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Scold the brat [Geb]

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Scold the brat [Geb] Empty on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:31 am

Geb was starting to think that maybe this whole mission thing was becoming a little too much of an obsession. All he could think about right now was finding a few more jobs today and making more money so he could upgrade himself. That would truly be a glorious moment.

Today, on this journey with Geb, we do not pick up with him waking up, but rather where we left off with him previously. You see, Geb had just finished a mission with the Martello family, and figured that the day was still young, so he might as well do a little bit more work while he was at it. There was no harm in doing so, so Geb decided he would take his merry old time and just go along with it. Walking through the Oak streets, Geb looked around at all the shops. Now, he wondered if any of these shops needed anything done..? Moving boxes? Stocking supplies? Who knew. Perhaps they needed a bodyguard or something? That wouldn't be too bad, at least in Geb's opinion.

The streets were only having the smallest of attendance today, and Geb was probably the person that walked by that stood out the most, at least compared to everyone else. Surely someone would take this chance and call out his name or something, right? That would be quite preferable, in his opinion. However, the better solution was to just wait, at least until Geb got to the request board. If nobody called out to him, he could simply just go there. But, he'd prefer that he get the work as soon as possible, and, well, that board was a fair way away from where he was right now.

However, it seems that Geb would not have to wait much longer. Little known to him, there was a savior coming. A shopkeeper who was very, very disgruntled.

"You!" the man yelled out, pointing at Geb. Geb too though perhaps this was the opportunity he was looking for, and would place his hands in his pocket as he walked over to the elderly shopkeeper. "Yes?" Geb spoke, as he looked down to the shopkeeper who had been sitting at that moment. "Are you one of those.." the shopkeeper than leaned in an whispered. "You one of those Phantom boys?" he asked.

Geb knew this was a risk, but this shopkeeper could be just looking for someone to do dirty work. Geb left a simple nod, smiling down at the man.

"Alright. Then I got a job for you." he said, as he pointed at a child walking down across the street. He seemed to have a smirk on his face, a bit of an evil one at that. He also seemed poor. This child must of been causing the man quite some trouble if he was asking a dark mage for help with one. "See that child?" he asked. Geb responded with. "Yeah, I do."

"I want you to teach him a lesson."



Scold the brat [Geb] Empty on Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:48 am

"And what kind of lesson would this be, sir?" Geb asked, as he looked back towards the man at his fruit stand.

"You see, that child has been stealing from me. In fact, every person on this block. I've tried taking it up with the police, but they don't care. So, then I decided to see if I could scold him myself, but I'm so old and can't seem to scare him at all. I need a young, scary dark mage like you, boy! One that can show this kid true fear, and maybe make him think twice before stealing from me again!"

The man seriously had a lot of annoyance in his voice. Geb supposed, perhaps, that he should actually go and try to scold that brat. "Well, if he's causing you so much trouble, I'll be willing to show him a scary sight.. for some jewels." he said, remembering the man never promised him anything for going and scolding the kid. The man scratched his chin. "Well, I suppose I can give you.. twenty five thousand. How does that sound? Might make your pocket a little bit heavier, no?" he smirked, as Geb did the same. "I'll be right back, in that case. See ya in about, say, 20 minutes or so?"

Next, to tail the brat. However, it seemed, as soon as Geb got near him, the kid looked back and ran with impressive speed. Holy shit. Luckily for Geb, he was able to track the boy's statistic. He was only fast, and was just a bit faster than Geb. It seemed like Geb would have to use strategy for this boy.

Geb could guess where the boy was going to go with his handy pocket map that folded. Geb took a look at it, before noticing the boy went down Tenshi avenue. That would lead him to go left or right on Gallent street. But, the right side was a dead end. If Geb backtracked and went down Geno alley, he could catch the kid by surprise.

Walking through Geno alley, Geb waited for the kid to come running by, occasionally peeking. Geb then locked on to a target that was running with the same speed statistic as the brat. Geb would then reach his arm out, catch the boy, knocking him down. Geb grabbed the boy by the shoulders and pinned him up in a wall in the alley. "Hey, kiddo. You don't know me, and I don't know you very much either. But if you dare steal from that street again, those legs wont get you to run anymore. You might have to use that stolen money for hospital bills."

The kid trembled, as Geb let him go. "Bye." he said, as the kid ran as fast as he could away from the area.

Geb would go back to the shopkeep, get his money, and bid the man farewell. Now all he had to do was find some more work on the streets of oak.

Couldn't be too hard, right?



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