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Something Blue [Amai: Vday]

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#1Káilètte † 

Something Blue [Amai: Vday] Empty Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:14 pm

Leaning against t a tree branch she would have her eyes closed. She felt very stupidly lazy and truly she didn’t know why. Was she really depressed? Was there something bugging her mentally yet she truly didnt realize what it was or could be? The wind was really nice and it felt gentle against her cheek. The noises were just simple birds chirping as the bugs were not even around at this time. Mainly they weren’t around because it was morning to where there was light from the sky, not the street halo lights. The tree felt rough against her pants that were thin, made of simple cloth – black colored.

‘’Sister! I’m going to find you!’’ she would hear from a distance and dreamed a little or was it just a dream? The area was rather tropical, trees flailing slowly as the wind was playing with the leaves and the balancing palm tree’s trunk. Arisa was hiding on top of that one palm tree that was being described specifically. Happily there were no fruits on this one as it was just a normal palm tree. There was no possible way that Alice was going to find her. Even though that her sister was shorter by a lot and she was small, Arisa was always the better player of hide and go seek. Why was this? No one really knew, maybe it was because some of mysterious reason that was yet to be found out. ‘’Neechan! Where are you?!’’ Alice yelled all irritated-like as she would look around. Her lioness eyes would stare at her little sister and her bright red hair. ‘’You suck.’’ She spoke softly and teasingly as she would then see Alice look up. ‘’HEY that’s cheating! Using your magic…’’ she would say and pout all cutely with her arms crossed against her chest.


#2Amai Okashi 

Something Blue [Amai: Vday] Empty Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:12 pm

Amai Okashi
Cherry is a very sweet flavor. It is an immense burst of pleasing taste, like popping a savory fruit itself and drinking the juices. The red flavor is very common, and yet it is also rarely taken. It is almost like a delicacy, a sweet taken only in a time deserving of reward. Without the concept of a reward, the sweetness would be taken all the time, and over this time it would lose its immense value. The flavor would become almost dull and mundane. In its rarity and sweetness, it maintains its spot as one of the core celebratory flavors. Accenting a drink, topping a dessert, or even being split as a sign of affection… the cherry flavor truly holds its spot as a dessert sweet taste. Red like blood, it holds an almost sacred spot in the fruit-flavored hierarchy and should be respected as a true dessert taste amongst the flavors.

Amai thought that she deserved it.

After completing a decent number of quests of late, Amai felt that she was deserving of such a flavor. She looked at the red-striped wrapper very intently. Her pink eyes swirled as she stared through it, anticipating the sweetness that reside underneath. Her thin fingers were lightly gripped around the stick of the lollipop, holding it straight upright. Her tender digits began to move, a light spin being applied to the lollipop, twirling in front of her. It was almost hypnotic, knowing what was underneath. The stripes nearly caused her to become dizzy before the sight, the light scent of cherry bleeding through the thin paper wrapper. The wafting smell tickled her nose, and the bridge twitched in response. She licked her lips in anticipation. This was something she really wanted, something she really deserved. Her breath picked up a little bit, her taste buds already crying out. She unwrapped the lollipop from its domain. Its red orb of a sucker reflected a little bit of light from its surface, seeming almost plastic in its presentation. Her lips curled slightly in a grin, parting already in anticipation and desire. The hard, plastic-like surface pressed to her lips, and the scent of cherry was already strong, tickling her nose and setting her taste buds aflame without even entering her mouth. Her hand moved up, the sucker breaking the saliva barrier between her lips.

A force hit her arm, right at the elbow.

The lollipop popped from her grasp.

The red orb shined in the sunlight from the fresh coat of saliva.

Gasping and desperately reaching forward, Amai dove to catch it.

It hit the ground. Dirt already was clinging to the surface.

No… no… that’s not fair… You can’t do that to me…

Amai was kneeling at this point, her fingertips inches from where the lollipop landed. She was devastated. Immediately her thoughts were to pick it up. The five second rule was still in play. As she touched the stick, though, a shock went through her spine. No, this would not be the same. The taste would already be contaminated even though five seconds had not yet passed. The five second rule was just a cop-out anyway to eat food off the ground. Her eyes swelled with tears, distorting the view of her eyes. She could practically taste the cherry flavor from the smell still in her nose ducts. It was not fair.

Amai whipped around, her eyes holding back tears as her rage flared. Her hair seemed almost like fire as she spun around in place. Whatever caused such a tragic event would certainly feel her wrath. Upon spinning around, though, she saw it was a dog. It was a cute dog, too, at that. With puppy dog eyes shining, the beast hopped up and licked her face. She was stunned. She did not know what to do at such a point.

So… Amai simply turned around and walked away. The dog, having read the emotions, left in the opposite direction. She looked up to see her sister awaiting her. Her mood was very sour, so she took out a green apple sucker. Having mourned already, she popped it in and sighed, her dark red skirt swaying in the breeze.


#3Káilètte † 

Something Blue [Amai: Vday] Empty Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:30 pm

Out of nowhere she would hear footsteps, being woken up by some bird who flew by her to chirp in her ear. ‘’What the…’’ she would say and rubbed her right eye would her right sleeve. Slowly her eyes would open half way to then corner them to see her sister. ‘’Well well, look who’s here. So slow.~’’ she would tease her little sister. It was afternoon as the bugs were finally arriving. It was obvious as her sister never comes to the area where is needed till it’s actual time. Her head would tilt away to look towards where they needed to go to meet Dex. Dex was the guy they were pretending to be investigators like some little game of house. Arisa had hoped that this wasn’t so bullshit like the last game that they played. She wanted to be entertained somehow. ‘Ugh…alright then.’ She would think as she would then roll off the branch to land on her feet, right hand against the ground. Slowly Arisa would get back up to stand straight. Her head tilted a little and turned to look at Alice, her little sister. ‘’Shall we then?’’ she questioned out loud.

Slowly they’d walk to where they were to meet Dex and soon they would. Something was different though as she saw his face someone worrisome. Did something really happen or what? ‘’Alrighty Dex. What’s up?’’ she would ask calmly and crossed her arms against her chest. Arisa was wearing a jacket of blue jean, black pants and white/black shoes and knee socks. Her lioness eyes would stare at him as he would explain the story about a big blue ball by the river and for some reason Dex felt angered and sad around it. Somehow, SOME magical reason this blue ball he spoke of was a culprit of his new case? What the hell did this guy use or take to make him think such things. ‘No matter…Something to do.’ She would think and cornered her eyes to look at Alice and then back at Dex. ‘’Mkay then.’’ Was all Arisa said in her calm tone. By the time he was done explaining and they were done talking, it was night. Slowly they’d go by where Dex explained it was located at. No matter if it was real, it was interesting that this was happening.

‘’I wonder if it’s real.’’ She would say to her little sister. ‘’The superstitious that exists these days…’’ she would say in her soft calm tone as she walked forward. As they got there, she would see the blue ball that was lit up like some wisp. ‘’So you must be it…’’ she would say to it. Slowly walking towards it, it was attracting her. Arisa’s right arm lifted up to reach for it, to touch it as the light color was attracting her for some reason. Dex on the other hand was behind her and Alice all quiet. Was he scared or something to new things? It was a little funny to be exact that he was scared. Slowly she was getting closer to then touch it. Her heart felt enlightened and then saw visuals of her mother, standing right there. Her hair was glowing white as her eyes were bloody red. Was it truly her mother or was that…


It couldn’t be.

She was cornering her eyes to look at Alice and then back to the woman who looked like ‘Ana’. A woman in which her mother described in her human-skinned book. She was always with her in every way and no matter where her mother went, Ana was with her. Forever was it a curse… or was it? Surely she wasn’t sure, but then as Arisa started to reach out for her, she disappeared. When the woman disappeared, the ball of light would burst, knocking ball her, Alice and Dex. Surely she only had tiny wounds, but Alice would probably have a little more. Dex was passed out on the ground. ‘’Well then…we should take him back.’’ She would explain to Alice. Slowly she would get up, walked towards Dex to pick him up. She’d drag him towards the hospital, but on the way Dacol was there. ‘’Well then. Let me help you out.’’ He would say and did so. After he did help her get Dex to the hospital, he’d still stay. Not long after that Dex would then give rewards after the telling of what happened.


#4Amai Okashi 

Something Blue [Amai: Vday] Empty Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:31 pm

Amai Okashi
I don’t want to talk about it right now, Ari-Nee. Let’s just… go.

Amai would be rather sour for the rest of the quest. Her mind was singularly set on what happened prior. She did not greet Dex, the crazy detective. She did not acknowledge what was happening. She merely followed along, sulking as she lacked that cherry sucker she so dearly felt denied. She could not even be that upset at what caused it; a dog would never feel her wrath over that. However, she still felt completely and utterly cheated, as if a god smited her fortune and denied her reward. This caused her to think: Did she not deserve such a treat, yet? The question ran through her mind as they approached the river. The lack of anything happening immediately gave her plenty of time to sulk.

As if on cue, though, a blue ball of light lit up over the river. It shined, and it was fantastically beautiful. Amai’s eyes woke up to the sight of such a beauty, and she was speechless, in awe of such an event. At first it appeared like a blueberry lollipop over the river, and this made the younger sister want to reach out and grasp it for herself. However, she could suddenly see something within the light. She could see her mother and her father. She could see her older sister but younger. It felt like a dream; no, it moreso felt like a flashback. It was them at Arisa’s birthday party. They were so happy then. They laughed, and Amai smiled so happily.

What had happened?

Why did these happy times need to end?

As quickly as Amai thought these questions, a force exploded from the light, and she was thrown backward. The launch was impressive, to say the least, and she hit the ground behind her, rolling from the immense momentum. She coughed and rolled over, slowly looking around to see Arisa just fine; Dex was out cold, though. She groaned as she stood, holding her right arm. There were a couple of cuts and a big bruise on her limb. She quickly looked to the ball of light to see what would happen next, but it was gone. She stared off into the distance as her sister grabbed her to aid Dex. Eventually, she made it to the hospital and tended to their own wounds. She guessed that they would not any time soon discover what exactly happened. To be honest, she did not exactly know either. It was frustrating, but that was the end of their quest. They were rewarded soon after, and they left.

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