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Hargeon To Nanuq [Boat Traveling]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru began to walk towards the dock. He had been in town for less than a minute and would kill to stop by home but he was in a short timeframe. There was a Rune Knight Boat just about to take off. It was built better than regular boat and would help him get there faster. Hikaru showed his forms and proved he was a Knight by talking to the male in front of the boat. The male allowed him on the boat on the conditions he helped maintain it. Upon arriving on the boat they left within the hour and now Hikaru was on the boat. Hikaru looked around the boat to see multiple Rune Knights lined up. He joined the line only to see the captain. This man was actually a Rune Knight Captain, something Hikaru aspired to be. The man felt Hikaru's aura and walked to Hikaru first.

"I don't know you." The man told Hikaru as he stood there firmly. "No Captain, I am Lieutenant Nakamura" The man thought for a moment and smiled. "Oh you're a part of the Nakamura's. You have a manor back in the town we just left don't you?" The man spoke to Hikaru. Hikaru nodded. He spoke "Hmm, if you're so rich why are you a knight?" Hikaru looked at the man in the eye, making strong eye contact. Hikaru was going to be straight forward with this man. There was no reason to lie about anything. Hikaru opened his mouth and spoke clearly. He could see the conversation brought the attention of everyone else on the ship. "I enjoy fighting Captain. I don't know there's some things in life money can't buy. Power, I enjoy it. The Law, I love it. This country has given so much to em and my family it's only right I can pay them back. I strive to become stronger everyday and through every endeavor. " Hikaru explained to the male. The man looked at Hikaru and smiled "We'll get along nicely." Following that the next few days would be busy work on the ship. They encountered a storm on one day that last for several hours, but somehow they made it through. Hikaru wasn't really a part of the navy but was more of a foot soldier so eh decided to help out the way he knew best. He took a mop and would clean the floors almost daily. He also helped the chef out with the preparation of meals. He did the basics. He would fasten the rope.a One night, however, they decided to have a quick sparring match. It lasted a few hours but Hikaru beat most of them were lower ranks and they were all water mages giving him a heavy advantage. Hikaru enjoyed his time on the ship, and he had become a favorite on the ship. It was a weird experience because most people would tell Hikaru their stories at sea's and he was fascinated, but some of those mages were equally as interested in Hikaru's stories. Since they were navy they didn't really get to often see of hearing what happened behind the scenes, and one of the things that were quite frequent was a fist fight. Most of them had gone through ship fights, and combat storms. Hikaru told them all about the guilds he had the pleasure of taking down that were illegal. He also told them about his tournament fight and they all thought it was interesting. There was some envy in their eye, but it wasn't all jealousy. He showed his fellow knights his magic and they were impressed with it and the title of it.

Usually, at night, HIkaru would go to the sleeping quarters which had a bunch of beds for all the ship crew. He could hear them all snore, but two thing was on HIkaru's mind seeing his friend of so long, and how to make it up to Selena. For all he knew she wasn't really that mad, but then again what were the odds of that? Finally after what seemed to be almost eight days of traveling he could hear the boat sound it's horn. Hikaru woke up quickly brushing his teeth and putting on his clothes and armor to go to the top of the boat. He could see Nanuq off in the distance. It was a beauty. The Rune Knight flag was high on the ship so that they would know that the boat was a friendly and not some boat to be seen as an enemy or hostile. Hikaru couldn't help but smile. He was excited to see his friend after so many years. and so eventually the boat reached the docks, and the anchor went down. Hikaru thank the captain and everyone on the ship for hte fun memories and quickly hopped off. He was going to see his friend.

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Hargeon To Nanuq [Boat Traveling] HikaPlzSiggyJpeg

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