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White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:14 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She hadn't know that the job for White Claudia wasn't done yet. She was standing in the training ground or well what she named the training ground of the Phantom Lord Guild. The doctor, Stephan Mabuz, had send another letter. She had wanted to let him feel what she had felt. Did he use his experiments on his own. Did he work the whole night to make it better? Would he lie to her again. She clenched her fists around the spear that she was holding tightly on, her knuckles turning white. Her face would almost turn red with anger. How dare he lie to her, he could have just asked.

She shouldn't have stormed out, it wasn't appropriate to Yu, the girl would maybe kill that guy but alas there was a letter, meaning he was alive. He asked for her to help one last time with the White Claudia, he promised that it was the last time. He even offered her more money. She took a deep breath, trying to clear her mind. She could do it, for money reasons. Money was never bad and she could use quite a lot since she was saving up for the moment she was leaving the guild. Not knowing that there would still be enough jobs to do. She did relate it to being in a guild. This girl was clueless for the world of magic. She had gotten it, worked on it, fixed it, and immediately joined a guild. That's how it worked.

Yu would probably be invited too, as they were testsubjects together. Which was a horrible word but none the less true. She would go, at least to see if Yu would come and to apologize for walking out. But the day had given her nightmares. It had rubbed in the fact that she only remembered the looks of her sister because they were twins. Her fear of heights was unexplained and a dark room, she wasn't claustrophobic as far as she knew but being locked up in a dark nothing, it didn't work positive on her mind.

With a deep breath she let her spear disappear in the dimensional pocket that she had thanks to her magic. She walked back to her room, made sure to grab everything she wanted. She looked at her diary which was open on the desk that she had. She grabbed it quickly, shut it without looking at her last notes and put it in her bag. She should take that, she should note down what would happen now, what monsters would appear, whenever they were real or made believe. It was some sort of truth in there, her fears. She had to see them, she had to acknowledge them otherwise she would never be able to fight them. If only she knew her damn sister's name, she might remember more. She should ask Selena, as soon as she was able to see her cousin again.

Guarded by her thoughts, with her spear in mind and her right hand ready, her leather jacket on and the bag containing her diary, she left the Phantom Lord Guild. She wasn't so sure if she was able to do the last test of White Claudia but she would at least go. She was very curious if Yu would be there, that's why she hurried, if the girl would be first, she might miss her and not enter at all. For she planned to wait outside to see if she would come. She needed to apologize, that was only a good thing to do.

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White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:31 pm

Yumi lay on her bed, eyes shut, dressed in her usual attire her boots lay on the floor beside her. The gothic lolita appeared to be sleeping with her hands placed peacefully beside her, if one were to look at her she looked like an innocent child, but to those who knew her she was far from it. Yumi, the Dark Apostle of the Chaotic God Malum and member of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart was by no means innocent, she had cause many deaths in her time an unfathomable amount in order to provide power to her god. After many years of service she had finally been rewarded, by sacrificing her own life up to Malum it had given him the power he needed to return and offer Yumi back her youth. Not only did Yumi regain her youth but she became something more, no longer was she a weak pitiful human but a powerful dangerous member of the demon race. She had gained an immunity not only to darkness but to non elemental style of spells, they could no longer harm her, but that did no mean she was immune to anything else. Light spells caused more damage to her demonic being, so she would have to be weary when engaging with light magic users.

The lolita slowly opened her eyes, she was feeling off, every since she had visited mabuz and performed an experiment for him by injecting herself with some liquid that he had prepared, she had not been feeling herself. The visions that she had seen while under the influence of the drug irked her, made her irritated and not only were they memories she experienced but deep centred fears of hers. Yumi clenched a fist as a dark aura overcame her scaring her familiar, but Yumi quickly calmed herself down. She sat up and turned to the edge of the bed where she began to slip her high heel boots back on, she couldn't just lye about all day it was best to be up and about, get some fresh air. The gothic lolita planted her feet on the ground before she began to rise, running her fingers through her hair. She grabbed a brush from her bedside table and began to brush out the knots she gained from lying down, she would look appropriate before she went into town. Yumi ran the brush downwards, streaking it through her hair gently brushing it. With such long hair it took time to brush, but it was a calming task as the bristles ran across her scalp gently massaging it.

Yumi finished placing the brush down and began making her way to the front door the room she was staying at. Yumi opened the door to find a frightened young man holding a shaky letter. He quickly handed it over and ran off leaving Yumi to her thoughts. The gothic lolita tore open the letter and began to read. It was from doctor mabuz who was requesting an audience with her once more to help conduct one last experiment, unlike the last two which were ranked D this was a C rank quest.

Yumi rubbed her chin, a C rank quest usually they had some sort of combat involved or something more exotic than the simple mundane chores like she had been doing. Yumi scrunched the letter and dropped it to the ground not caring that she was littering, she could careless about the planet it woud eventually die. Yumi began walking away Venom following after like always. She descended down the stairs the inn grew quiet as people watched her walk by some gulping, terrified of the little girl that lived in the inn. Many had thought her weak but once she showed her power to deal with a lustful drunk in a most brutal manner that soon began to fear her and so they should, for they did not know she was a B rank demonic race mage.

Yumi walked out the front door allowing them to breathe easily. She entered the streets and soon headed in the direction of Mabuz's magic shop to get the dusk done with, she wanted to get it over as soon as possible, but she prayed to her Dark God Malum that it would be somewhat exciting for her, that she could let loose and have some fun. It had been awhile since she had a good time and she had yet to test out her new body to its fullest capabilities.

Yumi approached the shop to find someone waiting out the front of her, Alice. Yumi shoud have guessed she would be running into the red haired phantom lord mage again, after all with the lost experiments run by the doctor Alice had accompanied Yumi. The lolita approached and came to a stop two meters in front of Alice. Venom appeared to give a friendly wave while Yumi bowed her head, "Salutations, the Doctor asked for thy assistance as well?" said the dark haired Lolita, she would not enter just yet but once done talking would offer a hand to Alice so they would both walk in together.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:50 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was in front of the shop all alone. She had the feeling Mabuz would have already seen here but she didn't care. She had made her decision or well losely. She hoped for Yu to come quickly or it actually would be better if she didn't come at all. Why was she such a coward, it was even annoying herself. With a deep breath, Alice longed for herself to be back in bed instead of standing here in the street. Since it was no longer and option she tried to force herself to think about something else since it wasn't going to change anytime soon. Though her mind didn't want to give up.

Luckily Yu didn't shop up much later and greeted her as well as asking the question if the doctor asked for her assistance as well, "Hello, yeah the doctor gave me a letter. Listen Yu I wanted to apologize for walking away last time. I should have waited for you." even though they would go their seperate ways later, it still didn't feel well. They didn't have much to talk about and once the conversation was over Yu extended a hand so they would walk in together. Alice was at first a bit surprised, Yu had been well not distant but not showing off as her best friend, this was rather.. intimided for their level. But it gave her some sort of courage so Alice quickly shook off the surprise and took Yu her hand, with a thankful smile to the girl.

They entered together, Venom probably behind them as Alice had no eye for the little companion of Yu. The doctor seemed to be in a very happy state, even laughed as he welcomed them into his shop. As if he was on something.. and she didn't mean on to finding the solution of his experiment. The doctor vaguely used gestures as he sort of jumped up and down happily and walked them to the same room as before, "I'm so glad you two showed up. Definitely last time, I promise. I have this fixed if everything goes alright. You got a nice bonding out of this, don't you?" Really, idiot.. "It will work a little bit different, can't say everything, need your natural reflexes and all." and so he went on and on. As he seemed to be content with what he said, he picked up two syringes and Alice let go of Yu her hand and took a few steps away from her so she wouldn't fall or do something against her. She accepted the syringe and also got a flash light, "I increased your magical capabilities. You will need it." That only meant there will be fighting. Thank god she had her spear with her. Her bow would probably be useless.

She gave a weak smile to Yu but no longer waited to push the syringe into her left arm. She could do this, she didn't like this but she was no longer a baby and this time she didn't even wince. She pulled the syringe out of her as soon as the white liquid was in her blood stream and let it drop. She staggered a little, blinked again rapidly to adjust her eyes to the dark and nightmare looking new reality. She looked left and right, no height problems this time, the floor could use something new though. There were like whispers of the wind, mechanisms? All things that pointed out she was in the same old factory as the first time, she couldn't actually remember the second time. Maybe that was also inside the factory? She shrugged and prepared herself, putting on the flash light and looking around her. This time, she wasn't alone, Yu was here.

She heard noises, noises she couldn't place in the situation of a factory. She couldn't see anything yet but it was coming their way and she was fast turning from one point to another but holding the flash light still enough to make sure she wouldn't miss anything. Something was coming from her left, but also in front of her as well as her right. Behind her was nothing, "Three.. things.. are coming our way?" she said to Yu even though the girl might have seen it herself. Well that meant that they had to fight, as the doctor had implied as well. She had to keep the flashlight on to see but she didn't know how.

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White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:39 pm

Yumi wrapped her fingers around Alice's hand once the girl accepted it. Just by holding hands Alice would be able to feel just how smooth the lolita's skin was, as if she had never done hard work, no calluses what so ever, smooth like a newborn baby, which could be seen as strange as even with her age there would be signs of some roughness, especially being a mage. It would be as if Yumi had just been born, but not as a baby but a grown teenage girl. With hands locked Yumi took a step forward entering into the shop beside Alice, once they were in Yumi would release her grip allowing her hand to fall to her sides. Following in behind was Venom who looked around, before noticing the doctor as he approached, appearing to be in a happy mood. Yumi frowned and clenched her right fist, seeing the doctor in such a mood, in a happy state like he was almost jumping up and down made Yumi want to just punch him in the face, and punch him as hard as she could. Activate her two strength buff enhancers to maximise her strength and plant her right fist in the middle of his face to break his nose, but she resisted the urge no need to harm her employer, no matter how much he irritated her.

Yumi unclenched her hand and relaxed her shoulders allowing her body to relax up so not to strain herself. Yumi inhaled to further calm her down as the doctor went about explaining the quest to them. "I'm so glad you two showed up. Definitely last time, I promise. I have this fixed if everything goes alright. You got a nice bonding out of this, don't you?" Now Yumi really wanted to punch him in the face more than ever but she resisted the urge to do so, she doubted her guild master would be happy if she attacked a client. "It will work a little bit different, can't say everything, need your natural reflexes and all." Yumi looked at the syringe that she had been given then at Alice, did they really want to do this again. Though for some reason they were also given a flashlight. "I increased your magical capabilities. You will need it."

Yumi looked to Alice who was injecting herself with the liquid, so yumi followed suit placing the needle into her left arm and injecting the liquid into her body. THe world changed like last time shifting everything into a nightmarish like world. As Yumi opened her eyes she found surprisingly that both Alice and Venom were present with her, making her raise her right eyebrow in suspicion but shook it off and instead turned the flashlight on ignoring the slight pain in her eyes as she looked at the light, as a being of darkness she disliked the light and instead preferred the darkness being a demon. Yumi moved the light around to see through the darkness as she did she began hearing strange noises, noises that were slowly getting closer. Yumi kept herself calm under the situation and looked back and forth slowly even as Alice spoke saying three things were coming.

"Calm yourself, do not let fear overcome you, fear leads to mistakes which leads to death. But you are still young and lack experience" Lectured Yumi in a soft manner as she began to release her demonic energy allowing it to course throughout her entire body whipping about violently that caused cracks in the ground, "If there are three enemies, I shall deal with two. As you still lack sixty plus years of experience that I hold." commented Yumi as her eyes glowed a deep red revealing a little more about herself.

Using her flashlight she spotted a monster like figure that looked like a human with stitched limbs that moved erratically. The creature was coming their way, looking in the other two directions were to more. Yumi pointed her flashlight to the right, "Deal with that one." Yumi pointed to left, "Venom stall!" barked out Yumi giving orders like an old commando. Venom shot off into the darkness, being able to see perfectly after all he was a nocturnal creature by nature. The odd creature looked at Venom attempting to grab it but Venom rocked its eye back and forth debuffing its speed and strength by D rank making it slower.

With orders given Yumi flicked her right wrist and flexed her muscles allowing black flames of mana to burst out of her body releasing a rush of demonic magical energy through the air as he approached the creature. With each step Yumi released a demonic pressure directing it towards the creature she faced, as a member of the demon race they hada pressure which could be used to install fear and decrease an enemies capabilities depending on the difference in strength. Yumi eyed the creature as it continued but not before stopping briefly but soon started up again.

The beast was moving a little slower than before but not by much. Even so Yumi burst into action moving at a full dash speed of six meters per second crossing the distance and appearing in front of the creature mana flowing through her veins as she delivered a swift right hook to the beast's chest enough force behind the blow to knock it back three meters. Flashlight in her mouth to provide light. As the creature slid back Yumi raised her right hand forming a sphere of mana in her palm, mana flowed into her right finger tip as he fired a beam of mana with a 1m diameter that slammed into the beast with enough force to blow it back even further, tearing off an arm.

Yumi rushed in as the beast stumbled to regain its balance. Yumi got in front of it and struck with her left fist delivering an upper cut into the beast's chin launching it up into the air and as it fell she released a swift right round house kick knocking it in mid air into a wall making it crumble on impact from the four blows. Yumi dusted her hands up and removed the flashlight from her mouth heading to back up Venom who was flying around the creature blowing raspberries. Yumi rushed in kicking the beast square in the stomach with her left foot sending it sliding back. Yumi got up close leaping up planting her right knee into its face, before placing hands on its shoulders to flip over and land behind. She went low and sweep a leg beneath it sweeping out its legs to make it fall before swinging back around to kick it in the head caving its scalp in.

Once Yumi was done she would brush out her clothes and make her way over to Alice to see how she was doing.

WC: 1160
TWC: 2023


Mana: 100 | 200
Creature 2 Speed debuff -5, str debuff -5
Name: Eye Lock Strength
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Duskull Magic
Type: Debuff [Strength]
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Duskull rocks its head back and forth once after which it locks its sight on a target and debuffs their strength.

Name: Eye Lock Speed
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Duskull Magic
Type: Debuff [Speed]
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Duskull rocks its head back and forth once after which it locks its sight on a target and debuffs their speed.


When someone is facing a Demon and they are ranked lower than the Demon they will suffer from Fear which distorts their vision and makes them tremble while battling the Demon. Fear causes Strength, Speed and Endurance to be dropped by 10% per difference in rank level.

Mana: 900 | 1050
Strength 21 + 10 (2 D buffs) = 31

Name: Kuroi Kyouka (Dark Enhancement)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type:Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user flicks one of their wrists and allows a black aura of mana, like flames, to consume their body. Mana floods into the muscles strengthening enhancing the users strength by D rank.

Name: Mokushi Reiki (Apocalypse Aura)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: With a simply yet notable flex of their muscles the user activates this spell. An onyx black aura of magic bursts forth from the users body encompassing their body and empowering their muscles increasing ones strength by D rank.

Name: Desubīmu (Death Beam)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user moulds mana into the palm of their hand allowing dark tongue-like flames of magic to form around their fingertips, before it flows downwards encasing their entire hand. By concentrating the energy and funneling it into the finger tip of a finger, the wielder points their finger at a target and fires a concentrated beam of black magical energy with a 1m diameter. By continuously channeling mana into the finger tip the user can continue to fire the beam whether immediately or at a preferred time, until either the user runs out of mana or they cancel the spell. The beam of magical energy is that condensed it can pierce through solid rock.

This spell is capable of dealing out B rank damage. The user can only fire 1 beam per post.

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:54 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice swallowed sharply as she was getting afraid of the noises and just the whole scenery wasn't her favourite sort of dream. She figured out that there were three creature like things coming their way and warned Yu and within that Venom. She heard Yu and noted it down in her head, nodding. Fine, calm down. Easier said than done but she took a deep breath through her noise and exhaled through her mouth and did it again, the creatures were far enough to let her control her breathing her again and clear her mind. She was glad, she wasn't alone that was all she thought about at that point.

She nodded again, not entirely sure if Yu was able to see that as the child suggested to take two of the three herself. That's when she said sixty plus years of experience. She shortly looked at Yu with a confused expression but the girl was already gone to charge or fight or whatsoever. She quickly brought herself back to what was happening, there was no time to think about that. Her question had maybe been answered but she couldn't put two and two together at this right moment, "Spear.." she muttered as she was not used yet to summon the weapon without calling for it. She had switched the flashlight to her left hand and her straight spear appeared in her right.

She had practiced but there was nothing as this fight that she had done before. Even if you thought about fighting together with someone. She was an easy pickpocket that had been able to learn the requip magic and thus.. well that happened. She placed the flashlight on the ground, it was a stupid idea but she had no idea what else to do as she had to hold on to her spear with both hands, left in front, right behind so she could manouvre it in a way she wanted. She put her right foot a little behind her left, making sure she was anticipating to dash off. She waited, she would love to say patiently but she didn't, she was anticipating, and yet scared. Fear would let her make mistakes, so it should be gone. She hummed to herself, muttered a rhyme in her head to focus on something instead of the ugly thing in front of her.
"Locked in, boxed in, full of fear, my panic grows manic. 'til I can't hear. In need of reprieve so that I can breathe. Remove my fear, please make it leave." She kept saying that, once she remembered it, it didn't need to be out loud. That's when she dashed forward and danced around the ugly thing. Stabbed it left around the hip, turned to the right, pierced it at kidney hight on the right, shoulder and danced around to the back and slammed her straight spear through the monster.

As soon as it fell down, she felt this sensation of fear go over her, but she kept on muttering: "Locked in, boxed in. Full of fear.." and so on till the rhythm was done. She felt a pain in her left arm and stared at it but nothing was visible, until the darkness disappeared. He was laughing, it almost hurt her ears. She had seen herself again, as a person that wasn't entirely in this world. Again like it had no connection with the earth. She would lose everything again, just as she was finally building it up again. It wasn't fair, it wasn't.. it was nothing. It wasn't true. It was the White Claudia.

When her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she looked at the flash light in front of her feet. She let her spear disappear again and grabbed it, noticing the dark spots behind the doctor and for a second thought it was Yu. Surprised she looked up to see the monsters here. She stared with big eyes at the doctor, what did he do? How did those things came here? She shivered, "I would like my jewels.. so I can leave." she said with a strained voice. This time she would wait for Yu to return to Earth too, which was a weird thing to think about. She would wait for the doctor to pay them both and would leave after that. Glad this was the last time about it, because she absolutely planned to never do that again.

Wordcount: 2150/2000


Name: Requip Magic: Subspace Summon
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 25
Requirements: Requip Magic
Class: Special
Element: None
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user does a motion which wraps their hand, head or body in a light and summons forth their Weapon, Helmet or Armor. Since there are no cooldowns, the user can use this spell three times in the same post to bring forth a Weapon, Helmet and Armor at the same time. When summoning another Weapon, Helmet or Armor their previous ones will dissipate. The user does not have to pay a sustain cost to have these items around once they have been summoned. They do still have to pay mana for the spells that are attached to the items if they utilize them. When an item breaks in a topic, the user can no longer summon that item anymore in that topic.

Straight Spear:
Name: Straight Spear
Slot: Weapon
Type: Spear
Class: Common
Element: None
Damage: Base Strength + 18
Durability: 1x A

Length: 2 Meters
Handling: 2 Hands
Description: A straight spear with a simplified spearhead specialized for piercing that makes it rather easy to handle.


White Claudia Refined [Valentines & Yumi] Empty on Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:30 pm

YUmi approached Alice finding the red head had taken care of her creature as it lay defeated at her feet. THe world wobbled making Yumi shake slightly as she wondered just what was happening. The darkness disappeared and she felt something slap against her right cheek startling her awake. There in front of her was the doctor, Alice, venom and around the three corpses of hideous monsters. The doctor was laughing like a maniac making Yami grit her teeth, she really wanted to punch the doctor but she restrained herself. Alice quickly asked for her jewels in a strained voice before fleeing as soon as she could, no doubt she was a little shaken by the event. Yumi looked at the doctor and did the same. Once she had jewels she stashed them into her pocket and walked off leaving the shop, if she never dealt with the doctor again it would be too soon. As she left venom followed after her like always.

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