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More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Solo]

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More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Solo] Empty on Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:24 am

Okay boy, since you seem so adamant on my hexes failing, I'm requesting you alone to test out two new ones, one of which being the 'failure', as you called it, of the last Quest I sent you on with the girl, and the other being a special hex that will sap all strength out of the user target it's used on. Decrepify and Magna, both of which are attached to this letter. Use them on whoever you see fit as before, and then return to my shop with your results, at which point you will receive payment

Dr. Stephan Mabuz

It wasn't the 'White Claudia' request that Odin was hoping to receive, but it could have been the precursor to him getting the quest that truly interested him. As such, ignoring the clear malice in the letter, and the known fact that Mabuz and Odin had a 'testy' relationship, the young dark mage was more than willing to help out. After all, what could possibly go wrong with the mission. It was just a shame that Nastasya wasn't joining him this time, as he almost felt like betraying her due to the countless missions they had completed together over the past few days. But it couldn't be helped: Mabuz had requested Odin, or Lucifer as he was known, to complete this quest on his own, and he couldn't betray his client's request. Knowing the doctor, and the animosity between the two, not following his order to the, in this case literal, letter could easily cause Odin not to receive his payment, something he was not willing to risk, not with Mabuz. The main issue that Odin had was that he had woken up to receiving the letter, with it sitting on his desk in his private room of the Swineherd Pub, which he owned. That meant that someone, no doubt Mac as he was the only other person with a key to the room, had entered either while Odin was out, or while he was asleep. Either way, it meant someone had been there without Odin's knowledge or prior consent. As part of his morning routine, the young mage checked every corner of his room to make sure all was as it should have been, and that the letter was the only thing new. Once he was satisfied that nothing had been placed, or stolen, the dark mage got dressed, showering and putting on his work attire, which mostly consisted of a white shirt, black waistcoat, black trousers and pair of black dress shoes. Normally this look would be complete with a black bow-tie, but today Odin decided to undo his top button and leave the bow tie in his room. After all, he wasn't going to be serving anyone, nor was he planning on fighting anyone. This was just a casual, yet smart, look he was going for. With that set, he left the pub, heading out into the streets of Oak to find his first target.

Lucky for Odin, the weather had stayed relatively dry and warm over the course of the day, and so by late afternoon when he left the pub, it was still weather allowing him to not have to change his outfit, something he was very glad of. After all, he was on a schedule. As he left his pub, and wandered through the streets of Oak, the olive haired mage wondered who he could use the first of his two hexes on. Decrepify was supposed to stop the target's legs from working for an hour, and so it made sense to journey to the nearby park, where many people were sat, gathered, and walked through during their daily commute. While he was there, Odin noticed two children playing a game of tag: a game in which one player had to chase after the other and touch him, stating 'tag' and forcing the other person to become the 'tagger'. With a large group of people, Odin could almost see the appeal, but it looked incredibly dull with only the two boys playing, and so the dark mage decided to make things interesting. One boy, the one who was running away from his friend, caught Odin's eye for a moment, and saw the wicked grin before looking elsewhere. If only he knew what was coming, as a whisper escaped the lips of that grin.


The next hour was mostly a bore, as the child had instantly lost all feeling in his legs and had fallen to the ground in spectacular fashion, causing him to lose the game of tag, which amused Odin about as much as it did the other boy, before the hexed child began to cry. The crying lasted until the hour had passed, at which point the boy regained the ability to move his legs and started laughing and playing again, which started to annoy Odin as the game of tag resumed. As such, he decided the other boy should feel some kind of punishment too, it was only fair. Whispering once more, the dark mage invoked the power of the second hex.


The next few moments were a mixture of whispered curses as the hex did nothing to affect the child, and yet Odin felt himself being affected by the hex. Thinking back to the note, the dark mage knew that Mabuz had planned this, no doubt wanting to punish the dark mage for his sarcastic remarks. Angered and ready to leave, Odin stood, and began walking towards the doctor's shop. It took him about three steps before he realised something. The hex wasn't sapping his strength, it was adding to it. It was a small surge of power, but a surge nonetheless, and it didn't leave. Smiling as he returned to the doctor, Odin explained the day's events, from the small child losing his ability to walk, to the second hex granting Odin a boost in his strength. As intrigued by the hex as he was annoyed, Stephan Mabuz paid Odin for his troubles and told him to leave, stating he may 'have use for the dark mage soon enough'


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