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Nice place for peace [private][assama]

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#1Miyu Kento 

Nice place for peace [private][assama] Empty Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:05 pm

Miyu Kento
Miyu done with her jobs. A small sigh passed through her lips as she took a seat on the bench farthest away from the church. Enjoying the silence she watched the people pass her being caught up in their daily routine and problems. She closed her eyes as she leaned slightly forward. til she perked up feeling the presence of someone near her looking onto her. Lookin up with her violet eyes she blushed feeling unprepared of introducing herself or for a suitable conversation. Two curls laid in front of her. Her kimono suited properly to her eyes and hair color making her close to a living doll.

#2Assama Sinclair 

Nice place for peace [private][assama] Empty Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:23 pm

Assama Sinclair

the sky is the limit
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but to me the sky is never the limit
   i am the sky


   Assama was taking a stroll through Orchidia. Although it was winter and it was considerably cold out, Assama did enjoy the scenery. She was approaching the Orchidian Church when she saw a familiar girl with long, violet hair sitting on a bench. If she wasn't mistaken, she was one of the girls at the Lamia Scale guild hall. She didn't talk much though. Assama was sure that she heard the man named Atlas introduce her, but she couldn't recall exactly what he said. Since Assama thought it was best to get at least acquainted with guild members asap, she approached the violet haired girl and said, "Hey, I think I remember you from the guild hall. Miku, was it? Miyu?"

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   Sorry, I was away for the weekend.


Nice place for peace [private][assama] Xw4RJjG
#3Miyu Kento 

Nice place for peace [private][assama] Empty Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:50 pm

Miyu Kento
Her ears perk and she slightly jumped up as she heard someone with a familiar voice. Her melancholic stare fell upon to the pink haired girl which politely and friendly greeted her. A red color appeared upon her cheeks and it felt she was choking on her words. She bluntly looked away while closing her eyes just nodding. "Miyu is my name ... Assama is yours correct? It nice to see you again." She looked to her with a shy expression on her face while grabbing onto her kimono. "So you are back in town?" She to ease the situation so she herself felt less flustered. A strain of her violet hair fell in front of her face while she turned away again.

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