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Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:34 am

Adelaide Sokolov
The weather was alright, it was dark outside because of the heavy clouds and it had been raining most morning but it was dry now. Alice wondered as she was looking outside of her window, when the rain would show up again. It was foggy too and you couldn't see very far in front of you. It was a day to do a job if Alice would want to. She had done a lot the last couple of days, so she didn't really felt like it but how else would she gather the money that she needed. Besides the weather made her gloomy. She was sitting with a book in her hands next to the window. Sighting and simply staring in front of her while her head leaned on her hand. She had read a few pages of the book but not many. She needed to leave Oak and find happier places. She had to make decisions instead of walking away from them. She was afraid, she wouldn't say she always was, but she was weak as hell.

She stood up and shut the book without even looking at which page she was. She would remember. She turned to look at the mirror, at her messy bun on her head, her black sweater and jeans and brown ankle boots. Yeah she should go out, she was dressed well enough, all she needed was a coat. She grabbed her black trenchcoat and dark blue bag before she left her room at the Phantom Lord Guildhall.

She first looked at the guild board with request but there was nothing on that wasn't already old or taken before and thus it was smart to head into town to see if there were quests over there. Again at the board in town there was nothing too. But she heard someone ask for her, "Onee-chan, come on." Since it wasn't really her name, Alice her eyes lazy turned towards the voice and looked surprised up to see Jerr. Again?



Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:40 am

Yumi was making her way through the streets of oak, a letter in hand leading her to a meeting point. Yumi had arrived home earlier that day to find a letter stamped to her door, inside was a request made by a client Yumi had already worked for on multiple occasions. The client was one street urchin child named Jerr. The boy was asking her to meet with him at a location for a job, the job to help him steal an item from a wealthy merchant. Yumi didn't particularly care what the job was as long as the boy was going to pay her for doing it. Yumi only cared about the money that she would earn for doing said quest.

The old woman in a young woman's body yawned softly as she continued walking. Venom floated a meter off the ground behind her, in his hands a chocolate soft serve ice cream. The creature was happily eating the delicious treat, and in his master's hands was a matching ice cream treat, a simple cone with two scoops of strawberry ice cream. Yumi had grabbed the treat on the way, deciding she may as well enjoy herself a little.

Yumi arrived at the meeting location, oak towns request board. Yumi approached the board spotting Jerr and low and behold, Alice the girl Yumi had partnered with on three other quests. The raven haired youth approached licking her ice cream, until she stood three meters from them, "You requested my assistance?"

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:44 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked from one to another. Of course Yu would show up, just when she thought there was a job for her. Did Jerr call her onee-chan or did he meant Yu? It would make more sense. However Jerr greeted Yu and asking her to come along to the alley behind him. She shrugged and stared back at the request board. It took her a few seconds before she still noticed Jerr her eyes on her, "What scrub?" Jerr sighed as if he was a very old man and shook his head. As if she was the kid that needed scolding instead of him, "I'm able to find her but you are always impossible. What are you waiting for? I have a job for you including the money." She wanted to answer with some sarcasm that she didn't need him to know where her address was because she always seemed to bump into him at the right time.

She followed Yu and Jerr and stood in the back with her arms crossed listening to the story about a new merchant with a new golden bracelet that he wanted to have and that he had to steal. She was actually this time waiting for Yu to say that she didn't need assistance, for as far as they had done jobs, that's what she always said. However Jerr pointed out that they both could distract someone, "I will take the merchant. But don't we need a plan? How will you grab the bracelet or will you be around to take it away like last time?" She had talked to the polisher not long ago, so it was better if she kept her face hidden. Besides her red hair would be a bit of a tough job too, since she hadn't seen many red headed people in Oak.

She would wait to go and distract the merchant, she remembered well how Yami did it, it was a great option.



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Yumi followed behind Jerr and Alice as they were led by the young street urchin children into an alley. There Jerr began to explain the situation to them. The street orphan went on to explain the job was that Jerr wanted to steal a golden bracelet from some rich old merchant who was in town. The merchant was apparently getting the bracelet polished by some hot shot polisher in town and while it was being polished Jerr wanted them to distract the merchant and polisher. While they were distracted the boy would then aim to slip on in and snatch up the bracelet. Yumi simply nodded her head, she had no need for words. She had already performed something similar for the kid, having helped him steal a bracelet from some other fat old merchant with Venom's help. Venom had caused a ruckus allowing Jerr to grab the bracelet.

Yumi would look to Alice asking if they should create some sort of plan of attack. Yumi rubbed her chin appearing to go deep in thought as she shut her eyes. Her left arm was tucked over her chest, right fingers coiled around her chin, with elbow resting it in palm of her left hand. In that moment the young girl appeared older than what she should. Yumi came out of her thinking pose looking up at them, quickly following after as they walked to the market stalls, "Seduction." Yumi began first uttering that single word, "AN ancient art used by we of the female persuasion. If Alice was to distract the merchant with her feminine charms, I can focus on the polisher." Explained Yumi presenting her plan to the orange haired girl and Jerr.

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Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:10 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was more surprised that Yu didn't say to let her do it all alone. And after that came the art of seduction which was even more of a surprise. Was this kid really thirteen or fourteen? She was brought a bit out of balance but she could only nod and get this job over and done with. Seduction, she looked around the wall of the building that was the alley. They had to make sure the merchant was coming. Jerr said he would always be here around this time. Jerr was looking too and when the man was there, he nodded and she stepped away from Jerr and around the corner.

She took the hairtye from her knot and pulled it out, red hair. People would notice as it was like dancing flames at this moment and the merchant who had already dropped his bracelet started to stare at her, she gave him a warm smile and walked passed him, to make sure if he would remain to look. She eyed him as she stood next to another stance and looking at something or pretending. The Merchant came to her to talk to her and she simply talked back. This was her job, his back was to the polisher. She would sometimes twirl her hair around one of her fingers to make it look like she was playing for his attention. What a pervert, since he must be almost twice her age. It was gross but she would continue for the sake of the job.



Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:26 am

With the plan in motion, Alice, Jerr and yumi broke off from one another in order to begin the plan. Alice breaking off towards the Merchant, while Jerr moved into position in order to grab the bracelet when the timing was right. Yumi would run her fingers through her hair tossing her long locks over her shoulder, her long black hair seemed to sparkle in the midday winter sun as she approached her mark, the Polisher. A giant cutesy smile began to spread onto her lips as she approached the polisher from the left, standing just a few feet from him. By approaching him, Yumi would draw focus to her giggling cutely, "My how skilled you are, I would love to see you at work." Spoke Yumi as she shuffled in close to the polisher making him blush at the sudden close contact.

Yumi would coil her arms around his right arm pressing it against her chest, smiling up at him with a seductive yet bright cheery smile. Yumi would move in closer pressing her body against his, catching him by surprise. The polisher quickly jumped back creating a little distance, moving away from the bracelet blushing and stuttering unable to say a word. Yumi placed her right index finger to her lips leaning forward slightly pushing her bust out making the polisher gulp as he looked down, "Neh neh could you show me a good time Go shu jiin -sama" Yumi stretched it out as she called the polisher master in a seductive tone making him gulp, a little bit of blood trickling from his right nose.

Yumi would move her body blocking the view of the bracelet from the polishers vision. The ravenette would raise her right hand placing her index finger against the polisher's chest. By blocking his vision of the bracelet would provide Jerr the chance to snatch it up.

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Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:35 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice could keep her eyes on the situation with Jerr and Yu since she was facing that way, but she tried to keep her hazel brown eyes at the merchant, she let herself giggle a few times, which sounded weird if you faked it. Although it must sound natural to the guy because he laughed loudly with her, calling her cute and she was really grossed out.

She saw Jerr taking the bracelet and the merchant almost turned around to look where she was looking at. "I was wondering if you are familiar with this town?" She quickly said but someone came running, a third person? He explained that a boy just stole the golden bracelet and the merchant was very angry. He stared at her as if he seemed to understand what was happening, he turned around and looked at Yu, saw Jerr disappear and with a very heavy voice he yelled "Grab them!" He whispered something that sounded like the devil children and Alice got the idea. "Pleasure doing business." She quickly started to run and grabbed Yu in the process, "Run, they know what happened." Five people were going after them and even though Alice knew Yu was quite powerful she had no idea if she could handle four to five people, Alice could possibly handle one, two, depending on how it would go.



Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:51 am

Finally Jerr managed to steal the bracelet, but it seemed to have brought attention. A third person seemed to have alerted the merchant to what was happening drawing attention to Yumi and alice, seeming to figure out they were part of what had been orchestrated. Yumi would back up quickly joined by Venom. The polisher would shout at the familiar having recognised the beast from last time it caused a ruckus. Yumi was about to defuse the situation as five people raced towards them, but Alice grabbed her saying they needed to run. The old woman in a young girls body felt like she was being underestimated, Yumi would easily deal with five civilians such as these with ease.

Yumi pulled her arm free from Alice's grip and stood fast towards the incoming group, the crowd having departed to the sides to gawk at what was happening. Yumi eyed them and began to release her magical power, reaching into her core and bringing it forth. Magic power burst from Yumi's body like a broken dam. Mana coloured black as midnight in the shape of flames flowed out of her body in droves, bursting out into the air reaching high into the sky. The magical energies surged about wildly picking up dust and cracking the ground.

Yumi's magic covered her entire form, making her eyes glow demonically. An evil aura washed over the streets of Oak. As if the devil was present. Yumi raised her right hand as tongues of fire curled around it flowing into the palm of her hand. The flames flowed to her right index finger gathering into a sphere of condensed black mana. Yumi then fired shooting eight black beams of pure magic each fifty centimeters in diameter. The eight beams curved through the air hitting the ground in front of the five citizens with enough force to send them flying backwards and kick up a cloud of dust.

With their escape route made, Yumi then fled heading back to the alley where Jer had described the details of the quest. Yumi would wait patiently for Alice and Jerr. Once the kid had arrived Yumi would look towards him, "Money now." Barked out the old woman in a youthful body, Venom floating beside her. Jerr simply nodded quickly handing over the jewels that he owed. Yumi counted the money before pocketing it. She would glance in Alice's direction, "Pleasure working with you." Yumi bowed politely, having spoken in a gentle tone before walking off.

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Mana: 850 | 1000

Name: Renzoku Desubīmu (Barrage Death Beam)
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 20m
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user moulds mana into the palm of their hand allowing dark tongue-like flames of magic to form around their fingertips before it flows downwards encasing their entire hand. The caster condenses the magical energy into the fingertip the caster can fire a barrage of eight beams of black magical energy at a target. This is done by extending their arm and pointing a finger in the desired direction. By keeping the finger stationed the user can fire all eight beams at one target, but by moving their finger they can shoot beams at multiple targets able to hit eight enemies at once. By continuously channeling mana into the finger tip the user can continue to fire off these beams whether immediately or at a preferred time, until either the user runs out of mana or they cancel the spell.

Each beam has a diameter of 50cm and can travel up to 20m's. Each beam deals D rank together for a total of A rank damage. 8 D = 1 A. The spell fires only 8 beams per post.

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

Pretty Theft [Yumi & Valentine] Empty on Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:02 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had not really underestimated Yu, but she had wanted to get at least a little bit of a dash ahead. She looked at Yu before continueing on to the right alley. She waited for the girl to appear and it didn't take that long. She wanted to give Yu a compliment but she didn't really know how, "I wish I was that powerful." was all she could mutter and waited for Jerr to hand them the money.

She turned to Yu, who said it was pleasure doing business together and she gave her a bow. So Alice followed the example: "Likewise." She said with a smile and watched Yu leave and followed her example.


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