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Oak to Orchidia ~ [Foot Travelling]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Oak to Orchidia ~ [Foot Travelling] Empty Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:31 am

Arthur J. Sokolov
"Alright... let me check some of my stuff once more..." Aonaka mumbled as he looked around his flat once more. This place had been his home for a while now and despite not wanting to say it out loud, moving out and going to a new town, finding a new house and all that stuff were quite... anxiety inducing. However, days have gone by, things had been said and done, missions were completed, blood was sucked, Panthello was hugged and now it was time to go. Fiore was not a small place, one locking themselves in just Oak, a dirty place filled with rodent like humans, crime, sadness. Aonaka thought about things he had done here.

First was meeting Nastasya, the vampire girl shrouded in mystery, whom attacked Aonaka in the street after their nice meeting session and left him bloodied. Then it was Irony, the girl who told him about Grimoire Heart, then Kenny, the big guy who had a big heart. He had his share of adventures here, at the castle but mostly with Doctor Mabuz. The two had worked on so many things that Aonaka felt compelled to actually go visit him. It was doubtful that the doctor would care at all, however.

Making sure that his whole luggage was correct, Aonaka removed his clothing and stretched long and hard. He removed the bandages on his arms and didn't look at the burn marks for even a small bit. He entered the shower and closed the shower doors before allowing hot water to wash him up. Steam would rise as the scent of mint and lemon from Aonakas body wash lotion create a serene atmosphere around. The shower would be ended quickly by the mage as he wanted to leave before the sun made its way on the horizon, rising up.

For the travel that would no doubt take long, Aonaka would use the jewels he got from selling his flat, hoping that it would be sufficient throughout the journey that would give or take, take six days to end. The beastmasters eyes would fall on the purple bat in the room, Panthello, who was groggy from being woken at such an early hour. "I'll give you some snacks, Panthello, you can sleep on the way but I need you if there are dangers, you know." said Aonaka and gently pet his beast companion.

He wore a smoke grey turtleneck sweater that would no doubt keep him warm and wore his glasses. He had decided to wear them a lot more than he used to, the sudden desire for optical health was not really clear, but the body was happy and the headaches would be diminished after a couple of days of usage. His baggage was one with a handle that he could drag around behind him, containing clothes, some water, some sushi in a container for Panthello and some veggie snacks for him. For the rest, the boy would just find food shops or restaurant locations.

The brochure of Hargeon tours would sit silently on the end table next to his bed, glanced upon by Aonakas eyes for a minute or two who was silent. Slender fingers would raise the paper and fold it into a small square. Aonaka would then put the paper in his back pocket and grab the handle of his baggage. A small whistle would run from his lips and Panthello would do a small jolt and fly high up, circling the room once or twice to stretch his wings before landing on Aonakas shoulder and make a pleasant growl.

The duo would leave the aparment and make a short trip to the real estate agent to leave the keys. Oaks streets were cold, gray, it wasn't hard for him to wonder how he managed to stay and live here for so long. After leaving the keys to the real estate agent, Aonaka would take out a small map and look at it. The path was indeed long, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

Out there, somewhere, a whole different world waited. He would be a nomad once more, doing requests here and there for the better of him. And one day, he would find a place where he would belong.

As he took a step out of the gates of Oak, he was sure of one thing. The full moon on the north was a sign that the north was calling for him.

The North beckoned for him to come.
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Oak to Orchidia ~ [Foot Travelling] Untitl16

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