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Gang Tension (Geb)

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Gang Tension (Geb) Empty on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:22 pm

Geb had woken up that day to quite the peaceful setting. The birds could be heard chirping outside, as the sounds of birds chirping filled his outside window. Ah, what a wonderful scene to behold. Geb had no idea how good nature really was until this point. Rubbing his eyes, Geb sat up from his bed, located in the living quarters on the top floor of his own gallery. Standing up, he opened up the window. There was something missing to all of this, though. He needed money so that his body didn't feel so sluggish. In other words, he needed to do some work so he could upgrade himself once again. Not just because he wanted to be able to defend himself in combat and things of the like, but also so he could just enjoy the daily functions of life with a little bit more ease, he supposed. There are actually cons of having a robot body, believe or not. A fair bit, too. Not only was there the problem of having to upgrade and perform maintenance on one's self, but there was also the matter of it being hella expensive, not just the upgrades either. It took Geb a lot of money to become a Machia, more than he could afford. Luckily, help from Roman would allow him to still be standing after paying off his near-deadly loan.

Geb would head downstairs after getting dressed. Today, he had no need to lock the gallery, since there was a construction team in there. They had recently visited to build a new extension to the building, and they had been doing a pretty good job at least so far. Geb gave the foreman a quick thumbs up for his good work before exiting the building. Checking to make sure that the door said "closed" (since it was in the middle of the construction, Geb didn't want any customers to go into the dirty gallery). No need to drive customers to give bad reviews and just stop more potential customers from coming. He was going to wait until it was in pitch-perfect shape until he would decide to reopen it. Only the best was deserving for both him, his gallery, the paintings in that gallery and of course, customers who appreciated art. And he was sure they wouldn't appreciate a very dirty gallery to just walk into and be disappointed with. Not at all.

Geb would finally be able to find work after looking for a while. He was employed by Martello, a young mobster that he had worked for once before. His mission? To spray paint a bunch of shit on a list. Easy enough. Due to the fact this was vandalism, which Geb never really considered art, he wouldn't have to spend too much time worrying about the quality of what he was painting anyways. Good, he didn't want to waste too much time today just spray painting around. And for that, he was quite thankful. Time to start.



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The first thing on the list was of course a grocery store. Sure, he would hit up that one first. Geb walked to this location using a handy folding map of the town of Oak, before proceeding to subtly walk to the side wall of the store. Now, if Geb remembered how to do this right, it was as simple as shaking the can and then spraying. Geb shook the can twice with force, before pushing down on the small button as the spraying noise escaped, painting a red color on the walls. Perfect. Geb quickly tagged the grocery store with a crest of the martello family quickly, before exiting the premises.

Geb smirked a little, glad that this quest had a relatively low difficulty, at least compared to some of the other quests he was tasked to do lately anyways. Certainly beat the one where he had to move a bunch of smelly old bodies, that was for sure. This wasn't so hard so far. Geb walked down the street, putting the can of graffiti in his pocket. What was next on his little hit list? It seemed the second one would be a bar. Well, it certainly was an easy one to find. Turns out, it was only a few blocks away from where Geb was in the first place. Lucky him, eh?

Next up was the bar. A scraggy little place. Didn't look too nice. Had a set of stairs leading down to the bar itself. Probably wasn't open at this time of day, and there wasn't anyone around watching Geb or anything.. he supposed he would go for it. He walked down the short flight of stairs and spray painted the crest all over the door. He chuckled a little, this was starting to be a little bit enjoyable, believe it or not. Next, he went up and sprayed one on the building's front wall too. Great job, Geb. He'd become a pro vandalizer!

Finally, a shady magic shop on Renail street. Alright. Geb would make his way over there, excited to get the third and last building done so he could get his money from the martello family. This was actually surprisingly easy, to be honest.

Geb stood at the outside reaches of the magic shop, shaking the graffiti can. He quickly sprayed the crest on there, before spraying a second one on the other side of the building just for fun. He then put the spray can in his pockey and subtly walked away from the area.

Geb visited Remy to get his money, who thanked him for his work. Too bad Geb had to return the spray can though. He had a lot of fun with that thing. But, hey, twenty five thousand jewels was still, well, twenty five thousand jewels, right? Though Geb did learn a valuable lesson as he walked off into the distance from the Martello family headquarters on the east side of the sunny town of oak.

Vandalizing was.. fun.

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