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Interrogation Tactics [Ambrose]

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Interrogation Tactics [Ambrose] Empty on Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:13 pm

"Good, you're here. We were wondering if you'd actually show. Follow me." Said the man in the black suite, a member of the Martello family, his current client. His current request was a simple one: The Martello's had captured a member of the Tessio family, their biggest threat currently, and needed some vital information. They also had to make sure that they couldn't be implicated in this scandal, and therefore needed a third party to extract the information. That's where he came in. It was his duty to wring the information from the victim by any means necessary, with only two stipulations: The first, he wasn't allowed to tell the man whom he was working for, and the second, he couldn't use magic. He had to make sure that there were no leads concerning the man's capture.

Without response, he followed the man into the building, a relatively bland and vacant structure, and was lead to what he could only assume was to be the interrogation room; two armed guards standing outside, flanking a solid metal door. The man stopped Ambrose as they neared it, handing him a balaclava as he said, "The only thing we care about, is the cash transport. We know it'll be happening soon, but not exactly when, and not exactly where. Nothing else matters. Do what you like, just don't kill him."

"Got it." And with that, he placed the mask over his head, and entered the room. The man was sitting with his back facing Ambrose as he entered, he was chained and handcuffed to a metal chair, and the chair was bolted to the floor. He had absolutely no way of escaping, or evading any attacks.

This'll be easy. He thought to himself.

"Who's there?" The man asked, a mixture of anger and fear in his voice. Ambrose didn't respond, but rather walked slowly towards the man, deliberately letting his feet make loud contact with the ground, just to make things seem more ominous. Try as he might, the man couldn't turn his head far enough to actually get a glimpse of him, though it wouldn't have done him any good anyways.

Ambrose stopped directly behind the man, then placed his hands on the guy's shoulders, just resting them there. He immediately felt him tense beneath his touch, but couldn't lean away. "Now now." Ambrose said quietly, causing the man to stop moving, "You don't want to make this any harder on yourself do you? Just tell me what I need to know, and I give you my word, I won't harm you at all."

"Yeah right, like...!" The man started to yell, but was cut off immediately when Ambrose struck him with an open hand directly on his ear, breaking his ear drum.

He yelled in pain, hunkering over and shaking now. "That's not what I need to hear." He said calmly, then slowly walking around to face the man, his eyes cold as he stared down at him, "You will tell me about the transport."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" The man spat at him, his eyes a mixture of rage tinged with worry, "Who are you any..." Before he could finish his question, Ambrose kicked him squarely in the solar plexus, immediately knocking the wind out of the man, leaving him painfully gasping for breath.

"I don't have the patience for games, nor for questions. You will tell me what I want to know, or I will show you pain." He leaned down, placing his hands on top of the man's, putting his own face inches from the other man's, letting his eyes bore into the others'. They were terrified, but not enough, "I know ways to torture you that will literally have you begging me for death."

The man tried to strike forward with his head, but Ambrose was faster, moving one of his hands to grasp the man's throat, halting his movement, "So what'll it be?" He asked as he squeezed, making the man gasp painfully.

"G-go...to...h-hell." The words were barely audible thanks the Ambrose crushing his windpipe, but it was enough. His face twisted darkly, a sinister grin touching his lips, "I like a challenge."

Before the man knew it, Ambrose had backed up, letting go of his throat. He was choking, and gasping, too dazed to see what was happening. Before he could react, the back of Ambrose's right heel was connecting with his right cheek bone, snapping his head violently to the left, but not enough to break it. A second later, Ambrose was attacking again, this time, landing a punch directly into the man's stomach, sending him lurching forward, until the chains stopped him, keeping him from falling over.

Ambrose grasped the man's hair, yanking his head  back, his dead eyes staring down at him just before landing a punch straight to his face, and ripping some hair out as he did.

He went a little too far at that point, accidentally knocking the man out, oops, he thought and then looked around him, finding a metal bucket full of water. That'll do, he thought as he went and picked up the bucket, then splashed the water on the man. He quickly woke up, sputtering and spitting, but just before he could say anything, Ambrose banged the bucket across his face just for good measure.

"Stop, stop please!" The man yelled, "I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything!"

And so he did, quickly informing Ambrose of the date and route of the cash transport, all while pleading with Ambrose to do nothing more to him, and that it was all he knew. He agreed, seeing no reason as to why he would lie, knowing that Ambrose would continuously bring him to the brink of death, but never actually kill him.

With the information gathered, Ambrose left the interrogation room, and shared everything he'd learned with the family member he'd first met, and was handed his reward. With nothing more to do, he left.


Word Count: 1,040/1,000

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