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Travel to Crocus

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Travel to Crocus Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:09 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena got up from  her bed stretching hard and yawning as the sun from the early morning streamed in. She had been staying rather comfortably in a local hotel. When the owners had heard how she was competing in the tournament they were more than happy to let her stay at a fraction of the cost. It also really helped that she did so well in the tournament coming in joint third. It was a very hard battle to get up that high. Selena remembered how she had to fight kon as she brushed her hair. She sighed heavily. Her relationship would not be quite the same with him as it was before. Selena had always thought of Kon as a friend. They had some pretty funny times together, the time she had to escort him to the bath house cause he left all his clothes at a cleaners, although slightly out of character Selena felt kind of attracted to Kon then. It was really stupid looking back on it but Selena thought that it was one of their defining moments of friendship. Another Time Selena thought as she was tracing through clothes to wear was when they went on a mission to fight a rat. She had used him as bait when he asked, something he was not too keen on but she did anyway. They got the job done so Selena did not think much of it. Was that why he was such a dick in the fight? Because she had used him as bait that one time. That was the only time she had gone out of her way to really do anything bad to him. Or maybe it was because he knew as well as she did that her physical abilities for far superior to his in almost every where. Selena was not quite sure. The only thing she knew of that situation was that she was still pissed with him. On the other hand things with her other team mates, Hikaru and Lee could not have been any better. Selena had managed to talk lee into talking to her brother about her past, something which she was very reluctant to tell anyone let alone her brother. Not only that but Selena had found out that she had turned into a neko to lessen her disease, another thing which she was not keen on telling her older brother. Selena sighed as she collected up her things, scanning the room for any more of her things she needed before going to crocus. Luckily there was nothing so leaving the quaint little room she entered the very red hallway, furnished in very fancy things looking ornaments, all of which were red. Selena wondered why, but decided not to think too hard on it and instead headed to the staircase to leave. Sadly the only room available for her was at the top floor so there were quite a few stairs to walk down. Oh well exercise never killed anyone. As Selena walked down the steps she seen many rooms of varying colours in each floor. There was blue, yellow, then pink. Pink. Selena continued to walk, now thinking of Hikaru more. A soft smile appeared on her face thinking of their last meeting. Selena checked out and left for crocus with a very large spring in her step.

To crocus. 560/540 rk discount

Travel to Crocus BLlZQ5m

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