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Marigold town to Era town [Foot Travelling]

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Marigold town to Era town [Foot Travelling] Empty on Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:31 pm


Marigold town had been an interesting town to explore the leader, Fernando and his castle perhaps the highlights of the town, however to Kon the most beneficial thing for him there was the white wolf which he acquired the day he arrived there. Unfortunately his time was cut short in the small town, After he had been informed that he would need to report to his superiors in Era town for the potential promotion he would be looking at after serving the community and the rune knights for so long. He had been anticipating such a request for his return, finally he would reach the rank he felt he deserved where as he felt may others of that ranked perhaps were undeserving. Holding his tongue to such thoughts in their presence though as he didn’t want to cause a misunderstanding between him and his superiors. Wishing to return to Era town with the prospect of acquiring the power and status behind the seated rank he returned to the B&B where he was staying as quickly as he could after being informed by another rune knight who happened to come from Era town to Marigold just after Kon.

Not wishing to rely on the use of slow moving transport, he swiftly packed his belongings and drew his staff before paying his board and leaving the small town to Era, the headquarters of the Magic Council and Capital for the rune knights. The building itself where he would later have to go was on a steep mountain making it difficult to be attacking from below only making it suitable to attack from above, how though he didn’t know. For now an attack hypothetically or otherwise was far from a major concern and wasn’t likely in his opinion even if they were just recently attacked.

He was curious though as to why he had been summoned now for a promotion was it perhaps because the Marigold town’s leader, Fernando had some connections in the rune knights or was there something more? He did have this lingering feeling concerning the off shot from the rune knights, the holy knights in that they would attempt something what it was he didn’t know but it startled him. For now his concern was to get to Era town in one piece unharmed, which was surprisingly easy with the roads there being full of people travelling there from Hargeon town.


Marigold town to Era town [Foot Travelling] AqDcw7Z

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