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Underworld [Bianca]

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What... happened? The boy said, waking up face planted firmly through the graven earth. His shoulder was cauterized but bled of a deep bite mark, and despite his hazy vision, he could smell everything surrounding him. It made one's head reel from migraines, like, if he could smell cologne. Then it would've probably poisoned him due to the amount of intensity he was in-taking at this moment. Rolling onto his back from his place against the fallen leaves and twigs, he stared up at the morning sun. Which was blocked out by trees above him.

"Why do I feel so sore?" He echoed to himself, moving a damaged hand to his sweaty face to brush off some of it. Sighing at the amount of annoyances to hit him this morning, he found himself running both hands through his dark hair.

Wait! Was he missing something? Where were his...?

With his right eyebrow arched and both eyes lit up, Erebus had come to realize the feline ears were gone. No longer fastened into his head. His fingers sped quickly to touch his apparent (and now human) change in features. While doing so he pushed himself forward, buckling under the sting of his shoulder. The struggle into an upright position was more challenging than it sounded, but soon he was sitting there questioning last night, in the empty forest floor... He slapped his cheek, trying to get some hold on whatever emotions were left inside of him. Though his heart pounded like a drum, he had no idea what to think.

There was an intoxicating freedom in the air.  Which choked out some of his skepticism, the sense that he was finally human again, it seemed all too good to be true. But just look, his ears were normal, and he didn't seem to be the way he was. However, upon thinking on it, that's when he really picked up the way his body felt and was reacting. Causing a crippling depression to supersede him. Things were... Definitely not the same. But-- whatever could have caused this? He felt even through this muscular pain, 'stronger' deeper, more feral than even before.  And then, his excitement hit in. He accidentally bit his tongue trying to stand. Or rather, he sharpened his teeth on accident.

Ya see, the tooth had extended in length and sharpness, all of them had. He knew it too, because a growing tingle was reverberating out from the gums. It almost made him forget the bite. Since his focus was on so many other subjects at once right now.

The sudden cut from the fang tasted like metal or something... So spat it out seconds later, and then he froze. The cut seemed be regenerating in his mouth at a faster than normal pace pace. Leaving a thin trail of red liquid down his chin. It was gross, but his head hurt too bad for him to care for the current moment. This was all just so much at once, and so unexpected too. There was only one message running through his mind right now.

"Uh... Not good."

That summed it up. Perfectly.

The Lycan stumbled up onto his feet and took a few steps forward. Erebus's head buzzed from the awakening and his connection with his consciousness was somewhat weakened. He was elegant in for anymore. He was rugged. He no longer had the agility of a cat, but instead, possessed the ferocity of the dog. While he didn't know it just yet. He had been bitten by a lycan.

Strategist was now a creature of folklore, of myth. His life was about to get far more complicated. For now, his goal was to traverse the woods, and find his way home. He couldn't have been far from Oak, in fact, he was just close enough to not be considered lost in the Oberon Forest. This must have been the outskirts, and thus, just on the border.

He needed to find help. However hard that might be. Erebus coughed, and the biting gap expanded. He applied pressure and crept into a tree to breathe. Sweat falling from his brow... But vigor still all the evidence needed in his irises to show he meant business.

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