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Baska Town to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Baska Town to Magnolia [Foot Travel]  Empty Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:30 am

Shin Sekai
Shin made his way to the town exit "Man I can't wait to get back to Crocus." he said ruffling his hair a little as he packed his travel bag with his ripped and dirty gi's from the past Sixteen weeks that he spent there just messing around for no reason what so ever. As the cool air blew past him on hi sway out he couldn't help but think that he may have spent a little to much time in the town as to why am I still here this place has nothing to of interest for me? he thought walking out his room in the inn.

The carried a light flower scent on it as if it was leading him to some place or to someone, so he followed the scent all the way out of Baska and on to the road to were stopped at the point of which he could hardly see the town anymore "Why does this smell so familiar to me?" Shin asked himself walking with Robins and Blue Birds flying around him while other animals ran past him in their respected flocks and other groups. "Man I have gotten pretty far from town I mean then again it's still early in the morning right," Shin mentioned playing with his long red hair while still traveling via following the unknown scent. The scent seemed to be getting stronger as he made his way through the Oberon Forest and soon the SiegHeart Mountains It's getting really late I should take a break for now I mean it should still be here when I get up. Shin thought taking some much-needed rest if he wanted to find the origin of the scent and where exactly it was leading him.

sleeping in the forest made had it's uses as he slept from afternoon all the may to the dawn of the next day packing his belongings he said "That was a good nap I feel super rested." once he finished he made his way to SiegHeart which proved to be a lot more work than he wanted it to be as he had to backtrack a few times before he finally made it to mountain pass Why id this so much work? he asked himself making his way through Nanuq Town which didn't hold much for him as he just walked through it with little to no problems what so ever. Shin made his way to Worth Worths Woods where he found a nice little camping spot that had just been cleared a few days ago by the way the fireplace looked. "I wish I restocked on food before leaving that place," he said holding his belly listening to its very loud growl. A few hours passed as Shin took his break which lead to a nap for nearly half of it. When he awoke he felt rego vina tied as the walk through Orchidia was very short.

Shin followed the scent into the Holy capital where he found that his favorite flower shop was in the prosses of a really big move to Marigold. After stopping to talk to them for a bit he promised to visit them once they finished moving and help around if they needed him at all. Shin thought about all the fun and not so fun times that he had in the capital but made it a point to come back to visit it or do some work if after he finished with all his work back in Magnolia which wasn't much he hoped even though it was something that he didn't really want to do. He stopped at a bar to get some food and drinks as he was kinda running low on them from his three-day adventure to get back to the guild and hopefully meet up with some people from the guild if they had time to hang out with him. Once Shin finished seeing everyone in Crocus he made his way to Era which was not a place that he likes going to very much what so ever which was mostly due to the people's lack of Joy and Roses that were real and not made of some cheap plastic. As he made his way through town he found that it had some flower shops that actually had some good flowers to pick from, but he couldn't stop to buy any of them this time as he spent everything else he had on provisions to make it back to the guild that he missed so much.

The sent that he was following soon fades once he let Era which was odd but at least he was able to0 make his way back to his beloved Magnolia, once Era was no longer in sight Shin kept walking without stopping to rest as he really wanted to see the guild before getting any type of rest. Shin let the wind claim his mind as he imagined what it would be like when he walked into the guild, A few people looking at the quest board and the rest just hanging out doing some cooking and catching up with each other and lastly he would see the girl of his dreams. So after a long-awaited return, the first thing that Shin did was run to the guild to see if anything has changed while he was way and get his dream girl that was waiting for him at the guild.


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