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More Intimidation Tactics [Valentines | Yumi | Alice]

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More Intimidation Tactics [Valentines | Yumi | Alice] Empty Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:59 am

Venom flew through the streets of Oak dashing towards the Phantom Lord guild, another let posted to his forehead. He was looking for Alice, with another request of his master Yumi to accompany her on yet another quest. The job was for Frankie Marino to work over the shopkeep from the previous quest who had yet to pay up. Venom flew as fast as his tiny body could take him, dashing and ducking through the crowds. He flew up the hill of Phantom Lord, barrelled through the doors and straight into Alice's lap, panting heavily from over exhausting himself. Once recovered he would float up into the air and offer the letter to Alice.

While Venom was handing the letter to Alice, Yumi sat in a bar booth opposite Frankie drinking a chocolate milkshake. Next to it were two empty glasses of a strawberry milkshake and caramel milkshake. She had already gone through two of them while she waited. Her client Frankie was drinking from a glass of scotch watching the tiny Lolita downing the milk like it was water, surprised she wasn;t throwing up from the amount she was drinking. What he didn't know was Yumi was letting Mana flow through her body to speed up her metabolism allowing her body to break down and digest the milky drinks faster allowing her to drink more. She also did this when she drank or ate allowing her to consume larger quantities that her tiny body would normally be unable to consume.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Half expecting for something to happen, as she hadn't heard from Yu in a while, she was simply sitting at the Guild hall and staring at the door. Boring. Too many people doing nothing. She started to dislike Phantom Lord more and more. Even if they were a dark guild, shouldn't they be out and about to fix their powers, get money, do something. Yet she was sitting there also. Sipping tea, since she had already finished breakfast. She crossed her right leg over her left, but not much later changing it to crossing her left over her right. While she just finished her tea, Venom arrived, almost immediately falling in her lap. She didn't know if she should pet him or not so she softly patted him the way she had seen Yu do it, "You must have been as fast as you could." she said appraising him a little, for she had no idea. She waited for him to get back to his normal ways and after that accepted the letter.

The letter told her to meet Yu again in the same bar, together with Frankie Marino. Which was fine, the letter also already explained that the Shopkeep from a few days ago still hadn't paid. The idiot, she rolled her eyes as she read that. Already ready to leave she stood up. The winter weather was mild, so walking in a simple dark green sweater, black jeans and brown boots, was good enough. No need for a coat. She strapped on her bag and followed again Venom out of the Guildhall to the same bar as last time.

This time when she arrived, they were sitting in a booth. Drinking scotch and.. milkshakes, actually nothing surprised her anymore with Yu. "Hello again. I got the note. Seems like some people don't know how to listen." Which was simply stupid, apparently her technique from last time didn't work properly and she frowned a little, maybe she should have used her spear for more impressions. She would wait for Marino to finish talking and explaining what he wanted before she and Yu would leave again for the same shop as last.

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Yumi was not the first to speak, instead it was frankie. She was sipping on her milkshake and gave him a look telling him to talk once Alice and Venom had arrived. Frankie cleared his throat and began to state the purpose of the quest, "Yes well even after the lecture..." What he really meant was beating but you never knew who was listening, "The keep has still not paid for his protection fees, so we need you two to head on over and show his store some kindness, as much kindness as you want don't hold back." Said Frankie as he finished off the last of his scotch. "Do so until he pays up and report back to me, make sure to get it all as the payment for this quest will come out of it, he owes us quite a bit. Three weeks worth of protection funds."

Yumi made a loud slurping noise on her straw, signalling she had finished her chocolate shake. She removed it from her lips and stood up, placing down a few jewels in order to pay for her shakes, making sure to leave a decent tip, 'You can be guaranteed we will get the job down. Our success rate has been one hundred percent." Said Yumi as she removed a green lollipop from her pocket, removed the plastic cover and placed it in her mouth.

Yumi turned and walked off beckoning Alice to follow, "Come, I wish to see how you deal with this quest. Experience is good for youngsters." Spoke Yumi her soft manner as she glided across the floorboards and out the door into the streets of Oak. She sucked on the lollipop as she headed in the direction of the shopkeeps store. Yumi pushed on passed the various citizens of oak, using a little of her demonic pressure to make them part, creating a pathway for Yumi, Alice and Venom.

Yumi came to a halt, having not only finished her suckling treats but because they had arrived at the shopkeeps store. Yumi tossed the stick into a nearby bin with pinpoint accuracy before removing a cherry flavoured lollipop. Yumi removed the covering and placed it between her lips like the last one and began to suck on it, looking to Alice, "I'll remain out here like before. You go do what needs to be done and don't hold back on him. If you have to break a few of his bones."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice listened to Frankie, she had to get a few seconds before she understood what he meant with kindness, which she found stupid so she was glad she didn't ask it out loud. She only nodded, keeping her face neutral. She didn't plan to complain, she only didn't understand why Frankie didn't do it himself because why would you hire extra people, whom you had to pay instead of just punching this guy in the gut yourself? She wouldn't complain for the sake of money. She didn't wait too long to follow Yu, she was actually interested in the woman. She explained that it was again Alice her turn to show what she got. She nodded as she got outside, she couldn't help but ask the question that had been on her lips for so long but she finally knew how to ask it, "You aren't close to being thirteen are you?" It wasn't actually asking for an age, it was just getting some sort of confirmation about something that she had thought way before. You could notice it if you hang out with Yu for so long as she did now, the jobs slowly started to point it out. Especially now it seemed that Yu threw caution into the wind and told her in riddles.

As they arrived at the store, Yu and Venom again remained outside and Alice entered. She shook out her red hair so the shop keep would immediately remember her. She gave him a fake smile because she was getting so done with this guy. She didn't feel like explaining it nicely to him and immediately summoned her straight spear, "I think I made myself pretty clear last time." With heavy footsteps she walked towards him, spear in both her hands as she raised it and at first only pinched him to the wall with his clothing. However the man was really stubborn as he stammered to tell her he wouldn't pay. She lifted up the spear a little and with a quick movement hit it against his left shoulder and pierced him through his right through the door, "No choice." had she been alone she might take a bit longer before, but actually this was a good lesson and she was glad Yu was there to teach her this, without actually being there.

The keep started to sob and she only felt more disgusted. She let him go after he promised to give her the money.

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Yumi didn't answer Alice's question merely tapping her right index finger to the tip of her nose with a small smirk in place to tell the girl all she knew. Yumi stood outside the folding her arms over her chest waiting patiently for Alice to go in and take care of business. Yumi could have gone in and handled it herself but she was feeling a little lazy and she wanted to see how the youngling could handle things. Yumi simply suckled on her lollipop as she waited patiently for Alice. The girl had walked on in to deal with the shopkeep, spear in hand. She could see what was happening from the window, watching as she pierced him with it or smacked him about. On the outside of the store, Yumi would pick up nearby debris and toss it at the store for fun, breaking the glass while she waited on Alice to return.

Yumi threw more debris breaking another window with a long crashing nose. Yumi hummed as she picked up another stone and began tossing it up and down, up and down in the palm of her hand, watching it rising and fall. Yumi grabbed the rock and threw it aiming it to crash through the last window and strike a shelf with enough force to make it topple over with a loud bang. She could let Alice deal with getting the money, but she wanted a little fun by destroying the store a little to help frighten the man into paying up.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice kept the spear in her hand mostly because she didn't want the keep to think the job was done. He was struggling to get the money, especially because his right arm barely functioned after she pierced him there. There was quite some blood coming from the wound everytime he tried to move his arm. He was also whining a lot, "Next time, I would pay, saves a lot of pain." She kept the spear up straight with one hand but was still anticipating that he would try to flee.

But he knew her partner was outside since someone was throwing bricks at the window, this man wasn't that stupid hopefully for his own sake. She took a step next to him to help him with the money otherwise it would take ages. When she got all of it, she looked at the man one last time, he would probably go visit a doctor, but she didn't tell him. With the spear disappearing and her hands holding on to the jewels, she walked out of the store. She raised her eyebrow at the sigh of Yu, popsicle and bricks, great combination. "I got it, I hope he learned from it but I doubt it." she said with a sigh. Together she would walk back to meet up with Frankie. She handed him the jewels and watched as he counted. He made three piles, two were the jewels for Yu and Alice, the other one was the rest. He just had to make sure it was everything. As soon as he figured that out, he thanked the two of them and handed both of them some jewels. She turned to Yu again with a smile, "Thanks for letting me try by the way. I appreciate that." She would say her goodbye and wonder when she would see Yu again.

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By the sixth throw it seemed Alice was done as she had come out with the money that was owed. Yumi held another brick but dropped it deciding not to bother throwing it. With the money in Alice's hand Yumi began making her way back to the bar, Venom following behind as she walked beside Alice. When they arrived back at the bar Alice handed the jewels over and Frankie counted it out into three piles. The pile for Frankie was larger but there was enough jewels for Alice and Yumi as required. Yumi grabbed her share pocketing it. As she did Alice thanked Yumi and said her goodbyes. YUmi to said her goodbyes and departed from the bar heading home for the night.

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