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Crash the Cash House

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Crash the Cash House  Empty on Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:56 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It had already been an interesting day, today. Alice stood in front of the house that she had just left. Her left hand holding on to the strap of her light blue coloured backpack. She had a job to do, again once in a while that she was doing one alone. She actually had some sort of anticipation that either Yu would show up or Yami. But none did and she had just shrugged it off. She was very capable of doing jobs on her own. That’s also what she thought earlier this afternoon. She had not done much today, she had a regular luxury. She had woken up, enjoyed reading a little before she would step out of bed and take a shower. She had take her time with drying her hair, because it was quite long and took some time. No one liked hair dripping in the clean and dry clothes. She hummed a song while she continued to work on her hair. She braided a few strains before she put everything up in a ponytail. When she was finally done with everything, she went back to her own room to get dressed.

When she was done, dressed in a green pants with her brown boots and a black crop top, she only had to look for her leather jacket. Which she took with her together with a blue backpack that contained her diary, a pen, her currently reading book and some other tiny things that women always kept around. With backpack on her back and her jacket over her left forearm, she headed out of her room, kept it locked as long as she was downstairs. She had picked a place to enjoy her breakfast and read. That’s how her morning had started, she went to do groceries and read some more before she finally decided that she had to earn some more money. That’s when she had shut her book and look at the Request Board. It was at the end of the afternoon already and she decided that she would take the request from the board, get some food somewhere, everywhere but here, and head to the client. So after finishing an early dinner, she headed to the Martello house and talk to Martin Martello. That had been a few minutes ago as she now stood again in front of the Martello house but with her back towards the door as she had just left. He had just given her instructions to steal from a Cash house and burn it down afterwards. She looked at the map in her right hand as it held the route to the Cash house. She pocketed it in her leather jacket and memorized the route she was about to take as she walked to the place that she had to set on fire. It was good that she had taken her time to do this quest, the sun was going down soon, which was a great timing. It wasn’t a far walk and yet it wasn’t close by either. When she arrived, she expected something like an old warehouse but it was a deserted diner. There weren’t any other buildings close by and this was almost too easy. She looked at the building and continued to walk a bit away to see it from further away.  She did this because she didn’t plan to enter through the front door, if it was a cash house there would be people inside.

While walking around the neighbourhood she found an open window around the back, it wasn’t open enough for her to go through but she would check. As careful as she could she headed there and tried to lift up the window a bit more. It creaked a bit and she waited, waited for someone to come and ask her what she was doing, No one did. She felt like she was so noticeable because of her hair, it annoyed her almost. Finally she managed to wiggle herself through and get into the room carefully. The room was empty except for a few things that weren’t useable. So she went to the door to find the hidden cash. Alice walked around the rooms, checking it for people as well for any hints, that’s when she walked past the storage room, some tiles were askew. Checking out the room completely, she walked in and hunched down in front of the tiles and removed one of them, that’s where she found a hidden bag. With a bit of difficulty since it was quite a hole, she managed to open it. It was jewellery. With a grin on her face, she took it out and placed the tile back askew on the opening. Now all she had to do was light the place on fire. She had gotten a lighter from the Martello family and looked around for something to burn. There were old curtains and some carpet in another room. She planned to go for everything, the easier and faster the total building would burn. The planned worked the best with some of the curtains and some of the old wood, the carpet didn’t burn very well. But it didn’t matter to her as she was done with the job that she had to do, she waited a short bit before she walked back to the room with the window that she came through, she made sure she had everything before she left, so even in the case of the building not burning down, she would not be found out.

With a big round around the building, she ended up back on the street where people came as the fire at the front of the building was now burning quite lively. She looked around and asked what was happening to pretend being an innocent onlooker. She walked through the crowd as she got her answer and met one of the Martello man that she had seen in the building, she handed him invisibly the bag with jewellery, in the mean time she got a bag with jewels. She nodded only and said nothing as she headed back to her Guild.

Wordcount: 1028/1000

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