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the One Place to Start [Arthur]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:04 pm

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had been in Orchidia for quite time already and had already met quite some people too that were interesting. She sat on the green yet cold ground around the banks of the river. She had no idea what to do today. There was still a lot to do before she planned to leave but it was also a time to rest and see more about the world. She hadn't had time for that much in Orchidia. Or well she didn't made that time.

She pulled up her legs a bit, which wasn't a smart idea for she was wearing a dark blue dress. It was looking like a sailor outfit but than with skirt. Her long straight orange hair was tied with a clip so it wouldn't blow into her face but it was still wipping up and down by the small bursts of wind. She was muttering under her breath, praying to the Divine because there were still a lot of things that she would wanted answered and wondering what she should do. She sighed as she shifted her seat and placed her legs down, it was the smartest with a dress. The floor wasn't even cold, she was sitting here already for twenty minutes and she simply stopped shivering because she got used to the cold wind. Besides she was still wearing a beige trenchcoat. She had fun in Orchidia but wondered if she should go to visit another city. She was a bit done with being alone. She wanted to make friends, but the people that she met, she hadn't seen many more times. Only once.

#2Arthur J. Sokolov 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:18 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov
"Ah crap," Arthur muttered when he realized that he was stuck in yet another tree during their training, the bat companion of his circled around where he dangled from before drifting slightly below to capture the gaze of the beastmaster. The duo was out for a training session where they can discuss some shortcuts that they can train in case of an emergency. Such as just saying "C" meant doing a C around the opponent to get to his behind etc. Their training had only started and no bg progress was made because of Arthur's lack of skill in the physical area. The boy was durable, but no strength was in those bones sadly. After freeing himself from the tree branch and falling on the ground consecutively he turned his back to the river to go back to the open area they had found before. The growl of his bat came to the mages ears quickly and he turned around to see what was going on and was met with the beautiful night sky with colorful stars, accompanied by the serene sounds of the river. In a way, this place was super special for this was where he was given his memories about his name.

When he took a step however he saw a figure, a girl in fact and froze in place. How long was she there? Could she have seen the failure of Arthur dangling from a tree? He didn't want to make things awkward if that was the case and just waved his hand as a hello. "Sorry for the show, hope we didn't disturb you," he told her and allowed Panthello to climb on his head. The bat along with a combat companion, was also a conversation starter.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie was actually lost in thoughts about everything the world and thus the Divine would be able to offer to her. Not that she took it for granted. It was something to consider. She sighed again as she wasn't so sure what to do. Again after many months she felt as if she was a bit stuck, mostly in her mind and soul than in the real world. She missed her mother, but she had left her home with a reason. To become better at a lot of things but that was difficult if you didn't have that much ambition. If you weren't that smart and actually not so friendly in her mind. She tried her best, it wasn't her fault, it was her part of Alice. But since her sister was dead, it was all to Lacie being alone. She would get pass that point, eventually at least.

She pulled up her shoulders and her eyes became big when she noticed someone wave at her and in the end talk. She hadn't notice him at all and thus was brought out of her trance and blinked rapidly and stared at him and the bat companion that was with him. She found the companion a bit scary. But that was because she wasn't so good with pets or humans herself, pretty much hidden though. "Oh sorry. I was daydreaming." she looked around, more like afternoon dreaming.. was it already past dinner time? She stood up and dusted off herself from the cold ground, now she noticed again that it was cold. "Hello, I'm Lacie." She smiled, quite proud of herself to not forget to say her name this time.

#4Arthur J. Sokolov 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:09 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov
Arthur was standing sideways with his face turned to the girl that had just introduced herself. He was confused whether he should've just gone away after their talk or stick around more, a scratch of the head would follow as he deemed his first option too rude to apply. He turned to the girl who rose from the ground, Lacie was the name she was bestowed.

He didn't expect such a quick introduction, but then again he had disturbed the girl out a day dream so perhaps her mind was still a bit foggy. "Sorry if I disturbed you," he told her with a smile. He should've relaxed more, take it easy, his life had gained more substance than ever before, a new person to meet wouldn't be so bad. "I'm Arthur, and this is Panthello," he introduced himself and the bat. "Aside from daydreaming, what are you up to here?"

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#5Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie blushed because it was a bit quiet after she had just given her name. Did she go to fast this time? If she was alone she would have probably muttered again some sort of idiot prayer to herself, to call out herself as idiot, in that manner. She would stamp her feet on the ground and call herself out. But this all she didn't do, she simply smiled sweetly. Everything happened for a reason and she might have been straigh forward this time instead of hanging out in the back as with Aleksandr, Konstantin and Troy but that didn't matter. She would not let it happen again and she learned a little bit from this moment too.

"Oh no it's fine." she said and waved it away that he disturbed her. It was after all her own fault for sitting in a place like this. He introduced himself and his pet, "Hello," she beamed, happy that he said his name as well. She actually really liked the name Arthur. Also because it was easier to remember. She would struggle with Panthello. After that he asked her what she was doing here, "Oh well the city got a bit too busy for me so I went to look for a quiet place to think. You know I've been travelling or well I started and I was wondering where to go next." Not that she planned to leave immediately, she would see how it would all go.

#6Arthur J. Sokolov 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:17 am

Arthur J. Sokolov
Listening to the girl she had met, who seemed to be unusually happy after Arthur said his name, Arthur tilted his head a bit. Maybe he was just imagining it, but it was as if he had walked past this girl before somewhere else. Oak? That was the only place he had visited intently so far, rest of the places were just walkways.

"That's good," he responded to Lacie after her expositional dialogue. Without thinking he walked near the river and wet his hands a bit to feel the cool. "Quiet places are quite important from time to time, which city do you hail from?" he asked. His art of small talk wasn't the most glorious, but there was time. Nothing was stopping him from a bit of social escapism.

Saying that he wasn't tired would be too much of a good thinking, after his show there. A talk with a stranger near this river could be pretty important for him, who knew. He took off his coat in a single motion and sat down about ten meters away from Lacie, he didn't want her to feel awkward. Putting his coat on his legs, he made a small bed-like place for Panthello to rest on.

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Untitl16
#7Lacie Eventide 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:24 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked at what Arthur was doing, simply because she was already looking in front of her. It wasn't warm here because of the twilight arriving and all but she was fine, she just didn't want to be too close to the river, she could swim but with that was everything said. She nodded slightly to think some more, where to go. She would avoid the North, that was simply a scary place and she nodded to her unspoken statement, "Oh I'm from Magnolia." But there was nothing much in Magnolia for her at this moment. The reason she left was to explore. "And you? Have you traveled a lot?"

She actually liked that she met someone else again. She might stay a bit longer in Orchidia, she had now met 5 people that she actually interacted with and the experiences were more fun than she had hoped. Sure the weird fight between Konstantin and LeeAnn was a bit scary and well the start of her meeting with Troy wasn't really pleasant either but that was soon forgotten because the rest was nice. She looked at Arthur and Panthello and wondered if it would make her travels a lot more fun if she had a companion as well. "You two seem pretty close." she said before she actually thought about it.

#8Lacie Eventide 

the One Place to Start [Arthur] Empty Sun May 07, 2017 2:59 pm

Lacie Eventide
It became colder and Lacie decided that it was better if she would leave. She had liked the moment of silence with Arthur, it wasn't as if it was akward or so, it was fine. She liked that including nature and she liked to see his connection with his companion. She thanked him for his company as she decided to walk back to the city and go to the inn. After all she was only wearing a dress, heels and her trench coat, couldn't be really warm now could it.


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