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Hunting-Gathering [Valentines | Yumi]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Hunting-Gathering [Valentines | Yumi] Empty Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
The round that the sun made around the Earth had been nearly at its end for Fiore and thus also for Oak Town. Alice was outside, she had just finished her dinner because it was way better than in the guild. She had decided only to get food and than immediately head back to the Guild but there was a market, apparently a special market and they sold weapons so Alice stayed a bit longer outside. Nothing was up to her liking so it was a rather boring thing to do. She had been very enthusiastic in the first place.

That's when she figurative speaking bumped into Doctor Stephan Mabuz, they made some small talk but Alice wasn't a big fan of him, she didn't mind him that much either but the experiment with the white liquid stuff and her fear of heights was still fresh in her memory. The doctor asked her about the market and she explained that she was looking for something bigger and better and with that the doctor suggested she would go on a job for him. Even at this hour, which was a bit weird but she wouldn't completely mind. So she talked a bit more with Mabuz but this time focussing on the job. She would have to find the mushroom again as she had done some weeks ago together with Yami. That would be easy, she would get the same money, heck she was even allowed to find someone to go with her. That would make it even more easier, including the fact that the specific mushroom gave off some green light, it the upcoming dark that would be easy to find.


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Yumi was making the rounds having with her familiar venom, walking through the crowded streets of Oak, even at this time of the day as darkness approached it was not surprising to find the streets bustling with busy bodies and clientele all looking for something or someone. But none of that bothered the gothic lolita as she skipped down the streets, her hair and skirt bobbing with each skipping step she took. Locked firmly in her right hand was a large strawberry milkshake, lid on tight, straw popping up through the middle allowing the lolita to sip from the sweet delicious treat within.

Yumi came to a halt and looked around. THe old woman now contained in the body of a youthful girl was growing bored, it seemed to be happening alot lately perhaps it was simply a matter of being young once more. While she had her patience she seemed to grow bored more than she used to, but that to did not bother her as it kept her active as she was always trying to find something new to distract herself.

Luckily for Yumi she spotted someone familiar just up ahead, two someones who she recognised the first the red haired youth from Phantom Lord Alice, whom Yumi had worked with on numerous occasions, the other Doctor Stephan Mabuz a client YUmi had worked for multiple times. Nodding to her familiar Yumi started her approach, coming in from the side in order to draw their attention so not to scare them by sneaking up, "Greetings, what would be the chances of running into you two." Spoke the gothic lolita in a soft tone, while giving a brief glare to the doctor.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
As Alice was deciding to take the request, the two of them heard a familiar voice. It was Yu, the girl that Alice had been doing jobs with on a regular basis. It was an interesting idea that the two of them would find each other at the same time, at the same place everytime there was a quest. "Good evening Yu." She said as the doctor acknowledged her being too, "My my, I was doing groceries. You know that sometimes is needed, found the market and dear miss Alice over here." The doctor said, Alice had no idea what he had been doing herself. She always pictured the man inside, she thought some easier quest would be to get his groceries. She imagined that and tried not to laugh about the idea, "The doctor just asked if I would get some ingredients from the woods. He is looking for a special mushroom. Do you want to accompany me to find it?" It wouldn't be so difficult she could easily do it alone but the fact that many times the doctor had asked for people to find it, would probably make it so that the mushrooms were futher into the forest. Not that she was scared, but it would be more fun. Maybe she could get to know Yu a little better. Although she never knew what to ask from the girl.

She looked at the doctor, making sure that he would pay the both of them otherwise Yu wasn't going and maybe neither Alice, this wasn't for fun you know but Mabuz said it was no problem if Yu went along.


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Yumi cared not for what the doctor had been doing, she did not care about his mundane task of gathering groceries, why should she it was not important, least to her. Yumi looked in the direction of Alice, as the red head explained the doctor had asked her to look for some mushroom he needed. Yumi pondered, perhaps it was the same mushroom she had once gathered for him before, many moons ago when she had been an old woman. Must be, she had seen the quest petitioned around on number of boards continuously no matter how many people took the quest, seemed the dear doctor was always after this particular mushroom, he needed to have someone bring the in mass supply. But as long as he continued to need the mushroom the lower trash would continue to have something to do, she supposed. Yumi was annoyed when she did it, after all who enjoys doing such mundane tasks. THe gothic lolita showed no reaction when Alice asked if yumi wished to accompany her, well least Yumi would earn some money from this adventure.

"Very well, I was looking for something to do,. I had grown bored wondering these streets. Very little to do on this day. The night light bores me and I am in no mood to visit a club and deal with the idiotic nature of youth." Said the gothic lolita in a soft yet harsh tone, a scowl on her lips by the end but it soon vanished replaced by a soft beautiful smile. "Won't you please lead the way Alice?" The Lolita would ask, taking a step back and waiting patiently for the much younger girl from phantom lord to take part.'

Once they had, Yumi would follow alongside her, Venom floating beside the Lolita. Yumi would occasionally take a small sip of her icy drink, enjoying the cool refreshment. They would walk in silence unless of course, Alice decided to break that silence and enquiry into the life of the strange gothic lolita with milky skin. But unless spoken to Yumi would not say a word, she was the type not to speak unless it was necessary, having spent many years after all in solitude. When you travelled the world on your own you grew use to the silence and rarely did it bother you, now days to much noise bothered the old woman in the body of a young girl.

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was a weird thing, not because they bumped into each other every time, although that worked too. It as weird because Alice actually got the feeling that Yu didn't like her that much. She wasn't sure what or why but she got this feeling based on Yu her power, based on the fact that the girl barely asked any questions. So she wasn't interested, most of the time said she would do everything alone, from beating up for interrogation, to getting kids that needed to be punshed. Alice was mostly there for show it felt. She didn't sigh although she wanted to, but that would be much too rude for her own liking. She didn't know if she actually liked Yu or if it was the curiousity that came with it.

Yu had decided to come along, since she was bored and didn't feel like visiting a club, this again triggered Alice her mind to think that the girl was older than the looks she had. Even though she was now drinking a strawberry milkshake or a cherry milkshake judging by the colour. That image fitted perfectly. She eyed Yu, knew she was actually being rude but the girl didn't seem to notice or didn't seem to want to talk about it. She asked Alice to lead the way and the red haired girl said goodbye to the doctor for now and together with Yu and Venom she walked towards the edge of Oak Town.

The further away from the city centre they got, the more quiet it became. She wasn't entirely sure what to say and simply continued in the silence that was upon them. She wanted to ask about Yu her age, she ahd the feeling that she needed to know for the good reason of talking to her in a proper manner. "Are you from around?" not the question she wanted to ask, how stupid. She didn't know much about Yu but she always got the feeling, mostly due to power, that Yu was far above her and deserved more respect than Alice was actually giving to her.

She left the streets of Oak Town and headed into the forest. As she had thought, the first mushrooms that they found gave off the blue and red light. She remembered it had to be green. She also remembered how fast Yami had found it by using his wind magic. She didn't had that useful magic. That brought her to her curiousity of Yu her magic, since she was in a guild, that meant she was a mage, "Pardon my curiousity but what sort of magic do you have? I have seen you use it." During their interrogation. Besides she had felt the mana and seen the smokes of black before.

She walked further into the dark forest, holding her hand ready to summon her spear in case it was necessary. She wasn't afraid of the dark but she kept her eyes and ears open for any noise that was there. She couldn't wait to find the mushroom and get the money. The mundane jobs as Yu had called it were indeed getting quite boring.


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Yumi walked in silence happily drinking her strawberry milkshake not paying any attention to the girl named Alice. To be honest Yumi had not feelings towards the girl, she did not like her not dislike her, she simply felt neutral towards the red head. YUmi supposed if she was still a wrinkled old woman she would be showing a lot of hostilities towards the girl, mainly because of her beauty, YUmi would not like this Alice was a looker and someone YUmi would have been jealous off should she still be old. Just looking at a pretty young woman had made her angry during her old age, for reminding her of the beauty she once had but now no longer could possess, that was until she was reborn as a demon, now Yumi no longer held such petty jealousy. Yumi even now contemplated on whether or not she should try and perhaps seduce the red head for a night of passion, it had been so long since she felt the flesh of another against hers.

As they walked through the town of oak and to the dark forest, the red-haired youth opted to break the silence, by asking if the gothic lolita was from around Oak. Yumi wasn't really raised in any of the towns or cities, she had been raised in a convent with other worshipers of the Dark God Malum raised by her adopted father, but to lie or tell the truth, she supposed telling a half truth would not hurt. "I am not from Oak. I merely visit here for the abundance of quests, no matter how mediocre they are. I was raised in a convent to worshipper my Lord and Savior under the tutelage of my adopted father." Said the gothic lolita taking another sip of her milkshake, Venom following like a loyal lap dog. "What of you are ye from oak?"

Again silence rained over them as they left Oak and entered the surrounding forests, it had grown dark and the sun was beginning to shine, but Yumi did not seem afraid. Even as she attempted to search for the mushroom in the dark. Now that sh was a demon the darkness did not scare it, then again it never did to begin with, but now she felt at home with it.

As they looked the mage from phantom lord would ask yet another question this one directed to Yumi's magic. The gothic lolita crouched to the ground searching for the mushroom as she answered, "I use a non elemental magic taught to me by my father, passed down through the generations. Sentou Mahou: Mokushiken. What about you?" Answered the gothic lolita truthfully, she saw no reason to hide her magic. Whether the girl would understand its meaning though another thing, translated into tongue it was Combat Magic: Apocalypse Fist. It was a non elemental magic designed specifically for hand to hand combat.

Yumi came to a stop finding the mushroom she was after. Yumi plucketted it from the ground and approached Alice, "Here." Yumi offered the mushroom to Alice, "Retrieve my share of the money, I am staying at the Golden Inn, room 203. You can have the money sent there. For now I must retire I grow weary." spoke the gothic lolita before she walked off, having left the details of where to send the money for the quest. With that Yumi left heading back to oak for a long need slumber.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was some how not surprised that Yu answered. She had also done that about her guild, she might not have given a name but that was of none importants. Especially if it was a secret guild, it made sense to not talk about the name. Alice asked if Yu was from here, hearing about being raised in a convent. Interesting, the question was returned to her, "I can't remember where I'm from." The second time she told someone about her amnesia, "It shouldn't be pleasant, as I lost my memories when I turned sixteen. All I can remember is the orphanage in Crocus." If Yu was honest to her, or well Alice would like to think she was, than why shouldn't she answer honestly.

They would continue, searching, crouching down, trying to find the green with gray mushroom. She asked another question, this time related to her magic. She frowned, as she was not familiar with magic herself until recent, two years ago, she still had a lot to learn but it was an interesting concept. None elemental, combat. She got it but of course had no idea yet how it worked completely as she had not seen Yu use it that much. "I use requip magic." Which was definitely not impressive if you only had one weapon.

Yu handed the mushroom to Alice and sort of asking, demanding her to send the money to her hotel or inn. Alice nodded, no problem. She would let Mabuz do that or no, she would do it herself. She headed back with Yu into the city but their ways split up as she returned to the doctor to hand him the mushroom and she got the money for the two of them. She would bring it to The Golden Inn.


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