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Clean up The Dead Crew

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Clean up The Dead Crew Empty on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:12 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Right, end of the afternoon, no time for napes or anything else. There was money needed. Well not that hard needed but needed none the less. Alice accidentally had been falling asleep on her bed in the Inn that she stayed at. It wasn’t something nice, the bed, the bed at the Guild had been better but no longer available. It was something that she had to cope with and that was going well. Considering the fact that she was no longer alone, it would maybe be easier to leave Oak soon, or soon-ish. As she was still struggling to take higher steps and bigger steps forward to form her own live instead of going with the flow and not exactly ending up in places that she really wanted: such as Phantom Lord in general. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs to get rid of the pained and strained muscles because of the weird form her body had taken the moment she had fallen asleep. She had been curled up like a cat because of her new friend that was sleeping against her stomach. The little pink pet called a Cleffa was definitely a fan of hers and well it was actually rather cute and still a bit weird to the red haired mage but she didn’t mind. She had even found a name for the Cleffa to call her and keep her as her pet. Especially because no one seemed to come for her back at the time. Alice had searched through the books that she owned and named the little pet Ophelia. Which she seemed to like. Thank god for the Librarian otherwise Alice had no idea what this little thing could do.

Alas the time for sitting and doing nothing was over, jobs were needed. So Alice got out of bed, made sure her clothing looked fine and brushed her long orange coloured hair. She kept a keen eye on Ophelia who was waking up and playing a bit on the bed. She didn’t want Lia to fall of the bed, that would be a disaster. Was this what parents felt? Because Alice definitely didn’t want anything to do with a guy that wanted more than friendship and well she didn’t feel the need to have a baby. Babies brought trouble, she herself was the example. What if she was betrothed or something and couldn’t remember? Well hopefully she would never bump into that person! Nah she wasn’t right, Selena would have known? Maybe that guy, if there was one, was already married because they thought she was dead. She chuckled because of that idea and went to bind her hair up into a ponytail. So it wouldn’t be a problem. She checked if everything was in her blue little backpack before she lifted up Ophelia and headed out. She talked in whispers to the pet, to explain where they were going, but the Cleffa didn’t seem to mind anything. She clung to Alice very tightly and Alice found it actually a bit of a comfort. She headed towards the request board to find a job, which wasn’t that difficult. She found one for the Martello family, the guys she had met before, once alone to get them some money, once with Yami and once with Yumi. She had visited the house to get the instructions and she would meet up with Remy Martello on a specific street, good to know. That’s where she went, not long waiting for herself to get money. When she reached the other end of Oak town, not towards the spa or the Guild, there was a guy standing alone, ”Are you Remy?” She asked, holding up the note that she got, although not read-able for him. He nodded and held out his hand for her to shake, so she introduced herself as Alice. She put Ophelia on the ground once they reached the building that Remy guided her too. The little thing went to look around and Alice followed Remy to the door. The job was not one for baby pets or anything the like. The building looked under construction but there was no one there, which made sense for it was already heading towards dinner time. She simply wasn’t curious enough to ask about it. Once inside Alice saw the ten bodies on the ground, this was what the job called for.

She crossed her arms and stared at the bodies, not entirely sure what Remy wanted to do, where to deport them to and so on. However Remy continued inside, grabbed an axe and a big bag. Alice in the mean time looked for Ophelia and made sure the Cleffa came inside too, so she could keep an eye on it. ”Makes it easier to chop them up and deport them after.” she only nodded, not entirely sure about the business but she wasn’t much involved. She needed to carry the bodies towards him, before they started, Remy pointed out three bodies. They were Martello family members and she didn’t have to bring them to him, because he didn’t want to chop them up. They would be buried at the end of this day behind the building. She nodded, the job was clear.
So she started, bringing the seven bodies one by one to Remy. Which was quite a tough work, they obviously didn’t send their small non-muscled members to whatever this was. A fight or something, a call out, maybe because of the money she had stolen? She wasn’t sure, she absolutely didn’t care as she didn’t want to be mingled up in their business. Sometimes she quickly had to grab Ophelia and bring her back to wherever Alice was working. This definitely felt like a small child but on the other hand Alice didn’t really mind. She continued to carry and once all the seven were moved to Remy, she would move on to the next part of the job. Moving the three Martellos outside. To the back was a bit further away than what she had anticipated on but since it was only three people, it was faster done than the moving of the seven enemy people.

Once Alice was done she picked up Ophelia and put her little body in her bag so she couldn’t walk away, yet her head and arms were outside and she was singing or humming some song. Alice wasn’t sure if you could call it singing. Remy came outside with the bloody big bag that obviously carried the body parts. She wondered for a short second where he would take it for this looked too obvious to walk through the streets. However Remy didn’t look like a dumb person, so she wasn’t going to point it out. He handed her the jewels and she counted them as she had learned from Yu before she left.

Wordcount: 1147

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