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Unofficial guide to Fairy Tail RP

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Welcome to Fairy Tail RP

Hello and Welcome to Fairy Tail RP commonly referred to by the community as FTRP, the site is set in an Alternative universe from the manga and anime also known as AU meaning that all characters from the them do not exist, the magic of the series is a core component of the site however. Here on FTRP, you will create your very own character with their own personality, background and depending on your selections magic, in this guide you will be shown how to complete your character creation amongst other things.

To begin with we must first understand the core mechanics of the site as well as the general regulations of how things operate here, so in the following sections I will briefly discuss each topic with the link for each of them available before and at the end of their description. To start we will look at the general regulations.

The General Regulations Summary

The general regulations explores a number of topics that affect you and your character things such as Behaviour regulations, Character regulations, Writing and Roleplaying Regulations, Danger Regulations, Battle Regulations, Guild Regulations, Advertisement Regulations, Ban Regulations and Report Regulations, a clear and concise understanding of the rules here is particularly important.

The General Regulations

Magic Regulations, Quest Regulations and Ranking Regulations

Other crucial regulations to look at include the magic regulations that provides information regarding limited and banned magic with the two being differentiated by limited being usable to a select few and banned being completely unusable, how spells work, the elements here along with a variety of other topics, request and ranking regulations are important to look at as it gives you a grasp of the work needed to achieve your intended goal.

The Magic Regulations The Quest Regulations
Ranking Regulations

The Class System and Guild Perks

After reading those regulations that make up the bare bones of the site, You will want to look at the class topic which includes all of the classes available to your character they are catergories into five different groups: Healing, Defensive, Offensive, Supplementary and Misc.

Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses with many only suiting the most dedicated of roleplayers, a character’s class is extremely important as it signifies what spell types they can use and how much they cost to make them. (Spells cost money and require training to use them save for the five D rank starters you obtain when you first create your character.)


Each Guild/Faction have their own perks and requirements that are given to the character that the roleplayer must abide by as such it is vital for a new comer to take a look at all of the guilds and factions before selecting the one that their character will be in at the start.

The Guilds and factions

The Companion Regulations are another important aspect that a member may want to read if they are considering having their character be a beastmaster as the information in that topic may effect their opinion.

Companion Regulations

Character Creation

Once you have selected your character’s class go to the character creation section and open the character template topic. Copy and paste ALL of the code that is in the code box otherwise you will break the code. Once you have completed your application submit a review claim in the character review subsection in review section of the site. After applying any changes that the grader will tell you to make and it has been approved you can begin your journey with your character, if you’re an adventurer claim your set, beastmaster claim your companion, or if you’re a mage try your hand at making your spells.

Once that’s all been done you can start roleplaying if you want to do more for your character make their character sheet a place to maintain and keep track of all they have done on the site, it is essential to maintain this as if someone is fighting you and a spell isn’t registered on your character sheet it can be voided, other things that can be made include your bank topic, your Fortune wheel topic and your victory road topic something which will be talked about later

What next?

There are numerous other regulations that should be read by new members including the stat system, travel rules, banks, item and equipment regulation, teams regulations, weapon mastery to name a few. Another thing to keep an eye on is Monthly Updates, each month there is a release of content that can include a variety of things including more requests, tweaks to regulations, additional items and companions for purchase, rare magics, sales on items.

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