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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was standing in front of the request board. It was a bit weird to stand here, mostly she was never alone when she showed up here. That wasn’t completely true but for now it felt that way. Besides she had always come from the guild. Had the possibility to find Yami or bump into Yu here. Nothing happened and on one hand that was good. The request her eye fell upon was nothing that was interesting, although bringing a potion wasn’t interesting itself. This was again a meeting at the Phantasm castle, she quickly ripped the paper of the board. She was going to do this job. She sighed as she wasn’t sure what this request meant. It was hanging apart from all the others she had done, which gave her the feeling that this job wasn’t considered a dark one. That would be a first. She looked at her feet to find Ophelia but the small baby pet had already walked off, not that far away and Alice picked her up without an effort and held her tight against her stomach and walked out of the crowd. She had to go to the Phantasm Castle to get the jobs details and to make sure they knew someone was taking the job. It wasn’t that difficult but it would go a lot faster if Ophelia wasn’t walking around and Alice had to keep an eye on her. She made sure that the Cleffa was in her small backpack, her head and front paws, arms were out of there and the little pet was still happy even when Alice carefully slung the bag on her back. She was a enthusiastic thing as she started to sing while Alice walked up to the Castle.

The instructions weren’t that difficult. She had to check upon the beacons, if they were properly constructed in case of an emergency. Which was something nice to do, walk outside. Spring seemed to be coming as the sky was nicely blue and without many clouds. She left on the voyage from the gates of the castle to a hill right in front of her. Ophelia started to hum again and Alice knew this riddle so she added her own voice a little. She could maybe even come up with some lyrics if she wanted but first she wanted to find the first beacon. When she arrived at the hill, she saw a guard from far off and nodded to herself and stopped singing. She let Ophelia do what she wanted and the Guard looked up to them. When Alice arrived she could see that the Guard was almost done, ”Good job, but don’t waste too much time. It needs to be finish as soon as possible.” She tried her best to be friendly, but the demanding-side of her personality with these jobs was still there. It was something completely different from what she had done before. The guard didn’t look to happy with her and continued without saying anything. Polite was definitely something different. She herself shrugged and went to look around to find another beacon, she could spot one to her east side and said goodbye for polite reasons and walked on to the next. Ophelia had been quite since Alice said something so the red head started to hum herself to let Ophelia start again, the little pet was much better at it but then again Alice should practice.

Suddenly Ophelia stopped singing and humming as they moved through a dark forest. Alice wasn’t worried about anything but apparently the small pet wasn’t really confident about it all. She hummed on to make sure that Ophelia was sure she was okay. Although maybe she should move the bag to her stomach so Ophelia could see the same as Alice. She wasn’t really sure for this was easier especially if she would have to fight. It didn’t take too long to arrive at the second beacon. The guard was done making it, she checked the construction before she turned to the sleeping guard. She hunched down and shook his shoulder, ”I get that napping is nice but someone has to be on guard.” He muttered something but in the end agreed with her and she gave him an apologizing look as she stood up and took off again.

One more beacon to go. This time she did move the bag to her stomach so Ophelia was in front of her, which seemed to calm the little pet as she started to hum again. Alice joined but her eyes and ears were on sharp as she looked around in the dark forest. She had to go to the North this time. It was the longest walk that she had and it took her quite a time before she reached it. She first only looked at the beacon, which wasn’t finished and when she realized that she started to look around because where was this lazy-ass guard. That’s when she noticed the problem, the man was dead. She grumbled and kicked the body over to see any wounds. She kept her hand in front of the eyes of Ophelia because she wasn’t sure what the little thing could handle. She didn’t like the looks of it herself but she wasn’t sure if it was a someone or a something. Apparently the something didn’t want the beacon to be finished. She looked left and right but saw no one, she did get the feeling as if she was being watched. She pretend to not care about it anymore and disappeared into the forest herself, she kept her right hand away from Ophelia her hands and ready to summon her straight spear but nothing happened and she only got further and further away from the beacon as she walked back to the Phantasm Castle.
When she finally arrived, she walked up to one of the guards, ”Checked all, almost finished except for the Northern one. Guard is dead, beacon unfinished.” She said it as stating facts, without emotions. The guard thanked her for the information and handed her the jewels, which she immediately counted before putting in her pocket. Together with Ophelia out of the bag she walked back to her inn.

Wordcount: 1042/1000

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