aura - even though she seemed feisty at first glance; he deducted this by inspecting her gaze. It wasn't entirely centered at him, but rather elsewhere. The childish joker in him wanted to abuse this - although as a gesture towards someone who did him a favor he decided against it.

Ana; Aa-nah? Ahh-na? Whatever the way she pronounced it - that's how Maarschalk was going to refer to. The pause she took before saying her name made him think that she too was giving a fake name, and was aware of his attempt to do the same. This Ana knew no shamans

The source of her minty breath was related to his, she claimed. What ensued is what we could expect from a skeptical drat, Maarschalk moved forwards. Leaving no room between himself, her, and the wall behind her. Without giving her the opportunity to draw caution he had placed his hand next to her head against the wall. Since he was taller than her, he had to bend his back, away from her. This resulted in him curving his upper body outwards, with his ear facing close to her nose. His face half tilted upwards, and his other hand close to her hip - his eyes begun to squint, alas not visible to the woman since his hair covered half his face. His intentions weren't ill, but he held enough self-confidence to step within her comfort zone without it seeming weird.

Tiny hair deep down his nose vibrated as he inhaled. To test whether her breath was as minty as his was.


Dust descended to the ground when the palm of his hand unlatched from the wall next to her head. A subtle nod, followed after tilting his face upwards, to lock eyes with her. The expression that was given was one of understanding; she, Ana, was right. Their breath smelled almost identical, and given the context of the situation - she might have been in a similar situation.

'I woke up with that thing attached to me by magic rope. My last memory... my last memory is from when I was traveling through ... I don't remember clearly. '

Grit and spite carried through his words. His previous physique had much more mass, much more room to peak physically. This body was just younger; he took a step back giving her some room.

'I need a drink. Oh god, what if they ID me. How old young do I look?'

The audible noise of his teeth gritting made note of his frustration towards the situation.

'Maybe coffee is better. It's noon, isn't it? No wait... morning? What time is it...

Join me for coffee?'

Either way of her response, the male turned his body towards the entrance of the alley - that's where he begun to pace towards. Even though his running speed wasn't very credible, being a fast walker has been something that he's always been - even when around women that wear pointy heels. No mercy.

Upon leaving the alleyway his vision became overwhelmed by the shining sun; his greatest weakness. His wincing was painfully obvious - followed by his attention being directed towards the street. Scanning for cafes he could enter; remaining nonchalant proved to be difficult.


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Arisa would stare at the guy still as she wondered who he really was. 'Maybe he's some bad guy who wanted to change. Perhaps he's some...Not sure.' the other voice spoke as she would stare up at him with her golden hues. Quickly she would see him move towards her, leaving no space at all between them. Softly she gasped, her eyes widened in surprise as her back was hitting against the rough wall. She of course couldn't really feel it due to her jacket, but her hands that are soft would palm against it.

Her semi-pure heart would beat rapidly as her face held the blush that was rising. One of his hands was placed beside her head, him leaning in-ward with his back arched. The bangs of his hair somewhat covered his eyes. The shadows helped the case so she couldn't really see his hues with hers. His ear was by her nose, making her somewhat try to step-back, but couldn't due to no space being left. Her heart was racing faster as he was inches close to her. His other hand was by her hip as she could somewhat feel his wrist, brushing against her hip with a simple movement. She wasn't use to being this close to a guy, making try to control her emotions that felt like freaking out.

Not long after that he would then move back away from her to give her space. He agreed that her breath did smell minty - the same. Her eyebrow cocked upward as she was questioning him in thinking she lied about something stupid. Arisa didn't bother saying anything though as it felt unnecessary so she nodded instead. Soon after that he started to talk about how a drink sounded good, but freaked out about how young he looked, making her laugh softly.

''You look like you're in your twenties to me. Also...a drink sounds a little better than coffee in my opinion. The time?......'' she would say calmly and soothingly as she would then follow him and looked at the time from the sky. She was so use to living outside from the islands from when she first got here - before the manor thing that she could tell the time by the sky. Her eyes would see the sun getting close to the end as if it was dimming. ''I'd say about seven pm.'' she would finish and followed him from behind. Her heart was still calming down from when he got close to her. Thankfully the other her was there to calm her down.

If he did more than just get in her comfort zone, she wouldn't be able to hold back her emotions. As Arisa would follow this guy, her eyes would wander around. Her hips swayed, arms dangled against her sides while her long purple raven hair would sway left and right upon each step. As the sun was yet to die, the light was still out from the sun, making her cream colored skin shine a little to reflect how smooth it was. Rather or not this guy picks to actually get coffee at this time or day or drink, she'd join due to curiosity of who this one is.

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

In my twenties? That's how old Maarschalk looked - an interesting descend from his prior 32-year old appearance. The height that he previously had was gone as well; even though in this day’s standard at six foot seven, he still was the butt of every what's-the-weather-up-there-like joke. Ana continued by explaining that they weren't living in the afternoon, but at the start of the evening. In which case, she was right, a drink was better. But what bar around here would suffice? It wasn't difficult to recognize the street they were on - Maarschalk, unfortunately knew these streets because of his familiarity with Era.

His steps carried him closer to the edges of the streets; that's where the shadows were.

'What brings you to Era, Ana?'

Smalltalk wasn't something he enjoyed doing, but it was a bit better than the eerie silence between him and her. Normally he'd start rattling of his usual banter - but what stopped him from doing this was her. For reasons yet unknown; perhaps it was the hormones in this new, young body of his - calling for a feminine partner. This was unbeknownst to him, and should he find out his first guess was guessing that it was a side-effect of the potion. Whilst it was his horny, young bod.

Maarschalk entered a cafe close to the end of the street. It wasn't that crowded, you could hear talking - the music being played was of the rock kind.

Taking a seat near the bar, he begun to think about the first liquor he was going to have in this body. He spoke to Ana, while looking at the barman - trying to signal him that he wanted to order a drink.

'This change, is it permanent?'

Curious were his words, followed by the barman who tapped him a pint. The first few pints that Maarschalk drunk were chugged almost immediately.

'Do you have some nuts or something I could chew on?'

He asked the barman. Maarschalk took note of his ability to consume liquor, and how much it was affecting him - it seemed like as before. His attention shifted back to Ana, his glance seemed to meet hers;

'Tell me more about yourself.'


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walking behind this man she would wonder still who he was. She was spectating on how he walked, talked and pretty much everything. It was hard to notice it though as it looked like as if she was just normally looking ahead to follow. It was silent between them till the man asked her what brought her to Era. Should she even bother telling him or? She wasn't sure if he was a good mage or bad. Her facial expression looked unreadable and calm as she was thinking rather chaotically of this situation. ''To begin a new adventure.'' she'd say in her calm soothing tones that showed no coldness yet wasn't too warm neither. ''Guessing whoever tied you up, brought you here?'' she questioned and cocked her eyebrow, continuing to walk.

Her eyes wandered to see people walk into a certain 'cafe' which they then also went towards. 'Wonder how this 'cafe' is...Never been here.' she wondered as she would then hear a dark chuckle from the back of her mind. 'I guess we'll find out.' she would hear. Her eyes half closed and lowered her gaze to the floor. Arms dangled against her side as she followed this guy - not even daring to call him that other name. She'd see the wooden chair from the top of her sight, making her look up. Slowly she'd grip the chair next to him to sit. The wood felt rough, old and yet it was stable enough to sit on. Slowly she'd get comfortable on the chair, wiggling a little to then lean forward. Her elbows rested on the counter tops and turned her head to look at him. ''It is. Unless you magically somehow find the source again I guess.'' she would say quietly in her normal calm tone. Her head tilted up after turning straight to see the bar man on the other side. ''I'd like a couple of Everclear's.'' she would say with a calm yet innocent look. Her golden hues would glisten with the lights above them as there were hanging lights in boxed glass. They were separated by a foot till the counter was no longer there.

''Oh hey. Can I have some almonds and oranges?'' she'd ask the bartender. All he did was nod, turned away and continued with his drink mixing. Her attention went back to this guy who requested for her to talk about herself. Her eyes would gaze into his darkened eyes. The eyes that had some stories yet hit them in some closet. What stories could they possibly be? What could she all tell him without actually putting herself out there like some open book?

Her head tilted so her cheek rested on the palm of her hand. ''I come from the islands afar from here, but my family is mostly from a different country. I have a little sister who travels and wanders. '' she started and then heard the clank of her drink being put down as well as her food. Slowly she would remove her cheek from her calm to turn away from the gaze between herself and him. Arisa picked up her drink with her right hand to then drink the shot in a single go and then another. After gulping down the two shots she'd motion her head towards herself as a sign of wanting more. Her left hand would reach to take an orange to nom on it slowly. While she did that, Arisa would look into the man's gaze once more. ''My magic isn't really the greatest nor special - mother nature magic. What about you and your magic?'' she would question and nom on the tip of the orange all the while her golden lion hues looking into his.

#9Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

Seeking an adventure all the way into the center of Era; how strange. The follow-up question she had for him was replied to with a nod. The change is permanent, this is how he was supposed to lead his life now. With that consideration, he cut back on the drinking - thinking that he could waste the kidneys on this body before returning to his old one. This made him slow down a bit, watching how she took shot after shot. Ever clear. That's the name of her liquor. Unknown to Maarschalk other than knowing that it is illegal in some places because of the sheer amount of alcohol in it.

Her origins led her from islands far away; curiously Maarschalk listened - something about her peachy skin attracted his attention.

'A little sister, huh?'

Maarschalk had two children, both cast to the LEAGUE OF THE SHADOWS. Where their destiny is to become stronger than their poppa; and then kill him as a result of being cast there. But was he going to reveal such a thing to a stranger? No way.

But this beer though.

And this new body.

'I have two children, both are in the League of the Shadows.'

It's not like he could stop himself at this point. He crossed one leg over the other. After having grabbed the drinks Maarschalk had settled near a table before all the dialogue begun. Assuming the woman had followed him to the table.

'I mean my youngest turns thirteen next month and his sister is fourteen. I usually don't talk about them, so consider yourself unique in knowing.'

Maarschalks elbow rested on the table, his other arm reached for her hand. His fingers held the topside and tried to turn it around, so that her open palm would face the ceiling.

'Mother nature magic. Mmhmpf.'

By letting his thumb rest on the palm of her hand he begun to attract the shadows around them towards it. Of course, he wouldn't let his magic harm her peachy skin. But it was merely a parlor trick to demonstrate what kind of magic he had. No direct answer, but more hinting that it was related to darkness and leaving the rest open for interpretation. The shadows that begun to gather gave a tickling sensation if anything.

Then his view averted from her soft hand to her eyes, not before stopping to ogle at her breasts whilst his parlor trick kept her attention for a moment.

'Are you all right? I heard that the 'Ever clear'-stuff you ordered is pretty strong.'

After moving his hand away to take another gulp of his half full glass of beer, his legs were straight again - and quite close to hers. His hormones, or his penis rather, was doing the thinking for him; perhaps this was the result of living in a teenage body. Perhaps wrapping shadows around her ankles, turning her upside down and doing the deed in that fashion was how could handle things like this. But his healthy mind decided against it, crossing his leg once more. It was a good thing that everything that was happening under the table wasn't visible.


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Smiley face

Her eyes looked into his dark hues still as she was curious about him. She was told about how he had children who were thirteen and fourteen. The real question now was how old was he really? Her eyes would scan his appearance once more as she wondered. Maybe he was the type where appearance tricked ones mind. Was he possibly in his thirty's? Forties perhaps? Arisa would think of her sister who was close to her twenties, Alice. She looked as if she was ten or so, but really was older. What would her young sister say to such a change?

The thoughts would make her lost till she then felt flesh against her own, the man's hand/thumb. A small sensation went through her nerves like some small shock that led to two things. Those two things she somewhat didn't have knowledge on of course. A simple gesture made her want to take away her hand, but her eyes lowered to look at what then appeared to be darkness. 'Darkness? Guessing something related to dark magic then...' she questioned. 'Away...Move away...' a whisper within her mind spoke, but Arisa ignored such cries. 'No...' she would then hear from a darker voice. She listened to such a single word as if that voice was her god.

Her eyes followed the shadow like some cat chasing the red dot. She somewhat felt a caress from the darkening magic, but why? Slowly she bit her lower lip on the right with her sharp canine tooth, feeling the tickling. Due to this, a small girly soft giggle escaped her full plump lips as well as a smile, but before the smile could be seen she'd look down.

Quickly she made that smile fade and disappear as she then looked back up to look at the man in a calming expression. ''I'm fine. Quite use to drinking. Whatever makes it go away, you know?'' she started to say in a calming tone. She had to make it rather real - her tone. In reality she had a soft and soothing tone that was rather perfect for singing, but she felt like showing less emotions was the best to do for now. If he knew her from the past then for sure he'd know her by her voice if she spoke it.

The people around her were rather disappearing as they were leaving. It was a clear sign that it was hitting by midnight or something close to it. Her heart was still pounding though from how the man felt her hand as if she was locked in some closet all her life. It felt like it though as she honestly still wasn't use to human touch other than fighting. Slowly her hand would then turn, twisting the upper half of her body a little towards the bar tender. ''I'll have liquid cocaine next. Add a little more pineapple for me though.'' she'd request.

After that she'd turn back to pay attention to the man. ''Maybe I should stop drinking that kind. Something sweeter seems better to drink right now anyways.'' she'd say calmly as she moved her right hand towards the bowl of almonds to grab some and then obviously eat. Her attention wouldn't leave his, but then she wondered. ''I usually don't talk about my sister unless she's obviously with me...You'd be the first. Makes me wonder...where she is.'' she spoke out loud and randomly which she did instead of asking what she wondered about him.

Her mind felt rather indifferent with the thoughts, the voices. Telling her what she should say and do, different opinions and such. All of this as she kept her calm expression. 'You're probably boring him. Poor man.' the darker voice spoke within her mind, making Arisa want to frown. 'That's the last thing I want to do, within reason of course.' she thought back and then thought of another question. ''So what are you into? Battle? Knowledge?'' she wondered as her golden hues gazed into his eyes as if she was piercing within his soul (or tried to). Arisa tried to read him and his thoughts as she felt like he was an interesting one to study. Maybe like how her mother use to study and experiment on people...Was this truly how this route is going for her?

#11Noel Raion 

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

The chair that Maarschalk sat on allowed his body to sink into it. This was the sign of a man who enjoyed the company. But it also meant that the alcohol buzzed him. It didn't seem to faze the woman though; as she happily continued drinking. His fingers moved away from her hand after the parlor trick and instead went for the ashtray, dragging it to himself.

Her words further confirmed her thoughts, drinking was a joke to her. Though to Maarschalk, to Maarschalks new body, it seemed to have made its impact.

'I was lying earlier, about my name. It isn't, GrowlPussyCatMiaouw; it is Maarschalk. Most of my friends call me Marshall.'

A token of apology wasn't to be found. Instead he offered her a cigarette too, should she be interested. An outward flame originated from his zippo, lighting the 'special' cigarette he held between his lips. If interested, he'd pass it on to the woman. After taking a deep drag of his cigarette he returned his attention to the woman.

'My goals can't be painted in black and white, I'm afraid my life isn't as simple as that. My ambitions are vast and wide.'

He spoke after blowing away the smoke away from her. Maarschalk is not a rude smoker. After letting his tongue roll over his lips to wet them he spoke to her.

'For now, I want to become relevant in this world. Be it popularity or whatever, I want to be a part of 'relevant' things, as vague as that sounds.'

The tip of the cigarette was tapped against the side of the ashtray before it was brought back to his face for another drag.

'Have we met before?'

The feeling of dejavu overwhelmed most of his senses momentarily; he felt it before but couldn't connect it.

'In any case, it's getting late. Get your coat and lets go, I'll bring you home.'


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Smiley face

His fingers on her hand, her heart beating fast due to her nervous being and her eyes fixated upon his eyes to watch. Her golden hues were lit up still because of the lights above them. For some reason she didn't want to look away. Was it just something about him that made her stare like this? Arisa was having her casual calm expression, showing nothing more than a straight smile upon her full plump lips and a gaze that wouldn't move. 'Who is he? Something is strange about this man.' she thought as she remembered when the dude, Maarschalk fought her. It was a defeat that she accepted, but will always remember.

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

At that moment of thought she would then feel his fingers, pure smooth skin that felt new, leave her own hand. With that so would the simple warmth that she rarely felt. What was it exactly? She wasn't so sure as she was new to interaction like this. Sure she has drank with a few people, held someones hand once, but she never felt like this. It was odd to her as her heart felt simple pain from it too, not the shy type either.

Next after that he started to light up some type of cigarette that didn't look quite the same a any other normal cigarette. Her nose started to smell it too as it was lit. It was rather different, but it smelt good. Her eyes looked over to the object itself it would go towards his lips, looking at them. They were rather not small, perfect for a man in her own opinion. As she looked at his face more, her right hand would slide to her lap, clenching into a fist softly. She had to hold wanting to touch them as some strange urge was devolving within. What was this urge? Never has she felt this before. Was this the potions fault? The one that changed her appearance? Arisa wasn't quite sure as it was going to haunt her.

As this was happening, she caught on on what he said earlier. 'Did you really not hear what he just said?' the other voice spoke. 'Of course not, she's spacing off.' the darker one would speak as she would then mention. 'Maarschalk is his name he said.' she would repeat darkly. As Arisa heard her thoughts, her eyes opened in shock. Truly it took time to process that this man was the one that defeated her. The guy who was once rather bulky and truly taller than her, but not is a little shorter than he was. Would she dare tell who she was or is? Her shock and dozing off would snap as soon as he'd offer her one and speak once more. Slowly she would grab it and looked at where his lips were. 'Don't blush now...' she thought softly as she put the butt of the cigarette against her lower lip to suck and then inhale. It felt calming and rather nice as she would then look away to blow out the smoke of white.

He started to talk about how he wanted to be popular of some sort, to be known by people. Why was this? She guessed that most people did want fame, but she truly didn't. So this was Maarschalk... She felt like wanting to relax around him, but something made her keep up her guard around him now. As she took another drag of her cigarette, she would hear him ask if he knew her from somewhere. Her heart felt as if it dropped a little, but why? They only met twice. Once was in his guild most likely with small talk and the other was in the fight. ''Not really. I was at the tournament, but I was barely noticed of course. Your fighting skills are good.'' she spoke then in her normal soft soothing tone.

She couldn't keep up her calm act forever could she? No. Her voice was like a voice you could hear from a woman that'd sing to animals and shit yet it wasn't high pitched. This was her normal voice aside from her darker sides voice. Rather or not he'd react to it, it wouldn't matter. He would practically order her to get her coat or whatever she wore, even though the jacket she did have on, was still on. Slowly her  hands would grip the edge of the table to then push herself up. Swiftly she'd twist to turn so her body was towards the door. As soon as Maarschalk was ready, they'd leave. What words would they exchange now? Would he know or recognize her by just her real voice or no? Finally before they did fully leave, she'd put out the cigarette in the tray and waited for her company, unless he changes his mind of course.

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

Fighting skills? Being an observer at the tournament was a possibility; but other than that, maybe she was a participant? It wasn't important, and she made a note of that. Maarschalk accepted this and did his best not to inquire on it further if she made it obvious that she didn't want him to. After putting on his leather jacket, he reached for his beer and finished whatever was left. By putting back, the zippo in his jacket Maarschalk left some money for the drinks and left quietly with Ana. Night had hit the streets of Era; the soothing darkness that lurked the streets gave a feeling of calm to Maarschalk.

'Where are you staying?'

Looking left and right made it noticeable that there was little traffic. Era is a religious town; the good people of this town slept at early hours. His footsteps followed her directions, or her if she didn't give directions towards the place she was staying at.

The nighty darkness made Maarschalk realize that his powers weren't lost, even though his body had changed.

'Is that your place?'

By pointing to the place that Ana had brought him to he made sure that he could tell her his parting words now.


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Smiley face

Arisa walked beside him as they left the bar. There he stood higher than her like last time. Last time he was in front of her as her opponent. Fierce hand in hand battling as they'd try to defeat each other, but now here they were being friendly. Were they meant to be friends all along? More than friends? Or less than friends? She wouldn't mind either way as long as whatever was chosen, would stay in place.

Arisa didn't feel like being in some stupid roller coaster of a relationship with someone nor a friendship in that way. That was just an 'in general' type of speaking. For this case? That was the way as well. Rather or not this would turn into a relationship, she'd accept after some small time even, as long as it stayed a loyal relationship. Her eyes cornered towards Maarschalk as they walked beside each other. Was she even his type? Probably not. He had kids didn't he? So that means a wife. A small chuckle would be heard from the back of her thoughts.

Ignoring the chuckle; she would continue walking with her hips swaying, arms dangling and her long hair in a ponytail would swing left and right with her wide hip's movement. Golden hues of lions would stare forward now as she would look for the address she was given by some woman. She said that she was able to stay here if she was in need for a place. Gladly it was an abandoned house that belonged to an old friend of her mothers, no one would be there. Arisa wondered if she should tell him her name. Would he even care? Swiftly she'd love over again to look up at him and then away so he wouldn't see. Her heart felt strange. It wasn't lust though. The alcohol in her system wasn't enough for that. It felt rather jittery.

Soon he asked where she was staying. Feeling that it was safe to tell him, she answered. ''I'm staying at some small house around here. It's for when I come here.'' she would say. Sure it wasn't descriptive, but she was leading him there anyways so it didn't matter. So she thought. ''Where are you staying?'' she would question back softly and soothingly, feeling the wind nicely against her skin. The night was lovely tonight as she would tilt her head up to look at the sky.

The stars were bright, making her lion-like eyes have stars as if her eyes were mirrors. Her cream colored skin would shin like a polished stone or pearl. Making it seem rather flawless and smooth. Soon she would finally stop as they were in front of it. Her eyes looked away from him as she turned towards him. Both of her hands held each other and rested against the mid pelvic area like some shy high school girl. ''Uh...Thanks for walking me here.'' she'd start. 'What do I all say? I can't just say that.' she thought as her head would tilt up to look into his rather mystic eyes.

''I feel like I should tell you who I was since you did.'' she started as she stood in her position. Instead of her calm expressions, she showed a little nervous yet worrisome from her eyebrows and eyes. Her plump full lips would curve a tiny bit downward into a small frown. It wasn't an over exaggerated sad frown, just a simple small curve.

''I'm the one you fought in the semi-finals. Arisa.'' she ended and then looked away, unsure on what he'll say. The wind was silent, but enough to move her bangs in front of her eyes, hiding them. It felt somewhat weird to tell someone who she was without them guessing or some other researching type of shit. Rather he walked away right now without saying anything or him doing something, it was on him.

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Noel Raion

Always Read the Label(s)

A pavement led the two to the front steps of her house. Nothing very impressive, although much better than Maarschalk stay. Whether she was a permanent resident of Era, he couldn't tell. Her grace seemed to hint that him bringing her home in the depths of night was well received. Was it not proper etiquette from where she was raised? Oh right, this one was younger than himself-- perhaps this new generation and their hoighty toighty tippy types. Something he did not understand very well.

Her micro-expressions shifted at a steady pace.

The next thing she remarked referred to was the martial arts tournament from a while ago. Arisa; this name sounded familiar, but - as his memory told, she was in... another body? Perhaps left in similar circumstances that Maarschalk had found himself into. Without asking, he assumed so and proceeded.

'You certainly seem to know when to drop bombshells. I'll catch you later, Arisa.'

His right arm went behind her waist, over the fabric of her clothing and pulled her close to him - giving his lips the ample opportunity to connect with hers. In a moment of magical bliss, his appearance faded into the nights’ stars.



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Smiley face

Aria would look up into his eyes with her own. She would feel flustered as of what all to do at this point and on. It was quiet as she would be in front of Maarschalk. Her heart would pitty patter while she could feel small warmth within moments from now on and then. Her skin could feel small warmth from him as if it went through her clothing behind her waist area. Head would then be tilted up to meet his full gaze to simply then be lost in some fantasy bliss of a kiss. Truly it made her heart beat fasten and as soon as she would go to wrap her arm around him, he would disappear from her very sight. ''Ugn...'' she'd make a noise as her eyes slowly opened, arms dangled against her side and turned her body away. Her golden eyes looked at the wooden door to then open it and went to sleep. She'd honestly think about this more later... As her souls felt confused at this feeling the kiss gave her. On how to explain it...

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