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Experimental Hexes {Valentines | Alice]

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Experimental Hexes {Valentines | Alice] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:34 am

Yumi walked down the streets of oak hands behind her back, Venom following loyally behind her floating a meter off the ground as usual. The old woman in a young body was seeming to happily skip down the streets whistling a merry jaunty tune. Her skirt would sway as she skipped drawing attention to her long creamy legs and long black hair that flowed majestically behind her in the wind. Yumi had earlier that day had Venom drop off a letter to the phantom lord guild addressed to one Alice, the girl Yumi had done past requests with, four in total so far. Yumi was asking the orange haired youth to join her on another quest, this one for Doctor Stephan Mabuz.

Yumi had placed the details fo the quest into her letter. Their task was to meet up at the doctors magic shop in order to acquire a set of magical hexes on paper tags. They were then to test the tags out to see if they did what they were supposed to. Yumi had done this for the doctor before. This time the tags they would be testing were something about a stimuli hex that would made the body extremely sensitive and the other Decripify that supposed to stop someone's legs from functioning. Yumi had her suspicion that they would not work quite as well as the last time she did this quest. When she was in her old body the tags had failed on her and did not have the desired effect that they were meant to. She hoped this time it would be different but the Worshipper of the Dark God Malum had her doubts.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had been reorganizing her room. Of course she could stay a little longer in Oak but she planned to leave as soon as possible. She had quite some money gathered and she tried to buy the cheapest things when she spend her money. Her problem was that she loved money and spending it, she liked quality too much and most of the time that came with a very expensive prize.

She was now staring at the clothing in her wardrobe. She had bought way too much since she was here and it might be smart to deliver it to wherever she was going before she would go and travel on foot. The problem was she had no idea where she was going and no idea where Selena lived, should she send it to like the Knight Headquarters? She heard a knock on her door and turned away from all the clothing to find a guy from the guild. She had seen him before, regularly even. He held out a letter and she simply accepted and he walked away. He seemed not very happy about the idea that he was a delivery boy. She could only hide her smirk and watch him leave before she shut the door and leaned against it while she opened the letter.

Surprisingly the letter was from Yu, inviting her to join her into a job. She had definitely not expected that from the girl. But she was curious about her and actually wanted to get to know her better. She decided that apart from that the money was a good go. She grabbed her boots and pulled them on. It was a nice enough day to not wear a jacket and thus she left that one out. She was wearing a dark green t-shirt anyway with a woollen vest. Warm enough. She grabbed her small bag, slung it over her right shoulder and headed out to Mabuz.

She didn't arrive much later and saw Yu and her companion, "Goodmorning Yu. Good to see you again."



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Yumi was seated on a stone bench, hands folded neatly in her skirt as she waited patiently for the orange haired youth. Yumi had never stated a specific time to meet, but she hoped the orange haired woman would arrive shortly. The malum worshipper did not wish to be kept waiting too long. Though as she waited she would shut her eyes and silent say her prayers to the Dark Chaos God who had gifted her with her youth and demonic abilities, it was not everyday one was rewarded for their service to their God by being gifted with the power of a Demon, nor becoming one. Yumi would admit she wasn't too sure about the whole demon perk, but it had grown on her and its not like she had grown horns and a tail she appeared perfectly normal as she did many moons ago, that is all she could have hoped for. Yumi did not doubt though if she had grown horns or tail that it would not have bothered her one bit, who was she to doubt her Gods will.

Yumi came out of her thoughts when Alice arrived, addressing her as she usually did. The gothic lolita leapt off the bench dusting her skirt off, patting it gently and getting any crease out. Yumi would then twirl, turning towards Alice, the gothic lolita's long white legs on display. "Greetings, it is good to see thee as well Alice." Spoke the gothic lolita in a soft sweet tone, her hands behind her back as she gave a gentle smile. Yumi had yet to fully accommodate herself to her new youthful body, many of her old mannerism from her previous age falling through, but with time they would be corrected. It wouldn't do for a young girl to seem older beyond her years.

The door opened, the bell rang, as Venom floated out in his mouth a set of paper hexes. Yumi had sent him in while she was waiting to collect the seals that needed to be tested. "Perhaps we should split up and each take part in the testing of a single hex?" Suggested Yumi as she grabbed hold of the second hex Decripify while Venom floated over to hand Stimuli to Alice, the paper no longer in his mouth but between his two robed hands. The little grim reaper-like creature would hold the hex paper out for Alice to collect, "Dusk!" spoke the familiar for the first time as he offered the tiny paper.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Yu seemed like a complete mystery and even though Alice was curious, it also scared her a little. She couldn't put her finger quite on it but it happened anyway. She sighed softly when Venom immediately came out of the door before she could ask Yu anything. Although it didn't immediately imply that she had to leave, "Sounds like a good idea." Alice answered to the idea of splitting up each taking one hex. That's what she had done a couple of days ago too. Although at that time she was alone and thus had done them both. She turned to Venom and took the paper, "Thank you." She read the word Stimuli and the description of what should happen before she put the paper in the back pocket of her jeans. If it was the same like last time, the paper would turn blank when she finished speaking the spell.

"Yu, I remember you asked me if I was in a guild. But are you? You always are alone. I'm sorry if it is none of my business and of course you aren't completely alone. You have your friend." With that she meant Venom but she was just curious, not only about the answer but about Yu her reaction. As Alice had thought many times before, she must seem younger than she is, especially her way of speaking. A rich family too maybe? Too many questions without any answers.

After the question and maybe any other small talk, Alice would head into the town alone. She would find a person to hex.



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Yumi came to a halt at the question of being in a guild. The goth lolita allowed her crimson gaze to fall upon the taller girl, but in that instant Yumi would appear much larger to Alice as a frightening aura surrounded her. "I am part of a Dark Guild, a secretive guild one which does not like being asked questions, nor its members talking about it. Last time a  member spoke too much they lost their head." Answered Yumi in a dark sinister tone as her eyes glowed a demonic red. YUmi was speaking the truth, as last time she was aware of many moons ago a member had discussed private information regarding Grimoire Heart, in return Yumi while still in her old body had taken his head.

Yumi would then smile sweetly as the demonic presence vanished, "Perhaps one day I can tell you more, but you would have to join, and we don't just allow anyone to join." Yumi would then spin on her heels, hair flowing behind her as she marched off into the streets, hands behind her back holding the hex seal, Venom following.

Once Yumi arrived in the streets of Oak she would begin looking for her target, luckily it did not take long. Yumi's target was a young boy happily skipping down the streets, kicking a ball. Yumi would aim the hex and mutter Decrepify under her breath, the hex would glow before vanishing. The boy no older than ten suddenly started to walk with a limp, staring at his leg in confusion. The hex had ended in failure. Yumi would then return making her way back to the shop to meet up with Alice to then report the results to Mabuz.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Had Alice been surprised by the answer of Yu? Well it was a combination of both. She had expected something but it sounded even scarrier when it was said out loud than just think about it. She would leave after Yu, still a bit shocked. She definitely didn't want to join that. It sounded like a much darker guild than Phantom Lord and that was already more than enough for Alice to handle. She would leave Phantom Lord, not to join the unnamed Guild or something. She hadn't thanked Yu for the information, she had lost her tongue for that. But she would just go on like nothing happened. For as far as she was able to do that.

She went into the town center and looked around to find a victim for this hex that she was trying out. There weren't interesting people at where she was waiting and she let her eyes find someone that annoyed her. Which wasn't actually that difficult. She muttered the spell as she kept her hazel brown eyes focused on her victim. A woman around her thirties who was commanding everything from the restaurant she was at. Alice sat there too, drinking a coffee as if it was her daily business and the complains were just too annoying.

She watched what the hex did, how it seemed as if she felt weaker and her talking got softer until she said nothing at all. Everything seemed to hurt her from scapping chairs back to talking to her and people that walked close by her. It was lovely to see and Alice enjoyed the show until she finished her coffee and left.



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Yumi made her way through the streets of oak towards the magic shop of dr stephan mabuz. The gothic lolita had finished testing out the experimental hex which had ended in failure as it was supposed to completely disable someones legs, but it had only worked partially making her test subject, a young child, limp. Now Yumi was making her way back, hoping to meet back up with Alice who would have finished her test.

Yumi would meet up with the mage from phantom lord and enter the shop, confronting the doctor at his counter. There the gothic lolita would dictate to him just what had happened before demanding to be paid. Once she had the jewels Yumi would count them up making sure the correct amount was in her palm, before turning to Alice, "Take care. Perhaps we will work again." YUmi would then leave the shop, her companion Venom following after his master. THe gothic lolita would disappear into the streets of oak.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Since the hex was a success, Alice walked back to the street with Doctor Mabuz his shop. Right before she would enter, she would meet up with Yu who was already waiting for her. They got in and after Yu her report, Alice told what happened for her.

It was the same progress as ever, Yu asked for the money, said goodbye to Alice and leave. Mabuz was still getting her jewels and had his back turned towards her. "Where did the girl go? I wanted to ask if you would try out the other spells?" Alice looked at Mabuz in surprise, "I will get her." She said and took her own jewels first. She should search for Yu as soon as possible. But because of the money and the time that all took it might be that Yu was already back to her secret guild. Alice would see what happened, she could take the job herself too.


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