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More Hunting and Gathering With Celeste [Celeste/Job]

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More Hunting and Gathering With Celeste [Celeste/Job] Empty on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:54 pm


The air blew against his robed figure, his dark raspberry hair flowing with the wind, he still had his pointy ears, the feline teeth at his lips. A neko as they were called, but soon. Things would take yet another turn for the young bloodluster, if he could even be called such a thing anymore. He honestly found himself getting angrier and angrier, this training was slow. Kaidou was playing him for a fool, and he was filleting people long before some Nova was ordering it. Perhaps it was time he moved on to something different. The man he was visiting with his girlfriend Celeste right now, had things in mind. Erebus hated the fool-- but for some strange reason-- the doctor always had him coming back.

Stephan knew Erebus was becoming infamous across the world, and the rare machia science was one he wanted to enact upon such a criminal. Very soon; The Mighty Strategist would find himself an android and the remnant of his cat-like racials would fade into dust with it. Such was the way of the worlds. Every soul was constantly moving and the mind shaping, like a fish as it grew. It started on one end of the stream, and by the end of it's life it had returned there to end it. Harmony and bliss. Erebus didn't know if he'd ever return to being what he started as, but he was certainly heading upstream, rather than down. Only time could decipher where exactly he'd be in the near future.

Sanding in the open streets, the entrance to Oak Town.. The boy silently awaited he voice of his special someone. He had fallen in love. She was always most beautiful by his side. If she came too close to his cheek, he'd immediatel pull her by the rear into his comfort zone and kiss her. While mustering a nondescript 'shh'. The girl had overtaken whatever beast had once been in his heart. Don't get it wrong, he'd sill murder anyone who came near him-- should they rub him wrongly. But she was different. In fact, he liked it when she rubbed him 'wrongly' if you get what I mean.

"Mabuz wants some more of his mushrooms. I thought we could get them together. Sorry if you were busy, babe. His shit job are always less annoying when I have you in my corner though. Sure hope it's no bother for you."



#2Celeste Vagarosa 

More Hunting and Gathering With Celeste [Celeste/Job] Empty on Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:38 pm

Celeste Vagarosa

Celeste had quietly walked around her apartment to her bathroom, grabbing a towel from the dryer. Readying her shower she started to strip from the pajamas she wore to bed the night before, the pajamas decorated in pandas and small hearts. The material of the pajamas as soft as silk. She slowly prepped the shower, getting the water ready. Turning the knobs to the perfect position for the perfect show, she smiled this was much needed, showers always jump start her morning. As she got in the shower the sound of water hitting skin began to fill the apartment. This apartment was a step up from the inn she was staying at lately, a big improvement on her part, she got to shower alone and eat without people staring, it was divine.

Celeste sighed of relief. This was just what the Oasis-woman had needed. After the incident the nights before she had, having to deal with a drug injected into her body, it was truly terrifying she hated it. However she only did it to make Erebus proud of her, to show him that she too could handle the odds and do dark deeds. She smiled, he was so protective of her, the day before the two had made love, such aggressive but passionate love. She held her hands together as her body craved and missed what he had delivered to her, so lovingly.

Celeste made sure to use her conditioner and shampoo set that would make her hair silky-soft and as well as smell like cherries. Her body-wash however was a totally different scent, it smelt like strawberries, she had a knack for mixing more than one scent, especially if the scents complimented and went with each other. The woman had washed her hair and body, making sure to leave nothing unwashed. Shutting the water off she would step out of the shower and dry herself off, with a previously obtained towel, the warm dry towel quickly wrapped around her embracing her now cold body with warmth..

She smiled as she dried her hair and wrapped a towel around her body, looking at her reflection. She had grown so much, compared to her younger self she had gone through great mile-stones to become the woman she was today. As she finished drying off she grabbed her toothbrush making sure to brush them and making her teeth pearly-white as well as making her breathe smelt minty-clean. Today felt off though, she felt weird. Like something off about herself and just this day, however there was no worrying about it, she should just continue and make the best of the day.

As she left her apartment and began walking into town, she met up with Erebus.

"Yea for sure, our missions are always more fun together." Celeste smiled.

It was true for the girl, she always enjoyed herself when she was with Erebus he just made her world brighter in a sense. He was her prince charming, in a dark perspective.

Word Counter:500/800

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More Hunting and Gathering With Celeste [Celeste/Job] Empty on Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:56 pm


Erebus started walking once she was there, the skin-- while pale and unlike a desert warrioress, glistened in the sun. His own appearance was rather fair too. Though, his paled in comparison to her. The woman looked like she was crafted by God to be so gorgeous. Then again, Erebus was a tad biased. After all, the both of them had recently slept together and before that they were steamy on the job. It wasn't like other girls e'd coaxed into the sheets though. Celeste was... Naturally gifted. Something of value, she didn't seem like the type to be swayed away from him. But her type was very independent. He'd keep eyes on her at all times. A fish like this just isn't one you'd willingly let go of.

"My thoughts exactly. So how's your morning? Sleep well?"

The two maintained a straight path, heading deeper into the forests. As they both knew from past experiences the plant was on the side of a cliff. So getting too it wouldn't be too hard. Other than the fact you had to scale the side of it with no equipment. It'd be no trouble for Erebus, since he had the neko sense to climb walls with no difficulty. However, he was curious to see if Celeste would again venture to do the job herself. She seemed as if she had something to prove, if only she knew though... The cat was, quite bluntly, infatuated with ever piece of her soul. She was the perfect person, especially in a life of crime. Having someone like her around livened up the environment. Speaking of environment, the flat dirt path was beginning to steepen once again. With turns and slants up hilly rock surfaces. Erebus would help Celeste up if she needed it, grabbing her by the lower waist. And lifting her, truth was-- he liked being behind her when she was bent over, but he never told her that. He was still the dominant after all, speaking of. He was geting too nice. He'd have to be brash to her again. Keeping her crawling back.


'For next time'... He thought. Licking his lips and looking to the trees above. He then remained silent until they arrived to the plant.


#4Celeste Vagarosa 

More Hunting and Gathering With Celeste [Celeste/Job] Empty on Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:55 pm

Celeste Vagarosa
As the two ventured up the hill he had asked how her day had been. She smiled as she was thinking back to her breakfast, how she had prepared herself some pancakes. Entering her kitchen she began to cook chocolate-chip pancakes in a griddle. The downside of this was, she had just brushed her teeth. Then here she was about to eat only half an hour later after just brushing her teeth. Oh well, she could just go and brush them if it bothered her that much, even though it would be practically unnecessary. As time passed her pancakes were ready, the chocolate chips had practically melted into the fluffiness of the golden pancakes, she couldn't help herself as the smell became clearly evident in the air, the sweetness of the chocolate and the obvious smell of pancakes. She smiled as she inhaled the smell, it was so divine, even for just pancakes they smelt great, must have been the chocolate chips. Celeste dug into her tasty fluffy lovers. 

As they walked up the hill, Erebus had no trouble; mostly due to his feline-blood. This was a bit harder for Celeste the desert was mostly flat, occasionally you had huge sand dunes and huge hills of sand. He had gripped her waist when she lost her balance as the trail got steeper. Once they got to the designated area, which she had been to before with Aonaka. This time she didn't run of like she had on her last partner, mostly because this was Erebus and she wanted to spend every last minute with the man. She had kissed him after they found the herb and made their way back to doctor, Mabuz. This would be a fun night, she could tell the two would be having a night of fun activity after this mission.

Word Count: 305
Total Word Count: 800+/800

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