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One became Two [Solo]

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One became Two [Solo] Empty Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
As usual as it was now to not be in the guild, it was sometimes as if her legs carried her in the direction. It had been much easier as she had thought. But that didn't matter anymore. She saved money, she left, now all was left to leave Oak in general. To find Selena again if she dared to meet up with her cousin because it had been quite a while. Especially if you considered that it was already turning to spring. It must have been about three months ago. She sure was late and lazy. She clenched her fists and kicked the invisible barrier in front of her. She walked through the streets, no longer even thinking about pickpocketing since she was doing enough jobs. It was weird how she changed, how she made decisions that she found scary when the first time she thought about it.

Alice was developping in someone different, someone she basically didn't know but she couldn't put her finger on it if she disliked it or if she was happy about it. She needed to make decisions and that was a hard job to do, but she didn't regret things at this point so she should continue in this development. She needed better friends than this, well not that she had bad friends, technically speaking she didn't really think she had friends. She sighed and looked at the empty shopping street, everyone had a job to do, it was the middle of the afternoon and the people that were around were hurrying to go to lunch dates or get food and hurry back to work. Which was actually a great decision, however before she was able to head to the request board, she heard some sort of sobbing, it wasn't entirely human but she also heard laughing. Children laughing.

When she turned to look in the street next to her, she saw three kids poking a pink ball, she couldn't see what was happening yet since the ball wasn't that big and the kids were in front of it. "What are you kids doing?" she asked and one took a step aside and she could see that the pink ball wasn't a ball but an animal. She pushed the three children away, normally she didn't even care much about what others thought, "Cut it out, you hurt it." The pink animal looked up at her and finally Alice understand what the sobbing noise was. She picked up the small thing and with long strides walked away from the three complaining children. Good for them that she couldn't now use her spear against them.

The pink pet didn't look very hurt but it must not be very glad about the feeling being pocked by a stick or three. Alice decided to go to the library, a silent place to see if the pet was alright and what it was. Even the librarian there seemed to be interested but she knew quickly to find the book and inform Alice that it was a Cleffa. Together they fussed about the little thing. Alice wondered out loud how to find a good owner, however the little Cleffa clinged to her and the Librarian asked why she wouldn't keep it herself. It didn't seem like it had an owner. However they would put on a flyer in the library to ask if someone had lost a Cleffa.

No one however showed up or was looking, even Knights didn't say someone came to ask. Which was a good thing, or well it was again a decision Alice had to make that it was a good thing. She had been alone, most of the time. She couldn't say always anymore. And with that she had to make different decisions, it was good not to be alone anymore. That the solo person now was someone with a team. Besides it would give Alice some responsibilities, she could work with that. Or well she had to, she wondered about her and a companion. Yu had Venom, she had met Rowan and Zhu-li. They all looked very close, not to forget Lilja and her white fox. She was going to race Cleffa in the same way, so they became close.

She only had to decide to give the little animal a name, because Cleffa was too common maybe. She looked at the books that were now stacked in her room of the inn that she stayed at. Many options, many names that she could find. Her eyes lingered on one of the Shakespeare books that she owned, "Are you okay with the name Ophelia?" Cleffa hugged her and so it became that the little pink pet was called Ophelia. Alice looked at the little thing while it was playing and she noticed it was like a baby, which brought more responsibilities that she might be able to handle, but she would try. She would go for the change.


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