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Peacing out [Baska to Crocus]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

Peacing out [Baska to Crocus] Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:05 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru was leaving Baska. It was a fun stay but he had other stuff to do, plus he had heard Selena was going there so he was hoping he could begin to spend more time with her rather than alone. Hikaru approached the edge of town taking a sigh. He had come here for the tournament and the least they could have done was drop him off home, yet they failed to do that much so Hikaru was on his own. Thankfully being a Rune Knight, he knew the tricks and the short cuts of the roads so he would be home in no time. Hikaru walked towards Crocus, it was the capital of the entire country. Hikaru loved going to the capital, it was exactly what you expected. Lovely people, a lot of people, and of course killer deals on things. Nonetheless it was basically a mecha for missions too. It had everything he needed. HIkaru passed Oberon Forest, and would cut inside of it hoping it would be shorter. After cutting inside of it he was at the mountains which was always a good time. The thing about all of these lands is that they all were basically dead. There was no real town in them. and this entire region he was in was considered "west fiore" The thing about west was it was extremely weird. It was a cool place to be, but a very scary one too. What instilled fear in most people who came to the west wasn't the land so much but the dark guild harbored in it. Inside Of the west was Phantom Lord which was out of reach of the council, a guild that could basically act on it's own accord.

Somehow the entire town wasn't in flames but rather from what he had seen in previous times of being there undercover it was just like any other town however crime rates weren't as high as expected. The people could hire the dark mages for protection and what not so for the most part the city flourished in it's own way. However Crocus and Era were the exact opposite. Era was probably the worse placae for a dark mage to be since that was where Rune Knights were trained, but still Crocus they def had to watch their back. Not only was it right next to era, btu the scary part of the people in Crocus was that some of the strongest Rune Knights in the entire continent lived int he city. As Hikaruc continued to walk the next thing he knew he was already outside of Crocus. He could see the beautiful gates around the city, and the large castle where the king lived. His goal was to become a Kingsguard, the most respected rank of a Rune Knight in the council. They were an elite few who's powers came second to none. Hikaru was a dreamer, but he figured he'd have to take a few missions to reach his goal. Finally he had arrived in Crocus. The city was just as beautiful as he remembered.

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Peacing out [Baska to Crocus] HikaPlzSiggyJpeg

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